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Field Points

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How much is a 650-grain system going to drop compared to a 400-grain setup? For shots 40 yards and in (most bowhunters lethal distance) - Not As Much As You Might Think.  GrizzlyStik founder Ed Schlief demonstrates the effect of increased head weight on arrow trajectory at distance.  

As an example, most 70# bow shooters switching from a 400 to the 650-grain system don't adjust their (fixed) 20, 30 & 40-yard pins and can stretch out to a 100-yard pin if they want it for practice.

What can Soda Straws Teach Us about Arrow FOC?


Ed Schlief, the late founder of Alaska Bowhunting Supply and the GrizzlyStik brand gives us a simple demonstration of the effects of FOC on the flight of a projectile.  What's the FOC of your current arrow system?