Break Heavy Bones

We can tell you all about how our single bevel broadheads mounted on a high FOC arrow system split heavy bone like butter...... or we can just show you.

If you're interested in watching arrows break heavy bones, watch the series of videos below. You're going to see arrows blowing through moose and caribou scapulas, moose, beef and caribou femurs, and more. You're not going to believe what you see. Seriously, when you use our GrizzlyStik full-length tapered arrows and our single-bevel broadheads, you're using a system that can't be beaten. Bones don't stand a chance.




With the GrizzlyStik System - you won't worry about getting enough penetration. All that's left for you - is to concentrate on the shot. The GrizzlyStik system gives you the confidence that if you do your part, your arrow and broadhead will do theirs. Even if you hit bone. It doesn't get any better than that!

How can you get penetration like that? -  "There's No Such Thing As Overkill."

I want to know the science behind this stuff! I want to read the  Ashby Reports.

Can broadheads really split bone? -  Learn how single bevel blades work.

Why Avoid Heavy Bone? When GrizzlyStik set out to build a more lethal arrow and broadhead system we didn't have a roadmap. We were searching for a proficient setup that could break a heavy bone on the large animals we hunted with stickbows. Through trial and error, we first started testing moose bone penetration shots. We knew that if a system was effective in breaking bones with light-poundage bows, high-poundage shooters would have no problem with lethal arrow penetration - even when things go wrong.


This video was made in 2007 by the late GrizzlyStik founder and Alaskan hunting guide Ed Schlief. Ed made a series of these testing videos - 'breaking moose bones in the backyard.' The videos were originally shot for our internal use as updates to the engineering crew working on the new system. The enthusiasm in Ed's voice is all very real. "I Gotta Admit - Even I'm Impressed!" Are you looking for an arrow & broadhead system that is proven to break a large bone and keep penetrating? If so, we have two arrow packs and you can test the GrizzlyStik system for yourself.

The anxiety of hitting bone fades away......

By following Dr. Ashby's 12 rules, light bow shooters can break a heavy bone every time and still gain lethal penetration on big game animals.

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