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Guide Bob Summers

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Bob Summers - Deltana Outfitters, Alaska

While attending the 2017 SCI convention this year Bob Summers of Deltana Outfitters stopped by the GrizzlyStik booth to share a fantastic moose hunting story that made him an instant believer in GrizzlyStik tapered arrows and our razor sharp GrizzlyStik cut-on-contact broadheads.

This story is a perfect example of the increased shot opportunities you'll get when you set yourself up for success by shooting the right combination of heavier, high FOC (forward of center)arrows and the right single bevel broadheads. Even on big North Amercian animals like the Yukon moose.

Bob's story...

"I was guiding a bowhunter for moose in Alaska. He was shooting GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads.

As I recall his arrow set up was pretty heavy. When we got to within about 35 yards - the moose was quartering to.

My bowhunter was behind me and I was saying to him, 'Don't shoot, not yet, it's not a good...' As I was saying that - I heard his bow go off!

He had taken the shot.

My head spun around to check his bow. Yes - he had taken the shot. I snapped my head back around to the moose and I said, 'Shoot again! Hurry! I think you missed him.'

As the hunter spoke I turned back toward him and he said, 'I don't think I missed.'

When I turned back to check on the moose - he had already tipped over! In a matter of seconds that big bull moose was down. When we got up to it I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

The arrow went through the point of the shoulder, broke four ribs, and came out the hind quarter. We looked for the arrow but we could't find it.

I've never seen an arrow that could produce so much energy - to go the whole length of a moose - I've seen bullets not do that.

Because of that moose hunt, now when anybody comes brown bear hunting with a bow they have to use GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads or I will not take them.

They're the most fantastic performance arrows I have ever seen in 26 years of guiding."
 Bob Summers, Deltana Outfitters

Bob Summers (pictured on right) was born and raised in Pennsylvania. He got started hunting by tagging along with his dad and grandfather when he was only five years old. His passion for hunting at the age of 5 is still present to this day and is as strong as ever.

He has lived in Alaska since 1999 and has over 22 years of guiding experience in Alaska and the lower 48.

Bob has guided over 500 hunts in Alaska and the lower 48 over the years. He holds an OUPV Coast Guard License and previously guided saltwater and freshwater fishing trips in Alaska before coming on full time with Deltana Outfitters.

Bob has been with Deltana for over five years and works in the office year round with the bookings, season preparations, and attending the Safari Club International and Dallas Safari Club Shows.

Deltana Outtfitters 

GrizzlyStik Success with Deltana Outfitters


This is the moose Bob discusses in his testimonial.