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Snitches Get Stitches

We can tell you that our GrizzlyStik broadheads are sharp or we can have some of our bowhunting friends explain.

**The Price of Sharp** - Yes Silver Flame broadheads are "scary sharp." Yes, Silver Flames can deliver pass-through performance in Africa, but if you're not careful, Silver Flames can deliver stitches too. Just ask @cmigsjr

Dasha Campagna leaned in just a bit too far and her Silver Flame 125 took a bite.

**Surgical Stainless Steel** - Why do we use 440C stainless steel on our premium broadheads? For the same reason orthopedic surgeon's select 440C for their operating tools.  440C stainless is known as “razor blade steel.” When put under heat treatment, 440C attains the highest hardness level of any stainless which is imperative to maintaining sharpness and edge retention.  440C also offers excellent corrosion resistance to mild acids, alkalis, foods, fresh water, and air. It won't rust under hunting conditions.  Most importantly for bowhunters, our 440C broadheads come "surgically sharp" out of the package. That's not a fluffy marketing claim - you can ask @dkoski020 and his finger for confrimation.

**Fair Warning PSA** • GrizzlyStik would like to make a public service announcement (PSA) to all bowhunting guides, assistant guides, skinners and Professional Hunters worldwide. If you have customers shooting our high FOC, GrizzlyStik systems - PLEASE - be extra careful when gutting, cleaning and skinning.

This picture is of an Alaskan Master guide that found the tip of an Ashby 315 broadhead in the rear hip of a brown bear. The guides client took a boar with a frontal shot at 15 yards and while cleaning and skinning, the guide "knew" there was no way the Ashby broadhead could have pentrated all the way to the back hip. Unfortunately for his index finger, he was wrong.

**The Price of Sharp** - Life is full of give and take. If you want to shoot broadheads that are surgically sharp, you just may have to take stiches every once and a while. As an example,Total Khaos Outdoors is willing to pay the "sharp tax" issued by our Silver Flame 125XL broadheads. The payoff for shooting such a nasty blade? Cutting whitetail bones in half.

"Scary Sharp?" - All GrizzlyStik broadheads are guaranteed to come out of the package surgically sharp - it's kind of our thing. Our customers are literally shooting high end knife blades on the front of their arrows.  The catch? Sometimes they'll bite you!

Maasai broadheads are razor sharp!

"Where is my bone head award?! I field tested the Maasai Broadheads  on human flesh. After shooting field points at my Glenndale deer target for about 15 minutes. I shot my Maasai at my block target and removed it in the same manner I remove my field points!!!!!! I pulled it threw my hand and back of the blade cut me to the bone! 6 stitches on my pinky finger. Never even felt it! Just knew it was cut bad. I should be good to go by the hunt!

Probably should have kept this to myself but knew you would get a kick out of it! There will not be a follow-up test!!!!!!!" ~ aka Bonehead