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Moose & Bison

**Big Stuff Bison** - "We had come up to spot of open country in the early morning and found him laying on the brush’s edge. The wind was fickle so I opted to leave him and walk 150+\- yards away. By doing so the brush swirled the wind just enough not to reach him. I would risk getting winded every 20 minutes or so by checking to see if he had gotten up to feed. After the third or fourth time he had gotten up and begun to feed. The crosswind was just enough to get into position and we were fortunate enough to stalk 35 yards from him to the last bit of cover.  My friend, from the east coast, made two great back to back shots and in no time the bull was down. That's why I like to recommend GrizzlyStik on the big heavy stuff!" - @phjayley

**Traditional Heavy** • "I love my new setup! 950 grains TAW on a tapered GrizzlyStik arrow and tipped with the single bevel Alaskan 315 broadhead. Shooting my 83# recurve, my arrow zipped straight through this buff at 25 yards.  If you're thinking about trying anything GrizzlyStik builds, do it now, they're awesome. I'm ordering more arrows and broadheads now!" - Dalton Wiita

**Easy Tracking** - "I was able to finally get another bull moose with your amazing gear. This year I used an OVERKILL Massai 200 grain broadhead. I saw the arrow disappear on a quartering to shot angle. I was able to watch him trot off and expire at 40 yds. The best broadheads and arrows are Grizzlystik!" - @rickyciletti Check out that blood trail!

**Buffalo Pass** • "What an unbelievable experience. Able to take my first big game animal with a bow, and what an animal it is! Can’t say thank you enough to Josh and everyone at @highwestoutfitters and @cibolocreekranch for an unforgettable week. I shot him with a 562 grain GrizzlyStik arrow tipped with a Samurai 200 single bevel solid broadhead, for the archery nerds out there. I had a complete pass through at 42 yards. He went about 150 yards before falling over. If you’re gonna shoot big animals with a bow, GrizzlyStik gear is the only way to go!" - @derrickmo14

"The Road to 29" - On day 12 of his Alaskan hunt, persistence pays off for Paul Kamps.

Armed with 200 grain Samurai broadheads, Paul took his 63" Bull and notched number 26 on his way to completing the North American 29. Only 3 species away from his Super Slam!

Paul booked his successful Alaskan hunt through Bowhunting Safari Consultants.

"I've been dreaming about moose hunting since I was 12" - Oscar Taylor

The 2018 Ashby Bowhunting Foundation award winner, Oscar Taylor got to experience 2 weeks of moose hunting in Alaska, a 650 GrizzlyStik system pass through and checking off a childhood dream. All the good stuff!

Oscar's lifetime of work in conservation and bowhunter education made him an awesome winner of the 2018 Ashby award. Beyond his impressive bowhunting accomplishments worldwide, Oscar currently servers as President of SCI's largest chapter SCI Houston

WARNING - When hunting moose with the GrizzlyStik 650 grain system, don't forget to budget for the 600 pound air freight bill!

"Oh Canada!" - For this personal best Gundahoo River bull, Clark Jordan selected the 650 GrizzlyStik system of tapered Momentum TDT arrows tipped with Maasai 200 single bevel broadheads.

***New World Record*** If you were issued the first ever archery tag in Romania and had a chance to hunt a possible European wood bison world record - what arrow and broadhead system do you trust for your hunt?

For Corey Schaefer, the choice was easy. He trusted this once in a lifetime hunt to our 650 grain GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT tapered arrow system tipped with our 200 grain single bevel Maasai broadhead. For his selection, Corey was rewarded with some fresh ink in the books.

Samurai Success - "I can't put into words how much confidence I feel shooting my Samurai broadheads. Everything I hit goes down fast. I shot this bull at 17 yards and my broadhead went thru BOTH shoulders and he was recovered within 50 yards! Thank you GrizzlyStik for building the best broadhead I have ever hunted with." - Frank Kusler

Quebec Bruiser - "This is my 47 inch moose I took this fall in Rimouski Reserve, Québec. 27 meter shot with a 765 grain (all in) GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT tipped with 315 grain Ashby broadheads.  One shot and he was down fast. The arrow and broadhead penetration was awesome on such a big animal!" - Raynald Groleau

Lifetime Hunt  - "Just returned from my once in a lifetime bison hunt on the Henry Mountains of Utah. I used the Momentum TDT arrows with the 200 grain Massai broadheads making a total arrow weight of 650 grains.

As you can see from the pictures there was very little cover in the area where we shot this bull. Because of that I knew that the shots would be pretty long. My first shot was at 54 yards and was a complete pass through including going through a rib on the opposite side. Because of the size of the bison and not wanting to risk a long tracking job, I took 2 additional shots. 

The second shot was from 44 yards and the third was from 49 yards. Shot three was also a complete pass through. The bull was dead in 3 minutes and traveled only 150 yards. Thank you for making what I have come to believe are the best arrows and broad heads money can buy. I will be using them for the rest of my life." - Ben Towers, UT

4 Reason's to Switch to GrizzlyStik - "I’ve never been a huge fan of switching arrow setups during the middle of the hunting season. With the Momentum TDT arrows and Massai 200 broadheads I’ve finally found one setup that truly does it all. Over the last few years I’ve put the GrizzlyStik 650 system to work and the results have been outstanding! Thanks GrizzlyStik, I appreciate it." - Adam Kane

Keith Baggett didn't have a 55 gallon drum or concrete block to test his Maasai 125 single bevel broadeads on - so he improvised by using a whole moose.

Sage Advise - "Listen, if you shoot a stickbow and are thinking about shooting the GrizzlyStik 650 system - just do it! Since I made the switch, I've loosed 3 arrows and 3 big game animals have hit the ground. What else do you need to know?"

**Light Bow Poundage Pass Through(s)** - "This is my wife Brenda with her big Montana moose she took with her 50# bow. She shot him at 40 yards and the arrow completely passed through (red arrow in the quiver)! He only made it 15 steps and fell over - dead in maybe 30 seconds. 

It's her 4th moose she has taken with the 650 GrizzlyStik arrow & broadhead system. Two bulls in Alberta, one in BC and this bruiser. All four bulls were one shot kills with complete pass throughs. Now that's "Real" performance!" - Dennis Johnson

Henry Mountain Monster - "Hi Garrett, pictures attached as promised. The 650 grain GrizzlyStik system was incredibly lethal! I had a complete passthrough on my Henry Mountains Bison and wasn't able to find my arrow because it likely continued over a steep bluff 30 yards beyond the buffalo. All I can say is thank you and WOW!" - Aaron

Magic Moose - "Rough hunting first 7 days, on 8th day and six hours from my flight leaving, we called this bull into us. He came in racking, calling, displaying and pissed off!

As soon as he turned broadside at 45 yards, I let go. He didn't know what happened. My GrizzlyStik passed right through the boiler room and was down in 150 yards.

Thank you GrizzlyStik for getting me set up for this hunt! This has been at the top of my list for since I was kid! I couldn't be happier!" - Ty Cary

For his Aladkan moose hunt, we set up Ty with our tapered Momentum TDT arrows tipped with our Silver Flame 125 broadheads. Shot from a 70# bow, his arrows came in at 525 grains (all in) and had a 20% FOC.

Aussie Rules – “Hi Garrett, I thought I would send you this picture of a Canadian Bull Moose I shot with my recurve. Used a 70# Black Widow bow and GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows tipped with cut-on-contact two blade broadheads (approx. 670 grain arrows).

Shot at 32 metres in Northern British Columbia after 11 days hard hunting…I’m from Australia so all the cold and snow was a real adventure for me! Thank you for all your advice on my gear and set up.” – Cheers, Ben Weatherall

Moose Math - “Last Spring I got my GrizzlyStik two arrow test pack and scheduled time at my local pro shop to have the arrows tuned to my 70# bow. The tech couldn’t believe I wanted to shoot a 650-grain arrow on my moose hunt and tried talking me out of it. He was convinced I should shoot a 400-grain arrow with a mechanical broadhead to “make a big hole and maximize my KE.” He thought my arrow was way too heavy and that Dr Ashby’s research was just - hype.

Well here is my Dr Ashby hype. A 19-yard, broadside pass-through, double lung, broken offside rib, down in 40-yard bull moose hype. My guide couldn’t believe how fast my bull went down!” – Jack Jacobson

"The Champagne of Meat" - Our own Garrett Schlief showing off the fruits of his successful traditional moose harvest in his home state. Moose are awesome (and delicious).

Real Deal Alaska - “Once again your GrizzlyStik broadheads and arrows performed flawlessly. I was able to fill the freezer full of moose meat. Last year I had to take a break from the bow to heal up my shoulder. This year I was able to use the bow and I was of course going to use the best broadheads available.

This is the third moose taken with the Maasai broadheads where I could not find the arrow. They are all buried somewhere in the dirt after complete pass through. Thanks for the great customer service and products.” - Ricky Ciletti

Mark Buehrer of Bowhunting Safari Consultants with a bull moose harvested with a GrizzlyStik 125 grain Samurai broadhead. If you are looking to book an Alaskan or BC moose hunt next fall, BSC has an impeccable record of success for their clients.

Doug VanTassel with his New Mexico bison taken with a Silver Flame 125XL broadhead.

What arrows & broadheads do Alaskan guides recommend? - “My hunter had GrizzlyStik arrows. It wasn't the most ideal shot, it was quartering too, he hit him on the point of the shoulder went through, broke four ribs, and came out the hind quarter. I actually told the guy, hey you missed. I stopped the moose and he said I didn't miss and the moose fell over about 22 yards into it.

I went up and I couldn't find the arrow. I've never seen an arrow that could produce that much energy - to go the whole length of a moose - I've seen bullets not do that.

I'm with Deltana Outfitters and anybody that comes brown bear hunting with a bow they have to buy GrizzlyStik or I will not take them! They're the most fantastic performance arrows I have ever seen in 26 years of guiding." - Professional hunter & guide Bob Summers of Deltana Outfitters

Randsom Smtih used a GrizzlyStik Massai broadhead on a Victory VAP to harvest this Idaho Shiras Moose.

"Hi Garrett! I thought you might enjoy seeing my Yukon Moose taken with a 740 grain GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow with a 200 grain Maasai broadhead. It was an amazing gift after 10 solid days of backpack hunting.......we got an extra day due to a snowstorm preventing my flight out! We decoyed him across a raging river and for once, I did not feel like I showed up to a gunfight with a pocket knife! The bull quartered away at 35 yards and my shot hit both lungs and the heart - the humerus on the opposite side prevented a total pass through......he went back across the river and 100 yards into the woods and tipped over in minutes." Steve

"Just got back from my Buffalo hunt. Used your Silver Flame 125 Broadhead. Took my shot at 47 yards and he only went 40 yards. This is the best two blade broadhead I have used to date. Love how it is tunable with set screws, super sharp, and rock solid. The broadhead I used on the buffalo is still good! Thanks for a great product." Bobby Stiles Burnsville, NC


Travis Dalton used a 650 grain GrizzlyStik Momentum Arrow with a 200 grain Monarch Broadhead out of a 70# Mather No Cam HTR to take this 198 5/8 Alaska-Yukon Moose.

• 1800+ LB Herd leader Bison 

• Bow : Bow Tech Black Ice #70 

• Arrow: Momentum 250 950 grains (total arrow & broadhead) 

• Broadhead: Ashby 315 grain 

• Killshot: Heart 

• Harvested at Superior Game Ranch in Cornell, Michigan. Our Upper Peninsula

Congratulations to SCI - Houston Chapter President Oscar Taylor and his big bison taken with a GrizzlyStik Silver Flame double bevel broadhead.

Congratulations to Bill Keen! He took this bull moose with his stick bow and a GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow tipped with a GrizzlyStik Samurai single bevel broadhead. By the looks of the arrow - the GrizzlyStik system Bill used resulted in a pass-through on this big bodied moose.

"Arrow & broadhead performed flawlessly as usual. This bull was taken at 30 yards with GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads from my 62lb recurve. Not only was it a complete pass through, the arrow stuck in a tree on the opposite side! 

The compound shooters I was with couldn't believe it - better penetration than they got using light, skinny arrows with mechanical BH's. 

Didn't really test the true capabilities of this combo though - I didn't hit any bone. 

BTW - this is the arrow that you re-fleched for me at the last minute - the original fetching was too far from the knock, messed up my secondary anchor point. You fixed it (fast) & I made it count. 

Love your products & service!"
 Bill Keen

Congratulations to Hugues Marcotte! He took this bison in British Colombia with a GrizzlyStik Silver Flame 100. The shot was at 30-yards, one shot kill.

"While being a weekend warrior hunting for moose to fill the freezer, my friend Miah and I set out to look for some good old Alaskan moose meat. We took a ride up the Aniak river to do some moose calling where we had seen some moose sign. 

We made our way into a small creek to do some fishing. I noticed that there was some fairly fresh moose tracks on the shore near a beaver pond. I told Miah I was going to try some moose calls even though it was a little windy. After about 2-3 minutes I thought I heard the grunt of a bull moose. I told Miah that I thought I heard a moose responding. He gave me a look like I was crazy and hearing things. 

I heard the grunt once again and my buddy still thought I was hearing things. After a few more calls I heard it again and Miah finally heard it. I told him to get ready because the bull is coming to us. He asked if I wanted my rifle which I left in the boat. I gave him a confident no. 

When I finally saw antlers appear through the brush at 100 yards down stream - the bull saw me and stopped. I picked up my canoe paddle to fool him into thinking I was a bull moose. He immediately started to beat up the brush. Miah couldn't see the bull, but I told him it was a good one. 

The bull slowly made his way towards us. Every once in a while he would stop to take a look at us. We would show the paddle to convince him that there was a moose over here challenging him. When he got to within 20 yards Miah was finally able to see him. I saw that he was going to work his way by us. so I set up on a beaver trail to get a clear lane for a shot. 

The bull sounding like a bulldozer knocking trees over finally walked into my shooting lane at 10 yards. I drew the bow back, took aim and released the arrow. I saw the arrow enter his flesh and at that moment this big bull moose fell as if he were shot with a rifle. 

Miah and I gave each other a high five. We couldn't believe what just happened. After field dressing the moose we found the broadhead resting against the opposite shoulder after going through the near side shoulder and spine. 

The Maasai broadhead still looked great. Thanks for the great products they worked flawlessly and once again the freezer is full of meat."
 Richard Ciletti

"Hi Garrett, this spring I contacted you about your arrows and broadheads. I had seen some other bowhunters using your gear at the target range. After having an arrow setup fail on a bear hunt this spring. I lost all confidence in what I was using. 

I decided it was time for a change, so I took the 650 challenge. I tested the Momentum arrows with 200 grain Maasai broadheads

This fall I was able to harvest my largest bull moose with confidence. The arrow passed completely through the old bull with a 67 5/8" spread. It penetrated so well that I could not find the arrow. The moose went 15 yards before expiring. I'm a firm believer in this custom setup as it brought home the meat. Thank you for your help and great customer service."
 Ricky Ciletti

Jay Osting of Bowhunting Safari Consultants is a man of few words. Congratulations to him on this nice moose. 

"Hi guys, Took this Yukon Moose last week at 8yds. Thanks for your support!" 

Jay used GrizzlyStik Momentum tapered carbon arrows and Maasai broadheads.

Greg Buford and Spencer Ashton just got back from a moose hunt and Greg shared some of what they experienced on the hunt - a phenomenal pass-through shot on a moose at 75 yards!

Quick note to all of those bowhunters out there who favor light fast set-ups because of flatter trajectories. The think to consider is: How much energy will your arrows have at these longer distances you want to be able to shoot? Can your arrows still get the job done? From the stories we hear every day - probably not. 

Also, for those who shoot light fast setups because they don't think they will be able to take those longer shots with heavier arrows - this moose was taken at 75 yards with a 650+ grain arrow.

Spencer accepted our 650 Challenge earlier this year and set him self up for success with GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads of 650+ grains. Here's the story... 

"Spencer Ashton and I just got back from our 7 day hunt in a Fly In Camp where we hiked through mountains and the bog for 7 straight days. The rut was over and getting on a good bull was nearly impossible. 

On Sunday we were packed and ready to go when we decided to make another go into the mountains and stalked up on a really good bull but couldn't get him in range. In the process we coaxed this little feller in and he fell to your 650 Challenge. 

Spencer shot him at 75 yards and the arrow was no where to be found. Right behind the shoulders for a complete pass through. The bull went 40 or 50 yards. Hoyt Carbon Spyder, GrizzlyStik Momentum with 200 grain Maasai broadhead." 

Thanks for all the good advice! Greg Buford

"Attached are a couple of pictures of my moose. He was a little over 58". I used the GrizzlyStik Momentum's with Samurai broadheads, 600 grains total. I am very happy with this setup." Dale Huntsman

This hunt was booked through  Bowhunting Safari Consultants.

Congratulations Jason Bryan! He has been on a roll - from his Asiatic water buffalo, to Cape buffalo, lion, & mixed bag African safari to this monster moose. He shared some of his story with us: 

"Shot the moose at 5 yards with a 850 grain GrizzlyStik arrow and an Ashby broadhead. Arrow was in lodged in the opposite shoulder. He is going to score roughly 245". 68 1/2" wide! Thanks for helping make me successful." Jason Bryan

Brenda Johnson took this Shiras moose with a 48# bow, a GrizzlyStik tapered arrow and a 125 grain GrizzlyStik Samurai single bevel broadhead.

Congratulations to Brent Watson he recently shot a nice mule deer buck and a moose with the same arrow and broadhead. He shared the story with us: 

"I have had a pretty good fall so far. Shot this mule deer Sept 1 out of a treestand at a waterhole. 17 yards angling behind last rib up to opposite shoulder right to the fletch. Made it 75 yards on a run. Arrow and broadhead in perfect shape to use again. Still shaving sharp. He grosses 171 and nets 166. 

The moose was shot Sept 13 out of a different waterhole. Used same arrow. 22 yards broadside. Entered thru ribs clipping one slightly. He made it app 60 yards. Arrow hanging by the fletch on the offside. 

He broke my arrow when he went down (got up and down again and up and down again). Couldn't find the broadhead part. Grrrrrrr!! Be a great eating bull. Had a bigger bull come in grunting about 15 min later and stand right in front of my stand. Had 2 cows fighting. Great night. 

EQUIPMENT -- Jack Kempf Kwyk Styk recurve at 51#. GrizzlyStiks, 30", Broadheads are 150 gr. double bevel 2 blade Silver Flames. Total arrow weight 703 gr. FOC 21.7%. 140 fps. Kinetic energy 30.6 ft#s. Momentum 43.7 slug ft/sec."
 Brent Watson

"My son, Bryce, arranged a December bison hunt for me that I couldn’t resist with a guiding friend of his in southern Utah. 

One of your 950 grain GrizzlyStik arrows with the Ashby broadhead did the trick again, with a complete pass-thru from our blind at 20 yards. The arrow stuck in the frozen dirt 12 yards on the other side of the bull. He was down for good within two minutes and 45 yards. There was no damage to the arrow or broadhead. Thanks again for all your help and great products that worked perfectly for me on my once-in-a-lifetime hunts for Cape Buffalo and Bison this year! 

Have a Happy New Year! I look forward to seeing you at the SCI convention in Vegas."

Garrett, wanted to share a couple of pics with you - there is a STORY with the Shiras moose though. I took the elk and moose with the GrizzlyStiks and the Samurai heads. I hit the bull in the shoulder. I had minimal penetration, and little blood. We had light blood trail for about 250 yards and he was still traveling with the cow, crossed river and we lost trail. Honestly thought the bull would not be recovered but I told guide I'd send him an extra $500 if he found it. He found it the next morning about a 100 yards from where I shot it - bull evidently came back to the meadow that evening (shot him in morning) and he died out in the open. The broadhead did get through the shoulder and just kept cutting with only about 4 " of arrow in him. I am convinced if it weren't for the 550 grain arrows and 150 grain 2 blade heads this moose wouldn't have been recovered. The elk - he went 30 yards and tipped over - the way it's supposed to be! Thanks again for your support. 

Note: This is a perfect example of how heavier mass weight arrows can help you get through bone that lighter arrows can't. This bowhunter used a 550 grain setup, a full 100 grains less than the 650 grains that the Ashby reports suggest, yet he still recovered an animal that may have otherwise been lost. We recommend that you try to get to the 650 grain mark, but you still have to be able to live with the trajectory.

"Shot this moose with a GrizzlyStik momentum two weeks ago in Alberta. 22 yards and arrow went in the right side through both lungs through a far rib and stuck out the skin on the far side. He went not even 50 yard and wasn't alive 10 seconds. Thank You"   Charlie Druecke

"Garrett, Shot him this morning with a GrizzlyStik Momentum and Samarai broadhead, 39 yds, complete pass through, it fractured ribs going in and out the other side. He went 45yds and died. What a morning, thanks again for the great arrows and razor sharp broadheads. I'll send photos of the wounds and ribs later." Dan Burr

Our friend Mark James just sent this to us because he's excited about the bison his friend Brent Scott just shot. "Here's yet another success story from my good friend and fellow archer Brent Scott. The combination of you Maasai broadheads and GrizzlyStik arrows proved to be the perfect medicine for another BIG-Big Game animal as deployed by the hands of an excellent hunter! Brent has now taken a Caribou, Deer and Bison with the use of your equipment! How cool is that?!?! 


Mark James 

"Gentlemen! Just returned from my Bison hunt in Western KS! Obviously a successful hunt, but a real challenge to stalk a the herd with a bow! The terrain doesn't allow itself to great stalks since its rolling wide open hills for the most part. The cows are very leery and don't tolerate much human contact when approaching on foot within bow range. Many many unsuccessful stalks was discouraging, but ended up stalking him in a large creek/drainage and then coming up out of for a shot. The initial shot was marginal as it ticked some weeds as I shot out of the ravine. But followed up at 40 yards with an excellent shot through the heart. Momentum Arrows and Maasai's did a great job as promised! Thanks for everything." 

Brent Scott

Here's a nice bison taken by John Larson with a Samurai single bevel broadhead. and a GrizzlyStik arrow.  Congratulations John!

Here are some shots of customer Chris Demuth hunting with Aaron Wimmer. Chris took this nice bull moose with a GrizzlyStik Maasai single bevel broadhead.

Congratulations Chris!

"Ed I am going to send you some pictures of my 2009 moose and bear hunt in Alberta this fall. I would like to thank you for your kind service and advice on your products. I have been hunting with a long bow for over 24 years. Over the years I have evolved my arrows to a weight forward design. This was always some what difficult do to and achieve consistent arrow flight. I have to tell you that what you guys have done with your arrows and broad heads is amazing. I have never seen an arrow perform as well as the ones you built for me. I was using your Momentum arrows tipped with 290 gr. Nanook broad heads. Arrows were cut at 30 inches total arrow weight was about 730 gr.. The moose I shoot was at 16 yards. broad side the arrow went through booth lungs and stuck ten inches in the ground ten yards on the other side of the moose. The moose traveled 40 yards and died in less than 30 sec. On the same day that evening I took a beautiful chocolate black bear 6.5 ft. at twenty yards one shot forward and high was the shot. The bear dropped in his tracks the arrow went thru his shoulder blade, vertebrae, and opposite shoulder blade stopping just under the skin. My guide was in shock at the destruction the arrow did to the bones. Looked like you had shot him with a 338 mag. Thank you" Dennis Johnson


Rudy Evonich with a nice American Bison

"Pretty good penetration from a 53# bow. Momentum shaft w/ Ashby broadhead. Penetrated to the fletching. The broadhead didn't break the skin on the other side of the animal, but you can see the broadhead trying to poke out just beneath the bow."
Rudy Evonich III

A monster of a Canadian moose taken near Caroline, Alberta, Canada.
"I used a PSA X Black Widow @ 53# @ 29", GrizzlyStik arrow @ 617 grains total arrow weight utilizing a 4 blade Muzzy broadhead. When he first came in, he stopped 8 feet from me with no good shot and when I moved he ran around me and my guide stopped him with a cow call. He stopped at 15 yards. I turned quickly, saw the dark crease behind his leg and put it there through the heart. He ran about 75 yards before dropping. I hit bone on the other side of the far shoulder which I believe is the only thing that stopped the arrow from going through.
Thanks for a great arrow. I shoot the same arrow out of three bows I own from 53 lbs to 63 lbs and they fly like darts."

Pat Corrado