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Guide Mark James

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Western USA

Mark James - Mark James Studio

We have known Mark James for many years now. He found us online while searching for better arrow and broadhead performance on elk. He is not so much an 'elk whisperer' he is an elk madman. He's the 'elk screamer!' This guy - when he used to guide elk hunters - would stay out all night on the mountain with the elk so he knew where they were. He'd sprint back down to camp in the mornings to get his clients up and in place. Then he would grab his elk call and let the battle begin.

He would scream and rake, stomp and scream some more until he worked the big bulls into a rage! To listen to his stories makes your hair stand on end. He's the real deal and we love that guy! Ever since finding us and buying our products - and of course after seeing how well they performed on elk he required that anyone who wanted to bowhunt elk with him had to shoot GrizzlyStik broadheads.

He was tired of losing elk. It was bad for him, his clients, and the elk themselves. Wounding therm and watching them run off never to be found did not sit well with Mark James. Once he was able to switch all his bowhunters to the GrizzlyStik system the story changed. Trophy elk were brought to bag. There were countless rounds of back slapping and smiling faces around the campfire while enjoying some elk backstrap.

Check out the video above to see what Mark had to say about his discovery of GrizzlyStik and how it has been for him and his hunters once they made the switch to GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads.

"Trust your guide - Trust GrizzlyStik!" Mark James

Mark James

In addition to guiding elk, Mark James also happens to be a world famous bronze artist. His latest work has become the annual trophy for the Extreme Huntress award.

GrizzlyStik Success with Mark James

"This is a tiny slice of what it looks like where we hunted in New Mexico. I was fortunate to help Rick Siegert a nice bull with a Silver Flame." Mark James



“Eric Rome and GrizzlyStik do it again!” 

"Well guys, I didn’t think Eric could beat last year’s performance with the 8 yard shot he put on that nice 6x6 bull elk he took with his Silver Flame equipped bow. If you remember, at Eric’s request I had his son Dylan as my wingman.

It was to be his 1st elk hunting experience and an incredible one at that, watching his father take his elk hunting passion to an extreme level with his son by his side. That hunt raised the bar to a new height, one that would be very difficult to surpass. 

Earlier this year when Eric told me that he wanted to celebrate his 25th wedding anniversary by having his wife to join him on his hunt, I was both excited and concerned.

Lynn had never been on a hunt nor seen a big game animal die, let alone with the use of archery equipment. The potential for the thrill of a lifetime was presented us but so too was the potential for disaster. This hunt would come with added responsibility. Skill, the right equipment and a bit of luck would prove to be key! 

Day one of the hunt went well. I called in a nice bull to close range. It was fast and furious action. Lynn was ecstatic with her first bull elk encounter. Eric did not get the shot but the hunt served as a good dress rehearsal, one that would help to prepare us for what was to occur on day two. 

The icy morning would test Eric’s hunting skills in a way that he could not have conditioned for. Beginning our trek well before sunrise we located a good sounding bull from a great distance. With a systematic approach we closed the gap and began the vocal dialog.

What started off as a delicate exchange in elk talk slowly escalated to a heated shouting match. As the sun rose and the hour progressed I began to push the bull’s well established “hot buttons”.

At the appropriate time I began trash-talking this bull’s neighborhood and even challenged his masculinity (tongue in cheek). It was when I told him that his mother was a mule deer that he came in hard and fast for the kill, literally. 

After checking the wind, Eric quickly chose his set-up with veteran prowess. Strategically, I directed his wife Lynn by having her take a front row seat on a fallen log just 15 yards behind her husband with myself closing the deal at five yards to her right.

Continuing to vocally play the bull, I expected him work the wind and to come in to Eric’s right. Instead he charged headlong straight at the source of his aggravation, me. From his somewhat hidden position Eric was forced to draw his bow and pivot on his left foot, stepping back and rearward with his right, fluidly swinging his bow to his right as a wing shooter might maneuver his shotgun, releasing his Silver Flame tipped arrow at a distance of SIX FEET! 

The incredibly strong and razor-sharp broadhead busted through the shoulder bone burying the shaft to the fletching.

Upon seeing the expertly placed shot I immediately knew that the bull was dead on his feet.

Sounding off excitedly with numerous elk screams, bugles, chuckles, cow calls and a bunch of other unearthly sounds that I pulled out of who knows where (yeah, I was overly excited, jumping up and down, Lynn thought I was signaling for the bull to run for his life!), I slowed the running bull to a walk as he wander a distance of sixty to seventy yards. He expired quickly. It was a very, very clean kill. 

The long short of it, amazing memories of an intense, extreme and successful hunt and the thrill of a lifetime belong to Eric, Lynn and me! Eric and his Silver Flame tipped arrows did it again, yet raising that darn bar even higher! Next year I imagine he might bring the grand folks and shoot with the use of a mirror. “Happy 25th Anniversary Eric & Lynn Rome!” 

Thank you Ed, Garrett and Todd for providing the archery world with the best broadheads and arrows ever produced, period! The confidence peace of mind you give us is the added insurance of the cleanest archery kills possible. I am extremely and endlessly thankful. For archers to use lesser equipment on BIG GAME is irresponsible."

Mark James (Ex-hunting guide, turned sculptor)

We just got an update from Mark James and his friend Rhode Walker:

"Howdy, Dropping you a note just past midnight-thirty here on Togwotee Pass. This one needs to be brief as we are all extremely exhausted, and for good reason. Rode pulled a repeat of 2009, scoring again on day three. Hence we did a bit if meat packing today.

Rode's hunt began 3 days ago in a blizzard if you can believe that! Day two brought us a few vocalizations and an encounter with a nice 6x6 who came in to relatively close range but in a quiet manner which did not present Rode with a shot.

Today my morning began after the normal night of 2 hours of sleep. I was out the door at 2:00 a.m. By 3:30 I located 2 workable herds.

After spending a fair amount of time with each group and pushing various vocal buttons I made the decision to go after the bull that I felt I had the best chance bringing in to bow range. I was back at the cabin by 4:30, with a grin gave the guys the exciting report and presented to them my game plan.

We headed out the door, up the highway and were afoot breathing in the perfect 26 degree mountain air 30 minutes before sunrise. By 6:00 a.m. we were in the middle of a tremendous herd of approximately 35-40 elk.

The group had a very nice bull who gave us a very nice audio and visual show. I guesstimated him at 340-350 B&C. I was not able to get him closer than perhaps 60-70 yards but after 2 hours of giving them heck we pulled in a very nice satellite bull to 20 yards.

Rode did AMAZINGLY well putting a perfect shot on the bull who expired seconds after Rode released his arrow.

The Maasai single bevel broadhead by my friends at GrizzlyStik performed to perfection once again as expected.

I'll be sending out a detailed report with photos next day or two if I can. I just wanted to give you the heads up on the day it came together. 

Tomorrow we prepare to for the filming of Jim Miller's Great Southwest Outdoors TV show. 

Hoping all is great in your neck of the woods!"

Vinny Barbato with a nice bull elk


"Howdy once again Garrett & Ed!
My great friend and fellow bowhunter Vinny Barbato took this beautiful 330 class bull elk in the 2009 season using one of your GrizzlyStik broadheads - thrilled that he did! It took very little convincing to get this skilled bowhunter to switch to the best broadheads on the planet.

Thank you again so very much for being a huge part of many successful hunts and for lending credence to my 20 year slogan, "Trust your guide - trust GrizzlyStik!" ~Congratulations Vinny~" 

Mark James


"Rode Walker (A.K.A. "Bonehead") was successful with the Maasai in day 3 (Sept 3rd) of his scheduled 7 day hunt.

We were into bulls daily and had several close encounters with nice bulls. This was not the herd bull that we went after that morning but both he and I could not have been happier with the hunt.

The Maasai performed flawlessly as the 8 yard shot blew open a rib on the entry side enabling the arrow to pass through and continue its flight for another 38 yards!"
Mark James



"Another hunt ends on the 3rd day~ "My long time friend and hunting partner Eric Rome had success today taking a beautiful 300 class 6x6 this morning at 7:20am.

It's well past midnight and we just got in packing out the 1st load which included some of the meat (heading back in the morning) antlers and cape.

His son Dylan played a great part as my wing-man as he aided me by successfully deploying one of my decoys. It was an amazing hunt!

We were into bulls every time we went out and had several close encounters prior to this morning's harvest. Eric is my second friend & bowhunter who has been successful this season.

Just as Rode Walker, he too used a broadhead that he purchased from our friends Garrett & Ed Schlief at GrizzlyStik which was key in the success of this hunt.

Amazingly, both Rode & Eric took their bulls at 8 yards and on day 3 of their hunts. I am attaching a few photos and plan on sending a more detailed story soon. We'll continue to keep you posted." Mark James


Wyoming bull by Mark James

Rode Walker does it again and again and again with GrizzlyStik!!! Rode Walker stepped it up for the 2012 season after success with shooting the Sitka shafts to the new Momentums, increasing his FOC by trading his 125 grain Maasai broadheads for some 150's.

After trying the new set up on Texas Audad and Hog with clean pass-throughs, he took it to the Wyoming mountains for elk.

The hunt lasted only 3 days, each action-packed with incredible encounters of screaming bulls. It was on day 3 that Rode closed the deal with a perfectly placed 14 yard shot which resulted in the quickest, cleanest kill I have EVER witnessed with the use of archery equipment on an elk.


The bull COMPLETELY expired in approximately 5 seconds. We were elated and awestruck, thankful for the world's finest archery equipment which proves itself year after year after year.

Amazingly, this was Rode's 3rd successful elk hunt which concluded on the 3rd morning of the 3rd day using equipment from Alaska Bowhunting Supply. Hunting simply does not get any better than this!

Thank you Ed & Garrett for continuing to produce the state-of-the-art equipment that enables us to enter the woods with the confidence knowing that we have made the best decisions possible in pursuing our quarry. We owe this to  animals we hunt, period.
Mark James