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Elk & Stag

**By the Numbers** - "I'm a new GrizzlyStik customer this year and I had a few things to share with you and your team.

1. First of all I was blown away with how knowledgeable and helpful your team was. I made multiple calls before I bought anything, after I purchased the test pack, when I was choosing my broadhead, and even after I received my sharpener. I went with the 650 package tipped with the samurai 200 broadheads. I had to go with the overkill ones due to availability but they flew true and came in razor sharp. Ya'll are first class in my book.

2. Second of all it works! I went on a public lands archery elk hunt last week with an over the counter tag. I had a lot of confidence that my arrows would fly true and drive deep. All my target practice proved that to me. I was able to take a 50 yard broadside double lung shot on my biggest bull yet. That arrow was buried deep into the dirt on the other side. It's worth noting that I've killed 2 other elk in past years at 50 and 60 yards but both of those arrows were stuck in the animal. See attached photo!

Overall I'm very excited about grizzlystik and I have already converted multiple of my hunting buddies to join the club. Thank you for everything you do. Keep up the great work." - Mark Nie

"Brotherly Love" - Watch Reid Wilson's brother enter total amazement as his Ashby 315 broadhead puts down this Wyoming bull in under 20 seconds. Can you shoot an Ashby 315 from a Crossbow? - It's not uncommon for crossbow shooters to ask us if Ashby 315 broadheads will shoot from their modern crossbows. Our response - Arrows and broadheads don't care what kind of bow they're shot from. If you match the arrow spine & arrow length, to broadhead weight & the bow poundage - you can gain perfect arrow flight (zen) from any bow. That's a universal archery fact.

"Aim Right at the Shoulder?" - You betcha! With a Dr. Ashby inspired arrow & broadhead system, shots that were once thought unethical become the most ethical shoots you can take. Heavy, high FOC arrows not only break bone, they have enough gas in the tank to keep penetrating after bone breach (see photo). Of Dr. Ashby's top 12 arrow enhancement factors, we have found the following 4 to be the most crucial in determining lethal arrow performance.

1. Structural integrity - the 'math' doesn't matter if your system breaks at impact.
2. 650+ grain TAW - Ashby found the heavy bone threshold at 650+ grains total.
3. 19%+ FOC - not just heavy, as much weight as possible in the front of the arrow.
4. Single Bevel Broadheads - in soft tissue any broadhead works, single bevels shine over all other broadhead designs when heavy bone is hit.

No archery manufacturer holds a patient over Dr. Ashby's research. Any bowhunter that follows Ashby's 12 rules, regardless of the brand they shoot, is going to be more successful.....peroid. The GrizzlyStik system's advantage is that it has been built and refined over the past 15 years by fanatically following the research of Dr. Ashby.

"South Pacific Safari" - While at the SCI show this past year, @nickboerboon stopped in see us at the GrizzlyStik booth. He and his wife were looking for a broadhead upgrade before they left for thier long anticipated hunt in New Zealand. After a chat about our broadhead lineup, we agreed on testing the Overkill Samurai 125 on Nick's current arrows. A few weeks after the show season, Nick called to tell us his broadhead pick were "flying like darts" and he stocked up for his hunt. The results? The Overkill Samurai 125 single bevels helped Nick make a lifetime of memories.

**Gila Monster** - "I've took my personal best Gila Bull shooting Silver Flame 125 broadheads. They never let me down and I just love confidence I get hunting with them. The proof is in the picture!" - Doug VanTassell Looking to upgrade your bowhunting kit this fall?

Broken Beam Bull - "It was an exciting and exhausting 12-day hunt that ended with this guy here. Arizona provided an awesome elk hunt. We were into bulls every day, within 100 yards of over bulls 20, had 4 shot opportunities, took two shots including a clean miss on a monster, and this guy. He's a 6x? with the start of a 7th and a broken main beam on one side from some undoubtedly heated battle with another bull. After a miserable 36 hours of hunting, either getting rained out or finding no elk, I heard bugles from a heard of 3 bulls and 6-10 cows on a ridge above me. I climbed out of the draw, bugled at the herd bull who promptly gathered his cows, bugled and pushed them off. I gave chase and shadowed the herd for 1.5 miles before finding the cows and soon after, 2 bulls sparring. The sparring turned into them each raking trees side by side releasing their pent up, rut-filled hormones with enough intensity to let me stalk within 30 yards of them. I came to full draw, but the bull then turned behind his raking tree. I had to let down as my side cramped up. He eventually came back around to the other side to provide a shot. I drew and fired a complete pass through for a quick end of the hunt and the beginning of the real work: butchering and caring for the gift of organic, grain free, free range, grass fed venison for our enjoyment in the months to come. The Alaskan 200 on TDT 240s at 650 grains went through him like butter. The arrow lodged in a log after the pass through. It seemed that bull didn't even slow the arrow down. This was my first kill with the new setup after a light and fast 400 grain arrow stopped dead in a shoulder blade of a 300" bull a few years back. I avowed never again. Rediscovered Ashby, found Grizzlystik and haven't looked back. I cringed when I came across another hunter looking for his elk that said his first arrow stuck in the shoulder and didn't penetrate. I looked at his quiver and saw the ultralight arrows I used to run and some typical 3 blade replaceable broadheads. I hope he finds the answer soon too....thanks for the fantastic gear and the help in making a quick clean kill." - @casacel2

**Whale Tail Stag** The 2020 Australian rut paid off in diamonds for @richie_greenie. Shooting tapered Momentum TDT arrows, Richie was able to take this unquie whale tail stag.

**Coastal Rosie** "A bull we call Devil Points, the one I called in to 12 yards last week bugling then winded me, was now pushing his harem down the hill right towards me around 6pm Thursday night. As I kept them talking with some sweet little cow calls, he bugled and came to broadside at 25 yards.  Settling all my pins on him, THWACK, double lung pass through! He ran up the hill and before I knew it that lovely crashing sound echoed the coast range. The sheer size of their bodies is something to see, I knew our work was cut out for us.With the help of Dad, Alyssa and my brother, we finally hit our beds at 4:02am, and it was absolutely worth it!" - @tycary_sbp
Ty was shooting tapered Momentum TDT arrows tipped with Silver Flame OVERKILL 125 broadheads for this Oregon coastal Rosie.

**Red Stag Roar** - While getting ready for his Argentine red stag and buffalo hunt this year, @juanverdad stopped by our booth at Dallas Safari Club to talk shop. After we discussed the benefits of the 650 GrizzlyStik system, John ordered our two arrow test kit to test for himself. John selected 240 Momentum TDT arrows built to 650 grains total with a Samurai 200 broadhead onboard for this hunt. The GrizzlyStik system delivered on both trophy animals.

**Bucket List Bull** - "18 years of trying this with sub par gear and mixed results. This is my first complete pass through. Thank you GrizzlyStik! Bucket list item complete.😁" - Kenton Carlson

**What Are The Chances?** - "A 33 yard shot with the Silver Flame 100 on a 500 grain arrow got me a double lung full pass through. The bull went 30 yards and crashed!" - @cmigsjr With no draw tag and no guide - the stars aligned for Chris this week and he beat the statistical bowhunting odds with this CO-OTC-DIY bull. What are the chances of success? Chris should really think about buying a lottery ticket this week.....something's going on.

**You'll Always Remember Your First** - "I got my shot at 25 yards and the Maasai 200 broadhead blew right through. It never slowed down and though we looked, I couldn't find the arrow. He only made it 75 yards and dropped dead. This is my first archery elk and I couldn't be happier. Thank you Garrett for answering all my questions and helping me finally put all this together. I can’t wait to get back after them next year." - Bob Faith

**Ruined For Life?** - "I finally harvested a public land bull! My shot came at 68 yards, quartering hard towards me. I hit him right In the shoulder blade and my arrow still penetrated in over 20 inches! This is my first animal with a bow and very happy with how my GrizzlyStik system performed. Thank you so much!" - 15 year old @dillonjohnson800
Kudos to Dillon's parents for introducing him to the outdoors and setting him up for success with the GrizzlyStik system. If it wasn't bad before - can you imagine how "advanced" this young man's bowhunting "disease" has become? He could possibly be ruined for life.

**Never Too Heavy** - After gearing up for a successful African Big 5 safari and switching to the GrizzlyStik system, @patrickhagens never made the switch back to a light/fast arrow set up for his North American hunting.  Will someone please educate him he's is doing it wrong?  As an example, while solo hunting, Patick managed to slip within 8 yards of this bull. His high FOC, 785 grain GrizzlyStik tapered arrow system tipped with an Ashby 315 broadhead made for perfect elk medicine and delivered a clean, quick and humane kill.  If heavy, high FOC is wrong - we don't want to be right.

**Bluegrass Bull** - It's great when your hunting partner/Father is nails. Traveling from Ohio to the Kentucky Government Wildlife Management Area outside Middlesboro, @zacsells and his (69 year old) father put everything together on this bluegrass bull. Shooting a single bevel Maasai 125 broadhead, Zac made a 45 yard shot and the two caped, quartered and packed'm him all out. The only thing better.........they got to do it together.

**Guides ❤ GrizzlyStik** - "Turns out all I needed was one arrow. I got a 6x6 in Montana. He’s not a monster but my first Bull kill in a difficult early hunt.  I've attached pictures of the aftermath the 650 system created. My guide says he has never been so impressed with a broadhead and he’s been guiding for 15 years!" - @_turf_md  We love helping guides with short tracking jobs - it makes everyone's life so much easier.

**New Mexico Overkill** "Just wanted to reach out to you guys and tell ya how impressed I was with your Overkill Samurai 125 broadheads. First time using fixed blade broadheads. Easy to tune. I was shooting up to 80 yds with little to no distinction between broadhead and field tip. Complete pass through of this bull. Results speak for itself. I’m hooked......Thanks for a great product!" - @hd_beech

**An Oregon Break** - "Thanks guys......I probably wouldn't have got this bull without my GrizzlyStiks! I shot him at about 10 feet with my 58" Fox recurve 57# @ 28" and a 650 grain GrizzlyStik arrow tipped with a Samurai 200 single bevel. When I hit him, the arrow completely penetrated through the boiler room to his back leg - breaking it! After all that penetration, both the arrow and broadhead were still in tact." - @nate_bailey_barebowhunter

**Alaskan 200 Double** - "This is my first year shooting the Alaskan 200 broadhead and needless to say........they work flawlessly. Back to back pass thrus, one on a western Oregon Roosevelt bull another on a funky blacktail buck. Thanks for making such an awesome product guys!" - @oregon_boy65

**OTC Montana** - "Here's our public land, OTC tag, unguided Montana Bull. I was shooting the GrizzlyStik 650 system with Alaskan 200 heads and we were able to wreak some havoc! I really appreciate y’all getting me some extra gear on short notice....thank you for your awesome products and customer service!" - John Michael Blake

**Stick & String Bull** - It all came together for Chris Parrino on this wide body 5x5. What a scared up old warrior (and the bull ain't too bad either).  Chris has trusted and shot our GrizzlyStik tapered arrows over the past decade. The high FOC, tapered arrows have helped Chris take trophy room full of numerous trophy whitetail, brown bears, cougar, aoudad, pronghorn, turkey and this awesome 5x5 with his recurve.

**800 Grain Bull** • “I killed this monarch bull with same 800 grain GrizzlyStik arrow and broadhead system I took my lion with. I didn’t have to re-sharpen the Silver Flame and it blew thru the shoulder and all the way out the far side. He didn't go 25 yards and was down. The guys I was hunting with said they haven't seen and elk go down that fast with a rifle! I love the results I get from shooting your stuff!” – Jason Bryan

**Epic Idaho** • After a week in the backcountry and several close calls, @tommyrobison was able to put his 650 GrizzlyStik system to work on this dark horn bull at just FIVE yards. llama's, bulls, good friends, heavy arrows and success.......what else could a guy need?

**A Personal Best** • "What a wrap to the 2020 elk season. Thanks to Sandy Hills Hunting Company and guide Clay Owens and friends Neil Emick and Jeremy Fiscus for an awesome hunt. This is my best bull to date at 334! As alway, thanks to Jake Thompson and GrizzlyStik for EXTREMELY sharp sticks, and Don Troxell and Lodi Archery for keeping me tuned, supplied and ready to go!" - Mark Grupe Outdoors

"Are You Ready for the Roar?" - We're only a few months away from the Red Stag roar in the Southern hemisphere. Are you roar ready? Argentine based Professional Hunter Santi Rossi of Poitahue Hunting Argentina, is a huge supporter of the Ashby Bowhunting Foundation and shooting these "elk size" red deer with the 650 GrizzlyStik system of tapered Momentum TDT arrows tipped with Maasai 200 single bevel broadheads. Santi doesn't just recommend the 650 system to his clients, in his free time when he can hunt, he shoots the 650 system for himself.

Maasai In Montana - "On the last evening of the last day of our hunt, we found ourselves at the top of the mountain between two herds of elk, each group consisting of 40-60 elk. Elk were bugling non-stop back and forth to each other. It didn’t take long before we were able to pull a bull out of one of the herds. An awesome bull closed in to 30 yards and @jigbite made a perfect shot. The bull was quartering hard towards him and Trey placed the arrow in front of the shoulder where the bulls dark mane met his tanned coat. The bull spun and dropped on the edge of the herd, only 80 steps from where he was shot. The Maasai 125 broadheads delivered as advertised!" - Hunter Ford

"Ready for the Roar?" - In preparation for his South Pacific safari, Carson Rost ordered one of our two arrow 650 test packs and tested for perfect arrow flight. After selecting a 650 grain build of Momentum TDT tapered arrow tipped with a Maasai 200 grain broadheads, all Carson had to do was make his shot in New Zealand.

Passin' On Through - "I am beyond impressed with my GrizzlyStik 650 setup! It worked better than arrow completely passed through this bull. Thank you!" - Mike Tunis

For this elk hunt, we set Mike up with the 650 GrizzlyStik system of tapered Momentum TDT arrows tipped with Maasai 200 broadheads.

Public Wyoming Success - "My buddies and I put the stalk on 3 bulls and I was able to slip into 47 yards of this bull who had no clue I was there.

Put a shot a little high but my Maassi 200 broadhead was able to penetrate the other side and cause an instant blood trail.

We found him about 40 yards from where I hit him. Thanks for the amazing products!" - Beau Johnson

Down Fast/In Sight - "27 yard quartering away shot and my arrow was more than 12” deep in the dirt behind him. This is probably my 30th animal I’ve harvested since switching to GrizzlyStik's.

Even though this bull gave me the perfect shot, I have confidence that when combined with a quality sharp broadhead you can take the shot and get the required penetration to ethically make a kill. Love your arrows and never plan on switching." - Joseph Birkner

Zambian Rosie? - "Last hour of the last day... It came down to the wire with my awesome Roosevelt elk bull. Was a really tough hunt but enjoyed it and made some great new friends! Huge shout out and thanks to West Coast Outfitters for making it happen. And as always... My GrizzlyStiks got-er done!" - Zambian based Professional Hunter Strangles Middleton

A Margin of Error - “After countless years I gained enough points to draw a coveted Unit 27 Arizona archery elk tag. I've taken several trophy Elk and Mule deer with GrizzlyStik system but I had my first experience where my shot went wrong and I still recovered my animal.

I'd been working a big bull all morning but I could never close to within bow range. From nowhere, this bull broke from below my position and was going to run right past me. This was my first time seeing him and I drew back as he passed at 35 yards.

He was moving as I let the arrow go and I didn't get the lead that I had hoped. The arrow struck him dead center in the ham and completely disappeared. The bull instantly started to buckle and he crashed in a heap at just 40 yards.

Upon inspection, I discovered the arrow had completely passed through the hip, breaking his pelvis and cutting the femoral artery. Not a perfect shot by any means but I was still able to instantly recover this awesome 366 4/8" bull on a once in a lifetime tag. Thank you GrizzlyStik for giving me that margin of error!” - Wild Bill Gilman

Aim at the Shoulder! - "Jake Thompson at Danger Close Outdoors set me up with my Momentum TDT 240’s tipped with Maasai 200 broadheads that came in right at a 600 grain total weight. I got a complete pass through on a elk at 52 yards! The bull only went 25 yards after being hit and dropped from a double lung shot. I can’t thank Jake enough for the setup he built me and for helping me ensure my arrows were perfect! Thanks GrizzlyStik!" - Robert Gutierrez Jr

"Traditional Red Stag" - The open terrain of La Pampa makes it extra challenging for spot & stalk stickbow hunters. Manu Laborda found red stag success shooting a 630 grain arrow tipped with a Samurai 200 broadhead and shot from his 53# bow...........challenge accepted!

Overkill Success - "Thank you Garrett Schlief very much for not only taking the time to make sure I had the right broadhead, but also for taking an interest in my hunt. GrizzlyStik is in good hands with you at the helm. I am proud to do business with you and your team.

Attached is a picture from my northwest Colorado hunt from the final week of archery season. This bull was hit hard and only made it 50-75 yards before bedding down within sight. The Overkill was destructive and performed flawlessly. My setup is below:

Draw Length = 28"Draw Weight = 65#Speed = 310 FPS

Spine = 300GPI = 9.3Total Weight = Approximately 460 grains (Never weighed with lighted nock)

Silver Flame® OVERKILL™ 125 Broadhead

Thank you again for everything. I look forward to placing another order for whitetail season!" - David Hanks

Idaho Grown - "An aquaintance in our hunting camp got just 4” of arrow penetration into a bull with his 420 grain arrow and mechanical head. Of course - we never found him.

When are bowhunters going to learn? Light/fast/mechanical only works if you don't hit bone....and than sometimes penetration is meh.

Not me! Even though this isn't the biggest bull, my GrizzlyStik 650 system with a Samurai 200 broadhead completely passed through both side ribs and stuck in a tree beyond him! That's the kind of performance we should all be striving for." - Peter van Ravenhorst

"Awesome Arizona" - All smiles for Brad Jannenga while finding success hunting with Vaquero Outfitters in Arizona. In addition to this awesome bull, Brad has been on a roll shooting our Maasai 125 broadheads.

In just the past 12 months, Brad has also taken a monster red stag in New Zealand and a top 10 brown bear in Alaska shooting our single bevel, stainless steel, bone breaking broadheads. He knows the good stuff......

"Ashby 315 from a Crossbow?" - It's not uncommon for crossbow shooters to ask us if Ashby 315 broadheads will shoot from their modern crossbows. Our response - "Arrows and broadheads don't care what kind of bow they're shot from.

If you match the arrow spine & arrow length, to broadhead weight & the bow poundage - you will gain perfect arrow zen." That's just a fact. Reid Wilson demonstrates our case by dropping his second Wyoming bull (on film) in the past two seasons with an Ashby 315 broadhead.

NZ Gold Standard - Brad Jannenga searching for SCI gold in New Zealand with our Maasai 125 single bevel broadheads. WOW what amazing palmation on this monster Red Stag!

Frontal Shot Perfection - "Dear GrizzlyStik…....I wanted to share a photo of my 2019 archery bull with you. He was taken with a 456 grain Victory Archery RIP arrow at 27" with an Alaskan 200 broadhead shot from a 76# bow shooting at 285 fps.

The shot was a frontal shot with the elk slightly quartering to me. The arrow entering in front of the LEFT shoulder and about 22” of the 27” arrow was sticking out of the elk almost back at the RIGHT hind quarter. The penetration was incredible!

The elk was called into 12 yards… on the wide open plains of Eastern Oregon! The elk made it about 90 yards before expiring. Thank you for a great product. Already looking forward to next year!" - Tom Reid

Gila Monster - "I love my Silver Flames! They're surgically sharp, unbelievably strong and the only broadhead I'll hunt with." - Chip VanTassell taking this warrior Gila bull with guide David Silva of Gila DNA Outfitters

"Roar of the Red" - Argentine based PH Santiago Rossi Caza Hunt is starting to "slow down" his world-wide guiding circuit.....this year he will only work the full season at Poitahue Hunting Ranch Argentina, spend a month guiding Ibex in Spain and open a new waterfowl/wingshooting lodge. Slacker!
In his free time, Santi had an opportunity to put the 650 system to work during the Red Stag roar.
Trust the world's best guides & PH's, trust GrizzlyStik.

The Arrow Boss - “I wanted to write you a quick overview of my experience with your GrizzlyStik Silver Flame 100 grain broadheads. When I first took them out of the package, I was instantly impressed with the clean lines, how sharp they were and how precise they are in grain weight to each other.

I took them on my latest stag hunt in New Zealand. As soon as I squeezed my release, I watched my VAP TKO disappear behind the shoulder of this Red stag! A complete pass-through at 52 yards and the bull was down in less than 50 yards.

I take my bowhunting very seriously and I refuse to compromise on my equipment. These Silver Flame broadheads are by far the sharpest blades I've ever hunted with.” – Steve Greenwood, Victory Archery Gerneral Manager

**Mission Accomplished** - "All I wanted to do is go hunting with my friends and maybe drink a little Scotch. I was lucky enough to do both. Attached is a picture of my red stag taken hunting with Kiwi Safaris New Zealand.  I used the 650 grain Momentum TDT arrow with Maasai 200 broadheads out of my 70# bow on this hunt. My guide @bull_tahr was awesome and he helped me get to within 30 yards for my shot.  My arrow completely passed through and he only made it 80 yards before dropping. I couldn't be happier with my arrow and broadhead performance!" - Joe Dwyer


"Statistical Outliers" - The 80/20 statistical rule easily applies to bowhunting. On average, 20% of the hunters harvest on 80% of the animals. That's a relatively small group of hunters with a lion share of the success.

Though we have no hard data, our experience teaches us the the 80/20 rule doesn't apply the equally to traditional bowhunting. For those "lucky" enough to shoot a stickbow, a hunters odds plumet closer to 90/10. Only 10% of trad hunters worry about packing & processing.

Then we have statistical outliers like Chris Parrino. Trophy whitetail, brown bear, cougar, elk, pronghorn, and turkey - Chris has taken up permanent residence in the traditional 10% success club.

Chris's arrow system of choice (statistical edge) - the GrizzlyStik full length taper.

Bull elk down in 16 seconds, the arrow might still be going!

"We were hunting the Motherwell Ranch outside of Craig, Colorado early in September. We had hunted 4 days before this, having encounters every day. On the morning of our harvest we had run into two groups of elk before spotting this guy on the hill about 70-100 yards away. We set up for him and watched, waited and called for about 45 minutes.

He was feeding through the trees, and sometimes all we could see was one of his antlers. Finally, a switch flipped and he decided to come into our calls. He walked right down to us and put himself in perfect position for a shot. The rest is history." - Ryer Porter 

This awesome video came to us from the crew at Mark Grupe Outdoors. Ryer Porter filming, Mark Grupe shooting and Jason Mcclain was the guide.

Mark was shooting our GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT tapered carbon arrows tipped with 200 grain Maasai single bevel broadheads for this complete pass-through, down in 16-seconds, shot on film!

If you're not getting this kind of lethal performance from your arrow/broadhead set up - it's time to switch to the GrizzlyStik system.

Royal Californian Rosey – “On my first morning we heard a bugle in an area my guide was very familiar with… We worked ourselves around a ridge with a stiff wind in our face, we could easily see best position with limited time to get there. As we got set up, I couldn’t help but think everything was lining up. Another cow call and bugle from my guide and within minutes I had an arrow in a world class bull.

The bull was slightly quartering toward me at 38 yards when I released to find my lighted nock disappearing tight behind the front shoulder. Complete pass through exiting opposite hind quarter. He ran out about 50 yards and stopped long enough for me to put a second one in him. We felt very comfortable with my first shot after recovering my arrow 5 yards past where I cross-cut him. Bull expired 50 yards beyond my second shot. I couldn’t be happier, Epic elk hunt with a well-placed arrow and quick recovery. Very impressed with the performance of the GrizzlyStik system!” – Jay Osting of Bowhunting Safari Consultants

For this Roosevelt hunt, we set Jay up with our Momentum TDT arrows tipped with our Silver Flame 125 XL broadheads. The arrows weighed in at 575 grains, had a 21% FOC and were shot from a 70# bow.

Kentucky Wapiti - “Here’s a couple pics of the giant heard bull I got in Kentucky with my GrizzlyStik hat on. Shot him at 52 yards right on back edge of his shoulder. Complete arrow penetration and he didn’t make it 50 yards and fell over in sight! I'll say my GrizzlyStik did the job!

I’m partners with Lost Mountain Outfitters - one biggest and best elk guides in Kentucky. We guide about 50-60 elk hunters each year. Michael Waddell started hunting with us last year and are making us their preferred stop every September 1st for deer hunting in KY. The volume of folks reaching us is growing big time. We’re already booked up for 2018 but I do have 1 commissioner elk tag left if y’all know anybody interested. It’s very, very hard to obtain a elk tag in Kentucky and we can put you on a monster!” – Corbin Lander

Boulder Mountain Bull - "I can't put into words how much confidence I feel shooting these Samurai broadheads. I shot this bull broadside at 70 yards and my broadhead - completely passed through - while breaking BOTH shoulder blades! Amazing penetration after breaking bone. He was recovered within 50 yards!

As far as I’m concerned the Samurai is the best broadhead that I have ever used. Over the last 5 years, I have harvested multiple Big game animals such as Polar Bear, Brown Bear, Bison and all have had complete pass throughs. Thank you GrizzlyStik for building the best!" - Frank Kusler

"Arizona Bruiser" - All smiles for Brittany Boddington while finding success hunting with Vaquero Outfitters in Arizona. In addition to this awesome bull, Brittany has been on a roll shooting our Maasai 125 broadheads.

1500" of Bone - "It's a shame it takes these kind of results to make believers even out of my own friends - but it has. Now they all want to shoot my same GrizzlyStik set up. I lost 3 bulls of this caliber before I switched. I'd been doing my own research and testing before I came across all of Dr. Ashby's arrow penetration studies. It a just clicked for me after reading all his research on your website. I've taken over 50 elk with the rifle and bow but I've never been as effective as I am now." - Wild Billy Gilman

Since switching to GrizzlyStik, Wild Bill has been on a DIY, public land, self guided elk hot streak. 5 bulls in four seasons with the top 4 breaking 1500" total - 401 7/8, 358 5/8, 373 2/8 & 366 4/8.

Elk Wisdom - “Just wanted to send you guys a big thank you for your GrizzlyStik Silver Flame Broadheads. Prior to 2017 I have shot elk 5 times from 27 to 41 yards and never had a complete pass through. This year with the same draw weight and arrows as in prior years but using 100 grain Silver Flames I shot my first arrow at 31 yards. The arrow passed through my bull so fast that even my guide commented he had never seen anything quite like it before. That arrow went another 30 yards and buried in the ground approximately 10 inches.

The bull trotted off to 60 yards and I was able to shoot again with the exact same result as the first arrow. The bull walked about 15 more yards and tipped over. Both shots were in vitals but the bull never even acted like he was hit and then just fell over. On another note they fly exactly to the same point of impact as my field points out to 95 yards. Thanks again you have always been great to deal with.” - Phil Brondes

"A Bolt from the Blue" - It's not uncommon for crossbow shooters to ask us if 315 grain Ashby broadheads will shoot from their modern crossbow. Our response - "Arrows and broadheads don't care what kind of bow they're shot from. If you match the arrow spine, to broadhead weight and the bow poundage - you will gain perfect arrow zen."

Reid Wilson demonstrates our point by dropping this Wyoming bull in his tracks.

DSC Alumni - Jeremy Parker has been visiting us at our Dallas Safari Club booth for years. In preparation for this Arizona elk hunt, Jeremy tested and then selected our 650 grain Momentum TDT arrows tipped with 200 grain Maasai broadheads.

After taking this opening morning bull, Jeremy's guide at A3 Trophy Hunts was impressed with the arrow & broadhead performance. "I'm a believer in GrizzlyStik broadheads after seeing what they did to this bulls shoulder." - Eric Fish

Hard Bone Hit - "I hit this elk in the front leg, right in the elbow knuckle. The broadhead split the bone and continued through the heart and stopped against the far shoulder. The bull only made it 60 yards! The blade on the broadhead is still sharp with no chips or wrapped over edges! I am impressed with the performance. Thanks, can't beat Grizzlystik broadhead/arrow system!!" - Trevor Kilpela

400" South Island Stag - "5 countries, 9 states and 30 big game animals, all with the GrizzlyStik system. These new TDT's have me shooting as well as I ever have and my confidence is off the charts. Why would I trust anything else for my hunts?

This stag is continues my streak of one shot, one kill pass throughs. He was 30 yards broadside when I shot and the arrow hit in the forward boiler room. At first my guide thought I missed because he couldn't see the arrow sticking out. He soon realized it was a pass through when the stag went down in under 30 seconds!" - Rob Neilson, President, Ashby Bowhunting Foundation

Never Too Heavy - "My GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows tipped with 315 grain Ashby broadheads weighed 780 grains total and it zipped right through him. Anyone that tells you heavy, high FOC arrows weigh too much, is either ignorantly bliss or trying to sell you something." - Patrick Hagens

650 Grain Overkill? - "Finally wanted to put a post together about the bull I was blessed to shoot a couple weeks ago. It was a difficult hunt and I learned a lot more about hunting in the mountains... still have lots more to learn too! The hunt for this bull was truly amazing and intense.

I’d like to say that I put the perfect shot on him but that’s not how it went. The arrow placement was not ideal and I honestly thought that I’d never see him again.

We had to leave him overnight hoping for a miracle. The prayers were answered and we found the “miracle bull” 150 yards from where I shot him the night before. I can’t describe the rush of emotions I felt walking up on this bull. I’m am humbled and blessed to have harvested such an awesome animal." - Jeremy Long

Honeymoon Bull - "This picture was taken 4 days after we got engaged. Over-The-Counter, public land, DIY, Colorado elk hunt. This was the night before we had to drive home. I shot him with a Sarrel’s Blue Ridge bow and your Silver Flame 150 grain broadhead.

The bull ran less than 100 yards. This was my first traditional elk kill. Not the largest elk on the mountain but I was happy to have shared this special experience with my (now) wife." - Matt & Ellen McCord

Text Book - "I wanted to give you some feedback from my hunting experiences this past fall using the GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow with the 315 grain Ashby broadhead system.

First off, I will say that this is a very deadly setup. I shot 4 animals, recovered 4 animals, and the longest blood trail was on an antelope. After a less- than-perfect shot, he went a couple of hundred yards. The other 3 animals all went down in sight.

This bull elk was by far my best test and shot of the year. A text book 25 yard quartering away shot. The arrow entered behind the left side front shoulder, back about 6" and never slowed down as it passed thtough. The bull went about 60 yards, died in sight within seconds. A very lethal and humane kill. I love the performance I get with GrizzlyStik!" - Shay Mann

Homemade Success - "Here's a picture of my 6x6 Colorado bull elk taken with my homemade recurve bow and a GrizzlyStik arrow tipped with a Maasai broadhead. I took 4 weeks off work to hunt this year but was lucky enough to take this bull in the first hour of opening day.

He is my first multi-point bull and I'm ecstatic! It was a long journey to get to this bull. Thank you GrizzlyS
tik for helping me achieve a dream and put him down fast." - Jeff Hewes

Bowhunting Question - Are frontal shots on elk ethical?

GrizzlyStik Answer - Absolutely, if you're shooting a heavy enough arrow & broadhead system, it's one of the most ethical shots we can recommend. Bowhunters simply can't put an animal down any faster when their broadhead starts at the front and ends out the hammie.

In rifle hunting, we eithically hunt elk much differently with a .338 shooting 250 grain bullets vs. a .270 shooting a 150 grain bullet. With the .338, we can both 'bone hunt' the shoulder/spine/humerus or take 'raking shots' to quickly break down an animal.

The same principle holds true when shooting our GrizzlyStik 650 grain system of tapered, high FOC arrows and surgically sharp, single bevel broadheads. If a hunter can tell where the vitals are - green light - regardless of body position. Just like that .338, the 650 system is going to break any bone it encounters and keep penetrating.

La Pampa Success – “He was slowly walking from my left to right, broadside, when I let the arrow go. It never slowed down when it hit him but I was worried it was a little far back and high. My fears quickly disappeared when he piled up at about 100 yards.

When we recovered the arrow, it was a full 50 yards beyond where it hit him and the broadhead looked perfect. It’s ridiculous how well these 650 grain Momentum TDT arrows fly for me. I don’t think I’ve ever shot better in my life.” – Adam Foss

“50# Bow = Down In 24 Seconds" – We often get asked if heavy, high FOC arrows are a fit for bowhunters with short draws and/or shooting lighter poundage bows. As seen in the video, we have found it’s even more important for these bowhunters to maximize arrow weight and FOC to gain effective and lethal penetration.

Kristin Holt used a Mathews Jewel set to 50# @ 22.5” draw for her first archery elk hunt. We outfitted her with our 650 grain (all in) GrizzlyStikMomentum tapered arrows tipped with 200 grain Maasai single bevel broadheads. Her arrow system had a 26% FOC and it put this New Mexico bull down in just 24 seconds.

Have you ever passed on a shot because you were afraid of hit the shoulder? By switching to the 650 grain GrizzlyStik arrow & broadhead system, you'll never have to pass again. Go ahead - shoot'm in the shoulder. Our performance results and success are well documented on heavy bone hits.

If you or any members of your hunting party had issues with arrow performance or animal recovery last season, there's still time to make a change. Shooting the 650 grain GrizzlyStik system will eliminate your anxiety of poor arrow penetration and have you hunting with more confidence, more proficiency and more success.

If your looking for proven lethal performance in your arrow & broadhead system, there is still time to test for this fall. We offer two arrow test kits in stock, 650, 950 and 1250 grain total weights. Order a test kit today (stop waiting) and make this fall an epic one.

All Trauma & No Drama - "Here’s a great old warrior bull I was able to take in Idaho with my Silver Flame 125XL broadheads. This bull was heart shot through his left shoulder at 45 yards. He dropped in 70 yards and expired in just seconds.

When we skinned out the bull (see pictures) you can see the devastation the broadhead caused on the opposite shoulder and inside this giants chest cavity.

Three experienced hunters and the butcher said they couldn’t believe what this broadhead can do. Our general comments were.....'it looks like he was shot with a .300 Win Mag.' Thanks again for making it possible for me to pursue bugling elk and have the confidence my gear will put these animals down as quickly as possible." - CJ Bouchard

NZ Brute - Jon-Paul Dafonte collecting some mass on his South Pacific safari. Since switching to GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT arrows tipped with our Maasai broadheads, JP has been on a tear - harvesting 9 trophy animals in under 3 years.

Test for Success! Here's to successful GrizzlyStik testing resulting in GrizzlyStik bowhunting success with an elk down for a DIY father and son hunt on public land in Idaho.

"Thank you Ginny for all your help. I originally ordered the wrong arrows for my bow. You recognized that, called me on a Saturday and had me a test pack coming within a week. 

After I decided which arrow was right for me, you got me set up in time for me to have a good 3 weeks of practice before heading to Eastern Idaho for a public land DIY hunt.

Here are the results. The 240 spine momentum 450-grain shaft tipped with a 200-grain Samurai broadhead hit just behind the shoulder twisting its way between two ribs and into the lungs, turning back a little clipping the liver before exiting the body. 

This guy traveled a total of 300 yards up and down the mountain before dropping about 100 yards from where he was shot. I am so thankful for this harvest, and so thankful for Grizzlystik!" - Chris Landino

363" Colorado Bull - “It's an honor to shoot your GrizzlyStik equipment. I can't undermine the broadhead penetration and success I’ve had. Keep cutting those Silver Flame broadheads and I'll do my best to keep splitting ribs.” - Thanks again, Blake Barnett

Ready For The Roar? - Father & Son hunting partners John Chip Hubbard & John Hubbard met us several years back at SCI while planning their Argentine red stag safari. We recommend both hunters start with with GrizzlyStik by purchasing our 650 grain two arrow test kit and test which arrow spine would fly the best for them. 

After testing, both hunters selected the 650 grain (all in) GrizzlyStik Momentum tapered arrows tipped with our 200 grain Maasai single bevel broadheads. The arrows had a bone breaking FOC of 26% and both hunters enjoyed flawless performance on their epic hunt.

Traditional Happiness - Corey Hansen is all smiles after passing through this Oregon OTC bull with the GrizzlyStik system from his 60# longbow.

GrizzlyStik's roots are in traditional archery, that's probably why we look at building our arrow & broadhead systems the way we do. Tapered arrows, high FOC, structural integrity and single bevel broadheads are not new 'Buzz Words'. These are proven archery principles that mankind has been successfully using for thousands of years.

Opening Day OTC Success - “My MomentumTDT was loosed and I watched all 30" disappear into the bull. He ran and I followed. As he exited the meadow I stopped him with a popping grunt. Finding a perfect lane to his vitals I shot again. I watched the arrow go to the exact spot I was focusing on. 60-yard Heart shot.

Even with two well-placed arrow the bull took off again. Knowing how tough these a
nimals are and not wanting to risk any chance of losing him. I continued to pursue him stopping him again at 70 yds. My third arrow was away and found its mark through the lungs. He was down in less than 45 seconds from the initial shot. THANK YOU, LORD!” – Ryan Holzhouser

What do elk guides do on their day off?  Riley Manzonie of Currant Creek Outfitters is busy filling the freezer like the rest of us. Guides know what equipment works in the field, their jobs depends on it. That's why so many top guides not only recommend the GrizzlyStik 650 system but they shoot it themselves.

A while back Donnie Vincent hunted with Riley and encouraged him to try GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads. Riley checked out the information on our website, and then ordered a test pack for himself and his sister Stacey. After testing they ordered more arrows and broadheads for their hunt.

When the shot opportunity presented itself – Riley took the shot, with confidence that the bull was his no matter the situation. He was right! Congratulations to Riley and thanks for sharing your pictures and your story!

Changing an industry one successful bowhunter at a time... 

It has been a long hard-fought battle changing the way an entire industry thinks - we're grateful to the bowhunters who have tested and then proven in the field that heavier, high FOC arrows, tipped with sharp single bevel broadheads work even when things go wrong. 

We're proud of the progress we've made so far and we promise that we will never give up the fight. Our mission is to manufacture products that set bowhunters up for success - even when heavy bone is hit.

We've been encouraging bowhunters to shoot heavier arrows and sharp single bevel broadheads since the 1990's. 

We were first on the market with full length tapered carbon arrows - and all these years later, we're still the only choice in carbon arrows if you want to take advantage of the increase in FOC (forward of center) and penetration that only tapered arrows offer as part of the design.

Coast 2 Coast Cow - "I took a 45 yard, quartering toward shot and my arrow completely passed through and out the opposite hind quarter!I hit her one more time and the second shot shattered the humerous and still penetrated another 10 inches.

Both arrows are still in perfect shape. I'm shooting the GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT at a 650 grain TAW and I love the performance."
- Kyle Meier

Solo Arizona - "It all came together for me on thd forth day of my self guided AZ elk hunt.  Both public land and GrizzlyStik helped me provide! I just love these tapered GrizzlyStik arrows. All I had to do was pack him out." - Chris Parrino

"I get a kick when other bowhunters tell me that GrizzlyStik's are expensive. I explain since switching, the arrows & broadheads are the cheap part. You should see the increase in my taxidermy bills." - Wild Bill Gilman enjoying 401" of bull elk next to the fire.

WYO Wapiti - "I just recently returned from an amazing elk hunt near the bighorns in Wyoming. The elk were in full blown rut and each sit I had at least three bulls within shooting ranges from 6-40 yds. I had to be held off several times by the Guide so I could shoot something bigger, and Wow was I glad I waited.

The morning of the third day, I had already passed on 4 different bulls and spooked 1 while drawing. A mere minutes later, after I spooked the last bull, I had the bull I shot arrive. I was able to shoot him at 36 yds quartering away. The arrow entered around the last rib and exited just about 3" or so behind the opposite shoulder. I hit both lungs, when the arrow hit it sounded like a very sharp knife cutting several layers of papers (but exponentially louder).

He ran only around 75 yards and dropped, but just before dropping he coughed up a blood spray that was indescribable. We only retrieved 3" of arrow, it was broke off sometime after immediate impact but other than that was complete pass thru. The blood trail, if needed, was like walking a highway of red blood.

This elk was gross scored at 378", I truly love this new set up for Whitetails and bigger critters. I was using the 650 system, 320 spine with 200 grain maasai broadheads. Thanks for a great products!" - Gary Mills

Pass Through Success - "GrizzlyStik, I wanted to thank you for building such fantastic broadheads. I arrowed this New Mexico bull at 52 yards and double lunged him. He ran no more than 50 yards and was down. Complete pass through and you'll see just how unscathed the broadhead still looks after sticking in the ground! I love my Silver Flame 125's, they fly better than any other broadhead I have ever used." - CJ Bouchard


Evergreen Monarch 373 2/8 - "I love, love, love these GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT a tapered arrows. The in/outsert system with the brass sleeve up front makes them virtually indestructible. With the Samurai 200 grain broadheads on the front, I have a feeling of superior confidence when I hunt. This is the 5th big game animal I have taken with them this fall and I've had complete pass throughs on all!” –  Wild Bill Gilman

A Royal Red - Corey Schaefer of Pelser Bowhunting trusted the GrizzlyStik system to completely pass through this Iberian red deer at 37 yards. Corey, who is also a PH in South Africa, was shooting our system of tapered Momentum TDT arrows tipped with our new REDLINE 125 Silver Flame broadheads built to 525 grains total. 

Over his two week hunt, Corey and his PH Joaquin Vadillo Galan loosed 6 GrizzlyStik arrows to take 6 trophy book Iberian animals, 5 with complete pass throughs.

The 650 Grain Switch - "I got tired of making 'good' shots and getting mediocre arrow penetration. I work my ass off every sesson just too get into shot position. Workouts, shooting and scouting.....elk hunting is my passion and dealing with arrow failure can be completely heartbreaking.Before I switched to the 650 system, I'd lost bull elk in back-to-back seasons. These failures sent me on a quest to find a more lethal set up. I found exactly what I was looking for - one shot, one kill performance with GrizzlyStik. These things are the real deal!" - Martin Kuchta

Samurai Number 3 - "What an amazing performer! I've taken three bull Elk with the GrizzlyStik Samurai 200 broadheads out of my 51# longbow. My total arrow weight is 544 grains and I had rib busting pass-throughs on two of the three bulls.

I couldn't be more pleased with the performance of my broadheads. As soon as the arrow leaves the string, I feel like it's game over!" - Jason Kann

New Mexico Brute - “It was so hot and windy, I elected to take my shot at 84 yards. I’ve been shooting the GrizzlyStik system for several seasons and I had full confidence I could make a lethal shot. The bull was broadside with a slight quartering away. The arrow hit about 4” behind the crease and completely passed through this old warrior. Upon recovery, the arrow was sticking in the rocky ground about 8" – amazing! The bull ran about 50 yards and was down with a massive blood trail.

I love, love, love these new Momentum TDT arrows. The in/outsert system on the front makes them virtually indestructible. With the Samurai 200 grain broadheads on the front, I have a feeling of superior confidence when I hunt.” – Wild Bill Gilman

“September called and I appreciate it again!!! Blew through the front shoulder on a quartering to me shot. 38 yards and my Silver Flame broadhead got about 25 inches of penetration after hitting bone. It's an honor to shoot your GrizzlyStik equipment. I can't undermine the broadhead penetration and success I’ve had. Keep cutting those Silver Flames and I'll do my best to keep splitting ribs.” - Thanks again, Blake Barnett

DIY Bull - “I took this public land Elk in Colorado with my PSE Full Throttle shooting Easton FMJ arrows tipped with 125 grain GrizzlyStik Samurai broadheads. I bumped this bull walking in to set up for the evening. The whole thing, from when I heard him to shot was less than 60 seconds. It was one of those times where everything went my way - clean pass through at 39 yards.

I have shot GrizzlyStik broadheads for a couple years and love them! this is my third animal with them and couldn't be happier.” - Tanner Gossack

Opening Day Bull - “My TDT was loosed and I watched all 30 inches disappear into the bull. He ran and I followed. As he exited the meadow I stopped him with a popping grunt. Finding a perfect lane to his vitals I shot again. I watched the arrow go to the exact spot I was focusing on. 60-yard Heart shot.

Even with two well-placed arrow the bull took off again. Knowing how tough these animals are and not wanting to risk any chance of losing him. I continued to pursue him stopping him again at 70 yds. My third arrow was away and found its mark through the lungs. He was down in less than 45 seconds from the initial shot. THANK YOU, LORD!” – GrizzlyStik Master fletcher and arrowsmith Ryan Holzhouser

Ryan was shooting our GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT arrows custom built by @victory_archery at 650 grains and tipped with 200 grain Maasai broadhead for his Oregon (opening day) public land bull.

"Red Roar - Red Arrow" - Argentine PH Santi Rossi panting one 650 grain arrow red during the red stag roar.

Colorado Success - Another tale of two hunts. For 4 days we didn't see or hear an elk. Not even a fresh track. We moved camp 30 miles and our fortune changed. Three more days and we had this beautiful bull on the ground. Thanks to Jerry's Archery as always for keeping up to date with this new Bowtech Reign 7, Jake Thompson with Danger Close Outdoors for working with me on these great GrizzlyStik arrows and Samurai broad heads, and Nimrod Outdoor Company packs. All critical in our success.

Thank you to my beautiful wife, Michelle Grupe. That is one part of my team work I couldn't do without. With her love and support and care for our large family, I could not do this. Love you honey! Also, special shout out to my stout field producer Ryer Porter for hauling a lions share of this beast down the mountain. This was definitely a team effort." - Mark Grupe 

Professional guide Neil Emick selected the Maasai 125 broadhead for his New Zealand red stag hunt.

Bowhunters seriously working toward their North American 29 all know Mark Buehrer and the all-star team at Bowhunting Safari Consultants. It would be difficult to name another outfitter that has enjoyed more success setting up bowhunters in pursuit of the Grand Slam.  Mark has both trusted & recommended the GrizzlyStik arrow and broadhead system for years. For this successful Arizona elk hunt, he was shooting our single-bevel Samurai 125 broadheads.

STOP the pre-shot doubts & anxiety….and START picking the bone you want to break as your GrizzlyStik passes through your elk next fall. Shooting a 650 grain, high FOC GrizzlyStik arrow & broadhead system will change how you think about shooting big game animals. Imagine having the confidence to take any shot, at any angle and ethically breaking down the animals you hunt. This public land Oregon "Crazy Horn" bull is a perfect case study. While quartering away, Jeremy Johnson elected to aim at the offside shoulder of this bull - with the intention of breaking it. At impact the arrow broke the nearside rib, passed though both lungs and broke the off side shoulder before completely exiting.

Canadian Bull - “I thought I’d send you my Alberta bull shot with a GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow tipped with a 200 grain Samurai broadhead. My son in law, Matt Kidwell gave me some of his arrows to use, they performed flawlessly! Can’t wait to use them in Africa next year. Thank you.” - Fred Kowalke

Two Tags/Two Elk - Doug VanTassel finding his mark twice on New Mexico Bulls using the Silver Flame 125XL.

Rosie Success - "This last weekend is one I will never forget. After a year of studying maps, scouting and learning as much as I could about Roosevelt elk I was able to harvest this bull. It had been a dream of mine to harvest a true Roosevelt bull with my bow. This is not only my first Roosevelt but is my first elk ever.  The Maasai 125 delivered as promised!" - Nathan Horn

“September called and I appreciate it again!!! Blew through the front shoulder on a quartering to me shot. 38 yards and my Silver Flame broadhead got about 25 inches of penetration after hitting bone. It's an honor to shoot your GrizzlyStik equipment. I can't undermine the broadhead penetration and success I’ve had. Keep cutting those Silver Flames and I'll do my best to keep splitting ribs.” - Thanks again, Blake Barnett

What do guides do on their day off? Go hunting of course. Professional guide Neil Emick of Sandy Hills Hunting Company getting it done - guiding himself. Neil is going through the process testing progressively heavier single bevel broadheads on high(er) FOC arrows. His personal results on several animals taken last year have started to change the equipment he recommends to his guided clients. This bull was shot with a 554-grain arrow (all in) tipped with a 200 grain GrizzlyStik Maasai broadhead. The arrow has a 21% FOC and is shot out of a 70# bow.

South Pacific Safari – “GrizzlyStik: I was able to shoot all four of these animals on safari with the same Maasai 125 grain broadhead - and all were pass through! The stag, feral sheep and fallow deer were taken in New Zealand and we traveled to Australia (Walker river - 120 miles outside of Gove) for my Asiatic buffalo.” - Blaine Stratton

Murphy's Law In Full Effect - "Finally got it done! I was on so many other bigger bulls, but can't complain. 7x7 with kickers and heavily loaded packs is a great way to cap my season!  My GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows tipped with 315 grain Ashby broadheads weighed 780 grains total and it zipped right through him. Anyone that tells you heavy, high FOC arrows weigh too much, is either ignorantly bliss or trying to sell you something." - Patrick Hagens

Is there any more satisfying feeling then watching your arrow disappear at impact? We sure don’t think so. The GrizzlyStik 650 grain system of arrows and broadheads was designed specifically to penetrate - regardless of shot angle, animal body position or heavy bone hit. Bowhunters shooting GrizzlyStik enjoy a confidence that they can ethically aim for the shoulder, front leg or take a frontal shot and gain lethal penetration - every time. And just like in this video, the 650 grain system works just fine if you hit them in the boiler room too. “Dead elk.”

Full Frontal Elk! "85 yard frontal shot with the 125gr massai did its job on a 652gr arrow set up. Bull went about 100 yards before piling up on the bottom of a ravine. I put a second one in him while I was above him on the ravine. Love the Massai broad heads." Dave Dole

Never Too Heavy - "My GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows tipped with 315 grain Ashby broadheads weighed 780 grains total and it zipped right through him. Anyone that tells you heavy, high FOC arrows weigh too much, is either ignorantly bliss or trying to sell you something." - Patrick Hagens

"Garrett - Attached is 5 x 5 Elk taken in Chama New Mexico with my Hoyt Carbon Matrix Shooting at only 52#) with GrizzlyStik Momentum 450 arrow with Silver Flame XL 125 grain broadhead.  I shot the Elk at 40 yards and was amazed (as was my guide) to find my arrow cut through rib at both entry and exit (although only a portion of arrow fully exited). I was convinced this arrow was worth every penny - it did its job and I was left with a lifetime memory!"  Best Regards, Tom





Here is a picture of nice elk I got this year. Complete pass through at 31 yards, and a follow-up double lung penetration at 42 yards with my #69 Recurve.  Thanks for the great GrizzlyStik arrow and broadhead combo! Jim Elder 

Jeremy Johnson used a GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow weighted up to 650 grains with a Monach broadhead to take the solo Oregon elk. The arrow made a complete pass-through.

“After countless years I gained enough points and finally drew a Unit 27 Arizona Elk Tag. I have taken several trophy Elk and Mule deer with GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows and Samurai broadheads but I had my first experience where everything went wrong and I still recovered my animal. I had been working a big bull all morning but I could never close to within bow range. From nowhere, I got that sinking feeling as I heard another group of hunters calling to the same bull. The herd could feel a pinch and broke heading uphill. My frustration boiled over

As I was still fuming, this bull broke from below me and was going to run right past. This was my first time seeing him. I drew back as this bull passed at about 35 yards. He was really moving and I did not take the lead on him that I had hoped. The arrow disappeared as it struck his near side ham. The bull instantly started to buckle and he crashed down at 40 yards. Upon inspection, I discovered the arrow had completely passed through while breaking the hip and cutting the femoral artery.
So many things went wrong in a very short time span and I was still able to recover this awesome 365+" bull. Thank you GrizzlyStik!” - Wild Bill

"Garrett, I just got back from The Lodge at Chama in New Mexico.  I was lucky enough to take my first Bull Elk on my first morning of hunting. I’m shooting a 60# bow with your GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows and Samurai 200 Broadheads.   My total arrow weight is 656 grains with a 25% FOC. 

My guide called in this Bull to 32 yards and he was slightly quartering away. The arrow made contact behind the shoulder and never slowed down as it completely passed through.  The bull made a 90-yard sprint and collapsed in a heap.  When we recovered the bull, both the guide and I were shocked, Not only had I hit both lungs and the top of the heart but the opposite shoulder had been hit and completely broken.  The arrow and broadhead were in “Like New” condition.  Thank you for making such an awesome product."  Richard Muslow

Alex Taylor used 650 grain GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow with 200 grain Maasai broadhead out of his 54# Longbow to take this Colorado Bull.  "The bull was at 23 yards broadside when I shot.  

"At first, I wasn't sure if I missed because the arrow never slowed down as it completely passed through. The bull didn't seem to know what happened and only traveled 10 yards before he was down."

Santiago does a lot of reporting from the field on his results with GrizzlyStik Gear. He just took a nice Red Stag with the new GrizzlyStik Momentum carbon arrows.

Will Doward of Turkey Fan used a 650 grain GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow and Maasai broadhead to take his elk.

"Wanted to thank you for providing such a fantastic broadhead. I arrowed this NM Elk at 52yds and double lunged him. He ran no more than 50 yds. Complete pass through and you'll see below how unscathed the broadhead still looks and shoots! Love my Silver Flame 100! They fly better than any other broadhead I have ever used." - CJ Bouchard

Congratulations to Santiago Rossi, he is a bowhunting machine! Here's his latest fallow deer taken with GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows and 200 grain GrizzlyStik Maasai single bevel broadheads.

Congratulations to Ryan Holzhouser for his quick score on a big load of fresh elk steaks with GrizzlyStik Momentum Black arrows and 200 grain GrizzlyStik Maasai single bevel broadheads!! "Well since you told me to. How's about a 57 yard full pass thru double lung shot. 6 x 7 goliath bodied wapiti. Your arrows are so legit!"

"Hello Garrett, I took the GrizzlyStik Challenge last year, as a skeptic like so many.  I was trying to stabilize fixed blade broadheads with lightweight arrows in preparation for archery season here in Oregon where as you know we cannot use mechanical broadheads. An avid archer since age 12, I have always loved the long shots, so I set out on a conquest to break the 80 yard mark. What I realized when I came upon the Grizzly Stick system, is lethality is more about penetration, and less about yardage. I had to come to a place in my experience where it was either get within fifty yards, or don't attempt. My pride had finally broken. And so, confident to 60 yards and armed with my GrizzlyStik Momentum 250s and Monarch 150 grain forged single bevel broadheads, I set out into Oregon coastal timber country with cow call and bugle horn. 

Most of my bow hunting is done solo, but this morning, I woke and had the idea to bring my 13 year old son and his visiting nephew from Florida. Against all the odds with our young party of three, thirty miles deep into mixed private/BLM coastal forest, we found ourselves moving silently down a BLM timber-cut side hill road with elk sign and steaming manure piles everywhere. Finally, we came upon a bedding area used that night, fresh with a bee hive we barely missed stepping on. We let out a soft cow call, and an even softer bugle, confident the herd had fed just downhill within earshot, but to no avail, nothing. So, we decided to shift across the ridge we were nearly already cresting, and call out the opposing draw. As we scrambled through the understory on all fours and breached the tangling briar mess, we came into the first clearing, with the next timber road in sight, this road cut onto the spine of the same ridge. 

As we moved silently, here comes Mr. Bull, looking for us. Without making so much as a peep, horns teetering back and forth, he is closing in on us from a hundred yards or so downhill. My son spotted him just as soon as I did, and he takes cover behind the tree, hushing his flat-lands cousin. I setup on my knees and go through the shoulder square shooting, breathing, and praying motions- Bull Fever set in. The spot Mr. Bull must stop at is exactly 15 yards across from me. I have shots at 50, then 40, and closing in to 25, but wait. He comes into the 15 yard hole, sticks his head through the hole, wind still, but he stops! "Wait", I tell myself, at full draw. All of a sudden he rears back like to run, but rather than running, he comes right toward me through small reprod doug firs. I take aim and let the arrow fly through three small trees most guys would have never attempted, but my only shot on an animal closing so quickly at ten yards or less. 

The arrow busts through all three trees, strikes into the lower part of the bulls neck, penetrates through the scapula and then drives all the way into the animal with only four inches of fletching and arrow showing, as the beast rears back, and heads back down the spine of the ridge the way he came. He stops at the ridge crest, makes a wobble, and then vanishes down the backside out of view. After ending the bull with a follow up shot in his death bed at 35 yards and proceeding to clean the animal, I became sold, hook, line, and sinker on Grizzly Stick arrow and broadhead systems. I've had plenty of shots on plenty of lighter skinned game previous whose endings were much less glamorous, and for which I've lost plenty of sleep considering the meat and trophies left sacrificed to the coyotes and bears. But this arrow penetrated so deep through the hardest neck meat and shoulder bone and sinew, that it still had sufficient energy to just put a perfect hole into the right opposing lung of the animal, and bring him to his knees. I emptied maybe two gallons of blood from that right lung. Thank you!" -   Justin in Roseburg

Our good friend Santiago Rossi has been busy hunting stag with GrizzlyStik Momentum tapered carbon arrows and our single bevel GrizzlyStik Maasai broadheads. Congratulations Santi!!

Congratulations to Hunter Yineman on his first elk ever! "Thank you for your GrizzlyStik products. I do not believe I would have recovered this elk if it weren't for the razor sharp GrizzlyStik Nanook broadhead and my 915 grain set-up. This was my first elk and I had a marginal hit, but the heavy arrow and Nanook broadhead gave me a complete pass-through."  Hunter Yineman

Congratulations to George Owren, his stag was taken with a broadside shot, right behind the shoulder about half way down - complete pass-through. The stag was 40 yards out. He traveled about 150 yards and scored four hundred fifty three and three eighths. "Complete pass through. Double lung shot right behind the shoulder. Massive internal bleeding, blood was coughed up blood about 15 ft from where he was found. 200gr Masai broadheads 650 gr total weight on the GrizzlyStik Momentum full length tapered arrows. I couldn't be more pleased with your products and your help in getting me set up. By the way the stag was scored at 453 3/8. For me a trophy of a liftime George

Congratulations to James Kennedy on this nice bull elk taken with GrizzlyStik Momentum 330 arrows and Samurai 200 grain single bevel broadheads. Jim shot this bull with his 56# Black Widow bow.

Santiago Rossi is a hard core bowhunter. He travels all over the world hunting and guiding hunters. He's living the dream so many have - but he's working hard at it. Santi does a lot of reporting from the field on his results with GrizzlyStik Gear. He just took a nice Red Stag with the new GrizzlyStik Momentum tapered carbon arrows. Stay tuned - there are bound to be more reports coming in from Santi.

Congratulations to Ryan Holzhauser on his successful season using GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows and Maasai 200 grain single bevel broadheads. Ryan shares his story below.

"Last nite was awesome! I found an elk herd feeding into a clear-cut right before dark. They were a long long ways away and I didn't have much hopes of encountering them but I still let out a short bugle in hopes of locating a bull. No answer - but I saw an elk start pushing other elk around and through my binoculars noticed that it was a small herd bull. I hit him with some short cow pleads and this time he responded with some chuckles in an attempt to call this lost cow towards him... 

He walked away from the herd and went up on the skyline of the ridge. He was still a long ways away and I did not think I was going to be able to close the distance into the hundred yard RedZone but by using the cover of my cow decoy I slipped into the clear-cut in plain view of the rest of the herd. I was giving him some excited, cow calls as I quickly moved his way. I had his attention locked as he thought he was gaining another cow for his harem. I made it as far as I could into the cover at the bottom of the clear cut. In the riparian zone I ranged all the open lanes I had and was getting ready for a 40 yard shot if he showed interest in coming. 

In my attempts to call him in my cow calls were answered with chuckles and small bugles since he was not willing to come towards me any further I resorted to making some raking and light chuckles in an attempt to make him jealous thinking another bull was sneaking in to snag this cow (me). He instantly got fired up and started throwing small sticks and logs into the air with his antlers when he bugled I immediately cut him off with am aggressive bugle followed some chuckles... he got mad. He worked his way towards me thrashing trees and saplings along the way. Entering the zone the opposite way I expected him to be coming at me with the wind right at his back. After holding my Bow at full draw for what felt like forever I had to rest my bow and cam on my leg as he closed the last few yards and exposed himself from the dense cover. 

The shot was close - 12 yards. He came in quartering toward me. With my new-found confidence shooting a heavy front of center heavy weight arrow I had no problem taking the shot at that angle. At the shot, my 650 grain "spear" split right through the shoulder and slammed into his vitals. It was a quick recovery. I watched him bed down in the clear-cut an expire within minutes. Woo hoo!! What an experience!! Delicious meat. Beautiful animal. I am so blessed to be able to spend so much time in the woods chasing elk bugles for most of September! Thank you to my beautiful wife Caitlin for understanding and allowing me to pursue my passion - and thank you to my fellow workmates and friends who have helped me along the way." - Ryan Holzhauser

"Maasai did the trick again. This is my second bull using this broadhead and it worked perfectly both times. Excellent penetration and devastating results. Thank you." David Wright

"This is my Red Stag taken in Chile back in March. One Shot with my GrizzlyStik Momentum and 150 Silver Flame total 650 grains. Was a great hunt and again thank you for all your help. Next month Brown Bear up in your neck of the woods. Wish me luck. Finally going to get to use the Ashby's. Should be fun. Hope all is well with ya'll. Thanks." - Jerry Coxey

Congratulations to Brian Mutch on this nice bull elk taken with traditional gear. "Dear ABS, I took this Wyoming bull last September. Cow called him in for a very close shot at eight yards. I used a Habu 52# long bow and arrows tipped with your Silver Flame 150 grain broadheads. Short recovery; very exciting!!!" Brian Mutch

Congratulations to Wild Bill on this impressive elk."This elk rough scored 350. The shot was 61 yards down hill, I shot it for 50. He jumped the string to go straight away and the arrow entered below the tail perfectly between the hind quarters and the arrow buried it to the fletching. My GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows and Samurai broadheads did the job again!" - Wild Bill

I just got back from New Zealand and had a great trip. I have been bowhunting for 36 years and I hunt all around the world.  I couldn't possibly see ever using a different broadhead.  Keep up the great quality of the Silver Flames. Thanks, Randy Cooling

Opening Day BOOM! This Oregon opening day bull was taken using a 750 grain (all in) GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT arrow tipped with a forged 315 grain Ashby broadhead from a 72# bow. The arrow had a 28% FOC.The arrow system completely passed through the bull and 27 yards. He was down in under a minute, for a clean one shot kill. During field dressing, it was discovered that not only was the off side scapula hit, the bone was completely split into two pieces. The GrizzlyStik was recovered a full 30 yards beyond the first impact.

Here's a picture of an really nice Red Stag taken by Mirko Rainer. Here's a quick note from Mirko: "Hey My name is Mirko and I am from North Italy. This is my first European Red Stag taken in the Alps with the Ashby Broadhead! I used a Black Widow Bow 61 lbs @27", Gold Tip shafts and Ashby Broadheads. A friend of mine gave me a few to try them out. I must say they did their job well. They past true the stag like passing true butter!!  Soon I will try the GrizzlyStiks as well! You will here soon from me!!"   Mirko Rainer

Three happy elk hunters who all used our GrizzlyStik Samurai single bevel broadheads in 125 grains.

"GrizzlyStik, I wanted to provide a field report on your samurai broadheads from the hunting grounds of Montana. We hunt elk almost exclusively and wanted a head that would perform during all shot conditions. We have had good success in the past with the Magnus stinger heads which have a tanto cutting head but they will not go through an elk shoulder which unfortunately happens at times. We switched to 125 grain Samurai heads this year and killed 3 bulls with the heads, photos attached. None of the arrows passed thru although 2 penetrated the far side and were barely hanging in. 

All elk died within 150 yards. We did not get a true test of the scapula bone penetration performance although one shot went in at an angle in front of one shoulder and behind the trailing shoulder. This arrow did not push through the hide on the far side but went through the massive sternum/rib area in front of the shoulder….this elk died in seconds as the arrow angled thru the heart. We all shoot modern compound bows over 65#. Overall, very happy with the heads and will continue to use them next year."
 Thanks, Richard J. West

If he doesn't shrink too much he's a contender for the New Mexico state record. Complete pass thru @ 31 yards. Down in 3 steps. 1100 LBS and 410 typical gross. GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows and Maasai heads.

"I wanted to drop you folks a line to say thanks for the great products. I hunted the heat of Montana last week with temps topping 90 degrees but was still able to bring some meat back home. This cow was broadside at 50 yards and I tucked a Silver Flame XXL and a GrizzlyStik Momentum 330 behind her right front shoulder. She went only 50 yards. This is my first elk and hopefully not my last. I’ll send you more photos this season as I have opportunities to do so. Thanks again!" Regards, Michael S. Juhasz

Update! "The arrows/broadheads received a lot of attention from the other hunters at Montana Whitetails two weeks ago. 

Our guide asked my brother and I what we were using for heads and when we showed him the set-up (and when we showed how accurate they were, even at 60 yards on the target) he smiled. I passed around your info. Hope they convert as well! I put a doe down on Saturday with the same head I used on the elk after touching it up. She left a short and heavy blood trail. Love the XXL’s. Let’s see how many critters I can run through with that head this season! Re-sharpens quite easily by the way. Good luck this season."
 Regards, Michael S. Juhasz

Check out the rack on this guy! (This big Red Stag is enough like an elk to post it in this section.) Congratulations to Gregory Turjan - he took this big'un with Momentum tapered carbon arrows and our 315 grain Ashby forged GrizzlyStik broadheads.

"You have helped me out quite a bit over the last year with my transition to traditional and G Fred Asbell moving me over to left handed from right handed. It was a success. Here is a photo of a nice 5X5 shot at 10 yards outside of Raton NM. Momentum shaft with a 315 grain Ashby on the front totaling 852 Grains out of a 53lb Black Widow PSR. I'm hooked!  Tony Holt

"Hello, Garrett, After a really depressing end to my limited-entry archery elk hunt in Utah, I was lucky enough to end my year with this awesome bull!  The difference between the arrow/broadhead setup I used on this bull--a Momentum arrow tipped with a 200 grain Samurai, totaling 650 grains--compared to the arrow/braodhead setup I used on my limited-entry bull--a Radial X Weave tipped with a Rage, totaling 400 grains--was astounding. The shots on both elk were equal: standing broadside at 20 yards. The shot placement on the limited-entry bull was perfect, but the arrow only got eight inches of penetration, which resulted in us tracking him throughout the night for over 1.8 miles. We continued looking for five days, but we never found him. I was absolutely crushed. At 20 yards, with a perfect shot, we did not recover the bull! That's why I decided to give your gear a try. With the GrizzlyStik setup, the arrow punched through this bull so fast the people behind me thought I missed! I hit this bull in the exact same spot as the other, and instead of going over 1.8 miles, he went 65 yards and died within sight! Thanks for everything, Garrett! Your products, company, and customer service are top-notch, and after my experience, I'll never hunt big game with anything else." All the best, Chase

"Two years ago I called and spoke with Garrett. I told him that my hunting buddy and I only get one week off to hunt elk (we're both Soldiers and are not stationed out west). That translates into 5 or 6 hunting days with travel. We have to maximize daylight and shot opportunities. We also can't risk trying to draw a tag, because if we draw, we may be overseas or on a mission. So, we hunt public land in Colorado, purchasing over the counter tags, there's plenty of elk, but they're under a lot of pressure. 

Over the last couple years we've had opportunities that didn't work out. Twice our only shot was a quartering to almost full frontal on a bull, both times we passed and let the elk walk. Once on a nice bull, I bounced, yes bounced, a 400gr total weight arrow with a fixed blade broadhead, going about 290fps, off the front leg that bull. I'm not sure how it happened, but I watched him shake it off and trot away, no blood trail. The arrow had a little blood and hair on it, but obviously bounced off the leg as I found it on a weird angle different from the line of fire. 

So, by 2012 I was searching for a better solution and found Alaska Bowhunting and GrizzlyStik. I called and Garrett answered. I discussed, sometimes almost arguing, weight, weight forward, single bevel vs. normal fixed blades, Kinetic Energy (KE) vs. Momentum (P), and why a tapered shaft penetrates a bunch of other stuff. He convinced me to have two test arrows made and buy a pack of test field points. He said to shoot them, try different field point weights, and you'll find the one that works for you. Well he was right. I tested them, liked them, and called back and bought a set of custom Momentum Arrows and some Massai broadheads. Total weight was 624gr. I was confident a bull elk would not - "rub some dirt on it and walk it off" if I hit him with this. 

Day 3 of our hunt, Sunday morning hunting on my own, a bugle within a quarter mile stopped me in my tracks. Bugling bulls are rare in the area we hunt. The over the counter tag units have a bunch of elk, but the pressure of "run and gun" hunters makes the bulls very call shy. It's nothing to see other hunters, have your tags checked by game wardens, and/or see lazy hunters driving the roads - get out - call - get back in their car. The bull bugled again and I thought, "He's way above me, already done feeding and headed toward a bedding area. I cannot catch him, so what the hell I'll call." 

I gave two soft cow calls, he responded, and came running. Shocked, I dropped my gear, ran up the draw to a meadow/water hole I figured he would come to, and hid behind the pond dam. I caught my breath, drew my bow, and popped up from the cover behind the elk. I stood there dejected, laughed at myself, and then he popped out. I thought, "Man I'm dumb, now I'm busted." Well he didn't see me and kept coming from about 200yds away. I dropped to my knees behind the pond damn and tried to control my breathing. By the time I could hear anything but my own heartbeat I could hear the bull drinking. 

I drew my bow again, from me knees and popped up over the damn to shoot. He was surprised but didn't run and stood there facing me straight on. I knew he was a legal bull, but didn't dare look at his antlers. I put the 20 and 30 pin low and high on the front of his shoulder and let the arrow go. He exploded out of the water hole, ran and stopped broadside. I guess he was checking his back trail to see if he was being chased. I picked up my rangefinder, he was at 54yds. My hands started shaking now, because I could see now he was a huge bull and he was standing there bleeding. I nocked another arrow and put one low in his chest. I watched him stumble into the woodline, marked the spot, and went to get help. We found him not far from where I saw last. 

The first shot was 26yds, I ranged the spot he was standing after I watched him walk into the wood line. Upon quartering the big 7x6 bull, I found the first arrow still in him. The arrow passed all the way through the center of the huge front shoulder, the chest cavity, the guts, and the entire ham! You could actually feel the point underneath the hide of his rump if you pressed against the hide from the outside. ALL the way through! Now my arrow broadhead combination is actually light for the folks at GrizzlyStik, but it was more than enough to punch through him from the "rooter to the tooter". The second shot, broadside at 54yds, was a clean pass through and we found that arrow as well. 

My wife ordered me two more sets of the same arrows for Christmas."

Here is my bull after he made it home. ~ Michael A, Abell

"My fall success continues and I arrowed this nice 5x5 in New Mexico last week during the rifle season! 25 yard pass-thru that ripped a rib in half on the way out but I was a little back on the shot - caught a lung and some liver. Took three long shots and I was able to get another arrow in him at 58 yards....drilled him right behind the shoulder quartering away and the Maasai struck so hard it buried into the opposite shoulder. The shaft broke but I recovered the head and reloaded it onto a new shaft. Recovered the other missed shots and the arrows/heads are in perfect shape - just needed a little sharping.  I am off to Saskatchewan on Saturday bow hunting for Whitetail. I was planning to switch back to my normal speed setup - lighter arrows and broadhead (Easton Axis/Nap 100) but after success on Brown Bear and Elk I figure I may as well keep the current setup going. It would be amazing if I can tag another animal using my GrizzlyStiks and Maasai heads. Only problem...I'm starting to run low on arrows (Lol). But it only takes one!"  All the best,  Derek M. Gentile

"I finally got a chance to shoot a big bull with your Samurai What an amazing Brodhead! Thank god I had one because my arrow punched through the front leg bone and stuck in the opposite side shoulder bone at 65 yards!  If I had been using a typical set up that so many Elk hunters make the mistake of doing, this magnificent bull would be un-phased with a mere cut on his shoulder. Thanks again!  David Wright

"I wanted to give you some information from my hunting experiences this past September using the GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows and Ashby 315 heads.  First off, I will say that this is a very deadly setup. I shot 4 animals, recovered 4 animals, and the longest blood trail was on an antelope, after a “less than perfect” shot, he went a couple of hundred yards. The other 3 animals all went down in sight.  This elk, by far my best test of the year. And best shot. 25 yard quartering away, text book shot. Behind the left side front shoulder back about 6 or so inches. Bull went about 60 yards, died in sight within seconds. A very lethal and humane kill.  I love my success so far this year, in producing the lethal kills that I have so far." Shay Mann

"Garrett, Thanks for your help. Attached you will see the Bull I took in Utah, on September the 2nd, using the Momentum arrow with a 20 grain additional weight in the insert. I think my total arrow weight with Broad Head is 612gr. Your arrow performed great and I am sold on the FOC and weight. I like the flight and how strong it is." Greg Morgan

"Garrett, Three years ago, I had a 45 minute conversation with you about my first archery elk hunt and what broadhead to use. You convinced me to use the Silver Flame. I ended up with the 125 gr. This is my third in a row and largest bull I've shot using the Silver Flame. Thanks for the great advice." Kyle Beck

Here is a pic of the bull I was lucky enough to take. My arrow went through the shoulder and took out both lungs. 200 grain Samurai!!!  Thanks, David Brinker - Sitka Gear

Garrett, wanted to share a couple of pics with you - there is a STORY with the Shiras moose though. I took the elk and moose with the GrizzlyStiks and the Samurai heads. I hit the bull in the shoulder. I had minimal penetration, and little blood. We had light blood trail for about 250 yards and he was still traveling with the cow, crossed river and we lost trail. Honestly thought the bull would not be recovered but I told guide I'd send him an extra $500 if he found it. He found it the next morning about a 100 yards from where I shot it - bull evidently came back to the meadow that evening (shot him in morning) and he died out in the open. The broadhead did get through the shoulder and just kept cutting with only about 4 " of arrow in him. I am convinced if it weren't for the 550 grain arrows and 150 grain 2 blade heads this moose wouldn't have been recovered. The elk - he went 30 yards and tipped over - the way it's supposed to be! Thanks again for your support. 

Note: This is a perfect example of how heavier mass weight arrows can help you get through bone that lighter arrows can't. This bowhunter used a 550 grain setup, a full 100 grains less than the 650 grains that the Ashby reports suggest, yet he still recovered an animal that may have otherwise been lost. We recommend that you try to get to the 650 grain mark, but you still have to be able to live with the trajectory.

"This is a tiny slice of what it looks like where we hunted in New Mexico. I was fortunate to help Rick Siegert a nice bull with a Silver Flame." Mark James

"Garrett - I use the 125 grain Samurai and I just returned from hunting in MT, TX and NM over the past month and got a nice elk and black bear while my wife got a whitetail. I got full penetration on my elk and a shattered rib on entry and a splintered rib on the exit side and bear was a complete pass through. The top broadhead in the pic was from the bear and the bottom from the elk. Elk and bear pics are attached also. " Rob Neilson


"Ya'll asked me to send photo's. Well here is my first Elk ever with a bow. Got him last Tuesday August 11, around 19:00. I am very thankful I was using the Silver Flame XL 125 Grain broadheads. He did not run far, about 70 yds. Shot him at 45 yds broadside. Great product!! Went right through the elk and punched out a rib on the other side. Thanks again for the help in acquiring the Silver Flame broadheads." Dwain F. Hudson Jr.

"I shot this elk at 9 yards with a Momentum arrow. I probably need to stop using your arrows my wife is tired of me mounting all the animals! Give me a call when you get time I have to get some more Shafts ordered for deer season , I know that the arrows will be over kill but that's ok! " Chris Parrino

"See the results of my Tule Elk hunt below. 50 yard shot, quartering towards me from the left. Arrow was a GrizzlyStik Momentum and a 200 grain Maasai single bevel broadhead. it entered the vitals on his right side and exited farther back on his body on his left. You can see the arrow in the photo. He immediately dropped his head, slowly walked about 60 yards, stood for about 3 minutes and dropped.  This is an excellent Tule Elk, as you may know. Not sure how he will score, but the P&Y best is (I believe) 312 5/8. I couldn't be happier. Thank you!"  Thanks for your guidance! Bill Gaines

Here's a really nice bull elk taken by Tom Marks with a 100 grain Silver Flame. Tom hit him once at 30 yards, then he was able to get him stopped briefly at 65 yards and in that moment he was able to connect again. The first arrow was a pass through and the second was really close to a pass through. Nice elk, congratulations Tom!

Kevin Veccniarecci with a 326 7/8" Elk taken with a GrizzlyStik Ashby broadhead. The Ashby broke the near rib, broke the far rib, and was sticking out the far side another three inches. Kevin used a GrizzlyStik arrow to drive the Ashby through this big elk. Congrats Kevin!

John Preston and a nice bull elk he took with a 150 grain Silver Flame.

“Eric Rome and Alaska Bowhunting Supply do it again!” 

"Well guys, I didn’t think Eric could beat last year’s performance with the 8 yard shot he put on that nice 6x6 bull elk he took with his Silver Flame equipped bow. If you remember, at Eric’s request I had his son Dylan as my wingman. It was to be his 1st elk hunting experience and an incredible one at that, watching his father take his elk hunting passion to an extreme level with his son by his side. That hunt raised the bar to a new height, one that would be very difficult to surpass. 

Earlier this year when Eric told me that he wanted to celebrate his 25th wedding anniversary by having his wife to join him on his hunt, I was both excited and concerned. Lynn had never been on a hunt nor seen a big game animal die, let alone with the use of archery equipment. The potential for the thrill of a lifetime was presented us but so too was the potential for disaster. This hunt would come with added responsibility. Skill, the right equipment and a bit of luck would prove to be key! 

Day one of the hunt went well. I called in a nice bull to close range. It was fast and furious action. Lynn was ecstatic with her first bull elk encounter. Eric did not get the shot but the hunt served as a good dress rehearsal, one that would help to prepare us for what was to occur on day two. 

The icy morning would test Eric’s hunting skills in a way that he could not have conditioned for. Beginning our trek well before sunrise we located a good sounding bull from a great distance. With a systematic approach we closed the gap and began the vocal dialog. What started off as a delicate exchange in elk talk slowly escalated to a heated shouting match. As the sun rose and the hour progressed I began to push the bull’s well established “hot buttons”. At the appropriate time I began trash-talking this bull’s neighborhood and even challenged his masculinity (tongue in cheek). It was when I told him that his mother was a mule deer that he came in hard and fast for the kill, literally. 

After checking the wind, Eric quickly chose his set-up with veteran prowess. Strategically, I directed his wife Lynn by having her take a front row seat on a fallen log just 15 yards behind her husband with myself closing the deal at five yards to her right. Continuing to vocally play the bull, I expected him work the wind and to come in to Eric’s right. Instead he charged headlong straight at the source of his aggravation, me. From his somewhat hidden position Eric was forced to draw his bow and pivot on his left foot, stepping back and rearward with his right, fluidly swinging his bow to his right as a wingshooter might maneuver his shotgun, releasing his Silver Flame tipped arrow at a distance of SIX FEET! The incredibly strong and razor-sharp broadhead busted through the shoulder bone burying the shaft to the fletching. Upon seeing the expertly placed shot I immediately knew that the bull was dead on his feet. Sounding off excitedly with numerous elk screams, bugles, chuckles, cow calls and a bunch of other unearthly sounds that I pulled out of who knows where (yeah, I was overly excited, jumping up and down, Lynn thought I was signaling for the bull to run for his life!), I slowed the running bull to a walk as he wander a distance of sixty to seventy yards. He expired quickly. It was a very, very clean kill. 

The long short of it, amazing memories of an intense, extreme and successful hunt and the thrill of a lifetime belong to Eric, Lynn and me! Eric and his Silver Flame tipped arrows did it again, yet raising that darn bar even higher! Next year I imagine he might bring the grand folks and shoot with the use of a mirror. “Happy 25th Anniversary Eric & Lynn Rome!” 

Thank you Ed, Garrett and Todd for providing the archery world with the best broadheads and arrows ever produced, period! The confidence peace of mind you give us is the added insurance of the cleanest archery kills possible. I am extremely and endlessly thankful. For archers to use lesser equipment on BIG GAME is irresponsible."

Mark James (Ex-hunting guide, turned sculptor)

We just got an update from Mark James and his friend Rhode Walker: " Howdy, Dropping you a note just past midnight-thirty here on Togwotee Pass. This one needs to be brief as we are all extremely exhausted, and for good reason. Rode pulled a repeat of 2009, scoring again on day three. Hence we did a bit if meat packing today. Rode's hunt began 3 days ago in a blizzard if you can believe that! Day two brought us a few vocalizations and an encounter with a nice 6x6 who came in to relatively close range but in a quiet manner which did not present Rode with a shot. Today my morning began after the normal night of 2 hours of sleep. I was out the door at 2:00 a.m. By 3:30 I located 2 workable herds. After spending a fair amount of time with each group and pushing various vocal buttons I made the decision to go after the bull that I felt I had the best chance bringing in to bow range. I was back at the cabin by 4:30, with a grin gave the guys the exciting report and presented to them my game plan. We headed out the door, up the highway and were afoot breathing in the perfect 26 degree mountain air 30 minutes before sunrise. By 6:00 a.m. we were in the middle of a tremendous herd of approximately 35-40 elk. The group had a very nice bull who gave us a very nice audio and visual show. I guesstimated him at 340-350 B&C. I was not able to get him closer than perhaps 60-70 yards but after 2 hours of giving them heck we pulled in a very nice satellite bull to 20 yards. Rode did AMAZINGLY well putting a perfect shot on the bull who expired seconds after Rode released his arrow. The Maasai single bevel broadhead by my friends at Alaska Bowhunting Supply performed to perfection once again as expected. I'll be sending out a detailed report with photos next day or two if I can. I just wanted to give you the heads up on the day it came together.  Tomorrow we prepare to for the filming of Jim Miller's Great Southwest Outdoors TV show. Hoping all is great in your neck of the woods!"  Mark

"Howdy once again Garrett & Ed! My great friend and fellow bowhunter Vinny Barbato took this beautiful 330 class bull elk in the 2009 season using one of your GrizzlyStik broadheads - thrilled that he did! It took very little convincing to get this skilled bowhunter to switch to the best broadheads on the planet. Thank you again so very much for being a huge part of many successful hunts and for lending credence to my 20 year slogan, "Trust your guide!" ~Congratulations Vinny~"  Mark James

"Rode Walker (A.K.A. "Bonehead") was successful with the Maasai in day 3 (Sept 3rd) of his scheduled 7 day hunt. We were into bulls daily and had several close encounters with nice bulls. This was not the herd bull that we went after that morning but both he and I could not have been happier with the hunt. The Maasai performed flawlessly as the 8 yard shot blew open a rib on the entry side enabling the arrow to pass through and continue its flight for another 38 yards!" - Mark James

"Another hunt ends on the 3rd day~ "My long time friend and hunting partner Eric Rome had success today taking a beautiful 300 class 6x6 this morning at 7:20am. It's well past midnight and we just got in packing out the 1st load which included some of the meat (heading back in the morning) antlers and cape. His son Dylan played a great part as my wing-man as he aided me by successfully deploying one of my decoys. It was an amazing hunt! We were into bulls every time we went out and had several close encounters prior to this morning's harvest. Eric is my second friend & bowhunter who has been successful this season. Just as Rode Walker, he too used a broadhead that he purchased from our friends Garrett & Ed Schlief at GrizzlyStik which was key in the success of this hunt. Amazingly, both Rode & Eric took their bulls at 8 yards and on day 3 of their hunts. I am attaching a few photos and plan on sending a more detailed story soon. We'll continue to keep you posted." - Mark James

"Hi Garrett, I just got back from an archery elk hunt to Gunnison CO (Nat. Forest) and wanted to let you know that your 100 grain silver flame's performed excellently!I had a 20 yard shot that went thru both lungs and had a fine exit wound. The 6X6 328" gross elk went less than 50 yards after arrow impact! My bow was the Mathews Monster also performed quite well. Thanks for a great product....We believe the elk was approx. 800 lbs.#  Best regards, Steve Glaza

Wyoming bull by Mark James

**Dropping Bombs** - "Shooting these Samurai 200 broadheads is liking dropping an A bomb. In the front door and out the back.....this huge bodied bull didn't make it 60 yards. I've hunted with tons of different broadheads over the years but have never had this kind of lethal performance. The Samurai delivers! Thank you!!!" - Steven Dansie

"Rode Walker does it again and again and again with GrizzlyStik!!! Rode Walker stepped it up for the 2012 season after success with shooting the Sitka shafts to the new Momentums, increasing his FOC by trading his 125 grain Maasai broadheads for some 150's.
After trying the new set up on Texas Audad and Hog with clean pass-throughs, he took it to the Wyoming mountains for elk. The hunt lasted only 3 days, each action-packed with incredible encounters of screaming bulls. It was on day 3 that Rode closed the deal with a perfectly placed 14 yard shot which resulted in the quickest, cleanest kill I have EVER witnessed with the use of archery equipment on an elk.
The bull COMPLETELY expired in approximately 5 seconds. We were elated and awestruck, thankful for the world's finest archery equipment which proves itself year after year after year. Amazingly, this was Rode's 3rd successful elk hunt which concluded on the 3rd morning of the 3rd day using equipment from Alaska Bowhunting Supply. Hunting simply does not get any better than this!
Thank you Garrett for continuing to produce the state-of-the-art equipment that enables us to enter the woods with the confidence knowing that we have made the best decisions possible in pursuing our quarry. We owe this to  animals we hunt, period." - Mark James