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Guide Cole Kramer

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Kodiak, Alaska

Cole Kramer - Kramer's Kodiak Guide Service

New World Record Pope & Young Archery Brown Bear!

A Pope and Young Club panel of measurers have scored and awarded Chris Cammack the New #1 archery Brown Bear spot in the record books. The official score is 29 4/16” beating the old record by a 1/16" margin.

Chris took this monarch on the Alaska Peninsula while being guided by Cole Kramer. Cole's past clients have enjoyed a huge amount of success shooting the GrizzlyStik 650 system. Lucky for us, Cole recommended that Chris shoot GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads on this now legendary hunt.

After a lengthy stalk in the wind and rain, Chris elected to take a 14-yard frontal shot. The Momentum TDT arrow entered the front of the giant bear's chest and didn't stop till the 200 grain Maasai was poking 3" out his massive ham. Full-length body penetration on the biggest bear in the world! The Maasai broadhead was still so sharp, Chris cut his hand moving the bear around for photos!

Chris elected for a frontal shot at 14 yards.  This is where the 650 grain GrizzlyStik System stoped when it was all said and done. Over 8 1/2' of arrow penetration in the worlds largest archery brown bear!

Congratulations to Chris and Cole on your amazing accomplishment - and thank you, Cole, for your continued support over the years!

Trust the world's best guides, trust GrizzlyStik.

Check out Cole's IG page - @cole_ak_kramer

"My name is Cole Kramer. My experience with GrizzlyStiks has been pretty amazing results with our archery brown bear hunters that we take. I try to get guys to get the 650 set-up with the 200 grain Maasai and the GrizzlyStik arrow.

For me, the 2-blade broadhead I feel is the ultimate broadhead for penetration - to have two exit wounds rather than just one.

I've had circumstances where guys hit a bear, and it's a great shot but the bear's turning, running away and I tell them to shoot 'em again and I've had 'em hit 'em in the rear end and have it go all the way up through and up into the neck. To have that sort of penetration on a 10' brown bear - it's pretty spectacular.

So I think it's totally worth it to change up your whitetail set-up to a big game set-up. I've had nothing but great success with using their equipment so I would totally recommend it for every big game. For bears, for dangerous game, or any other big game." Cole Kramer, Kramer's Kodiak Guide Service

Kramer's Kodiak Guide Service

GrizzlyStik Success with Kramer's Guide Service

Registered Alaskan guide and Sitka Gear athlete Cole Kramer recommended his client use GrizzlyStik Silver Flame broadheads to hunt this ivory clawed coastal Brown Bear. 

“Beyond the tangible, the time spent on the "rock" (Kodiak) was an adventure of a lifetime. Bear hunting is predominantly a stationary game of watching life take place at a distance. An understanding of how those that inhabit this remote region depend the other, and how our human role plays in keeping it balanced and thriving without drastic swings. I do this sport knowing that. Proud to be a part of it and contributing to the survival of this conservative effort, knowing that I as a human am an important part of that balance.

To not hunt is the same as a species going extinct. It would have a devastating impact on all other species. I find joy in what I do, but also a deep respect for the life that has been taken. That's the blessing and the curse of our humanity. Over time we have redefined what "civilized" has meant, impacting the health of many species because of that ever-changing definition. Our physiological needs and DNA have not changed with that definition.

I love that I can see and be a part of the hunting traditions passed down since our beginnings, and the role I have in playing my part passing it on to future generations so they can enjoy these magnificent creatures with respect and pride in the hard role they play in keeping this cycle healthy.

Thank you, Cole Kramer, Jay Beyer and Stig for your friendship, time, and sharing of your knowledge. Forever blessed and changed for the better because of your friendship. Special thanks to my hunting brother Donnie Vincent for our time in the field and your inspirational work and understanding of Who We Are.” – Kiviok Hight