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Black Death

You can scour the're not going to find more bowhunting success on Black Death than right here. Nowhere, not even close. If you're entertaining one of the most challenging bowhunts on the planet, we recommend you start by watching the 4+ minute video below.  If you're not convinced to at least test our GrizzlyStik system before your safari - brother we wish you luck.

Below you'll find a blend of testimonials from both our customers and their Professional Hunters (PH's). When one of our Cape buffalo customers sends in a testimonial after a successful hunt, it's a fantastic rush to learn of their success. The process of helping a bowhunter test, get geared up, go on the hunt and achieve a hunting pinnacle......well it's quite an honor to play a small role.

With that said, our PH testimonials still always seem to carry more weight.  The PH's are uniquely responsible for the wellbeing of all souls on a dangerous game hunt.  That's a heavy responsibility. If their bowhunters' equipment fails on the hunt, their job becomes exponentially more difficult.  One of our jobs at GrizzlyStik is to make sure that doesn't happen. That too is a heavy responsibility and one we take very seriously. Helping the PH's stay safe while successfully guiding their customers on Black Death is a pinnacle of our arrowsmithing.  It's a great honor that so many PH's have taken the time to send in their experience watching the GrizzlyStik system at work in the Bushveld.

If you don't find the question to your answers below, please don't hesitate to call us and one of our experienced Big 5 arrowsmiths glad to get you dialed in.

3 of the Top 10 SCI Cape Buffalo on One Safari

"Which One Do You Choose?" - There are no bad choices here.....all 3 of these bulls scored in the Safari Club International Top 10 bow & arrow. Any Top 10 would be an amazing accomplishment for a bowhunter - but 3 Top 10's on the same safari? That's exactly what Jason Bryan did while hunting with Quagga Safaris.  Three monster Cape buffalo in the books shooting the 950 GrizzlyStik system of tapered Momentum TDT arrows tipped with Alaskan 315 forged broadheads.

That makes 7 of the Top 10 Cape buffalo taken with the GrizzlyStik system. It's hard arguing with facts & figures.

Big Game Tools - The .550 Magnum, the .470 NE & the Dr. Ashby 315. Why do so many Dangerous Game PH's recommend the forged Ashby 315 broadhead?
1. Track record - repeatable reliability and earned trust, even when things go wrong.
2. Performance - every inch of an arrow penetrates has a direct effect on the safety of my clients and crew. The Ashby 315 delivers arrow penetration.
3. Happy customers - great stories, more media, more referrals, repeat business.
Over the past decade, the Ashby 315 has earned the Gold Standard with Africa’s dangerous game PH’s. With over 1,800 testimonials from successful customers and PH’s, the GrizzlyStik system is proven to be the .375 H&H (or bigger) of bowhunting – it works every time. Don’t take our word for it, if you have booked a dangerous game safari, ask your PH what equipment he recommends on Black Death. Chances are he'll be recommending you hunt with the Ashby 315.
📸: South African based PH Jason van Aarde @550magnum_h_j_outdoors

"PH Recommendations" - In preparing for his Mozambique swamp safari, Mick Owens asked his PH if he could make any broadhead recommendations. His PH came back with three suggestions - the Ashby 315, the Ashby 315 or the Ashby 315.  Why would a PH feel so strongly about a broadhead?  Maybe because the hammer forged Ashby 315 was designed to hunt buffalo.....or maybe because he's seen what works in the field.....or maybe because the Ashby 315 has earned the "trust" of Africa's bowhunting PH's by compiling an unmatched record of lethal performance on Black Death.  Whatever the reason, we truely appreciate our PH referrals and enjoy building equipment that makes their job just a little bit easier.

**Everything Works Out** - Taking any of Africa's dangerous 7 with a bow is a pinnacle accomplishment for a big game hunter. Taking two in one day? That's definition of epic!  Everything just seemed to work out on this day for @mike_constantinou1 and his crew. Shooting our single bevel Maasai 150 broadhead on a FMJ from a 85# bow, these boys capped a truly amazing day for the books. Well done gentlemen, well done.

**Order Up - Curls** We'd like to order a Black Death special with side of everything - 42" wide, a good boss with those beautiful sweeping curls.  Fulfilling a lifelong dream, @shad_wheeler trusted GrizzlyStik to help with his spot & stalk - dugga boy safari. Our single bevel Maasai 200 broadheads delivered lethal performance and this bull down in just 35 yards!  What's your lifelong dream hunt?

**Listen to Your PH** - "Such a thrill shooting a buffalo from close range with the bow. We hunted this solitaire dugga boy this afternoon and got a good stalk to 51 yards. My hunter killed him with one arrow using a 72# bow and shooting a 950 GrizzlyStik system tipped with a Maasai 200 single bevel broadhead. This combination when shot in the right place is seriously deadly on dangerous game. The arrow penetrated thru this brute of a buffalo!" - PH Mike Fell @hornofthehunter  We know not many Cape buffalo will be taken in 2020. We're proud to have helped this Father/Daughter team (and their PH) find dugga boy success.

**Personal Best** - "I was able to harvest my biggest buff to date, he measured 42” wide with 16” bosses. One well placed arrow at 21 yards sealed his fate and he was down within 10 minutes." - @arrowaddict777

For his Black Death safari with @stirlingsafaris, Boone selected the tapered, highFOC GrizzlyStik system tipped with forged Ashby 315 broadheads Proven - one shot - buffalo medicine.

**Black Death Poll** - We've taken an unofficial poll over the years asking dangerous game PH's why they recommend the 950 GrizzlyStik system to their clients for Cape buffalo?

The top 3 responses.

1. Lethal proficiency - reliability/dependability even when things go wrong.

2. It helps make the job easier/safer - regardless of shot placemant, it's always better when the arrow penetrates.

3. Happy customers, happy staff - more referrals.

This video from PH @fredphdebeer of @sabudawn_safaris makes the point. Lethal arrow penetration right through the thickest part of the front shoulder, bull down and one happy customer.  Trust the Professional Hunters, Trust GrizzlyStik

**Swap Spot & Stalk** - "l shot this buffalo bull - front on at 18 yards. The 820 grain arrow tipped with a Maasai 200 broadhead got full body penetration. The arrow stopped all the way back on the hip and the buffalo only went 80 yards and fell over!" - PH @danielfrederickensl
North American bowhunters often ask if our Maasai 200 (convex edge) will penetrate as well as Samurai 200 (straight edge) on whitetails. The simple answer is "Yes." The Maasai 200 not only works great on whitetails but it has earned a distinguished record on Cape buffalo and a pass thru on the world record brown should be OK.

**Whitetail Q&A** - Bowhunters making the switch to a heaveier, high FOC system understandably ask many of the same questons. One queston we repeatedly get is "if I shoot an arrow under Dr. Ashby's 650 grain heavy bone threshold, can I still gain lethal penetration through the shoulder of a whitetail?" Good question.
Though we love the bone breaking certainty of our 650 grain system, the simple answer is "yes." As a case study, @jayfishzambia deminstrates the penetration an OVERKILL Samurai 150 can deliver on Black Death when tipped on a 500 grain arrow. If Jay can penetrate to the offside of a Cape Buffalo with this set up - we know whitetail hunters are more than covered.

**Perfect Heart Shot** - "After spotting the bull early morning we devised a plan to stalk him, after a few failed attempts we realized that he is now fully aware of us and getting into bow range will be very difficult and a potentially dangerous situation. We regrouped and decided to position ourself behind some cover a few hundred meters infront of the bull hoping he will come past within desired range. This plan could not have worked out any better as this old warrior passed a mere 15 meters from where we positioned ourselves. I waited for the right moment to draw my bow fixed my pin in the middle of his shoulder, slowly squeezing the trigger and watched the arrow penetrating. Most bowhunters will know the feeling of the perfect heart shot! The bull ran off coming to a stop about 60 meters from where he was shot, we watched him swaying from side to side and droping his head, then going down. Dream come true and the most amazing intense adrenaline filled experience. In my opinion the ultimate bowhunt." - @willemolivier84 hunting with Karibu Big Game Safaris

**Black Death Medicine** - "I finally got a chance to shoot my GrizzlyStiks and they performed outstandingly in my opinion. My shot was from 50 yards and I got both lungs, not a pass through, as it hit the opposite shoulder. The Alaskan 200 broadhead was still in great shape and the buff only ran 70 yards.

Given my draw length is only 26.5" and I’ve had issues with other broadheads on buffalo at 30 yards with the same bow and shot placement, I think it speaks to the quality of the arrows you built. A big thank you to you and your team!" - Best, T. Bacon

For this Zambian safari, we built Mr. Bacon a 950 grain Momentum TDT arrow tipped with Ethics inserts and forged Alaskan 200 broadheads. The arrows had a 28% FOC and were shot from a 70# bow. The 950 GrizzlyStik system is the one shot medicine, vaccine and cure for Black Death.

BOOM! - Complete Pass Through on Black Death........

No other arrow or broadhead company has documented more lethal dangerous game performance than GrizzlyStik. Not marketing fluff, documented Big 5 on the ground.

Over the past decade, our GrizzlyStik arrow & broadhead system has earned the Gold Standard with Africa’s dangerous game PH’s. With over 1,800 testimonials from successful customers and PH’s, the GrizzlyStik system is proven to be the .375 H&H of bowhunting – it works every time.

Don’t take our word for it, if you have booked a dangerous game safari, ask your PH what equipment he recommends on Black Death. Chances are he'll be recommending you hunt with GrizzlyStik.

New Crossbow No.1? - "This October, Debbie Milligan was hunting with Re a Lora Safaris in the Limpopo province of South Africa when she killed this monster Cape Buffalo.

We are still within the drying process, but it appears to be a potential crossbow record!

It was taken with a Ravin crossbow and shooting your Maasai 200 broadhead. The bull was shot at approximately 12 yards with a complete pass through, one-shot kill!" - Doyle Milligan

**Will They Q&A** - It's common for new customers to GrizzlyStik to ask (will they) questions about our broadhead performance and track record.

As an example, a customer may ask, "will your Silver Flame broadheads work on elk? Our response - "Yes....your in good hands. Over the past 20 years, the Silver Flame has proven itself proficient on all big game, including the Big 5." Cheers to hunter Vincent Park on his black death success while shooting Silver Flame 125 broadheads.

"The Encore" - After taking the World Record Alaskan brown bear at 14 yards with a frontal shot - what could Chris Cammack possibly do for an encore?

The obvious answer is of get up close and personal with Black Death!

Chris demonstrates the extreme confidence shooting the GrizzlyStik 650 system of tapered arrows and single bevel broadheads delivers while face-to-face with the world's most dangerous game.

Contemporary Compliment - "More HAPPY clients thanks to your GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads. Thank you for your products and for making our work easier!!!"- South African based Professional Hunter Shannon Van Zyl of Bushmen Safaris

**Lethal Proficiency** - It's one thing to shoot Cape's a whole another thing to shoot THROUGH them.

In this high FOC case study, Black Death gives us a perfect example of what happens when bowhunters follow Dr. Ashby's top 12 arrow penetration enhancement factors.
The 950 GrizzlyStik system (with 28% FOC) penetrated the massive shoulder, breaking both the near and offside ribs. Even with all those huge obstacles, the single bevel Maasai 200 broadhead still had enough juice to exit the building.
Shooting the tapered, high FOC, GrizzlyStik system will change the way you "ethically" think about hunting big game animals. Imagine have the confidence to take any shot, any angle, anytime.....and know your system will deliver lethal proficiency.

"From Russia with Love" - Dmitry Kozlov traveled from Russia for a successful spot-n-stalk Cape buffalo hunt with PH Mark Comins of Mkomazi Hunting Safaris. We dialed in Dmitry with the 950 GrizzlyStik system tipped with forged Ashby broadheads for this Black Death safari.

An Alaskan First - "Hey Garrett Schlief, is this the first Cape Buffalo taken with an Alaskan 200 broadhead?" - Cheers, Craig Knott

Yes Mr. Knott, big yes, you're the first. Congratulations and here's to many more!

44" Buffalo in the Salt - "This was one hell of a stalk. We spent two days tracking this big bull only for an oppurtunity to run an arrow through him.

We bumped him at 18 yards in the thicket and my client made a split second decision to take a frontal shot. The bull didn't go 150 yards and was down. Great hunting, great broadheads!" - Professional Hunter Jan-Paul Venter

"Black Death Poll Result" - We took an unofficial poll over the last several years asking dangerous game PH's why they recommend the 950 grain GrizzlyStik system?

The top 3 responses.

1. It works - reliability/dependability even when things go wrong.

2. It helps make my job easier - regardless of shot placemant, it's always better when the arrow penetrates.

3. Happy customers - more referrals.

This video from Professional Hunter Steve Bezuidenhout makes the point. Lethal arrow penetration right through the thickest part of the front leg/shoulder, bull down in under a minute and one happy customer.

Trust your Professional Hunter, Trust GrizzlyStik

Listen To The Pro's - "It has been five years since I last guided a DG archery hunt. It was fantastic to do one again. After lots of patience and hard work we got this 41 inch Chikwa kakuli.

Very few bow hunters manage to take a proper wild free range buffalo let alone a 40+ inch one. Many people say that one should use a 900 or more arrow. I’m still a believer in a 650 grain arrow when it come to wild buffalo. In this case the 650 grain performed exactly as the 950 grain set up did but was more accurate.

Often on free range hunt shots will be slightly further and therefore accuracy and trajectory will be better with the lighter arrow. Penetration was exactly the same. On this hunt the 950 grain GrizzlyStik arrows with Ashby 315 heads and a 650 grain setup with the Alaskan 200 head. I prefer the Alaskan 200." - Zambian based Professional Hunter Thor Kirchner

A Professional Hunters Trust - "When you go after the big stuff and want one arrow kills, you have to shoot GrizzlyStik. Great FOC, super strong and they build'em heavy! Alot of folks ask me why do I recommend shooting GrizzlyStik? Well it's simple - you're crazy if you don't!" - Zambian based PH Strang Middleton

"Traditional Black Death" - Tim King used a taper Momentum TDT wieghted to 950 grains and tipped the a Silver Flame 210 broadhead to take this Dugga Boy.

Holy (Cape) Cow - "Here's a huge old cow buffalo I took using your Momentum TDT arrows built to 950 grains total with an Alaskan 315 broadhead on the front.

They came recommended from my PH Tinus at African Game Hunters. My arrow buried to the fletching out of my 68# bow and we only had a 175 yard recovery. Thanks for a great product!" - Rodger Lewis

Professional Hunters Will Tell You - "This is the results of 10 days of hard work, hunting large areas and walking many miles with my client Ryan Larmer. We managed to take a Crocodile, Sable and Cape buffalo all on walk and stalk with absolute pin point accuracy shooting 950 GrizzlyStik arrows.

I saw that system perform flawlessly as it punched through a sable at 36 yards and a crocodile at 26 yards. On the last day I watched Ryan shoot a buffalo at 35 yards with a full frontal angle and the penetration was unbelievable. The 950 grain arrow completely disappeared into the chest of the buffalo!

The combination of pin point accuracy and a top quality big game bow setup is absolutely deadly. Great product Sir. I am honestly impressed.....definitely my recommendation to all clients hunting Africa with a bow. Thank you!" - PH George Halliday of Zembe African Safaris

Bucklist Buffalo - "I checked off the top of MY attainable bucklist by taking a Cape buffalo with the bow. My PH Russ Field got me in to 18 yards to take my once in a lifetime buffalo.

I've been a fan of the 950 GrizzlyStik system of years and it was the only arrow & broadhead combo I even considered using for my hunt. It was a close encounter of the beastly kind and one of the most incredible experience of my life. What a rush!" - Fritz Richards

"Lethal Proficiency' - It's a pinnacle accomplishment for a bowhunter to take a Cape buffalo but it takes a whole nother level of lethal proficiently to put a bull down with one shot.  That's exactly what Beau Burrough accomplished while hunting with Choronga Safaris. One shot - Black Death - with a broadhead pass through.  Shooting tapered GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT arrows tipped with Maasai 200 broadheads, Beau showed off the lethality of the GrizzlyStik system by driving this Maasai broadhead out the offside of this heavy boss bull.

Dream Realized - "I took a big ol' dugga boy in South Africa using your Silver Flame 150 broadheads on 720 grain arrow from my 72# bow. My lifelong dream came true and I feel truely blessed. My arrow buried to the fletching, penetrating the heart and he was down within 75 yards. Thanks for making a great product!" - Tony Hawk

A PH's Trust - "When you go after the big stuff and want one arrow kills, you have to shoot GrizzlyStik. Great FOC, super strong and they build'em heavy! Alot of folks ask me why do I recommend shooting GrizzlyStik? Well it's simple - you're crazy if you don't!" - PH Strang Middleton

The 950 GrizzlyStik system has earned the trust of Africa's bowhunting PH's through repeated lethal performance. This "trust" is why so many recommend the 950 GrizzlyStik system to their dangerous game customers.

Trust the worlds best PH's - Trust GrizzlyStik

"Good is the Enemy of Great" - Jim Collins

Bowhunting dangerous game is serious business. When we developed our 950 system for Black Death, we never wanted it to work "good." Our system had to deliver overkill everytime.

Too high, too far back, quartering to, quartering away, frontal or broadside - we demanded our 950 system lethally penetrate regardless of hunting conditions, bone hit or body position.

With 1,800 buffalo kills, our GrizzlyStik customers and their PH's tell us our 950 system works "great." Our catalog of complete pass troughs, broken scapulas, frontal shots and SCI Top 25 records is unmatched but we feel like we're just getting started.

"Black Death Double" - Two Cape buffalo in the same day, while guiding rifle hunters, would be a difficult task for any PH........but a daily double on buffalo while guiding bowhunters? That's an amazing accomplishment.

Congratulations to PH Shannon Van Zyl and the entire team at Bushmen Safaris on their epic Black Death Double!

There's a reason so many bowhunting PH's recommend the 950 GrizzlyStik system for dangerous game - big smiles & happy clients.

Sink to the Fletch - "Thank you Garrett for answering all my questions before my Cape buffalo hunt. We talked several times about my bow poundage and arrow weight. You assured me that a 650 grain arrow with over 19% FOC and a single bevel broadhead would be able to pass buffalo ribs.

I'm proud to report that both your advice and Maasai 200 broadheads delivered as promised. I had absolutely no problem sinking two shots to the fletch and this bull was down fast. I'm convinced I could have tuned my bow down to 65# and had the same results. Awesome performance and even better customer service!" - Howard Baccash

Don't tell me, show me!  Can your broadhead show you breaking a Cape buffalo's "OFF SIDE" leg. The Maasai 200 can.

"Trust your guide, trust GrizzlyStik" - Proven broadhead performance on dangerous game is paramount. If the broadhead fails, nothing else matters. Our track record is one major reason why so many dangerous game PH's recommend their customers shoot or 315 grain, forged Ashby broadheads on the big stuff.

Don't take our word for it, ask PH Shannon VanZyl of Bushmen Safaris what he recommends on Black Death. The Ashby broadhead made short work of this buff and helped mint another happy client.

"From Russia with Love" - Oleg Knopov traveled from Russia for a successful spot-n-stalk Cape buffalo hunt with PH Tyrone Milne of Chumlet Safaris. We dialed in Oleg with the 950 GrizzlyStik system tipped with forged Ashby broadheads for this Black Death one shot kill.

Black Death Again? - "I got my second Cape Buffalo shooting GrizzlyStik. I took this bull last week while hunting with Limcroma Safaris in RSA. My arrow set up was your Momentum TDT 170 spine, built to 980 grains total weight and shot from my 80# bow. With 550 grains up front, including your 200 grain Maasai head, I had a massive 27% FOC.

When I got my shot, the bull was slightly quartering to. I put my 30 yard pin right on the shoulder and let it go. The arrow never slowed down and passed right through the heart. The bull went 80 yards, started his death bellow, and was down within 30 seconds after impact. Thank you GrizzlyStik for making this possible - you could not pay me to ever shoot anything else!" - Rob Neilson, President, Ashby Bowhunting Foundation 

Traditional Black Death - “I just got back from my Cape buffalo safari and what an awesome experience. You can show my story to all the guys worried about arrow speed or shooting under 70# bows on buffalo. I did this with my 56# Osage selfbow and a 900 grain GrizzlyStik.

It took us over two hours to stalk within 20 yards for my first shot. The bull was perfectly broadside but was acting nervous. When I let the arrow go, he turned toward me and the arrow struck him far back in the ribs penetrating back towards the guts. He didn’t like that every much! Even though the arrow went to the cresting, we weren’t sure if I got any lung. He took off into the thick stuff and it took another hour to get back in range on him.

My second shot came at 25 yards broadside. This time I hit him directly in the front shoulder and to my amazement the arrow still penetrated all the way to the fletch. The bull started to immediately bellow and blood could be seen pouring from is nose.

We gave him a couple hours and came back to find him within 100 yards from where I shot him. Thank you GrizzlyStik for all your advice and for making such awesome products! I don’t any other arrow and broadhead could have done this. Next stop – Alaskan grizzly.” - O’Banyon Custer

46" Tank - “This is my 8th buffalo taken shooting the 950 grain GrizzlyStik system and by far the widest/biggest body. We stalked into 16 yards for a broadside shot and arrow never slowed down when it hit him.

The nock disappeared on the shot side and the Ashby broadhead was sticking out the offside by about 15". He made it about 60 yards, gave a couple bellows and it was over. The 950 grain GrizzlyStik system is the .375 H&H of bowhunting – it works every time.” – Jason Bryon

650 Grain Case Study - "My first day of hunting, I was provided an opportunity to target a cull buffalo from the herd that had been a problem in the concession. The PH called him ‘Cheeky from the Waterberg’ because he had charged hunters at lodge sitting around fire at night. The Outfitter and PH were confident the archery set up would work due to having clients shoot GrizzlyStik in past.The shot was on the ground at 28 yards (with PH in backup with big borerifle in case Cheeky or the other members of herd charged). Cheeky was on backside of heard to our right. As we circled to the right the Cape Buffalo between us and Cheeky slid back into the heard, leaving him on perimeter but facing towards us. We then circled counter clockwise to get broadside as far as we could without upsetting a giant 40” Cape buffalo to our left. Fortunately the PH slid between myself and that particularly nasty Cape Buffalo so I could focus on Cheeky.  At 28 yards, put the pin behind the shoulder and left the GrizzlyStik fly. Fortunately Cheeky ran directly to our right and wheeled away from us after being hit. As he turned, we could see the yellow fletching buried to the nock and blood squirting out of both sides. Later found him about 200 yards from shot location.  As you can see, the 650 system worked as advertised. The Maasai 200 broadhead completely cut through (not around) the rib bones on BOTH sides. I know you recommend 950 for buffalo but as you can see the 650 worked on this guy. The arrow was fully penetrated but the broadside end broke off on far side at some point. I just love your products and the performance I get from them!" - Rone Reed

British Bulldog - "Just a quick note to say I couldn’t be happier since I switched over to the Grizzlystik system for my hunting. As an Englishman we aren’t allowed to bow hunt in the UK so all my hunting is done when I travel abroad.

I took this Cape buffalo with a single shot and clean pass through. The bull didn't go further than 70 yards before he was down. Thank you for making such awesome products and keep up the good work." - Simon

950 grains + Big Stuff = Happy Customers - "I just wanted to say thanks to GrizzlyStik for getting me outfitted for my South African hunt. He spent a ton of time with me on the phone, answering all my questions. I couldn't have pulled this off without the right equipment and he got me dialed in. My 950 system performed flawlessly with one shot/one kills on both my Cape buffalo and eland!

Like suggested, I first tested two different spined arrows and than selected the 950 system of Momentum 240 TDT arrows tipped with Ashby 315 broadheads. These tapered arrows fly like absolute missles out of my 72# bow. Thank you again for all your help!." - Brad Grandstaff

Listen to Your PH - "Another successful buffalo harvested with a bow! GrizzlyStik's really do make light work of these 2000# beasts!" - PH Steve Bezuidenhout of Chattaronga Safaris

Lady Luck - Shari Stagner takes the pending No. 5 SCI archery Cape Buffalo with a Silver Flame 150 broadhead. GrizzlyStik helped her match the 150's to a 675 grain arrow shot from a 70# bow.

Shari got her shot opportunity at 20 yards and buried the arrow to the fletching. This new record book bull was done and down inside 50 yards.

Can hunters ethically take the world's largest dangerous game animals with a stickbow? Mmmmm yeah - since the dawn man. 

It's not the bow, it's the arrow and broadhead. The 950 grain GrizzlyStik arrow tipped with a 315 grain Ashby broadhead is proven buff medicine, no matter the type of bow.

Dugga Boy Success - "For me, the Ashby broadhead is the only choice for hunting a Cape buffalo. My 950 grain system with an Ashby on the front delivered as promised. It broke large bone and shot through the overlapping ribs like a twig. 

I have my Momentum TDT arrows dialed in all the way to 50 yards and they fly like rockets. Thank you to all the staff at GrizzlyStik that helped me get ready for my safari." - Dmitry Kozlov

Constructive Criticism - "The Silver Flame 210 zipped through my Cape buffalo so fast, my PH had a challenging time recovering my arrow. Maybe if they weren't so sharp, they would be easier to find! 

All kidding aside, thank you for making such a great product. The bull only made it 100 yards and was down." - Chris Rouland

With & Without the GrizzlyStik 950 Grain System

There is no room for marketing hype when it comes to hunting Cape buffalo.  You owe it to your PH, your trackers and yourself to hunt with a lethal system.  With over 1,800 confirmed Cape buffalo testimonials - the 950 grain GrizzlyStik system of arrows and broadheads has an unmatched record of - "Buff Medicine."

43" Success - "Had a amazing time in South Africa with Black Horn Safaris! My quest to get a giant old mature Cape Buffalo with my bow came to an end. Had a complete pass through right through both shoulders at 22 yards and the Buffalo was expired within 50 yards in a matter of a few seconds! 

My PH who was with me has guided many Cape Buffalo hunts and said to me that was the fastest he had ever seen a buffalo go down with archery equipment! 

Thanks to the GrizzlyStik system for helping me harvest this massive 43” Cape Buffalo! I don't think I would have had these results using different lighter arrows. In the heat of the moment you want to trust your equipment and I’ve got 100% confidence going after any big game animal in the world with my GrizzlyStiks!" - Corbin Ladner

Listen to your Guide - Dangerous game PH Cobus Pretorius of Dries Visser Safarisrecommends our GrizzlyStik 950 grain arrow & broadhead system to all his Buff clients. Why? Everything gets easier (and safer) with dangerous game - when the arrow lethally penetrates at impact.

"What a great month for our buffalo hunters at Dries Visser Safaris, with a little help from our friends at GrizzlyStik. A big shout out to Garrett for hooking them up with the best setup for these dangerous game. Buff GrizzlyStik arrows, total arrow weight around 950 grains with some lethal 315 Ashby broadheads. Combined with the correct shot placement and this is a recipe for success!"

A Dugga Tale - "For the last 4 months I have been obsessing about shooting a cape buffalo with a compound bow. I have shot 3 buff previously with the rifle and this was naturally the next challenge.

We had two goes at it after I totally messed up the shot on the first day at 45 yards and we could not get close enough again. After locating a heard of over 800 on the second day we had to wait over 2 hours for the wind to blow hard enough so we could start our stalk. 

After an hour we were within 55 yards of the back of the heard with them feeding away from us into the wind. We had to make a move and quickly so we started crawling alongside them for about another 45 min. We came to within 17 yards of the closest female and two old dagga boys were lying down at 25 and 33 yards (at least 100 buff visible). We sat there waiting for about 30 min before this guy eventually stood and presented an opportunity.

Once again I pulled the shot much to far back but luckily he gave me another go and I hit him exactly where I had to at 30 yards. Ancient old bull." - Morgan O'Kennedy

"Trust your guide, trust GrizzlyStik" - Proven broadhead performance on dangerous game is paramount. If the broadhead fails, nothing else matters. Our track record is one major reason why so many dangerous game PH's recommend their customers shoot or 315 grain, forged Ashby broadheads on the big stuff.

Don't take our word for it, ask PH  Shannon Van Zyl of Bushmen Safaris what he recommends on Black Death. The Ashby broadhead made short work of this buff and helped mint another happy client.

PH Danie Massyn of Lenyati Safaris had two customers go back to back with one shot kills shooting the GrizzlyStik system and 315 Ashby broadheads.

Black Death Pass - "Complete pass through with a 800 grain GrizzlyStik system! I could not be more satisfied with an arrow as it performed flawlessly! Corbin Ladner and myself are the proud owners of Black Horn Safaris and highly recommend these shafts to anyone wanting ultimate penetration on large dangerous game!" - @the_warpossum

Over the past decade, the GrizzlyStik arrow & broadhead system has earned the Gold Standard with Africa’s dangerous game PH’s. With over 1,700 testimonials from successful customers and PH’s, the GrizzlyStik system is proven to be the .375 H&H of bowhunting – it works every time.

Buff Medicine - "Garrett, I bought some of your 315 grain Ashby broadheads about a year ago in preparation for my Cape Buffalo hunt and they worked awesome. I brought this buffalo down with one arrow at 30 yards, and the bull never left our sight before he laid down. I measured the penetration at about 28 inches, which was just a little short of the fletching.

The skinners removed the broadhead and I still have it, and might even use it again as I feel it was my lucky arrowhead. Thanks for making a great product and I plan to get more. I also used the same broad heads on plains game.

I literally knocked a full size Gemsbok bull down the ground upon impact, the bull actually fell off of both feet before getting up and running a short distance (pretty badass). I got a pass though on 11 out of the 12 animals I shot with the Ashby 315 grain, with the Cape Buffalo being the only one without pass through.

One of the best things I found with the Ashby broadheads is that they flew very similar to the practice points. In fact I don't think I changed my sights at all. I was shooting a Mathews Monster MR5 in 80lbs with a 27.5 draw. Thanks for everything GrizzlyStik!” - Brad Sawyer

Line In the Sand - "If it works on these brutes, whitetails are a piece of cake!" - Dr. Ed Ashby

Over the past decade, the GrizzlyStik arrow & broadhead system has earned the Gold Standard with Africa’s dangerous game PH’s. With over 1,700 Cape buffalo testimonials from successful customers and PH’s, the GrizzlyStik system is proven to be the .375 H&H of bowhunting – it works every time.

"The Lethal Benchmark" - This Black Death case study shows why so many bowhunting Professional Hunters recommend the GrizzlyStik 950 system on dangerous game......a Cape buffalo one shot-one kill, broadhead pass through (sticking out the offside), down in under a minute.

Our GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT (Thin Diameter Taper) arrows are custom built by Victory Archery and are the benchmark in tapered arrow technology. Tipped with our forged Ashby 315 broadhead and built to 950 grains total, the GrizzlyStik 950 system has been refined to deliver an unmatched lethal performance.

Another old Dagga boy taken out of the Delta with with archery gear. Coutada 11 Mozambique, Zambeze Delta Safaris offers top notch hunting for the Bowhunting Adventurer.

The forged 315 Ashby broadhead made short work of this Zambian Dugga boy.

Professional Hunter Recommended - "Alot of folks ask me why do I use GrizzlyStik? Well it's simple - why wouldn't I? Your crazy if you don't! No one has more Big 5 success." - Zambian based PH Strang Middleton

Over the past decade, the GrizzlyStik arrow & broadhead system has earned the Gold Standard with Africa’s dangerous game PH’s. With over 1,700 testimonials from successful customers and PH’s, the GrizzlyStik system is proven to be the .375 H&H of bowhunting – it works every time.

Don’t take our word for it, if you have booked a dangerous game safari, ask your PH what equipment he recommends on Black Death. Chances are he'll be recommending you hunt with GrizzlyStik.

Black Death Success - “I just wanted to personally thank the team at GrizzlyStik for the great broadheads. I used a 200 grain Maasai Broadhead for my cape buffalo hunt last week. I shot my bull at 20 yards and the arrow went through both shoulders. He ran a total of 52 yards from where I hit him and fell in under 30 seconds. Both PH's with me were amazed at how well the Maasai did!

Of the 3 buffalo killed last week in my party, 2 were shot with GrizzlyStiks and both of those had way better penetration. The competition's broadhead did not do so well. The buff hit twice with the “other single bevel” points didn’t even penetrate to the fletching and had to be stopped with a rifle. My other friend was just under 1000 grains with your Ashby heads and had no problem.

My only regret was not buying your whole setup right away. The time and money I spent getting the other arrows and everything else needed to get my total weight to 940 grains, I should have just bought the GrizzlyStik system.

I rep for an outfitter over there. Mostly gun hunters but I speak with a ton of people going to hunt in Africa. My advice to them will be for hunting buff with bow go to GrizzlyStik system and pay once and cry once. I shied away at the price but in the long run it would have been worth it.

I am just an average guy but for what it is worth I back your products 100%. I am happy with how my setup worked but the next time I go for dangerous game or know anyone else doing the same I will only recommend your whole set up. Oh and the lucky GrizzlyStik cap helped as well.” - Dave Ustanko

46" Monster Bull - “Hey Garrett, just another one shot kill on a Cape buffalo. We got so close to this guy, my PH was shaking. The arrow penetrated to the fletching and he only ran about 150 yards before he was down. The 950 grain GrizzlyStik system is the .375 H&H of bowhunting – it works every time.” – Jason Bryon

This is one of two buffalo over 45” Jason took on his most recent spot and stalk safari. Over the past 6 years, Jason has taken EIGHT Cape or Asiatic buffalo shooting our 950 grain (all in) GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT arrows tipped with our 315-grain forged single bevel Ashby broadhead from a 70# bow.

"This is what happens when everything you planed comes together! A combination of great guiding, a winning bowsetup and awesome skill. Randy managed to harvest this 44” Buffalo Bull with Grizzlystik 170 spine 955 grains, with 315 grain broadhead. A job well done!"  PH Cobus Pretorius of Dries Visser Safaris

“Black Death Pass Through” - This bull was taken with a modified 1000 grain GrizzlyStik arrow tipped with a 315 grain Nanook broadhead from a 175# crossbow.

At 31 yards broadside, the arrow never slows down as it completely passed through the boiler room. The bull was down in under a minute. On post mortem inspection, both the huge near and far side ribs were penetrated and broken.

Listen to Your PH - "Another successful buffalo harvested with a bow! GrizzlyStik's really do make light work of these 2000# beasts!" - PH Steve Bezuidenhout of Chattaronga Safaris

Pedro Cavadas with a nice swamp buffalo taken in Mozambique shooting Ashby Broadheads.

Dangerous game PH Strang Middleton getting a little hunting in for himself.  Stang used a GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow tipped with an Ashby broadhead to take this cow buffalo.

Traditional Black Death - This heavy boss bull was taken using a 750 grain arrow tipped with an Ashby Broadhead from a 63# Tomahawk longbow.  The shot was at 23 yards and the buff was down in 80!

When it comes to the big stuff, the GrizzlyStik record of lethal arrow & broadhead performance is simply umatched. Our systems have earned the gold standard - not only from bowhunters but from many of Africa's top dangerous game PH's.

For this Black Death safari, Steve Konieczny match our 950 grain GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows with Ashby braodheads from his 70# bow.

Murry Fain used a Silver Flame 210 grain broadhead to take this Cape Buffalo with PH Cobus Petorius of Dries Visser Safaris.

Kaleb Matocha with Black Death success using the 950 grain GrizzlyStik system tipped with Ashby Broadheads.

“Now That’s Impressive” - Eric Scott with a one shot – one kill pass through on Black Death. Eric was shooting our GrizzlyStik Samurai 125 broadhead driven out of a Ravin Crossbow. His 40" bull was successfully guided by African Barefoot Safaris.

"Mozambique Swamp Buffalo - crawling in mud and Sawgrass we were able to get within 30 yards. What an experience that will not be forgotten! Hunting with shooting the 950 grain GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow tipped with an 315 grain Ashby broadhead." - Specialized Bowhunting Safaris

“Our first shot was at 40 yards and the buff was quartering away slightly. As the arrow released, the buff moved forward and the arrow entered slightly too far back. We did get significant penetration that caused enough damage for us to get within 20 yards for a follow up shot. The final arrow disappeared at impact and the broadhead stuck out the opposite shoulder...the buff only went another 50 yards and crumbled” - PH Ben Rautenbach of Zambeze Delta Safaris

We outfitted Ben’s client with our 950 grain (all in) GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows tipped with our 315 grain Ashby broadheads for this successful hunt in wild Mozambique coutada 11.

Black Death Success – “I never sent you guys a THANK YOU for the excellent Maasai 200 grain broadheads we ordered from you guys for our Cape Buffalo hunt in July. I finally connected on a nice, old 41” bull on the 3rd day of my spot-n-stalk hunt.

I was able to bury an arrow into his offside shoulder at 18 yards that took him down within 50 yards of us. Total arrow weight was 811 grains shot out of my Matthews Halon at 73#. Just thought I’d share the good news and success!” – Kenny Thompson

"This was the first buff of last season and the first after my Buff mauling!! Lots of mixed feelings during the first day or two. This walk and stalk hunt with a bow was fantastic and Chris from Canada (also a Outfitter) smoked this bull at 8 yards behind the ribs, quartering away at the end of a long 4 days!! The big arrow disappeared! He never knew what hit him and never made it 15 yards! Thanks to a great team!"  - Umdende Hunting Safaris

"A job well done to 74 year old Terry Holder! He managed to hunt this old dagga buffalo bull with a bow and arrow. And it didn't go 30yards! Shotplacement, equipment and bowsetup all plays an important roll. And GrizzlyStik has done it again! Terry used a GrizzlyStik Momentum 250 arrow, 200g Maasai broadhead with total weight 950!" - PH Cobus Pretorius of Dries Visser Safaris

"One Arrow - Black Death" One arrow is all it took for experienced dangerous game hunter Jason Bryan to put down his - 5th - buffalo taken shooting the GrizzlyStik sysetem of arrows and broadheads.

Since finding GrizzlyStik at the SCI convention 8 years ago, Jason has had consistent record book success shooting our 950 grain (all in) GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows tipped with 315 grain Ashby broadheads in Africa, Australia and Alaska.

"Brute Force” - Mark Cuppetilli had planned to hunt elephant, Cape buffalo and leopard with Chattaronga Safaris this summer.

Unfortunately, his elephant tags through Zim Parks never came through but Mark still got to test his elephant set up on Black Death.

Mark was shooting the Hoyt XL set to 82# and we outfitted him with 1250 grain (all in) GrizzlyStik tapered arrows tipped with 315 grain Ashby broadheads. Mark’s elephant set up seems to have worked just fine.

“Garrett we talked several times on the phone over the year leading up to my Cape Buffalo hunt. You answered all my technical questions and your experience with outfitting dangerous game hunts gave me an added confidence.

As you can see, I was able to put your time and advise to good work. I trusted your 315 grain Ashby broadhead on a 910-grain arrow from a 77# bow for my hunt.

You gave me complete confidence in my broadhead choice and everything performed flawlessly.” - Jeffrey Occimio hunting with PH Marco Schoonwinkel of Motsomi Safaris

"Greg with a beautiful Cape Buffalo takedown!!! So proud of him, and grateful for our friendship. Truly a one of a kind man with a heart of gold. You deserve it my man! Great job!" - The Hollywood Hunter

“I thought you would like to see one of the several trophies I took with your GrizzlyStik arrow and broadhead system you made up for me. It worked fantastically! Thank you so very much!” - Erik T. Miller hunting with Charonga Safaris

Black Death Performance - “I guided 12 Cape buffalo hunts last year and 11 of my clients used the GrizzlyStik arrow & broadhead system. We had 100% success rate on those 11 hunts and that is why I believe in this product and recommend it to all our clients. Consistent performance is crucial to dangerous game hunting and GrizzlyStik gives us that performance.” – PH Cobus Pretorius of Dries Visser Safaris

“Dan the Man” – Dan Kinder has a passion for hunting dangerous game with the bow. This is Dan’s - SIXTH - buffalo taken (2 Cape, 2 Argentinian Asiatic, 2 Australian Asiatic) in just 5 years.....and yes that is a Cape buffalo tattoo on his forearm. GrizzlyStik has outfitted Dan with 950 grain (all in) Momentum arrows tipped with our forged 315 grain Ashby Broadheads for each of his buffalo hunts. 

For his latest Black Death safari, Dan successfully hunted with PH Evan Sloan of Choronga Safaris.

PH Steve Bezuidenhout of Chattaronga Safaris guiding another Cape buffalo with the GrizzlyStik 950 grain System.

"The Thrill of Victory" - GrizzlyStik isn't in the arrow & broadhead business. We're in the success business - We just happen to build world class arrows & broadheads.

For us, our customer, guide and PH testimonials are our trophies - it's how we gauge our success. The mission for the last 22 years has been to build equipment that gives our customers the best chance of accomplishing their bowhunting dreams.

Antoine Spillman finding Black Death success in the Zambeze delta with the 950 grain GrizzlyStik system tipped with our Ashby Broadheads.

“I recommended my client Alan Maiss get in touch with you and get your GrizzlyStik system of arrows and broadheads for his hunt with us at Southern Cross Safaris. Alan is 76 years young and he wanted to hunt a Cape Buffalo on this trip. He was struggling to pull 60# so we switched him to a used a PSE Premonition set at 50#. Shooting a 750 grain GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow tipped with 200 grain Maasai broadhead, Alan got a shot opportunity at 17 yards. Shooting only a 50# draw, he got 24” of arrow penetration.” - PH Chris Cawood of Southern Cross Safaris

This video checks off the three of the GrizzlyStik guiding principles. First, we feel a deep responsibility to quickly and ethically put down the animals hunted with our gear. Second, is to help make guides and PH’s jobs easier (arrow penetration) and finally to deliver success for our customers that place their trust in GrizzlyStik.

"I just returned from a hunt in South Africa where I took a Cape Buffalo with the GrizzlyStik setup, and it performed flawlessly.  I was able to get a 15 yard shot, and had a complete pass through.  The buffalo ran 10 yards after I shot, turned in a circle and stumbled another 5 yards before falling over.

I am attaching a video of the buffalo and want you to know how appreciative and impressed I am with the entire process of getting set up for the hunt and with the results.  I will be using that very same arrow and broadhead again on another hunt!" Thank you again, Matt

Matt was shooting a 950 grain Momentum 250 tipped with a forged Ashby 315 broadhead from a 70# bow. The arrow carried an impressive 28% FOC (forward of center) balance point.

Clay Hastings used a 950 grain GrizzlyStik arrow and Ashby Broadhead to take his Cape Buffalo with a 31 yard, one shot, one kill shot.  The buffalo only traveled 10 yards after arrow impact.

GrizzlyStik broadheads are perfect for crossbows! GrizzlyStik broadheads perform whether they're shot from a compound, a stick bow, or a crossbow!

Check out Robin's Cape buffalo and Giraffe pictures below - he penetrated the OPPOSITE SHOULDER BLADE on both of these animals!

GrizzlyStik folks, I have successfully completed my African hunt few days ago and have used GrizzlyStik Monarch 200gr broadheads exclusively on a Giraffe and a Cape Buffalo.  

The results were awesome by the Forged Single Bevel design, I used 3 arrows in total for the trip taking down both trophies.  

1. Giraffe - 28m shot, Entry - Left Lung Shot. Full broadhead pass through! Exited - Right Shoulder Blade. (Arrow and broadhead penetrated this giraffe's shoulder blade!)On far side, broke off half the arrow and broadhead was still intact! (See attached Pic on Exit on Should Blade)  

2. Cape Buffalo - 30m Shot/First, Entry - Quartering Away Right, off desired placement as the Buff moved on shot. Full broadhead pass through! Exited Left Shoulder Blade. On far side, broke off half the arrow with the broadhead still intact!

2a. 30m Shot/2nd, Entry -  Right Lung, Embedded within Body Heart Lung Area, Broke off  Tanto Tip off the Grizzly Stik Monarch 200gr. (Broadhead tip must have burried into the far rib and broke off the tip when the bull collapsed.)

With regards, Robin Chan

Shad Wheeler, Outdoors International Hunting Consultant had dreamed of hunting cape buffalo with a bow in Africa since he was 12 years old, and now here he was 28 years later standing in the tall grass of the Limpopo on his dream hunt for a trophy cape buffalo with his bow in hand.  Shad used a 200 grain Maasai for his hunt.

"Garrett, this has been the hunt of a lifetime. My arrow setup was a Momentum Black 250 and a , Nanook single bevel forged broadhead built to 950 grains total weight. I shot my cape buffalo during a freak thunder and lightning storm, at 27 yards and slightly quartering away.

It was a 100% complete pass-through! It entered in the crease and exited just off center of the far side leg.  The PH was shocked. He just looked at me and said "Where did your arrow go?

Did you get a complete pass-through? In my 20 years of guiding, I have never seen that before."

If that is not exciting and impressive enough, the bull was not only down, but was dead in LESS than 15 seconds.

I could not have been happier and more impressed. I want to say thank you to you and the GrizzlyStik team. Without your help throughout the many years of preparing for this hunt, I would not have been successful.

I have included some photos, one of which is the photo we took the very first day in camp, just dreaming about how awesome it would be to get that bull.  And soon enough that dream became a reality.  Thanks again for all your help!"- 
Jake Thompson

Trey Strong used a 950 grain GrizzlyStik arrow and Ashby Broadhead to take his Cape Buffalo.

Hippo taken with GrizzlyStik gear.

Cape buffalo taken with grixxlystik gear.

In 2010 I hunted hippo with Strang Middleton in Zambia.  I used the heaviest Full Metal Jacket arrow without going to the dangerous game ones and I used a Silver Flame broadhead.  I used an insert to get my arrow weight up to 1,000 grains.  Used a Mathews Monster Bow set at 80 lbs.  

I’ve attached a picture, I got full penetration (you’re looking at the exit wound).  I can’t recall if I hit the ribs or missed ‘em.  However, the arrow passed completely through except for the fletches which allowed me to recover the arrow and broadhead.  The hippo never knew what happened and died in under 1 minute.  

I used a Silver Flame broadhead on the attached buffalo picture.  I used Easton aluminum arrows 2419 and a Mathews Safari bow at 90 lbs.  On this one, I went through the thickest part of each rib-clear through the near rib and about 1/4 of an inch of the broadhead poking through the outside rib on the far side.  The buffalo went about 60 yards measured from the shot to where he died - and he died in about 2 minutes (which made for some happy trackers).  The PH made a wall display for me with the ribs, my arrow and the broadhead.   

I missed your seminar at the SCI show but I’m a firm believer in heavy arrows and stout 2 blade broadheads.  We hunted Mozambique one year and I wanted to be able to shoot flatter at distances so I went with light arrows and 100 grain broadheads (2 bladed). 

It was a disaster – I got no penetration and the broadheads were often broken or bent when I recovered them.  I just remember it taking 2-3 arrows per animal that trip.  The hippo and buffalo both died with a single arrow.  I’ll admit when I make a poor shot and it requires a follow-up; but with the light arrows/broadheads it didn’t matter where I hit the animal, it always required a long track to recover and multiple arrows.

  I’m lucky as I have a long draw length and shot a long arrow at high poundage (not as high as it used to be though),  my wife has a heck of a time with arrows/broadhead combinations.  It can just be frustrating to experiment with various arrows and arrow weights to try to find the optimum hunting arrow/broadhead combination for her.  

Thanks for making such a great product-hard to find heavy broadheads anywhere as it seems most folks are still into the light weight arrows and 100 grain broadheads.  Jeff Ballweber

Kelly Armstrong used a 950 grain GrizzlyStik arrow and Ashby Broadhead to take his Dugga Boy.

"Thank you sir!! 16 yards quartering away with a complete pass through!! Deadly combo of a 950 grain Momentum 175 arrow and Ashby Broadhead. He went 35 yards after the shot and was dead in about 45 seconds!  Perfect buff medicine!!" - Bredger Thomason

Dead bull! Pass the fletch, I'm so pumped! Paul used a GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow and Ashby broadhead to take his Cape Buffalo.

Paul Atkins, BowTech Pro Staffer, contributing editor for Hunt Alaska magazine and Bow Hunting World.

Jim Miller used a custom fletched 950 grain GrizzlyStik arrow and Ashby Broadhead to take his Cape Buffalo.

"Garrett attached is a picture of my Buffalo I took in Africa - a 39" bull! It was a "one arrow kill" and he only went about 70 Yrds before piling up - dead in less than minute! It is the very first one arrow kill for this outfitter and only the second one he has ever had taken that did not have to be put down with a gun! A great testament to the GrizzlyStik arrows and Ashby Broadheads! Thanks for all your help!" Derek Bell


Dustin Neal hunted with Greg Harvey of Hunting in the Heartland TV and used a 950 grain GrizzlyStik arrow and Nanook Broadhead to take his Cape Buffalo.

“Sometimes Things Go Wrong” - This video is a case study of what happens when a shot on a Cape Buffalo hits higher than planned. The 315 grain forged Ashby broadhead has enough structural integrity and mass to overcome the huge spine bone even though the FMJ shaft splits at the insert.

Robert Ruark immortalized the phrase “use enough gun.” The same principles apply in bowhunting. Use enough even if things go wrong (a high shot in this case) you give yourself the highest chance of lethal penetration.

Since the inception of the Ashby broadhead in 2007, GrizzlyStik customers have successfully harvested well over 1,000 Cape and Asiatic buffalo. The Ashby broadhead has earned an unmatched record on dangerous game – even when things go wrong.

Lee Murray, SCI Director-At Large used an Ashby broadhead to take his Cape Buffalo.


Congratulations to Strang Middleton on his latest Cape buffalo taken with a GrizzlyStik 315 grain Ashby forged single bevel broadhead.

"Here is a picture of a buffalo I took yesterday with my Ashby broadhead.

I'm using a Mathews wake at 80lbs with a 29" draw. The arrow weighs 1250grs.

I shot the buffalo at 49 yds and the arrow whipped right through!

Just love those heads! I used the same broadhead on a giraffe 10 days ago. Same set up and took the bull on foot at 43 yds. The arrow was hanging out the other side by the fletches!" Strang Middleton

Congratulations to "Kwassie" on this Cape buffalo he took with a 750 grain arrow with a GrizzlyStik 315 grain Nanook forged single bevel broadhead. It was a 24 yard broadside shot, the arrow buried to the fletching and the buffalo only made it another 30 yards.

Kwassie was shooting an 80 pound Hoyt Nitrum 34.

80lb Hoyt Alpha max 28.5 draw, Easton FMJ Dangerous game 250, GrizzlyStik Maasai 200 grain broadheads. 40 yard shot slightly quartered away.

"The broadhead penetrated the far shoulder so deep, that the trackers broke it in half trying to extricate it from the shoulder knuckle. After first arrow impact the bull walked 10-15 feet stood, I shot again.

Second arrow impacted just a few inches from first. The bull walked another 30 feet and laid down. Time from first impact until bull went down was maybe one minute.

Some other bulls came over and put the horns to him, and within 2 minutes he gave his death bellow. His death bellow was barely audible and only a few seconds long. Great broadhead! "

Cheers, Jason House

Congratulations to John Hernandez of Bowtech Archery on his Cape Buffalo!

"I've been bowhunting some 25+ years and as you can imagine I have tried a lot of set-ups. For the past 12 - 15 years my arrow and broadhead set-ups have been between 340 - 500 grains of total weight and I've had very good results with set-ups in the 370 grain range on elk, deer, and hogs.

When the opportunity for bowhunting Cape buffalo came up at first I thought that my normal set-up would be fine but when I talked it over with my PH, he recommended GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads. He had seen first hand how effective the GrizzlyStik system had been, so he advised me to consider GrizzlyStik.

I started doing my own research, I checked with some other Bowtech bowhunters, and they assured me that I was on the right track. They had used GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads and highly recommended them.

But when I talked to the guys at GrizzlyStik they told me they recommended a total arrow and broadhead weight of 950 grains. Even though I was going to be shooting the Chris Kyle Bowtech Legend at 83# - I did the math in my head and I figured I would be losing about 100 fps. I didn't like the sound of that but I knew I'd be hunting in a ground blind or stalking and I'd just have to limit my shots to anything 30-yards and under.

I continued my research on the Internet and watched lots of YouTube videos. Eventually I realized that for the Cape buffalo the GrizzlyStik Momentum full length tapered arrows and the Ashby 315 grain forged single bevel broadheads were a sort of 'no-brainer'. The total mass weight ended up being right at 960 grains, and boy did they hit hard.

Tuning the arrows was easy with the Bowtech split yoke design. At first I was getting some fishtailing and a tail-right tear through paper - but after twisting up the buss cables the flight was perfect. I noticed that my bow was very quiet, and I could actually feel the bow pushing back against my bow arm at the shot. The heavy mass weight of the arrows was really a different shooting experience.

I tested the arrow flight at 20, 25, and 30 yards and was happy to see that the field points and the broadheads flew the same. You always wonder about the fixed blade broadheads and if they'll fly well - but the Ashby broadheads flew just like my field points.

With my bow set at 80# my arrow speed was only 190fps. Mentally that was hard to deal with so I cranked it up to 83# and there I was able to get 204 fps. Still much slower than I was used to, but it was over 200 fps and I could live with that.

With the arrows flying well, I set my sights for 20, 30, 40, and 50 yards."

"The day I got my opportunity I was hunting in a ground blind where I figured I was good to shoot out to 40 yards. When the bull I wanted was finally in a position for a good shot, I ranged him at 31 yards. He had never been any closer and I felt that it was time. I was quite confident that the arrow and broadhead would do the job, which made it easier to just take the shot - which I did.

I was concentrating on the spot, up tight, just forward of the crease through the tricep. Then - the arrow was away and... it buried itself to the fletch! It was crazy. The bull ran as soon as he was hit and tipped over within 40 yards. When we got to the bull we found about 1/2" of the broadhead sticking out the far side! For an animal that big, and as tough as they are, it was something to see him drop that fast."

"For most of my bowhunting I use a light fast set-up, but for this Cape buffalo hunt the GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads really impressed me, even though the total weight was 960 grains and they were only flying 204 feet per second. If you're heading out for Cape buffalo or any other animal of that size, give the guys at GrizzlyStik a call, they'll set you up with the good stuff." John Hernandez, Bowtech Archery

For this Cape buffalo bowhunt John used GrizzlyStik Momentum 175 full length tapered carbon arrows and the 315 grain GrizzlyStik Ashby forged single bevel broadheads.


Congratulations on a nice Cape buffalo! Kyle Hawkins shared his picture and a few words with us:

"I ordered the Maasai 200 Broadhead before my African Safari. They worked great. 25yard shot on this Cape Buffalo. Looking forward to more of your products. Thanks again!!!"  Kyle Hawkins - K-Hawk Outdoors

Congratulations to SCI - Houston Chapter President Oscar Taylor on this Cape buffalo. He used GrizzlyStik 200 grain Maasai single bevel broadheads and Momentum 250 GrizzlyStik tapered carbon arrows.

Congratulations to Bill Wilson on this Cape buffalo. He used a 315 grain Ashby forged broadhead and GrizzlyStik Momentum tapered carbon arrows for his bull.

What Ashby broadheads can do for you. Cape Buffalo shoulder with 
the damage from the Ashby broadhead.

Congratulations to; Brad Stewart, Brent Warrington, and John Sherman. They all harvested Cape buffalo with GrizzlyStik Momentum tapered carbon arrows and Ashby 315 grain single bevel broadheads.

John actually shot his Cape buffalo - through the shoulder blade!

Cape buffalo taken through the shoulder blade. That's the kind of penetration you can get when you shoot 950 grains of tapered carbon arrow and razor sharp - tough Ashby single bevel broadheads.

John shared his story..."My hunt was 7 day Buffalo Hunt with Dries Visser Safaris. We did some water hole hunting from a tree stand as well as spot a stalk. On the fifth day we finally got a 31 yard shot from the ground. My Mathews MR 5 launched my 950 grain Grizzly Stik tipped with an Ashby 315 grain broadhead through the buffalo's left shoulder. He ran out to 250 yds and collapsed.

Being herd animals the other buffalos gathered around him to protect him. In the thick brush we approached in the truck we could tell he was still alive when we got closer. At 30 yds the other buffalo started to move away from him. He stood up and I shot him with another follow up arrow in his right side with full penetration and he collapsed at another 50 yds. dead.

My other hunting partners had the same results - full penetration with total arrow weight 950 grains and 315 grain Ashby broadheads.

I credit Garrett with setting up our hunting party with the proper equipment to go after dangerous game and have such great success. My PH Hein Lottering told me without a doubt I needed Grizzly Stiks arrows and the Ashby broadhead. Thanks Garrett and GrizzlyStik for the excellent advice and proper equipment."
John Sherman

Congratulations to Lee Buland on this fine Cape buffalo. Here is a bit of his story:

"Dear Garrett, You supplied me with Nanook broadheads and GrizzlyStik 175 arrows for my South Africa Cape Buffalo Bow Hunt. I have attached the results. Thank you so much for your help and guidance with this. The results could not have been any better!

We arrived Johannesburg on Saturday, 1 August and were met by our Outfitter, Somerby Safaris, and transported to the Mpumalanga province (East of Johannesburg) and the Somerby lodge. Got organized Sunday morning and went to the "range" to set-up and shoot my Bow (Hoyt G3 set for 72 lbs), to insure it remained "zeroed" and ready to go. Both PH's were Bow hunters but had not seen the Alaska Bow hunting UFOC-175 arrow or the Nanook Broadhead. They liked it but liked it even more when I demonstrated dead-on accuracy from 20-55 yards!

After a quick bite of breakfast we commenced our Cape Buffalo spot and stalk hunt. The Cape Buff hunt was very exciting and in many ways, tougher than my Kalahari Lion Bow hunt in September of 2011. I had been preparing a year for this hunt! Getting the right Bow and arrow combination to do the job properly and fly right was a challenge but, all the prep paid off.

We scouted many Buffalo and spotted several old Bull "Dugga boys", the primary object of our hunt. We conducted several stalks that day but due to terrain, or the sharp senses of our quarry, were unable to stalk to a suitable shooting position until the very end of the day. When we were finally able to achieve a shooting opportunity we were at 34 yards with a broadside opening through a small gap in a sickle tree the Bull was standing behind. I took a deep breath, drew the Bow, steadied my pin in the crease of his left shoulder, and let fly.

The arrow flew true, pierced his heart and stopped in his hide on the opposite side. Fortunately, he ran away from us and did not travel 60-70 meters before he laid down and bled out! There may have been some "knee knocking" after the shot but, I would never admit to it.

The PH's were all amazed the big Bull traveled such a short distance and died so quickly. It was a very clean kill. After waiting for only about ten minutes we proceeded to trail the big Bull. We had only tracked about 30-40 yards before we heard the "death bellow" of the big Bull. The Old "Dugga boy" now belonged to me and I was honored.

The Professional Hunters could not believe it and wanted to know everything about your forged broadheads and tapered carbon arrows. I gave them your website and left them one arrow and broadhead for a souvenir. Suffice it to say, I am a BELIEVER in sharp, heavy single bevel broadheads, and tapered carbon arrows for big game.
Warm Regards, Lee Buland

Congratulations to Dr. John Crawford on this Cape buffalo. The picture shows what you can expect when you set yourself up with GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads - complete broadhead penetration like this, even on Cape buffalo after going through ribs on both sides. (Dr. Crawford used a 200 grain single bevel Maasai broadhead and a GrizzlyStik Momentum 250 tapered carbon arrow. One shot - one kill.)


Ricardo Reis uses a 315 Ashby broadhead to take his Zimbabwe Cape Buffalo.

Congratulations to Neil Summers on his latest Cape buffalo.

"I just got back from hunting the Marramue swaps in Mozambique. A true adventure hunt. The combination of the Momentum 250 arrow and the 315 grain Nanook (total arrow weight 950 grains) resulted in a pass through."

Neil Summers - Bowhunting Safari Consultants

Congratulations to Rob Neilson on his successful African safari. Thanks Rob for trusting your bowhunting success to the GrizzlyStik System.

Rob told us that he shared the bottom picture to show folks who think two-blade heads don't cause enough bleeding that they really can - if you hit the animals right.

"My heavy bow for the Cape buffalo was a Hoyt Faktor 34", 81#. The arrows I used on that bow were Momentum 175 shafts with 200 grain Maasai broadheads with brass adapter weights for a cumulative total weight of 976 grains. I only need to touch those heads up on my polishing wheel and they are ready to go again. You will see on the Cape Buffalo video the shaft stopped on the fletching and about 5” of the tail broke off when the bull jumped on impact, but the remainder of the shaft had already passed through his heart and out the opposite shoulder and that was all that was needed."

" For the rest of the animals I used my daily bow which is a Hoyt Vector 32", 71#. I ended up testing the 125 gr Samurai and 125 gr Maasai broadheads on different plains game – cumulative weight of 595 grains. From those shots it seems (at least from my limited shooting) the Maasai head is a tad better as they don’t seem to get as chewed up on the edges after going through the animal – perhaps that is the convex shape being geometrically stronger than the straight edged Samurai. I mentioned to Garrett in my conversation yesterday I have a non-GrizzlyStik arrow failure on video for you guys to show why you do not use single bevel heads on arrows other than GrizzlyStik – it was on my Impala. I knew exactly what had happened when the arrow did not pass through – you can actually see the tip of the head that sheared off after going through the animal sideways hit the water on impact. GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads are just better than the rest." Rob Neilson

Congratulations to Brad Grandstaff on his one arrow Cape buffalo kill. Thanks to Brad for sharing his story and for trusting his bowhunting success to the GrizzlyStik System.

"Just wanted to say thanks for helping me get set up for this hunt. I could not have pulled this off without the right equipment. One shot and one kill on this Cape Buffalo in South Africa with a GrizzlyStik tapered arrow and the 315 Ashby broadhead." Thanks, Brad Grandstaff

Congratulations to Dan Kinder on his Cape buffalo and male lion taken with GrizzlyStik Momentum tapered carbon arrows and forged Ashby broadheads.

Congratulations to Faris on his two Cape buffalo taken with GrizzlyStik Momentum tapered carbon arrows and forged Ashby and Nanook broadheads.

Congratulations to Doug Haywood, agent of Molopo Kalahari Safaris on this Cape buffalo bull. He was using GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows and our GrizzlyStik forged Ashby single bevel broadheads. The first shot was a frontal shot that penetrated the entire length of the buffalo, the second shot was broadside. The arrow penetrated ribs on both sides. (You can see the entrance and exit hole in the rib picture.) Doug also harvested a nice bull Giraffe with GrizzlyStik gear. Thanks Doug for sharing your hunt with us!

Congratulations to Tony Kennard on his Cape buffalo. Tony used GrizzlyStik Momentum full length tapered arrows and the GrizzlyStik Asbhy forged single bevel broadhead to harvest this bull.

Congratulations to Brad Sawyer on this nice Cape buffalo, he shared a bit of his story with us:

"Garrett, I bought some of your 315 grain Ashby broad heads about a year ago in preparation for my Cape Buffalo hunt. The Ashby 315 grain broad heads worked awesome. I brought this buffalo down with one arrow at 30 yards, and the bull never left our sight before he laid down. I measured the penetration at about 28 inches, which was just a little short of the fletching.

The skinners removed the broad head and I still have it, and might even use it again as I feel it was my lucky arrowhead. Thanks for making a great product and I planned to buy more. I also used the same broad heads on plains game. If I can find the video, I literally knocked a full size Gemsbok bull down the ground upon impact, the bull actually fell off of both feet before getting up and running a short distance (pretty badass). I got a pass though on 11 out of the 12 animals I shot with the Ashby 315 grain, with the Cape Buffalo being the only one without pass through.

One of the best things I found with the Ashby broad heads is that they flew very similar to the practice points. In fact I don't think I changed my sights at all. I was shooting a Mathews Monster MR5 in 80lbs with a 27.5 draw. Thanks for everything Garret! I will send some more pictures when I get the chance."
Brad Sawyer

Congratulation to Leo Torres from Mexico on his Cape buffalo! "I just want to thank you for great products. I used a 315 grains Ashby blade in this buffalo It was a nice hunt and your product works perfect!!!!!" Leo Torres

Congratulations to Keith Appel on his successful safari with GrizzlyStik gear. Here is a bit of his story:

"Greetings.... Here are some pics of my hunt in South Africa. I hunted for fourteen days and the first nine days I just could not get the shot at a buffalo. Too many of them and the bull I wanted was always mingled with other bulls.

On the evening of the tenth day. I had my chance and placed an arrow into the bull in the picture at twenty yards. He ran less than seventy yards and was comatose in less than ten seconds. The ribs of the buffalo overlap, so one has to bust through two of them to get at the vitals. The heavy two bladed arrow did just that and did the same on the exit side. The broadhead busted through two ribs on entrance and then busted two more on the back side, but did not come out through the skin on the far side. He maybe was on his feet for about eight seconds before he ran about seventy yards. It was a perfect double lung shot.

He is a classic mature bull and his tenderloins were aged for several days and were delicious. The rest of the meat is shared with natives in the area. Some of it is also sold to commercial meat stores. We ate wild game every night that was delicious and well-prepared.

The next day we were sitting in the blind that was near to a water hole, but not in bow range. That night just before sunset I had a chance at a very nice bull Cape Eland. It was also a whisker over twenty yards. Same deal, a double lung shot and the bull ran to almost the exact same spot the cape buffalo ran to and went down. These are also very big animals. My PH (professional hunter/guide) said that my bull would probably weigh around seventeen hundred pounds.

On the eland, the broadhead slipped between the ribs on the near side and then busted through a rib on the far side but did not penetrate the skin. He ran almost the same distance as the Cape buffalo and was on the ground in less than ten seconds.

Two nights later, the last day of my hunt, I had this great Sable bull give me a shot at slightly under twenty yards. I had switched to lighter GrizzlyStik arrows and had a complete pass-through. My arrow was found later about fifty yards away in the brush. It was still in perfect condition.

My PH was impressed with how quickly all three of my animals went down. They all were down in sight of the blind.

I gave the PH's your catalog and discussed the concept of momentum and the problems with people shooting light weight arrows with expandable broadheads. They had been on the verge of not allowing them anymore on their concession. Now they will tell all of their clients not to use them.

So, we are making some headway."

Congratulations to Ray Parino, he recently got this Cape buffalo with a GrizzlyStik 315 grain forged Ashby broadhead on a GrizzlyStik Momentum 250 full length tapered carbon arrow. Total weight = 950 grains.

Bowhunter Jason Bryan had a fantastic safari this year taking two monster Cape Buffalo. Jason was shooting the 950 system of GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows and forged GrizzlyStik Ashby broadheads.

Congratulations to Dale Fehrenbach on this nice Cape buffalo. He took it with GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows and 315 grain GrizzlyStik forged Ashby broadheads. Total arrow weight was 980 grains.

For pics of the blesbok and black wildebeest he took with the same GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads, click here.

"Garrett: Thank you, thank you, thank you! The GrizzlyStik Arrows you set me up with the GrizzlyStik Ashby 315's worked wonders. Here are the pics of the Cape Buffalo, Sable and Livingston Eland I took in South Africa last week. The Sable came in at 5:24PM and gave me a 23 yard quartering away shot. He went 59 yards dropping in sight. The Cape Buffalo came in shortly after with a herd of 30. I shot the lead bull at 5:48PM at 16 yards and he went 46 yards and went down 29 yards away from the Sable. He went down in around 60 to 90 seconds. Double lung and cut the top of his heart. All in sight. Was amazing! They had never had anyone shoot both a Sable and Cape Buffalo in the same day let alone same sitting.

The Livingston Eland was the next morning and gave me a 23 yard shot. He went down 105 yards away. I included the entry wound of the Eland. Both the Cape Buffalo and Livingston Eland had full penetration to the opposite leg/shoulder but didn't exit but I hit them both fully in the opposite leg/shoulder so was the toughest exit side you could hit. Both were double lung. The Sable shot was a hard quartering away pass through and then a follow up shot to finish him as he was done but just didn't want to give up the ghost. Your arrows performed perfectly. If you want a reference or want to use these pics you have my permission. I'd be happy to help you in anyway possible. I definitely want order some new GrizzlyStik arrows just like what we had set up so will be giving you a call." 

George Clark, San Antonio, TX

"My bow is a Bear Anarchy with special limbs set at 85#. My arrow weighs 750 gr with a 125 grain single bevel Samurai.

I shot my cape Buffalo first arrow at 35 yard 4 hours later a second arrow at 20 yards and he went down, then one last finishing arrow at 10 yards."  
Hugues Marcotte

"Here are some photos of the cape buffalo I recently took with a Momentum 250 GrizzlyStik tipped with a Samurai 175 grain single bevel broadhead and a 50 gr insert adapter weight totaling 680 grains using a Matthews Monster at 70 lbs. The 20 yd shot passed through to the opposite shoulder. The Bull went 50 yards and died there. Thanks for the quality in your products." Dan Drefke, McAllen, Tx

Steve Coale and a Cape Buffalo taken in Tanzania with a forged Ashby 315 grain broadhead. Total arrow weight was 1162 grains.

Scott Smith and his dream hunt success, a big bossed Cape buffalo with his bow. Scott got a complete pass through - ribs on both sides with GrizzlyStik Momentum 175 Arrows and forged Ashby broadheads.

Scott shared his story with us:

"My passion for bowhunting started at at very early age. I can remember thumbing through one of my fathers “ outdoor “ magazines and seeing a story about Fred Bear bowhunting Africa, as my 5 year old imagination ran wild I said to my father “ I am going to bow hunt Africa one day “. Fast forward 10 years and I began to get bored with rifle hunting, to be honest, if I could see it I could kill it. That is when the old memories of Fred Bear came flooding back and I bought my first bow.

Enter my best friend and partner in crime Larry, between us we had almost zero knowledge about bows but we both had one and we were going to turn the hunting world upside down. As luck would have it we both scored on our very first year of bowhunting, our first whitetails with a bow were in the book. Over the next several years we hunted together every chance we got, we bow fished, bow hunted pheasant, deer, pigs, goats, and anything else we deemed a challenge. I shared with Larry my burning desire to bow hunt Africa and that my dream animal was a Cape Buffalo and I wanted it to be a spot and stalk. Larry was very supportive over the years as we cussed and discussed all of the pains and joys of bowhunting, getting older, and the responsibility of having a family.

I got the chance to get into the hunting industry by being a sales rep for several major companies, after a few years one of the companies announced they were having a sales competition with the grand prize being an all expense paid hunting trip to Africa. With the guidelines of the competition I had just over zero percent chance of winning. I was the Jamaican Bobsled team of the competition, as a good sport I went to the drawing of the lucky person just to see the pure joy of someone winning an all expense hunting trip to Africa.

As the outfitter drew the winning ticket and called out the number I scanned the crowd to see who the winner was, there were no screams of joy, only a few groans and everyone started looking around to see who may be holding the lucky ticket. At this point I was thinking “WOW!!” someone just won, and they were not here to claim it. This is going to be a phone call to remember. As the number was called again I glanced at my few tickets, I can still hear the outfitter today “ ticket number 1590 “, somehow this ticket was in my hand and my dream was about to come true.

I called Larry to let him know and he was even more excited than I was. I asked Larry if he wanted to go and his reply was priceless as I had no idea he was afraid to fly. Larry told me “as soon as they build a road to Africa will be there.” I tried all of the normal flying is safer than driving, but he would have no part of it. He finally told me that if he was ever in a plane crash that I could bet my life savings it was because the plane fell on him.

I went on to hunt with the same outfitter 6 more times, each time trying a little harder to get Larry to accompany me, and each time the burning desire for the Cape Buffalo got stronger. With 23 plains game and a lioness under my belt I thought my quest for the Cape was nothing more than a pipe dream.

It is now early February 2012 and my good friend and outfitter Mof Venter with Adansonia Safaris and I are talking at the Safari Club show in Las Vegas, Mof tells me that he has a very nice, but very old Cape Buffalo that has a very bad attitude and if I wanted him he was mine. At that moment Mof made me a deal that was just to good to pass up, my 2013 hunt was booked and now it was time to get some serious arrows and broad heads.

I started gathering all of the info on hunting big heavy boned dangerous game with archery equipment, the name that kept coming to the top was Alaska Bowhunting Supply and GrizzlyStik. I went to the website and oh my gosh! there was more information, videos, articles, and charts than I could process in one sitting.

I called tech support just to get a feel for the people working there and to see if I could trust them. A ball of energy and enthusiasm for bowhunting named Garrett answered the phone, I have to be honest here and tell you I was not buying all he was trying to sell. However, he did manage to get me to try a few arrows, keep in mind here I am accustom to shooting a 412 grain arrow at 300 plus feet per second and he is wanting me to shoot a 950 grain arrow.

A quick calculation in my head said that my BowTech Experience was going to push that arrow at a blazing 200fps. I had been on the BowTech Pro Staff for 6 years at that time and I am a dyed in the wool BowTech fan! But 200fps?? Really?? This is just not what I wanted to hear, I am going after a Cape Buffalo on foot that has a bad attitude with a setup shooting 200fps. After a few days I thought to my self that people have been killing them and bigger game with bows for thousands of years so there must be something to what Garrett was telling me.

Reluctantly I ordered the GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads from Alaska Bowhunting Supply, it didn’t take long before my BowTech was sending the arrows perfectly down range at a blazing speed of 211fps. I talked with Larry about this almost daily trying to convince myself this was the set up I needed to be shooting and that the Cape was going down! The longer I dwelled on this the faster time flew by, little did I know time was about to stop in it’s tracks.

There was nothing that could even compare to the news I was about to receive, no Cape Buffalo hunt, no lion hunt, no new bow, no worries about the arrow selection. Nothing compared to the phone call I received saying that my life long friend, my confident, my hunting partner, my best friend of over 40 years had fell victim to a massive heart attack. No warnings, no signs, no nothing. He was sitting helping his girls with their homework when he was called home. This is when I decided that he “WAS” going to hunt Africa with me even if was just in spirit, and it would be the Cape Buffalo!

The day we arrived in Africa Mof and I took a drive to try and find the buffalo. That morning we had no luck locating them. That afternoon we took another ride and spotted two bulls, as luck would have it I was trying to size him up when he charged at us, as we sped off as he glared at us to say he was the boss and we were not welcome.

The next evening just before dark we spotted the bull in a clearing by the river, as we closed the distance I knocked a 935 grain GrizzlyStik Safari Arrow tipped with a 315 grain Ed Ashby single bevel broad head. As we got into position and it was go time, I glanced down at the wrap on the arrow that was adorned with “ Larry Wayne Burch 10/3/62 - 1/6/13.

With more emotions than words can describe I drew my bow and anchored and settled my pin on the massive beast, he noticed the movement and glared in our direction but it was to little to late as a subtle touch of the trigger and Larry was on his way. A very short 18 yards later Larry found his mark resulting in a double lung that put the beast down inside 60 yards. I had my dream animal with a bow, spot and stalk and the most important part was I shared it with Larry.

I am totally sold on the Alaska Bowhunting Supply GrizzlyStik Arrows and the heavy bone crushing forged broadheads they offer. I will be shooting a similar set up this fall on an Elk hunt.

Scott Smith, BowTech Pro Staffer, Caldwell, Texas

Shot with 150 grain silver flame in South Africa. He should be in the top 5 In the world with a bow. Byant Littlefield

"Garrett, Thanks for calling me yesterday to see how it went. It was awesome! Your GrizzlyStik arrows with the Ashby broadhead put this bull down within sight in about 8 minutes.

I called Dennis McCoy who got it all on hi-def video, and he said that as soon as he can get another computer for his photo studio, he will be happy to put something together to post on your website.

Thanks again for your great products and advice that made my hunt the hunt of a lifetime. We'll be in touch. Thanks again,"
Jeff Adair

"Mathews xlr8 70#. 27 inch draw. easton DG Fmj 250 arrow, 180 grain Silver Flame, 75 grain insert, velocity 222 ft/second, 83ke, 755 total arrow weight.

Spent 3 days following this buff', finally got a 30 meter broad side shot, pass through, no ribs were touched. As the arrow went in, 4'' of arrow on the fletch side broke off, broad head and 3'' of arrow exited the opposite side, the remaining shaft was lodged in his lungs.

He only went 40 meters and stood for 5 minutes before going down. Picked up broad head and it was still razor sharp. Next cape buffalo, I am planning on using the GrizzlyStik Momentum with a 315 grain Ashby head. Shot this buffalo in Zimbabwe."
Rod Cormack

"As promised some photos of a Cape Buffalo and Lion taken with Ashby b/heads. The interesting thing, or I should say impressive thing - the b/heads passed through heavy bone but the heads were still shaving sharp. On this buffalo it was rib on entry and exit, the tip of the head snapped off but it still passed through both sides and was razor sharp. The buff only went 30 yards and stopped moving in about 1 minute." - Andrew Parsons

"I just got back from my hunt in Mozambique w/ Zambeze Delta Safaris. After 8 hard days hunting I was finally able to release a GrizzlyStik Momentum w/ Ashby broadhead. The shot was 31 Yards and hard quartering away the shaft entered just behind the last rib through the heart then broke a rib and deflected off shoulder blade and stopped before exiting the brisket. Amazing penetration. I left 3 shafts and Ashby’s with my PH so he could try them on a buffalo cow for the community quota. Thanks for the great products." Dustin Love

"We got out of the blind thinking that the buffalo had left and we ran right in to them.  We ran back to the blind without them seeing us and they came in.  After 3 draws of my bow and some gathering of my composure I made a great shot at 40 yards.  He ran off about 20 yards and stood.  It got dark, and due to the unpleasant attitude of a wounded buffalo we let him rest overnight.  Steven decided that their helicopter that was coming in for some other work would be the best for following up the buff the next morning.  I loaded up and we flew over the area.  He had lain right where we left him, and was very dead.  It looked like he had died early in the night.  I did it!  The buffalo was around 10 years old and approx. 2000 lbs, huge!"

Patrick Hagens used a 950 grain GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow and Ashby broadhead to take his Cape buffalo.

cape buffalo taken with grizzlystik tapered carbon arrow and forged single bevel ashby broadhead

Same shot twice - 950 grain GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow and Ashby broadhead to take his Cape buffalo.

Cape Buffalo taken by Hary Molligan with GrizzlyStik tapered carbon arrows and forged stainless steel Ashby broadheads.

Note: For more post mortem pictures of this Cape buffalo and Harry's Wildebeest Click Here

The arrow penetration Cape Buffalo hunters can expect with a GrizzlyStik tapered carbon arrow and forged single bevel broadhead.  950 grains with a 29% FOC from a 70# bow ~ The .375 H&H of Bowhunting.

Cape Buffalo taken by Harold Wilson of Harrisburg, Illinois. Mr. Wilson used the GrizzlyStik Silver Flame 150 grain broadheads on this bull.

"I just got back from South Africa late last night after a two week successful Bow hunting Safari on the East Cape. I was lucky enough to harvest a total of seven trophies my most prized trophy being a 40" Cape that I shot at 31 yards. This was one of the most exciting hunts I have been on in a long time.

This buff mock charged us 4 times before I was able to get an arrow into his chest at 31 yards. I had a Ph backing me up with a 375 and a second guy shooting a 505 Gibbs fortunately their services were not needed. I did get all of the action on video however it's definitely not for the faint of heart. The arrow buried in his chest up to the fletch and within 15 seconds he was in pretty bad shape. I did shoot him a second time at 23 yards behind the shoulder before he went down. I put two more arrows in him one he was down to make sure he was not getting back up. I used the Victory VAP arrows with the stainless inserts and a 315 grain Ashby stainless steel broad head see attached photograph on the condition of the head after impact on the buffalo absolutely amazing. The total arrow weight including the broadhead was 715 grain. My Hoyt Carbon Matrix set at 85lbs definitely did the job. I will forward you photographs of some of the other animals I was fortunate to harvest."
Steve Greenwood

"I'm back from South Africa and I had great hunt. I was able to stalk up a Cape Buffalo, Kudu, Impala and a Zebra. The Grizzly Stiks with the Ed Ashby broadheads worked great. I had to stalk the Cape Buffalo that I wanted for three days. On the third day I got a broadside shot at about 33 to 34 yards. I hit him just behind the shoulder and the arrow went in all the way to the fletching. He went about 40 yards then did a death bellow and fell. He broke the arrow when he fell and once we had him skinned out I was pleasantly surprised that I hit him directly through the heart through both ventricles.

The broadhead and the arrow preformed better than I had imagined. Thanks for the advice and the GrizzlyStik Momentum and the Ashby 315 gr. broadhead setup. I left a set of broadheads with my PH. He was impressed with them as well and he will probably become a customer. Thanks"
Robert Wells

"I attach a photo of the buff hunted in Mozambique. The buff died in 60 seconds."  Pieter Venter

Note: Pieter used our 200 grain Maasai broadheads on this nice trophy Cape buffalo.

"Garrett and Everyone at GrizzlyStik: You were right!!!!! You got me the right combination – the GrizzlyStik Arrows and the 315 grain broadhead worked great on this 40+” Cape Buffalo. Thanks for all of your help making this hunt a success." John G. Parker

"I took this Cape buffalo in South Africa in August. I used Ashby heads on Easton FMJ Dangerous Game shafts. 945 grains total. The buffalo ran about 200 yards after my quartering shot and stopped to watch his back track. Upon approach, he charged us only to fall dead 45 yards from us. Your heads worked great. I will be using the Ashby’s on my next trip, hopefully for elephant. Good hunting!" - Jim Colwell

This is a really nice Cape buffalo taken by Steve McCalmant with a 72# Cougar take-down recurve bow and our 315 grain Ashby broadhead. He tells the story best so we're hoping to get an email from him soon where he can describe the hunt. When we talked on phone, Steve shared with us that his PH actually hugged him after the recovery because he was 99% certain that a Cape buffalo could not be taken with a bow, much less a stick bow. He had been sweating the day the hunter would arrive and did everything he could to convince the hunter to use a gun.

Steve's son contacted us the day before they were leaving for the hunt but they decided they HAD to have the Ashby broadheads. Fed Ex delivered them the next day at around noon and they left for the airport a few hours later.

The arrow was 960 grains in total weight with the Ashby and all Steve did was screw it on and take some test shots. Flight was perfect. (They did test the Ashby on a fir 2x4 and when the broadhead split that with no problem, they were confident that this was the broadhead they needed to get this done.) Steve was ready for action...

At the shot Steve and the PH couldn't believe it, the arrow sunk all the way into the buffalo with only about 6" showing. The buffalo took off at a dead run, plowing over 6" trees and snapping them off. He died on his feet in less than 10 seconds.

The tracking job as a joke, he died almost in sight. With that kind of penetration, both hunter and PH assumed the arrow must have missed the ribs, but they were wrong. The Ashby broadhead had easily split the near side rib and the arrow continued all the way to the far side where it nearly split the far side rib. (Imagine what a heavier arrow would have done... Probably complete pass-through.)

Steve had an awesome hunt. He proved to himself and to the PH that when the right broadhead is used, amazing things can happen. If I recall correctly, Steve was told by his PH that this was the first and only Cape buffalo taken there with an arrow that did not have to be shot with a rifle to finish the job.

Well done Steve! Thanks for sharing your pictures and your story with us!

"Recently shot a cape buffalo with a 200 grain Samurai. Buffalo went about 60 yards and laid down. That was pretty much it. When the bull was cleaned we found that the broadhead went through rids on one side and stuck in the ribs on the opposite side. Double lung and heart." Brian D. Campbell

"I'm sending a couple pics to you concerning my recent trip for Cape Buffalo. I shot this bull with the 315 grain Nanook head. What a great product, flew like a dream and performed flawlessly!" Martin L. Hug

"Dear Garrett, I have just returned from my recent trip to Mozambique and the Ashby head performed flawlessly. The arrow was a Full Metal Jacket Dangerous Game tipped with a 315 grain Ashby broadhead. Total weight 1000 grains and developed 107 Foot Pounds. I broke through ribs going in and going out. The broadhead was at the skin on the far side."

Neil Summers, Bowhunting Safari Consultants

african cape buffalo taken with grizzlystik arrows and broadheads

african cape buffalo taken with grizzlystik arrows and broadheads

african cape buffalo taken with grizzlystik arrows and broadheads

Thomas Marks, Cape Buffalo 2010

"This Cape buffalo was shot with GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow tipped with a Nanook broadhead. The arrow weighed 900 grains and chronographed at a speed of 235 fps shot out of an 82# APA Black Mamba. The shot was 42 yards and the GrizzlyStik exited the chest wall after splitting ribs on both sides. When the arrow was recovered from the ground, the Nanook was still hair shaving sharp. The blood trail was impressive and he was dead before he made it 70 yards. As a matter of fact, the TV crew that filmed the hunt and shot said that it would have to be edited because of the massive blood lose. My PH said he was amazed by the arrow and broadhead performance and had never seen a buff killed with an arrow so quickly. "
Ken Greer

Doctor's Orders - "I couldn't be happier with the performance I got from my 950 GrizzlyStik arrow tipped with the Ashby 315 broadheads. I took my shot at 26 yards and my arrow penetrated through both the near and far ribs, stopping finally just under the offside skin. My bull was down in under a minute!

Thank you Garrett Schlief for helping me make my dream possible. What a great arrow-broad headcombo for the very largest of game. I think I should try it on elephant next." Dr. W Macksoud (Retired)

The Ashby is the best single bevel broadhead I ever used. My Zimbabwe Cape buffalo was a one shot kill. Ricardo Frugoli

"Garrett, attached are the photos of my buffalo. In addition, as I mentioned I also included a photo of the penetration test we did. The GrizzlyStik with an Ashby head weighed 970 grains and was shot from a Hoyt Katera at 18 yards. The draw weight was 74 1/2 lbs. and the arrow speed was 200 feet per second. With what I would deem a perfect shot on a buffalo, the arrow sank down to the fletching. As for my buff, this hunt was spot and stalk and on the morning of the 2nd day, we crossed buffalo sign early got our gear and set off, I should mention at a VERY fast pace. In fact, the PH estimated we covered about 15 miles in less than 2 hours. We finally caught up with a herd of buffalo, estimated to number about 70. At that time we were in a malpani tree and under brush area. Which is when we started having problems with the wind direction. We would get into what we thought was a perfect position and the wind would change direction. The buffalo never went too far as they only caught a whiff of us periodically and never saw us. At one point we found a dry stream bed I thought was going to be perfect for an ambush. We were in this bed, setting up for what I hoped was going to be an easy, take your time type shot. However, as we know sometimes the best laid plans of mice and men go awry. Once again, the wind changed direction and the buffalo spooked. The next plan had us coming up from behind the herd, hopefully dead down wind! As it worked out we got to about 40 yards and they spotted us. There happened to be a great bull at the back of the herd and even though we did not have time to range him we both estimated him at 40 and the PH said use your 40 yard pin and shoot now! I did even though he had just started moving. My shot was about 6-8 inches further back than I would have liked, but it ultimately did the job. In fact, after the pictures were taken and he was field dressed we cut out part of a loin built a fire and had buffalo for lunch! A great end to a great hunt. This hunt was in a area of Zambia called the Rufunsa. It was on the Zambeze River right across from Zimbabwe and about 8 miles upriver from Mozambique. I actually got in some good Tiger fish and Cornish Jack fishing. My PH was Strang Middleton of Bowhunters Zambia. I have hunted with a lot of PH's all over the world but none have worked harder for me than Strang, I can highly recommend him." - Don Ingram

Steve Brown with a mature Cape buffalo taken with the GrizzlyStik arrow and Ashby broadhead.