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Ashby Bowhunting Foundation

As bowhunters, we strongly recommend supporting all the good work the Ashby Bowhunting Foundation does for the advancement of arrow & broadhead lethality research. The foundation is dedicated to continuing the research Dr. Ashby started and helping bowhunting organizations all over the world educate the educators - at no charge.

The ABF is currently partners in education with:

  • Texas Parks & Wildlife
  • Dallas Safari Club
  • Houston Safari Club

Texas Parks & Wildlife Partnership

All new bowhunting students in the state of Texas are educated in Dr. Ashby's research and arrow lethality findings.

PHASA Partnership

The following joint venture between Texas Parks & Wildlife and the Ashby Bowhunting Foundation is a video presentation for the 2020 PHASA annual meeting.

Ashby Award for Bowhunting Excellence

Dr. Ashby with the Ashby Award for Bowhunting Excellence. All bowhunters worldwide, are eligible to be nominated for the Dr. Ed Ashby Bowhunting Award. Criteria for the Award, scored from 0-5 with 0 being the lowest score and 5 the highest and weighted equally (25% each) will be as follows:

1.     Personal history of ethical hunting practices and use of appropriate equipment

2.     Participation in bowhunter education and/or efforts to forward ethical bowhunting practices and equipment through government agencies

3.     Active participation in hunting-related conservation organizations

4.     Animals hunted

Candidates with the highest overall score among qualified entries may be declared the winner of the award. The winner of the Dr. Ed Ashby Bowhunting Award will become a designated voter for subsequent entries of this award, along with Dr. Ed Ashby. The hunting category can be for animals hunted with any type of bow(s). The Ashby Bowhunting Foundation may issue this annually. Due to the overall award criteria, this award may not be issued on an annual basis. Nomination Application Here.

Previous Award Winners

2020: Mr. Mark Buehrer

ABF is pleased to announce that Mark Buehrer was selected for the Dr. Ed Ashby Bowhunting Award for 2020. Mark has bowhunted four continents for 46+ years and is well known and respected throughout the archery industry. Mark has promoted ethical bowhunting through multiple conservation organizations while operating Bowhunting Safari Consultants to assist bowhunters worldwide.

2019: No Winner Selected

2018: Mr. Oscar Taylor

OT was selected as he met all four criteria with a lifelong history of ethical hunting practices for over forty years, being active in bowhunter education, being involved with multiple conservation organizations along with being the President of SCI Houston Chapter, hunting four continents, and being an avid supporter/promoter of Ashby’s studies.

2017: Mr. Rob Neilson

“Rob, you have certainly lived up to every intent I had for winners of the Ashby Bowhunting Award. You are truly worthy of being recipient Number 1, and deserve to be the benchmark against which every applicant for the Award should be judged. Thank you, Sir. I'm proud to see you as President of ABF and we are lucky to have you in that position. As we would have said in Africa you are truly, "the right sort" - the highest compliment that can be paid.”   - Dr. Ed Ashby