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Factory Second Closeout Sale!
Ashby Single Bevel Broadheads!

What do you mean, factory seconds?


The broadheads we offer as factory seconds are slightly out of spec. Normally this means that we missed our target weight. So they may be a bit lighter or a bit heavier than the target weight. They also may not be as sharp as our regular broadheads. They're still bad-ass tough and penetrate like crazy!


They make great practice heads just as they are.


If you want to hunt with them, go for it! They're still proven performers. Some of them may need some touch up on the sharpness before your hunt.


This is a very limited supply sale. Once they're gone they're gone!


We have several criteria that our broadheads have to meet and these broadheads simply did not fall into spec. We won't know which spec they missed so please don't ask for more details. We don't know. We're offering them at a fantastic price and they are all sold as is. The normal warranty does not apply.


These forged broadheads will be dark and will not have the GrizzlyStik logo on the blade. This is to designate them as seconds.


Quantities are limited and all sales are final on these broadheads.

"When You're Ready for Something Bigger..."


Ashby is the World's Ultimate Big Game Broadhead


In 2007, we began talking with Dr. Ed Ashby about making what he considered the ultimate big and dangerous game broadhead. After years of testing and reporting, he had his list of mandatory design aspects he felt the ultimate broadhead needed. We took that list and for 18 months we engineered, tested, and redesigned until we got it right.

The Ashby broadhead has earned the Gold Standard among the world's top PH's, guides, outfitters and traveling bowhunters by compiling an unmatched record of performance. To date, bowhunters have reported our Ashby broadheads have successfully harvested 75+ elephant and 2000+ Cape/Asiatic buffalo.



If you're a serious trophy hunter - you invest immeasurable time and effort into your hunts. When it's all on the line, make sure you're shooting enough arrow and broadhead. Don't take chances with your deer tackle. Shoot GrizzlyStik full-length tapered carbon arrows and our forged one-piece single bevel broadheads. You concentrate on the shot, and we'll take care of the rest...

The Ashby is a one-piece broadhead, 1.13" x 3.52", forged from a solid piece of 440C stainless steel. There are no weak points. Of course they offer our signature bone busting tanto tip. All edges, including the trailing edge are honed razor sharp at the factory.

Available in 315 grains.

Right bevel only.

Note: Always match right bevel with right helical vanes/feathers.


Ashby 315 Broadheads:

Hammer forged from 440C Stainless Steel

One-Piece forged construction eliminates any weak spots

CNC Milled for perfect symmetry and alignment

Smooth transition, low profile ferrule

Wide ground - bone splitting 25 offset single bevels

Tanto - No skip tip

1.13" W x 3.52" L

.072" Blade Thickness

56 Rockwell Hardness

Ferrule diameter .370"

315 grains


Right Bevel Only


Niel Summers of Bowhunting Safari Consultants with his Jumbo.




Dr. Ashby with a big Asiatic water buffalo taken with a prototype Ashby broadhead.


Famous Dr. Ashby Quotes:

"Don t design a broadhead for when everything goes right,
design a broadhead for when everything goes wrong."

"Never has a Bowhunter lost an animal because of too much arrow penetration."

"If it works on these brutes, a whitetail will be a piece of cake."



Disclaimer! Dr. Ed Ashby graciously allowed us to use his name on this broadhead with one condition. He insisted that we make it clear to our customers that he receives no compensation for the use of his name on our broadhead whatsoever. His goal is to educate the world on what kinds of arrows and broadheads best penetrate big game animals. He receives no compensation for any of his research but shares the results freely. He wants to educate bowhunters everywhere on what works best on big game animals so the animals may be harvested in the most efficient manner possible. It's actually more about the animal than the bowhunter. We all owe a great debt to Dr. Ashby for his significant contribution to bowhunting.


From all of us at GrizzlyStik, Thank-You Dr. Ed Ashby!

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