Maasai 200 Broadheads 3-Pack

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"GrizzlyStik - Setting You up for Success"

Derek Gentile and a nice brown bear taken with GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows
and a 200 grain Maasai single bevel broadhead.


The 200 grain Maasai has proven to be the most indestructible broadhead we offer. In all our testing we have yet to break one. As a matter of fact, one bowhunter achieved a complete pass-through on a hippo skull. Another, after putting an arrow through the lungs of an elk and wanting to get 'one more in him', penetrated the skull on a bull elk - dropping him on the spot.

GrizzlyStik Maasai single bevel broadheads, with their deep, razor sharp single bevels and thick ultra-tuff blades split and blow through bone like only a GrizzlyStik single bevel can.

They re suitable for all North American big game and African plains game.
(Note - The 200 grain Maasai is suitable for all big game anywhere in the world.)

Set yourself up for success with GrizzlyStik Maasai broadheads. When powered by the right arrow and you ll never have to worry about bone hits again. (For bone breaking performance we recommend a minimum of 650 grains in total arrow/broadhead weight.)

Our Maasai broadhead gives you the option of four weights for any bowhunting situation. They re razor sharp right from the package and suitable for any big game animal on the face of the earth.

Take advantage of the single bevel edge. Fill your quiver with Maassai-tipped GrizzlyStiks and hunt hard with confidence in your equipment.

Available in right bevel only.

GrizzlyStik Maasai single bevel broadheads were originally based on the proven convex design of the popular Silver Flame broadheads we manufacture. Even though Dr. Ashby's reports favored straight edged, high mechanical advantage broadheads, our testing has shown that this convex shape supports the tip more for much greater tip strength and our bowhunters are reporting just as many pass-throughs as with out straight edged broadheads.

Right bevel only.

Note: Always match right bevel with right helical vanes/feathers.





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Caution: Does NOT fit Easton Deep Six

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