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"Born In Alaska" - GrizzlyStik was founded by an Alaskan registered guide with a passion for hunting brown bears. Our mindset while building our GrizzlyStik 650 system was that had to be on par with the .375 H&H w/300 Solids - it had to work everytime.

Over the past decade, GrizzlyStik customers and their guides have proven our 650 system is the .375 H&H of bowhunting. Our customers have recorded 82 archery brown bear kills with 6 bears entered the P&Y top 20, 3 bears in the top 10 and the new **World Record** taken with the 650 system.



For this Alaska Peninsula hunt, we outfitted Santiago López with our 650 grain (all in) GrizzlyStik Momentum tapered arrows tipped with Maasai 200 grain broadheads. His arrows had a 24% FOC and Santi was rewarded with a complete pass through at 19 yards with the wind howling. The boar never made it off the beach. 

If you are booked for a brown bear this year, ask your guide which equipment they recommend you shoot. Chances are - you'll be recommended GrizzlyStik.

Trust your guide, Trust GrizzlyStik





**The Big Dream** • Each of us has our own path, our own dreams, our own story to write. Tommy Marks has been dreaming about hunting brown bears in Alaska since he was a boy. In gearing up for a trip of this magnitude, Tommy understandably asked alot of arrow & broadhead questions. What he soon found was he could get lots of "opinions" on what to shoot but no "authority" with a track record of success. That's when Tommy called GrizzlyStik. With over 90 customer brown bears taken, 7 P&Y top 20's and the current World Record......he knew he had found the right place. After testing, Tommy selected the 650 system of Momentum TDT arrows tipped with Maasai 200 single bevel broadheads. His TAW hit Dr. Ashby's heavy bone threshold of 650 grains and had a massive 26% FOC. The results? ‐ One shot success and a childhood dream realized.






**An Arrow Fletchers Mojo** - If you've ordered custom built GrizzlyStik's over the past couple of years, there's an excellent chance @mcgocart built your arrows for you.  Some of Carter's arrow fletching highlights (Mojo) include customer success on all Dangerous 7, several SCI top 10's, brown bears, moose and mountain goats. All incredible accomplishments for a professional fletcher but none sweeter than a successful arrow build for himself.  Hunting in eastern Oregon with his father, the two calf called this boar to within 12 yards. Carter placed his shot perfectly through the boiler room and the 650 system tipped with Alaskan 200 broadheads delivered the rest. Good arrow Mojo!






**Color Phase Best** - "It's been slow spring bear hunting but finally got it done last night. Arrowed the biggest bear I've ever seen. Double lunged him with my new 650 GrizzlyStik setup and he didn't even know what happened. He just walked off into the brush. Brought the gun with for the retrieval but turned out he only made it 60 yards. The beast was 6.5 feet long." - @opdahltodd







**Berta Bruin** - "Please find attached photos of my black bear (18 13/16) taken this past Monday in northwestern Alberta near where I live. 8 yard shot from bait stand. Complete pass through. Bear jumped and ran about 15 yards, looked back and walked off, coughed several times and just walked down bear trail. He continued on the trail for another 75 yards and looks like he just laid down when “the lights went out”.  I had just recently ordered some of your Samurai 200 single bevel broadheads – wanted to tick off as many of Dr Ashby’s boxes as I could. I matched them up with Douglas Fir wooden shafts with the Tophat adapters (allow you to use threaded broadheads and also add a great deal of strength to end of arrow shaft). They fly extremely well.  My total arrow weight is 610 grains with an FOC just over 20%. My bow is a Jack Kempf custom recurve – 56” long and I pull it 42# at my draw length. I'm extremely pleased with the first harvest using this bow/set up." - Brent Watson




**This Man Wants To Clean Your Trophy Room** If you've built a trophy room in your house, there's a good chance you already know Old Wolf Taxidermy Cleaning and Repair. Fritz owns a company that specializes in cleaning and repairing taxidermy.  Adding to his own personal collection this fall, Fritz put the 650 GrizzlyStik system to work on this beautiful color phase Nevada bruin.





**Super Dad** - "After 13 years of drawing preference points in Wisconsin, my son finally drew and filled a black bear tag. We both just switched to the 650 GrizzlyStik system with Samurai 200 broadheads and Wow....what a job they did on this 400+ pound bear!" - Duane Schultz The 650 system deilvering on another difficult draw tag.



**Pass Thru Hype** - "I went ahead and tried your 650 grain arrow system on a big black bear and let me tell you.....the hype is real! A 21 yard shot and the arrow passed straight thru the front shoulder and stuck 10" in the ground on the other side. I caught both lungs but the arrow went thru so fast, the bear acted like nothing happened. He just wandered off 20 yards and tipped over! This was the easiest tracking job ever. Thank you for changing the way I bowhunt!" - Nick Pittman







**Inside 20 Trust** - When you get in close - we mean stickbow close to a coastal brown bear - what arrow & broadhead system do professional guides trust for themselves? Professional guide @jdorrett put his trust in the 650 GrizzlyStik system to help push past the "comfort zone" and get inside 20 yards on this sping beach boar.









**Nevada Chocolate** - Black bears come in more colors than any other North American mammal. They can be black, brown, cinnamon, blond, blue-gray, and/or white.

The hounds did their job and @connercapurro_12 put the 650 GrizzlyStik system tipped with a Maasai 200 single bevel broadhead to work on this Nevada chocolate bruin.






**Baranof Bone Breaker** - "Hello GrizzlyStik, here's my coastal brown bear I took on Baranof Island with your Samurai 125 broadhead. I got my shot at a heart pounding 12 yards and as soon as I let it loose......CRACK! The single bevel broadhead smashed his shoulder and still penetrated over 15" into his chest cavity. He went about 100 yards and was down. We were able to remove the bone (see photos) and the Samurai actually split the massive bone in half. What an amazing product! I don't know if my results would have been the same with any other broadhead. Thank you!" - Paul Kamps





**Second Chances** - "This is the same bear I missed last week, with a much different outcome. Everything went right this afternoon and I used the wind to slip in to 12 yards for a shot. The GrizzlyStik system with Silver Flame broadheads did the rest and dilvered a complete heart passed thru......I love your products!" - Tim McKinley





**Dailed In Dad** • It's a huge help when your Dad can help you get dialed in with your bowhunting kit. That's exactly what @daveunger_ did for his son this past fall. Shooting our Silver Flame broadhead on a heavy, high FOC arrow - @hunterunger had no problem taking his first briun with a bow. Thanks Dad!


World Record Alaskan Brown Bear Confirmed by P&Y

Taken with the GrizzlyStik 650 System

On September 24, the Pope and Young Club (P&Y) assembled a Special Panel in Windsor, Colorado, to officially measure a new potential World Record Alaskan brown bear shot by Chris Cammack on the Alaskan Peninsula in May 2018.

The bear’s original score of 29-4/16 inches, was confirmed by the three-member panel of judges, exceeding the previous record (shot by Jack Brittingham in 2004) by only 1/16-inch. Cammack shot the bear at 14 yards using a Mathews bow and a 650-grain GrizzlyStik arrow and broadhead system recommended by his guide, Cole Kramer.

Chris elected for a frontal shot at 14 yards.  This is where the 650 grain GrizzlyStik System stoped when it was all said and done. Over 8 1/2' of arrow penetration in the worlds largest archery brown bear!

"It is still so surreal to me, the thought that I would have ever had the opportunity to hunt an Alaskan Brown bear with my bow, let alone honored enough to harvest the new P&Y World Record," said Chris Cammack. "Thank you to everyone that helped make this dream a reality. Special thanks to my friend and guide Cole Kramer, and especially my wife, Felicia for supporting me and allowing me to chase my dreams. Usually, Felicia is right beside me with her bow in hand, but this trip she stayed home and took care of our baby girl, Davoni. Coming home to them is a true blessing. Getting to spend two weeks with my friends in the bush of Alaska was the greatest adventure of my life, harvesting a new World Record Brown bear was a bonus.”

The world-record will be formally awarded and the skull from Cammack’s bear displayed during the Pope & Young Club 31st Biennial Convention and Awards Banquet in Omaha, Nebraska, April 10-13, 2019.



"Close Quarters" - Alaska Bowhunting Supply and the GrizzlyStik brand were founded by the late Ed Schlief in 1994. Ed was an Alaskan registered guide with a passion for hunting brown bears with the longbow.

After a successful spring hunt in 2005, Ed commissioned this original work "Close Quarters" from outdoor artist Dan Burr. He asked Dan to forever capture hunting the beaches of SE Alaska with his son and current GrizzlyStik President Garrett Schlief. Garrett is the backup.

Of all our customers success, we have no doubt Ed would be most proud of our brown bear records. Over the past decade, GrizzlyStik customers have recorded:

84 Archery Brown Bears
7 P&Y Top 20
4 P&Y Top 10
The World Record


"The Do Type of People" - There are people who 'say' and there are people who 'do.' Chris Parrino falls squarely into the second category.

Chris has compiled an impressive list of North American game and it's quite possible that no other traditional bowhunter has successfully taken more grizzly/brown bears.

Mr. Parrino has been shooting our GrizzlyStik tapered arrows for years - dating all the way back to our original Sitka shafts. We're proud to be a staple in Chris's quiver and helping assist in his amazing bowhunting success.

Not As Planned - "I was targeting elk and moose but had this big boar come in to 18 yards in the dark spruce forest I was hunting in. I did not have time to range him and guessed he was 30 yards away.

I only had a frontal shot and could see that my 30 pin was mid chest and my 20 pin was on his head. I released an arrow and heard a CRACK as my Massai found its target. Although not the placement I was looking for, the beast dropped to the ground dying instantly. It sounded like my arrow hit a concrete wall and I was curious what had just happened.

I sat with my binos on the bear for 5 minutes before I caustiously approached. He was stone dead right where I shot him and hadn’t moved a muscle. Upon examination I realized my shot was high and hit him in the skull. I know bear skulls are not bulletproof but they are very very tough. I thought you would be interested in the pictures of what my Grizzlystik broadhead did to a P&Y boar at 18 yards. I was pretty impressed.

The outsert and broadhead are still fully intact and stuck in the skull. The arrow shaft broke off when the bear fell on it but structural integrity appeared to be 100% up until then. When I was building my new arrows, Garrett Schlief was very helpful. Thank you for everything!" - Rob Engel

"Everthing Goes Right" - When close friends Eric Kuhlman and Brian Bauer decided they were going to book their Alaskan bear adventure they made two calls. They got in touch with Jay Osting at Bowhunting Safari Consultants to book the hunt and based on Jay's recommendation, both hunters called GrizzlyStik to get dialed in on arrows & broadheads.

Brain and Eric doubled up on brown bear success hunting the enchanted tidal beaches and salmon streams of the Alaskan A,B,C islands (Admiralty, Baranof & Chichagof). The 650 system of Momentum TDT tapered arrows tipped with Maasai 200 broadheads delivered one shot performance for both hunters.

In addition, both guys also took mature black bears completing - four - successful ground stalked bears on one trip. That's pretty amazing results.....hats off to the guides! That's not easy to do with rifle clients.


Manitoba Bucket Head - "I has a complete pass throught on this P&Y bear in Manitoba with the OVERKILL 550 grain system and your Silver Flame 125XL broadheads.

When I released my arrow, he was a hard quarter away and the Silver Flame entered just in front of the back leg and exited behind the opposite shoulder. He ran 20 yards and was down! Thank you for such an awsome (and lethal) product." - Jared Averill

A Higher Power Single Bevel? - "I shot my Dale Dye’s personal medicine point bow for this hunt .... my arrow was tipped with a GrizzlyStik Samurai single bevel broadhead and this boar green scored at 21”+ and came in right at 400#!

After trailing the boar for about 200 yards we found the arrow and the broadhead was still quite sharp. The blood trail was incredible. Thanks for a great product... and may I add how easy it is to sharpen to an extremely sharp edge on your Samurai's!" - God bless, Pastor J. S. Hart

"An Afognak Giant" - Brown bear is a pinnacle accomplishment in North American bowhunting. Safari Club International Foundation board member, Brad Jannenga trusted our Maasai 125 broadhead to take this awesome Afognak boar and possibly break into the P&Y top 10.

Over the past decade, GrizzlyStik customers have recorded an amazing 85 archery brown bear kills. 7 of those great bears are inked into the P&Y top 20, including the current World Record (29-4/16) taken with our arrow and broadhead system.

Born in Alaska, the GrizzlyStik system's track record on brown bear is simply unmatched.......that's not a brag, that's a statement of fact.


Gran Oso Negro - "Let me tell you, I've been bowhunting for 30 years and Silver Flame 125 XL broadheads on Momentum TDT arrows are the real deal! No hype, the real deal!

My guide and I spent the better part of a day getting into range. When I finally took my shot, this boar was quartering toward me at 12 yards. I let my arrow go and hit him foward of where the front leg meets the chest. I couldn't believe how loud the sound of the arrow hitting him was - CRACK!

The arrow passed completely through, catching both lungs before exiting the offside ribs. He ran 15 yards, stopped to cough blood and tipped over without taking another step. My guide and I couldn't believe how fast it was over.

Upon inspection, the Silver Flame broadhead cut a hole through this bear I could punch my fist through. Amazing performance, amazing penetration, amazing products!" - Paul Deerborn

Target the Shoulder? - "I was black bear hunting in northern Saskatchewan with my new 650gr setup, 240 spine, 28 inch length arrows tipped with the new Alaskan 200’s, shooting 65lbs with my new Hoyt Helix.

My intention was to try and shoot a bear quartered to me so I could shoot the shoulder to test the new setup. The last night I had a boar come in and offer me just that. Little did I realize that as he had his head stuck down in a hole that his shoulders were pushed up higher than normal.

I took the shot and as it turns out he wasn’t quartered toward me as much as I thought. The arrow went through the shoulder, through the spine and through the opposite shoulder and was only 1/2 an inch from coming out the opposite side. Incredible!! My old 400gr arrow setup would have never done that. After recovering the broadhead out of the bear it was unharmed and still razor sharp.

These TDT arrows are the real deal. My guide said he is switching and telling all hunters who ask what to shoot, to shoot GrizzlyStik’s." - Steve Calton

A Goon from Saskatoon - "My Silver Flame XL's never disappoint. I had this boar under my stand, broadside at only 7 yards. When I let my arrow go, the angle was very steep but I hit him dead center in the pocket.

The broadhead passed through, catching the top of the near side lung and the bottom of the far side lung before exit. He ran 10 yards and stopped coughing blood, only to run another 50 and drop. Upon inspection, the Silver Flame 125 XL cut a hole through this bear I could almost punch my fist through. Amazing performance!" - John Hubbard

Even with the temperatures dropping to near freezing, Bryan William mades a prefect 'boiler room' shot on his Ontario bruin. Bryan's Silver Flame XXL broadhead passes completely through this spring bear like a hot knife cutting through butter. Well done!

"Classic Old School" - Nanook 315 broadheads (out of production since 2015) still getting work on this Baranof Island brown bear hunt. The Nanook production evolved over the yesrs into our new Alaskan 315 and 200 forged heads but the roots remain the same.

A Prince of Wales King - "Got it done on a bruiser of a bear. Spot and stalk to 30 yards. The GrizzlyStik 200 grain Samurai broadhead zipped through and kept going. He was down in less than 40 yards. We got it all on video too! A 20 1/4" skull makes him a bit larger than Brian's. That is all I was worried about. Haha. Good times with good friends!" - Kenji King

We outfitted Kenji with our 650 system of tapered Momentum TDT arrows and Samurai 200 broadheads for successful Prince of Wales black bear hunt.

"I’ve never been a huge fan of switching arrow setups during the middle of the hunting season. With the Momentum TDT arrows and Massai 200 broadheads I’ve finally found one setup that truly does it all. Over the last few years I’ve put the GrizzlyStik 650 system to work and the results have been outstanding! Thanks GrizzlyStik, I appreciate it." - Adam Kane


"I was really happy with the devistation of the GrizzlyStik XXL head and TDT  arrow combo." - Aron Snyder


Give'm the Heater - "Hey just wanted to say your archery products and customer service are awesome and they helped me connect on this big boar! Keep up the good work! And yes the GrizzlyStik arrow & broadhead system went completely through with no damage to the shaft or fletching whatsoever." - MLB pitcher Carter Capps

Carter enjoying success with GrizzlyStik on his Washington state pumpkin head.




Lifetime To-do List - "Just got back from my Alaska Brown bear hunt. Success! I was hunting the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge with North Alaska Expeditions.

We got him on the 5th day of a 10 day hunt. It was a one shot kill, quartrring away, complete pass through at 35 yards. He only went about 100 yards and was down in 30 seconds. The 650 grain GrizzlyStik TDT arrow with Maasai broadhead combo did the trick! Thanks you for your help with the arrows!" - Randy Mayes


Spring Bear Double - "This is my second one shot kill, shooting GrizzlyStik this spring. We weren't seeing many bears but on the last evening in camp, love got the best of this bruiser. He was chasing a sow and she brought him right in past me at 14 yards.

My arrow never slowed down as it completly passed through his boiler room. He only went 150 yards before he was down. This boar is my biggest to date and should book P&Y at 19 1/8". I couldn't ask for better performance - two shots, two pass throughs, two P&Y bears! Thank you GrizzlyStik!" - Pierre-Claude Minville

For his spring hunts, Pierre-Claude tested and then trusted the 650 grain (TAW) GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT arrows tipped with 200 grain single bevel Maasai broadheads shot from his 80# bow.




Kodiak, Alaska based hunting guide fleshing out the new Pope & Young #1 brown bear.


"Afognak Tank" - When Kevin Harris booked his Afognak Island brown bear hunt with Bowhunting Safari Consultants he asked his outfitter if they had any suggestions for arrows & broadheads. Our friends at BSC recommend Kevin call us at GrizzlyStik and test our 650 system.





Look at the head on that one!

Corbin Ladner trusted GrizzlyStik on this Saskatchewan bear hunt and he got a great bear! A Pope & Young bear as a matter of fact, and it travelled only 20-yards after the shot.

This is what we do. We give bowhunters an edge, a lethal edge. The GrizzlyStik system ensures lethal penetration - even if bones are hit.

How many chances are you ever going to get on really nice big game animals?

Dosen't it make sense to use arrows and broadheads that tip the odds for success in your favor? Even when things go wrong.






Shaving Sharp - "My Maine black bear was taken with a Momentum TDT 240 arrow and 200 grain Maasai broadhead. The bear was dead before the video cut off, it was about 5 yards from where you last see it in the video. Still hair shaving sharp after pass through and hitting a rock on one side of the blade when it stuck in the ground! Thank you." - Evan Ackley

The three goals behind the design of our single bevel Maasai broadheads were 1. Sharpness 2. Strength and 3. Durability. We could explain our precision manufacturing process and why it works so proficiently - or - just roll video from a customer showing the Maasai at work.





Bruin Success, Eh? - "Thank you GrizzlyStik, I used your Monarch 150 broadheads on my spring black bear hunt. Unbelievable accuracy and sharpness. I shot my bear on the ground at 15 yards and got complete penetration - one shot double lung.

No need for a big hole to follow the blood trail. He only made it 20 yards. Thank you again for such great products. I will be using these again!" - Mike Calhoun





"Spring Success" - Pierre-Claude Minville was so excited to take his new 650 GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT arrows tipped with 200 grain single bevel Maasai broadheads to spring bear camp this season.

His preparation and excitement were paid off with a one shot, one kill - complete pass through on this Saskatchewan Bruin.






Safari Prep - “This GrizzlyStik is like shooting a .500 Nitro. It was incredible to see the 1250 grain system in action on this black bear. The arrow never slowed down when it hit him and buried almost to the fletching in the ground. Look at the dirt still stuck on the arrow! Next stop Zambia.” - Daniel Welker 



Jeff Lizyness took this Pope & Young black bear in Manitoba CA with his 47# recurve and a 650 TAW (Total Arrow Weight) GrizzlyStik arrow and broadhead setup.

He contacted us because his 47# stickbow is a fairly lightweight bow, but he knew that if he hunted with heavier arrows and super sharp single bevel broadheads that he was stacking the odds in his favor for a successful hunt.

He decided to use GrizzlyStik tapered carbon arrows matched to his bow, tipped with our single bevel, 200 grain Maasai broadheads.

His shot resulted in a complete pass-through and even went through the front leg on the far side! The bear traveled a short 12 yards and expired.

Jeff was elated and shared with us, "Thanks GrizzlyStik for helping me get the best possible set-up and tuned arrow. The bear will be Pope & Young, and thanks for the help on the arrow and broadhead set-up, it obviously played a huge factor in getting it done!"

Jeff's hunt was with Canadian Wilderness Outfitters in Manitoba, Canada

Since finding us at the SCI show several years ago, Hugues Marcott made the switch to our GrizzlyStik Silver Flame broadheads. Hugues has been on a bowhunting tear since the switch - successfully harvesting Cape buffalo, giraffe, sable, eland, musk ox, polar bear and this awesome Alaskan brown bear.

The new Pope & Young #9 Alaskan brown bear taken with a 650 grain (all in) GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow tipped with a 200 grain single bevel broadhead.  The first shot was a complete pass through. 

As seen in the video, the second follow up shot, was taken at 40 yards and never slows down as it makes contact with the giant boar moving away.  The second arrow was found lodged all the way up against the sternum.

Unalakleet Blondie taken with a GrizzlyStik 200 grain Maasai broadhead. "He was standing looking at me at 48 yards. I shot him through the sternum into the heart. The fletching caught in the hide on the way out. He went 10 yards and died." - Ernie Santana


Top of The World - “What an awesome adventure. Attached is a photo of the Nanook I was fortunate enough to take this May. My GrizzlyStik Samurai broadhead performed flawlessly - I had a complete pass through.” - Frank Kusler

This successful hunt was booked through Mark Buehrer of Bowhunting Safari Consultants.

"Jeff Moyer here again (Stoughton WI). I wanted to write and thank you and your Samuri Broadheads for aiding in a recently successful NW Manitoba Black Bear Hunt booked thru Bow Hunting Safari Consultants.

Your broadheads equipped on a "custom" built Black Eagle - Deep Impact arrow (apx. 596 total gr.) made a complete pass thru on a (18 7/8" Green Score Skull) "Chocolate Color Phase" - Pope & Young Black Bear at 34 yrds... quartering away.

The arrow went thru the near side rib cage and exited directly thru the opposite side blowing completely thru the far shoulder blade bone, and still managed to bury itself about 12" into the Manitoba soil!!!

The bear made it about 25yrds before expiring. Despite the penetration and bone pass thru, the minimal dings and knicks to your broadhead have already been buffed out and sharpened - ready to beam thru a whitetail this fall like a knife thru hot butter!

I feel that I need to upgrade my entire arrow package to your complete GrizzlyStik 650 system to have further success and optimum resources in the woods and upcoming 2018 Moose Hunt." Jeff Moyer




Always say a prayer and be the utmost thankful after a kill, for that animal paid the ultimate sacrifice for your hunger. - Codi Northam

Codi trusted 654 grain (all in) GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows tipped with Maasai 200 grain heads with 22% FOC for his Alaskan brown bear hunt.

Holy bear - Pastor Joe Hart trusted a 650 grain Momentum Arrow tipped with a Samurai broadhead system to get a complete pass through on his Ontario bruin.


“Bit of a Near Thing” At GrizzlyStik we have a solid belief that Alaska guides rank as the best in the world. Full disclosure - we are extremely biased by the fact that our founder was an Alaskan guide. This video does give strong evidence to our claim.

Even with a complete GrizzlyStk arrow pass through, the video illustrates how fast things can change when hunting dangerous game. Sometimes they just turn the wrong way.

Our deepest admiration and respect goes to Kodiak Master guide Tom Kirstein of Alaska Adventure Unlimited. That’s a big “Stop” Mr. Kirstein.

“Beyond the tangible, the time spent on the "rock" (Kodiak) was an adventure of a lifetime. Bear hunting is predominantly a stationary game of watching life take place at a distance. An understanding of how those that inhabit this remote region depend the other, and how our human role plays in keeping it balanced and thriving without drastic swings. I do this sport knowing that. Proud to be a part of it and contributing to the survival of this conservative effort, knowing that I as a human am an important part of that balance. 

To not hunt is the same as a species going extinct. It would have a devastating impact on all other species. I find joy in what I do, but also a deep respect for the life that has been taken. That's the blessing and the curse of our humanity. Over time we have redefined what "civilized" has meant, impacting the health of many species because of that ever-changing definition. Our physiological needs and DNA have not changed with that definition. 

I love that I can see and be a part of the hunting traditions passed down since our beginnings, and the role I have in playing my part passing it on to future generations so they can enjoy these magnificent creatures with respect and pride in the hard role they play in keeping this cycle healthy. 

Thank you, Cole Kramer, Jay Beyer and Stig for your friendship, time, and sharing of your knowledge. Forever blessed and changed for the better because of your friendship. Special thanks to my hunting brother Donnie Vincent for our time in the field and your inspirational work and understanding of Who We Are.” – Kiviok Hight

A polar bear hunt is a special hunt indeed. Few bowhunters will ever get the opportunity.

Hugues Marcotte took this beauty this past spring after hunting five days on the glacier in Grise Fiord Nunavut. He was hunting with a Elite Synergy bow set at 70# and shooting GrizzlyStik Silver Flame 100 grain broadheads.

His shot opportunity came at 35 yards. He took his shot - and was rewarded with a complete pass-through. His polar bear expired quickly. Hugues had his trophy polar bear.

Hugues has been using GrizzlyStik Silver Flame broadheads for quite some time. He has seen the impressive penetration they produce and has seen how quickly they can dispatch big game animals. That's why when it comes to his bowhunting set-up - Hugues trusts his success to GrizzlyStik Silver Flame broadheads.

Look at that broadhead - Hugues said it's like brand new - after passing through the bear!




"Morning Garrett, I finally got my brown bear in Cape Yakataga, Alaska with the GrizzlyStik Momentum 175's and Ashby broadheads.  My total arrow and broadhead weighed was 950 grains with 26% FOC.


The weather was very mild and the streams where full of spawning silver salmon.  The bears seemed to be more interested in berries and for over a week we didn’t spot any bears on the streams. My guide Craig Hill was surprised at the lack of bears feeding on fish.


On the 8th day I got my chance.  We spotted this boar “cruising” and got set up on the trail he was coming down. On a string, he walked right past us a 10 yards. I waited till the boar was slightly past me with his front leg forward and I let the arrow go.  The arrow made contact directly behind the armpit and disappeared.  As the bear spun, he came within 4 yards of us before he took off running away from us. He only traveled 40 yards and was down within a minute.


Upon inspection, the arrow passed thru the body cutting the top of the heart off and continued out the off side front shoulder, breaking it. I’m positive without a lighted nock, I would have never recovered the arrow. Thank you for a great product and all your advice." Corey Goss

Alaska Brown Bear with a 700 grain GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow and Monarch 200 BH

Registered Alaskan guide and Sitka Gear spokesperson Cole Kramer recommended his client use GrizzlyStik Silver Flame broadheads to hunt this ivory claw coastal Brown Bear.


"At 40 yards, the GrizzlyStik Momentum was buried to the nock. On another occasion, an arrow was released from 10 yards and was a complete pass thru; the arrow was located another 20 yards. Thank you and God Bless." - Curt Morlock


“Sneaky Pete'n the Beach Grass” Jeff Sposito working a - Sneaky Pete - on a Baranof Island brownie.Hunting spring bears on the beaches in SE Alaska can be an excise in finding freshly sprouted beach grass.

Beach grass is often one of the first meals both black and brown bears seek after coming out of hibernation. As a general rule in spring, find the fresh beach grass - find the bears.

Jeff first tested and then trusted his hunt to our 650 grain (all in) GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows tipped with our 200 grain Maasai single bevel broadheads.

GrizzlyStik customer Brian Paul Hallberg reporting back with a Spring harvest.


"Thanks again guys! Theses arrows are amazing. I only hope more hunters would start shooting heavier setups. I shot this nice boar in Montana this spring. The shot was quarter and away. The arrow entered at the back of the rib cage and broke the opposite shoulder! This bear went fifteen yards and died in 10 seconds!"




Congratulations to Ray Muscarellae on this hefty black bear. 

"Figured I'd share a photo of a 421 lb black bear I took this year on my property in New York (Catskill mountains) using your GrizzlyStik 125gr Maasai broadhead, 350gr maxima reds with my Mathews DXT.

It was an evening hunt. I was hunting a trail that leads to one of my clover plots and he came out a half hour before dark. I took the shoat at 25yards. It was perfect heart shot, a full pass through and he only went 30-yards and fell over. I almost had the whole thing on video but my gopro battery died! The green score of the skull was 21 2/16" but I'm still waiting for the official dry measurement. Thank you - Those broadheads are the real deal!"
 Ray Muscarella






Congratulations to Michael McDonnell on his brown bear. "I took this Alaska brown bear using a GrizzlyStik Momentum 175 tapered carbon arrow with an Ashby 315 grain forged single bevel broadhead. It was a clean, pass through shot, and the bear went 22 yards and collapsed. The arrow/broadhead combination was excellent, and I appreciate all the time you spent with me on the phone to educate me on this terrific technology. I'll hunt with nothing less." Best regards, Mike







Congratulations to Roy Mackey on his 650 Challenge Black Bear. Roy shared a bit of his story with us:

"Garrett, thought I'd send you a photo of my Alberta black bear I shot this May. Recently decided to take the 650 challenge, I've always shot a heavy arrow, but decided to take it to the next level. After reading what Ashby said about the lighter weight bows it made sense, especially for us more "mature" Bowhunters, where bow weight is a real issue.

I used the GrizzlyStik Momentum 330 shafts, total arrow weight turned out to be 665 gr. Shot was from 12 yards, arrow didn't slow down on pass through, buried up in a tree root on his opposite side.

He let out a big grunt, spun around and just looked, not knowing what had just happened. He decided something wasn't quite right and just started walking away. He made it 23 steps then collapsed.

He squared 6' 8" and green scored 18 5/16" PY, very pleased. Thanks for a great product."
Roy Mackey







Congratulations to Joe Hurlburt. "I shot this black bear while elk hunting near my home in Teton county, Idaho. It was a 20 yard shot with a 30" 250 Momentum arrow and a 200 grain Samurai broadhead. 650 grains total weight. It was a straight pass through the shoulder and the boar made it only 20 yards before piling up. Thanks for the great products!" - Joe Hurlburt








Congratulations to Nick Pittman on this great black bear he took with a GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow and GrizzlyStik Maasai broadhead.

"Attached is the photo of the bear and a frozen frame of the arrow as it passed through the bear - he didn't even know he was hit yet. " Nick Pittman



"Here's the gorgeous Idaho Color Phase Black Bear that I was lucky enough to connect on this week. Blonde, cinnamon, and black colors all in one bear. It was an awesome hunt and an even greater learning experience. The Mathews Monster Safari combined with the 650 grain GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow and GrizzlyStik Maasai broadhead.  worked beautifully." Jimmy Herman






Anna Vorisek has nearly completed the North American Big Game Super Slam. On this hunt for polar bear and musk ox she used GrizzlyStik Momentum full length tapered arrows and GrizzlyStik Samurai broadheads.

A BIG congratulations to Anna. She shared her story with us over the phone, we will post it here soon. What an adventure!






Tom Taylor just got this monster grizzly. He shared a bit of his story:

"I am speechless this may be a B&C class bear! I used a Grizzly Momentum Arrow and Samurai 200 grain Single Bevel Head. It was a marginally good shot but the combo killed him for sure. We just got back to camp - after carrying an 80 lb pack 5 miles. I'll fill you in more tomorrow, I even have live pictures of this Bear. Thanks so much for an absolutely phenomenal product." Tom Taylor







Congratulations to John Parker on this nice "Toklat" coloration Brown Bear taken with GrizzlyStik arrows. and 315 grain, forged Ashby Broadheads.







Congratulations to Olivia Gentile on this brute of a black bear taken with GrizzlyStik gear. Olivia is Derek Gentile's daughter. They worked together getting her set-up optimized and heavier for this bear hunt - looks like they came up with an effective combination.

Olivia used GrizzlyStik tapered carbon arrows and Silver Flame 125 grain GrizzlyStik broadheads.





Huntress: Olivia Gentile

Age: 18

Bow: Mission Craze

Draw Weight: 50#

Arrow: GrizzlyStik Momentum

Broadhead: Silver Flame 125gr

Total Arrow Weight: 578 grains

FOC: 19%

Arrow Speed: 142 fps

Kinetic Energy: 25.89

Momentum: .35


Hunt Details:
The bear was taken on the north end of Vancouver Island with Jim Shockey’s Pacific Rim Outfitters. Olivia, her father and the guide played cat and mouse with the bear for almost an hour. The big boar was following a sow that the huntress also had a close encounter with but could not get a shot. The boar was not aware that the sow had fled the area and he continued his search for his spring romance.

Olivia had a 25 yard shot in the thicket and missed after the arrow brushed against some foliage. A second shot was presented at 35 yards and Olivia’s arrow hit and passed through the meaty part of the bears upper leg but no vitals were hit. Undeterred the bear continued and with the aid of the guides grunts and breaking of sticks the bear ended up lumbering by broadside at 12 yards! The third shot was in the pocket and the arrow penetrated both lungs and buried into a rib on the opposite side of the shot.

The bear was the largest taken by the outfitter this spring and squared 7’2” with a 20 8/16” skull and an estimated weight of 475#.





Also, her father Derek Gentile witness the entire heart-pounding sequence of events and claims it was the most exciting experience of his hunting career!



See Derek Gentile's 650 Challenge story here.










"Sending you a picture of the bear wife got on June 1. Incredible hide/color. She is using GrizzlyStik arrows. 28", 512 gr total weight. using Magnus stingers 150 gr 4 blade. 42# bow. Hit opposite shoulder at 13 yds. Only made it 60 on a hard run." Brent Watson





"Garrett - here is a pic of my polar bear. Used the Maasai 150 grain head and Momentum arrows. Shot him facing me - complete penetration - he went 5 feet and died in 10 seconds. Mark Buehrer, Bowhunting Safari Consultants






"Thanks for your support Garrett. 30yd shot the bear went 40 yards. Took him on first day with Maasai broadheads and Momentum arrows. Jay Osting, Bowhunting Safari Consultants Bowhunting Safari Consultants 




Just like the classic movie scene with Mr. Bear 

Mr. Brown strolling down the beach in range of your hide

~ The stuff of bowhunting dreams ~









Santiago López trusted his Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear hunt to the GrizzlyStik system of arrow and broadheads. 


We built him  GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows tipped with a Maasai 200 grain broadheads.


The arrow weighed 650 grains and had a 24% FOC.



Complete pass through at 19 yards with the wind howling.


~ Dream Realized ~





 Alaska Peninsula  ~ Spot and Stalk ~ Glassing Salmon Streams 

Last Day ~ Raining and Blowing ~ 70 Yards Out

Heart Pounding





This is no time to second guess your arrows and broadheads.  You have to trust your equipment.






Steve Coale trusts the GrizzlyStik system - and it never lets him down.





Steve took the shot at 43 yards, the bear went only 90 yards before piling up.

His broadhead was the Samurai 125 grain single bevel - Total arrow weight with broadhead was 563 grains.







"Just wanted to say thank you for all the help you and your team provided as I prepared for my Brown Bear hunt. The Momentum 250 Grizzly Sticks and Maasai broadheads did the trick. My 30 yard shot was well placed, complete pass through double lung and he only went about 90 yards!

Also, great tips on gear. Weather was brutal and I was well prepared."
Derek Gentile







"Garrett, Attached is a pic of my boar I got lucky and killed on 10/10/2013. His hide squared out 9’3”. The good news is the 200 grain Samurai backed with a Momentum 250 shaft worked. The bad news is I never found it after a complete pass through on a quartering toward me shot at 15 yards and closing as the boar had locked in on me kneeling down and was coming to check me out. He had a 20 mph wind at his back so he couldn’t smell me.

Steve got one also, but I have not seen it – I’m sure he will be sending pictures to you also. Steve got his on 10/09 pm – the first bear ever taken in their camp with archery equipment since it opened in 1964, mine was the 2nd the next morning.

Thank you, visit soon  and as always good hunting."
  - Rob Neilson







"Garrett, you helped one month ago when my Bow String shattered on my HOYT, I was the guy headed up to Alaska Griz hunting with Stan Parkerson @ Denali hunts! I did get myself a grizzly. The bear squared out at about 7'8 and 22 5/8" green score skull size, the hunt was unbelievable.

I also did get to see 1 of his moose hunt camps, 1 hunter missed the boat on a 10 yard opportunity at a 55" bull, a 2nd hunter that I met when I was leaving also shot a 54 " bull on the 1st morning of his 1st day moose hunting at less than 30 yards,,,, so yeah your moose hunting trip should be great next year.

Stan's a great guy and really knows his stuff when it comes to hunting ( ask to see his BROWN BEAR mount when you get there and then ask him to tell you his story ) flat out unreal! I'll send 1 more pic, unfortunately the bear I shot did suffer some damage while being eaten a bit when we had to leave him out over night after I shot him."
Steve Rucinski






"Hi Garrett. Home from AK - took a good interior black bear and a chocolate with the Samurai's. Thought I'd send you picture of the blackie. The Chocolate one was just a bloody mess! 2 guys in camp with me will be ordering heads soon! Thanks for everything." Mark Buehrer, Bowhunting Safari Consultants 








Pictured is a black bear I killed deep in the Idaho backcountry. I shot this boar at ground-level out of his bed 22 yards away. The arrow passed through the chest cavity, then the offside leg curled up next to him, then took a quarter inch deep chunk out of the boulder behind him. The bear traveled exactly 17 yards before it expired. The broadhead was still straight and intact, though the ferrule was slightly bent and it hit hard enough to break the nock out of the back of the arrow. After the hunt I pushed in a new nock and screwed on a fresh broadhead, the arrow spun perfectly and shot as good as new.

Equipment used:
200 grain Maasai Broadhead
GrizzlyStik Momentum Shafts
4 low profile 2.5" vanes with arrow wraps
80# Bowtech Insanity CPX

Jeremy Johnson - Bowtech Prostaff









Congratulations to bow hunter Michael Freeburg on his brown bear. Hunt was in SE Alaska and Michael got a one shoot kill at 20 yards with a GrizzlyStik Momentum tipped with a Maasai 200 grain broadhead. For the record, he enjoyed some good fishing as well... :)







Well the hunting Gods have been smiling on me this season!  I've always wanted a color phase bear and boy was that wish delivered this year!  I shot the old, regressed boar about 5 miles back into the wilderness.  He squared 6' 3" with a 20 inch skull.  My pack coming out was loaded at 117 lbs--definitely sacked out my suspension!

South Cox






"Ed/Garrett - I use the 125 grain Samurai and I just returned from hunting in MT, TX and NM over the past month and got a nice elk and black bear while my wife got a whitetail. I got full penetration on my elk and a shattered rib on entry and a splintered rib on the exit side and bear was a complete pass through. The top broadhead in the pic was from the bear and the bottom from the elk. Elk and bear pics are attached also. " Rob Neilson








"Ed Garrett and Todd,

As you know I'll be doing archery hunts here in WY and in New Mexico this September and again will insist my guys use your broadheads. All my hunters have been privy to the remarkable success we've experienced since I "stumbled" onto your company just 3 seasons back. I have been doing this a longgg time and i know stuff can and does go wrong from time to time BUT I and sooo thrilled at the OBVIOUS difference your equipment has made on my/ our hunts. Veryyyyyyy cool for me and all of us!

My apology for the delay in getting this story and photos to you. Here's Rode Walker's hunt and pics from his 2011 bear hunt:

“The Quest for ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE - Rode Walker takes his archery gear to the next level and achieves continued success with Alaska Bowhunting Supply in 2011!”

By now you’re quite familiar with my good friend Rode Walker (A.K.A “Bonehead” on your Single Bevel Broadhead page). Rode, being my 1st friend and hunter to use your equipment was successful in 2009 & 2010 in taking 2 very nice bull elk with me in Wyoming with the use of your Maasai broadheads (both hunts featured on your Field Photos- Big Big Game page). I have begun encouraging Rode and many other hunters who now use your broadheads to increase their overall arrow weight and FOC. One might beg the question, “If hunters like Rode have been consistently effective with their set-up, why mess with success?”

The answer: When we don’t make the perfect shot and still recover game!

“I took this black bear in Saskatchewan, Canada May 31, 2011 at 23 yards using a heavier set-up than I had used on my 2009 and 2010 bull elk hunts. This go ‘round I deployed a Maasai 125 tipped GrizzlyStik Arrows, versus the 100 grain Maasai and skinny/ lighter shafts I used on my past 2 elk hunts (successfully, I might add!) and am glad I did. The heavier combo broke the bruin’s back instantly dropping him in his tracks AND was sticking out 8 inches on the exit side! A good example of when we don’t make the perfect shot and still recover game. Thanks guys for helping me with this AWESOME new combination!” Rode Walker-Fredericksburg, TX

So there you go. Another tremendous hunt, clean kill and an extremely pleased hunter. Thank you AGAIN and AGAIN for providing me, my friends and hunting clients with the best archery equipment on the planet! (And check it out: Rode is taking it yet another step further by ordering your new Momentum Arrows. One smart dude that Mr. Walker! You can anticipate more stories of bowhunting success from our campfire.)"
Mark James PHG, Professional Hunter-Guide & Sculptor








Mr. Schlief, I hope you had a great Spring Bear hunt as for the pictures you can see I had a great one! The arrows worked great, thank you for producing such a great product. I had a complete pass thru and had enough to almost pass thru an old stump at the same time on the other side of the bear, Great Arrows! Ray Reno








We arrived in Plaster Rock New Brunswick Canada on Sunday to check in at the lodge at Lawrence Dyer and Son’s Outfitting Service with Danny Dyer as our host. After the usual exchange of greeting to the host as well as the other guests it was time to prepare for the upcoming hunt which starts on Monday. We all spent our share of time on the range getting everything right after the trip to camp.


At the range the discussion was about the GrizzlyStik arrows and the Ashby 315. I referred to the article “Speed Kills” on the GrizzlyStik website. The other hunters were amazed at the performance and un-noticeable difference in speed of the arrow. We in fact did an experiment. We set my Nikon D80 ISO Sensitivity up to 1600 to attempt to capture the arrow at release. We could not get it done. Shooting the Mathews Drenalin set @ 70# we could not capture the arrow at release. I also stager my Fusion vanes on the white wrap to create the illusion of length without weight and it aids in fighting the wind because they are still just 2” long.


Monday, first day of the hunt. I spent my first day on stand and was pleasantly surprised to have an almost constant steam of bears coming to the bait. Though they were the same three yearling bears it was constant. I did not see any shooter bears this first evening but I was satisfied with the evenings hunt. Dusk turned to darkness and Todd Daye my guide was there to pick me up promptly at 1010 PM UDT. Tuesdays hunt was similar to Mondays with a few exceptions. The bears were bigger and they stayed on the bait longer. From about 6 PM until 945 PM it was constant again with bears being bears. At approximately 940-950 PM by my watch a very large bear entered the bait area. The following is the account of what happened next. I shot the bear on Tuesday evening at dusk with my Mathews Drenalin Bow, Alaska Bowhunters Supply GrizzlyStiks Safari arrows and the Ashby 315 SS Broad Heads. I waited as long as I could for the bear to turn broadside. The Bear was facing me quartering slightly to the right. I had to make a decision as the light was fading fast. Since I practice this shot at home on my range I did not find this one bit troubling. I let the 700 + gr arrow and broadhead fly with confidence and hit my mark.


Upon being shot the bear launched himself straight up in the air flat out twisting in the air and landing on his back. He laid there for a few seconds moaning and growling. I thought the hunt was over and he died on the spot. I was wrong.


The bear got up and as best he could make into the brush. The thrashing around went on for about three minutes and stopped except for the growling. At approximately 10:15 PM UDT Todd arrived and I instructed him to stop at my stand and not to proceed towards the bait area. I reattached my release to the string of my bow and handed it down to Todd. We found the bear’s blood trail and back out deciding it was too risky to pursue this further since we did not hear a death moan and we had only a flashlight and a head light. The next morning Todd and I headed back out at dawn to close this deal. We arrived on site at 0630 and started the hunt. We found the blood from the night before easily and from there it just got better so we thought. We found massive amounts of blood on the trail and into the woods. Then we found where the arrow had been pushed out by the bear. This is when the blood trail almost stopped and we had to shift tracking strategies.
We started following drag marks left by the bear and spotty blood. I would mark the blood and Todd would move forward to find the next along with the drag marks. Finally after an hour of this Todd caught up with the bear. Todd called to me a with the news and I asked the usual hunter question, “is it big” he replied it was and HE IS STILL ALIVE! The bear was a little pissy at this point and what we realized was the reason the blood trail was so good was because we were bumping this bear up the trail. When the bear discovered we were there he sunk his claws into the bark of a tree to pull him past and peeled the bark off 10 feet up the tree. I unsheathed my knife and handed it to Todd to go finish the deal and he looked at me like I had a fish stapled to my forehead. I put the knife away.


With the amount of sign we found the night before I left my bow in the truck thinking this was “just” a recovery, TIP, don’t ever do that. So, as Todd went back to the truck to get the bow I stood watch over what I thought was the bear. In actuality the bear had dragged himself away and was not where I last saw him. During my time being fooled by the bear I did hear cracking branches off to my left which turn out to be a relevant clue later. Todd returns with my bow and as I a preparing to dispatch the bear I realize my Tru Ball Boss X release is not hanging on my string where I always leave it. It had fallen from the string after Todd laid my bow down when I handed it to him the evening before. Lucky for me I carry a back up in my pack and was now prepared for the kill. As I walked to my right to get a better look at my quarry I quickly realize he has left me behind with my "bow" in my hand.


Todd and I re-group and start the search again. I told him about the noise I heard and he headed that way and quickly picked up the trail again. This time the bear went to even greater lengths to prolong his life. He dragged himself over deadfall, thru mush and mud. To top it off the bear crossed a rapidly flowing deep creek. Todd my expert guide and tracker soon hunted him down and I arrive on the scene to close the deal again. At approximately 15 Feet, I release my next Grizzly Stik, this is a total pass thru from the back of the ribcage and out his shoulder. This really angered him and he started too turned on me and settle this man to beast. As he turned I drew back the second/third Grizzly Stik and double lunged him. Still not good enough for this bear, though dying this most noble creature fought to his 7th death moan to survive. I have the greatest respect for that bear and his will to live.


After all that we had the pleasure of dragging the 400#+- bear back to where this started. We physically dragged him approximately 70 yards. Todd went back to the truck again and brought down the 4 wheeler, making new paths through previously uncharted territory to get as close as possible. After an another hour of tugging and finally loading the bear we headed back to camp, Drenched with sweat and the water from the stream we had to cross twice we got the bear back to the lodge for some good old fashioned bragging time. Mark Hoover










Avid BIG game bowhunter Jose Lopez harvested a beautiful polar bear. This is quite a trophy for a bowhunter...

"The temp. was -30C and there was a light wind, the shot was only 15.8 meters. Bow 80 pounds, arrow 950 gr GrizzlyStik Momentum and Ashby broadhead. The arrow penetration was very good. It was completely pierced by the arrow. The bear after impact, just did 3 or 4 steps, and felt down and died in 10 seconds. Size was 9’1 feet nose to tail. Once opened, we saw that the arrow cut both lungs and rib on entry and another when exit." Jose Lopez










"Ed I am going to send you some pictures of my 2009 moose and bear hunt in Alberta this fall. I would like to thank you for your kind service and advice on your products. I have been hunting with a long bow for over 24 years. Over the years I have evolved my arrows to a weight forward design. This was always some what difficult do to and achieve consistent arrow flight. I have to tell you that what you guys have done with your arrows and broad heads is amazing. I have never seen an arrow perform as well as the ones you built for me. I was using your Alaskan arrows tipped with 290 gr. Nanook broad heads. Arrows were cut at 30 inches total arrow weight was about 730 gr. 

The moose I shoot was at 16 yards. broad side the arrow went through booth lungs and stuck ten inches in the ground ten yards on the other side of the moose. The moose traveled 40 yards and died in less than 30 sec. On the same day that evening I took a beautiful chocolate black bear 6.5 ft. at twenty yards one shot forward and high was the shot. The bear dropped in his tracks the arrow went thru his shoulder blade, vertebrae, and opposite shoulder blade stopping just under the skin. My guide was in shock at the destruction the arrow did to the bones. Looked like you had shot him with a 338 mag. Thank you"
Dennis Johnson






Here's a nice photo of an inland grizzly bear harvested in the fall of 2007 by Jeff Baumgartner. Green score was 24 ½. The bear was harvested in British Columbia with traditional archery equipment and a Silver Flame broadhead. 






"Garrett, Just wanted to drop you a THANK YOU!!!! Rex Dacus and I both where successful on our Brown Bear hunt last week on the penisula! I took a 9 1/2 footer and Rex took one over 9 foot as well! The GrizzlyStik Arrows awesome in the harsh conditions. We had over 12 inches of rain the first 4 days of the hunt and your fletching held up perfectly. We both took our bears with traditional bows between 20 and 25 yards in pouring rain and 50 mph winds. The heavy arrows flew true and did the trick! We could not have been more pleased with your products!" Thanks Trey Hallmark







"Here's a pic of the bear I got Thursday night in the Kenai Mountains at 12 paces with a GrizzlyStik arrow and 200 grain Samurai. Not a big one but ok sized. I told the story on tradgang. I have the St Judes left-handed bow (Faith) for the month of August, they auction the both bows off in June I think, after a differnet hunter has it each month for most of a year. The money goes to St Judes Childrens Hospital. Sounds like you've gotten out on the water quite a bit, just a few times for me, but I'll likely get out a few more in August."
Tim McKinley








"Here’s a picture of a black bear I took this fall from the Oregon coast. The shot was from four yards on the ground; the arrow went in through the top of the sternum, broke through the spine and stuck out the back several inches. Used a Samurai-tipped arrow from a 60 pound blacktail bow. No damage to broadhead, still sharp." Thanks, Mark Stevens






Here's a real nice bear taken by Clint Baird with a GrizzlyStik arrow and a Zwickey Delta 2-blade. The arrow combination weighed 830 grains and the longbow was 71#.

"The shot was at 17 yards. The bear was angling towards me. The arrow hit tight behind the left shoulder, and exited the back part of the right side, then went 10" in the ground. The bear only went approx. 35 yards and was down. I used wild turkey feathers that I cut and ground down on the Safari shaft. Oh, and I was using your Super Glove. The Super Glove and the Down Under Gloves are the only gloves I will use. Thanks for a great product." Clint Baird






Here's Tim McKinley and a black bear he took at 6pm Saturday September 19th at 12 yards. He had missed this same bear the Saturday before but this time his GrizzlyStik arrows and Silver Flame broadheads flew true to their mark.













"Here is some Picture of my Bear- 205 lbs Field Dressed-Approx 240-250 lbs live weight. With a Bruin Recurve-56# at 11 yards I had complete penetration with an GrizzlyStik arrow.Total Grain Weight 630.  My friend Mike Steliga of Bruin Custom Recurves video taped the hunt. Bear went 70 yards." - Bill Pfingsten











This BC bruin was taken with the 650 system and tipped with a Maasai 200 broadhead.  The arrow completely passed thru and was never recovered.  the bear didn't make it off the beach.  The media guy doesn't want us to use his image but we "traded" him the arrows (for picture) for this hunt.   He can go pound sand......we kept up our side of the deal.