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Artic Big Game

"The Retirement Gig" - When most people think of retirement, they think of golf, fufu drinks and earily bird specials. Not Dave Dye.....nope Dave's idea of retirement was to move to Alaska, study for his pilots licence, work in fish camps and become a brown bear hunting guide.  To relax from all his new gig(s), Dave's idea of "taking it easy" is to go musk ox hunting with the longbow.  Hunting with an old school tapered GrizzlyStik Alaskan arrow and 52# longbow, Dave is an inspiration to the next generation wondering what to do in the second act.

"Epic Ox" - The word 'epic' gets casually thrown around hunting circles and has lost much of the luster the it used to carry. Truly epic adventure hunts - like stalking into a herd of 73 Musk Ox on film - is an example of the cachet the word used to carry. Epic is exactly what Jason Peak got to experience. Surrounded by the largest herd of musk ox his guides had ever seen, Jason was able to tundra stalk (nothing to hide behide bigger than a basketball) himself into position for a shot.  At 84 yards, Jason had the confidence to make a broadside shot with the 650 GrizzlyStik system and was rewarded with a double lung, complete pass through on this mature 8+ year old bull. His TDT arrow was never recovered. Now that's our definition of well - Epic!

"The Road to 29" - Congratulations (again) to Derek Gentile on his very successful trip to Greenland. Derek was able to notch number 19 and 20 off his list toward the North American Super Slam.

Over a bowhunters journey of hunting all 29, each shot begins to take on greater and greater significance. The arrows & broadheads selected must give you the highest probability of lethal penetration - even when things go less than perfect.

"10 for 10" - After letting loose 9 arrows on an African plains game safari and achieving 9 one-shot-kills, would you switch your arrow & broadheads on your next hunt?

Niether would Blake LaMunyon - "My GrizzlyStik system gives me a confidence I've never felt while bowhunting. I'd recommend it to any bowhunter looking for a more lethal punch."

For his Alaska woodland caribou hunt, we outfitted Blake with our 650 grain system of tapered Momentum TDT arrows tipped with Maasai 200 broadheads - 25% FOC at 30" long.

Over & Over Again - "l harvested a Greenland musk ox with Frank Feldman of Greenland Outfitters using a 150 grain Silver Flame broadhead.

Jusr 3 weeks later, using the same exact broadhead, I took this P&Y color phase black bear with Gary Simon Outfitting in Saskatchewan. These broadheads are sharp, true and built to use on more than one trophy hunt!" - Howard Berglund

"Barren Ground" - For this Arctic bowhunting adventure, Colton Payne wanted to be to stretch out his lethal range past 50 yards. We normally build Colton a 650 system which consists of a footed 450 grain Momentum TDT tapered arrow tipped with a 200 grain Samurai broadhead.  For this Muskox and caribou hunt with Kyler Knelsen of Wingmaster Outfitting\Adventure Northwest, Colton selected a lighter 125 Samurai broadead for the front of his TDT arrows. This system gave him a longer lethal range but still deilvered a massive punch at 575 grains total with a 23% FOC.

"The Road to 29" - Huge up for Derek Gentile on his very successful trip to Greenland. Derek was able to notch number 19 and 20 off his list toward the North American Super Slam.

Notice the arrow and broadhead penetration cross cutting this caribou and exiting the off shoulder at the base of the neck. It's repeatable results like these that lead so many bowhunters pursuing the Super Slam to trust their success to the 650 GrizzlyStik system.

Over their course of perusing all 29, each shot takes on a high significance. The arrows & broadheads you select need to give you the highest probability of lethal penetration - even when things go less than perfect.

"Greenland Gold" - When traveling above the arctic circle to bowhunt, your equipment must perform in one of the worlds toughest environments. If your arrow & broadhead let you down, you may never have a chance to make it back again. Your system has to deliver.

GrizzlyStik has built a reputation of lethal performance on all animals in all conditions the world over. Our reputation lead Brett Smith to select our Momentum TDT tapered arrows tipped with our Maasai 125 grain single bevel broadheads for his musk ox hunt. The selection lead to Brett successfully striking Greenland gold.

Bill Wilson found "Greenland Gold" shooting our 650 grain (all in) GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT (Thin Diameter Taper) arrows tipped with our 200 grain Maasai single bevel broadhead. This one shot kill was down in under a minute.


Clint Easley found BC Mountain Caribou success with a 650 grain Momentum arrow tipped with a 200 grain Samurai broadhead.

Top of The World - “What an awesome adventure. Attached is a photo of the Nanook I was fortunate enough to take this May. My GrizzlyStik Samurai broadhead performed flawlessly - I had a complete pass through.” - Frank Kusler

A polar bear hunt is a special hunt indeed. Few bowhunters will ever get the opportunity. 

Hugues Marcotte took this beauty this past spring after hunting five days on the glacier in Grise Fiord Nunavut. He was hunting with a Elite Synergy bow set at 70# and shooting GrizzlyStik Silver Flame 100 grain broadheads on Blood Sport arrows. 

His shot opportunity came at 35 yards. He took his shot - and was rewarded with a complete pass-through. His polar bear expired quickly. Hugues had his trophy polar bear. 

Hugues has been using GrizzlyStik Silver Flame broadheads for quite some time. He has seen the impressive penetration they produce and has seen how quickly they can dispatch big game animals. That's why when it comes to his bowhunting set-up - Hugues trusts his success to GrizzlyStik Silver Flame broadheads.

This was my most recent Arctic bow hunt for Musk Ox and Baron Ground Caribou. Hunted the Canadian providence of Nunavut out of the town, Cambridge Bay on Victoria Island. The guide company was "Canada North". The hunt area is very far north. Travelled 50 miles on snow mobile to the base camp. The 1st day going into camp took 6 hours due to snow and fog conditions. Temps averaged 8-25 degrees F, and with wind chill factors of -15 to-25. Some day’s snow, wind and fog from low cloud cover. The key to staying warm was layers and the right clothing. We had specialized Canadian Goose parkas and pants on top of other layers. And Baffin boots. Each day Would travel out of camp 3-4 hours on snow machine one way. Was very open ground as can be seen with pictures.

Shot a very old Musk Ox at 40 yards and a 5 to 6-year-old Caribou at 55 yards. Actually shot the Caribou as he was fighting another bull. They were in the rut. The only way I could get close enough for a bow shot in the open country was him fighting the other bull. The fight lasted about 5 minutes and I snuck into 55 yards for the shot. He had 22 total score-able points. You have to hunt in pairs (2 guides, and 2 snow machines) for safety reasons. Was a great hunt, and I had luck on my side. Both Musk Ox and Caribou were few and far between. My Samurai 125's preformed flawlessly in some of the harshest hunting conditions on earth.  Steve Coale

Samer Massih custom built his GrizzlyStik System for his Musk Ox hunt.  He tested and determined the Momentum 250 arrow and Maasai broadhead would give him the best chance of success.

Anna Vorisek has nearly completed the North American Big Game Super Slam. On this hunt for polar bear and musk ox she used GrizzlyStik Momentum full length tapered arrows and GrizzlyStik Samurai broadheads

A BIG congratulations to Anna. She shared her story with us over the phone, we will post it here soon. What an adventure!

Bowhunter Dale Huntsman and musk ox taken with GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows and Samurai single bevel broadheads

"Hi Garrett, Just got back from Kugluktuk, Nunavut where I hunted mainland musk ox with Ameri-Cana Adventures. Another great performance by your Grizzlystik arrows. Complete pass through on a quartering away 30 yard shot. I used your Momentum arrows with a Samurai broadhead. Thanks for making the toughest arrows. Take care."  Dale Huntsman

Congratulations to Hugues Marcotte on this musk ox taken with our 100 grain Silver Flame broadheads. He was hunting at Cambridge Bay with Canada North Outfitters. Hugues shot twice at 20-yards, both shots were complete pass-throughs. Next on the list for Hugues is Grizzly Bear.

“Nanook” – Of the North American 29, the polar bear is arguably the most difficult to pursue. A once in a lifetime adventure that most will never have a chance to experience. Mark Buehrer of Bowhunting Safari Consultants (BSC) got the opportunity to live the dream. 

Bowhunters seriously working toward their North American 29 all know Mark and BSC. It would be difficult to name another outfitter that has enjoyed more success setting up bowhunters in pursuit of the Grand Slam.

Mark trusted GrizzlyStik for his arrow and broadhead system on this arctic hunt. We built him 625 grain (all in) Momentum tapered arrows tipped with Maasai broadheads. Mark ended up taking a frontal shot and got complete arrow penetration. After impact, the great bear only traveled 5 feet and expired in 10 seconds. “I couldn’t believe how fast it was over.”

If you’re looking for a hunt of a lifetime, you can trust the track record of Bowhunting Safari Consultants and GrizzlyStik arrow and broadhead system.


"Gentlemen! Returned from northern Quebec on a great Caribou hunt!! I was able to connect on a nice Boo the first evening we arrived with my Mathews bow and Momentum arrows and Massai 200 broadheads! He was 39 yards and quartering to me! It did some serious damage as the arrow passed through and buried in the tundra behind him! Enclosed are some pics, you can see the entry and exit holes were very deadly! The shot may look a lil far back on the exit, but the quartering to me shot was deadly!" - Brent D. Scott

"Hi Garrett. Everything worked great. I just want to thank you for all your help and time." Kevin Grenier

Kevin used a 60# Matthews, and GrizzlyStik Momentum tipped with a 200 gr. Samurai for a total arrow weight of 612 grains. The shot was 20 yards and the recovery was only 15 yards! Nice shot Kevin! Thanks for sharing.

Avid BIG game bowhunter Jose Lopez harvested a beautiful polar bear. This is quite a trophy for a bowhunter... 

"The temp. was -30C and there was a light wind, the shot was only 15.8 meters. Bow 80 pounds, arrow 950 gr GrizzlyStik Momentum and Ashby broadhead. The arrow penetration was very good. It was completely pierced by the arrow. The bear after impact, just did 3 or 4 steps, and felt down and died in 10 seconds. Size was 9’1 feet nose to tail. Once opened, we saw that the arrow cut both lungs and rib on entry and another when exit." - Jose Lopez