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Mountain Big Game

**Full-Curl Frontal** • "I don’t always take a frontal shot but when I do, I use a Maasai 125 single bevel broadhead and leave a blood trail a foot and a half wide........

After days of hunting and hours upon hours laying in the dirt just downwind of this guy, he caught me in a staring contest at 42 yards facing me directly. After 5 minutes of this Mexican standoff, my entire body quivering from trying to stay frozen, I tried my luck and slowly drew my bow. Knowing that my 550 grain front of center arrow, traveling at close to 300 feet per second with the kinetic energy of a freight train could afford me this shot, I took it.

He went 46 yards and was dead within 20 seconds. Imagine my surprise when I saw all but the fletching of my 34” arrow sticking out of his backside. I’ve got buddies always talking about this or that new broadhead but I repeatedly tell them to stick it. I’ll be shooting the Maasai for as long as I can hunt; no reason to mess with perfection." - Brad Jannenga

"One Shot NZ" - Taking a bull tahr in New Zealand is a dream of many bowhunters. While on South Pacific safari, @jpdafonte got to do just that with just one arrow.  Shooting the GrizzlyStik 650 system of Momentum TDT tapered arrows tipped with Maasai 200 broadheads, JP has been keeping his local taxidermist happy. Over the past 3 years, JP has harvested 9 trophy animals with 650 system - all one shot kills.

**Big Trad Aoudad** - It all came together for Chris Parrino on his West Texas aoudad hunt. What an old scared up warrior (and the sheep ain't bad either).

"The broadheads worked flawlessly🤘! It was over in under 30 yards." - Alaska base fishing guide Jacob Barrette Can you think of a more challenging bowhunt than mountain goat, on Kodiak Island, with a 55# recurve and catching the shot on film? We sure can't.

What an amazing accomplishment for Jacob. This is one hell of a bowhunting trophy and GrizzlyStik is proud to have played a small roll his success.

BC Billy - "I really thought my first shot was lethal because the GrizzlyStik blew right through him. We immediately had lots of blood and I was sure it was a heart shot. What we didn't know was my arrow was just a little far forward and I had just missed the pump.

The billy was very sick but moved down from us and was in danger of getting into an area were we couldn't retrieve him. My guide wanted to put him down with the rifle but I asked if I could try making the shot with my bow first.

At 62 yards and a 42° angle, my calculated shot distance was 86 yards downhill in a stiff wind. Thank goodness for high FOC arrows and single bevel broadheads - my second arrow found his spine and dropped him in his tracks!" - Jay Osting of Bowhunting Safari Consultants

"Curls for the Girls" - Clark Jordan marked an iconic step towards the North American 29 with his Alberta Rocky Mountain ram taken with the 650 GrizzlyStik system.

What's your North American 29 number?

Like Shooting from a Treestand WITHOUT a Tree - "At 58 steep yards, he was bedded and facing towards me. I had all the trust in the world in my GrizzlyStik system, now I just needed to lock in and make my shot.

I came to full draw before raising up and I focused on putting my 60 yard pin right on the billies front shoulder. My arrow flight was perfect and my broadhead made contact with the front shoulder, penetrated through several ribs and stopped in the offside hip! He popped up, spun and went right back down.

We guessed him at 9.5 years with both horns over 8.5" and Adam Foss and I packed out over 65# of meat from this hunt. Awesome hunting partner, awesome hunt, awesome hunting products!" - Jason Peak

Mountain Hunting System - "I can’t remember a time where I’ve had this much confidence in my archery set up. I feel as though every time an arrow is knocked something is in trouble!" - Adam Foss talking about hunting with the GrizzlyStik system

For this mountain goat/stone sheep hunt we outfitted Adam with our Momentum TDT arrows tipped with single bevel 125 grain Samurai brosdheads. The total arrow weight (TAW) was 525 grains with a 20% FOC and shot from a 70# bow.

Old Fashion Tahr – “The guides at Four Seasons Safaris were surprised I didn't want to take the helicopter up. I’ve been training for over 6 months and my mind was set. This tahr was going to be earned the hard way or not at all. So up the mountain we went. I've goat hunted BC and Alaska and this was every bit as steep.

By late morning we had made it up to a high saddle. It didn't take long before we spotted a small bull about 600 yards above us. He was right below the ridgeline and we slowly worked to about 150 yards below him. As we were looking at this smaller bull, my larger bull appeared on the ridge behind him. The wind was good and I ranged a boulder 40 yards under the bull, dropped my pack and started working towards it. Not a minute after I made it to the boulder, curiosity got the best of him. He appeared right on queue, looking down towards me.

He was quartering to me sharply and as soon as my 40 yard pin settled on his shoulder, the arrow was away. I couldn't see exactly where it hit. This was mainly due to how quickly it buckled him. He dropped, rolled 20 yards downhill and stopped right above me. It was just as easy as that.

We did look for the arrow but never found it. The broadhead ended up breaking the front shoulder, cutting through lung, diaphragm before exiting out the far ham. My guide said he had never seen anything like it. I told him that’s because he's never seen a hunter shoot GrizzlyStik before!” – Rob Neilson, President, Ashby Bowhunting Foundation

Rob was shooting a 650 grain (TAW) GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT arrow tipped with our 200 grain, single bevel Maasai broadhead. The arrow had a 26% FOC and was shot from a 70# bow.

WYO Mountain Monarch - "GrizzlyStik arrows knocking down my Billy Goat! You guys have some of the best customer service I have ever seen. That alone would keep me a customer and the fact you guys build the best damn arrows just makes it a bonus!" - Ryan Blair

Take a Holiday in Spain - Corey Schaefer of Pelser Bowhunting trusted the GrizzlyStik system to completely pass through this SCI Gold (pending No.13) Becieite Ibex at 31 yards.

Corey, who is also a PH in South Africa, was shooting our system of tapered Momentum TDT arrows tipped with our new REDLINE 125 Silver Flame broadheads built to 525 grains total.

On his two week hunt, Corey loosed 6 GrizzlyStik arrows to take 6 trophy book Iberian animals, 5 with complete pass throughs. Corey was guided by PH Joaquin Vadillo Galan


“Hi Garrett, I hope all is well. After 12 days and over 100 miles backpacking up and down drainages off the arctic red river, we finally found a ram to stalk. First stalk was 8 hours but blown by lambs and ewes that showed up! We were lucky to find this ram with three others again in the next drainage over the next morning. The wind was right and they bedded down.

I was able to take this ram at 63 yards shooting the GrizzlyStik 200 grain Maasai broadhead on a FMJ (your new TDT arrows weren’t done yet). No doubt the single bevel broadhead did it's job...the ram ran about 20 yards and flipped upside down not moving, not even a twitch. My guide said he has never seen a rifle do that to a sheep! All the best and thank you for making such great products.” - Dr. Steve Updegraff hunting with Arctic Red River Outfitters

Mark Buehrer of Bowhunting Safari Consultants with an awesome Texas Aoudad taken with a GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow tipped with 125 grain Silver Flame broadheads.

We helped Josh Westhusin build out 700 grain arrows tipped with GrizzlyStik Silver Flame 125XL broadheads for his spot & stalk Texas Ram hunt. Josh was shooting a 55# Toelke recurve.

The Silver Flame 125XL is a 1.5” wide fixed double bevel blade and a proven choice for whitetail size and smaller animals. However, GrizzlyStik does not recommend the 125XL broadhead on hunts for animals over 300#. The bigger the animal, the narrower the broadhead blade profile needed for arrow penetration.

Remember big animals – small width broadheads and small animals – big width broadheads.

We also strongly recommend hunters shoot +19% FOC arrows when tipped with wide blade broadheads. The high FOC is need to drive the broadhead and overcome the higher drag/resistance of a wider blade.

Spainish Double - "Yo GrizzlyStik! Just got back from Spain after a successful Sierra Nevada Ibex Hunt. 29 yard shot and Silver Flame broke front shoulder, through the heart, and through the back quarter landing 10 yards away. Ibex took two steps and was done.

 Broadhead was perfect and I shot a female mouflon the next morning frontal shot and had full pass trough on her too through the chest and out the back! Love the Silver Flames man!" - Chris

Cameron Mitchell of Grand Slam Club/OVIS took this Southeastern Ibex nanny with a Momentum arrow and Silver Flame 100 grain broadhead while in Spain. The arrow passed through so quickly, the guide was convinced Cameron had missed - until she tipped over.

Santiago Rossi is living the dream. Hunting, guiding & testing...Silver Flame 125's.

"Hey guys how's things? I've just got home from a week hunting Himalayan Tahr in the southern alps of the South Island of New Zealand. I was fortunate enough to get in close and take a nice young bull Tahr with my QN2, my first with a bow.

It was an awesome trip and my bow took a few new scratches that absolutely would have broken a lesser quality bow. The performance of these bows is outstanding but in my opinion it comes 2nd to the toughness of these bows. It is just staggering what abuse they will handle with ease.

I took him at 30m with a 780gn arrow @ 165 fps. Cheers!"
  Willy Roundhill

"Hello my name is Willy Roundhill and I live in New Zealand. I got a GrizzlyStik QN2 about a year ago and have been amazed with it.

I've been bow hunting for a little over 2 years and have broken 3 cheapish bows by hunting in hard in New Zealands alpine and tight back country. Since I've had my QN2 I've been hunting harder and harder and this bow stands up to every thing I can throw at it, it really is incredibly tough.

On the 5th of January this year I got my first deer with a bow. My 67 lb QN2 put a 780 grn @ 165fps, clean through this red deer at 20m. It was the most incredible experience of my life and one I will cherish for years to come.

Thank you for your product lads I want another bow because I'm a bit of a bow junky but just can't fault this one. So if / or when I have the cash spare I think I'll have to get another QN2. Thanks from New Zealand."
Willy Roundhill

Congratulations to Dale Huntsman. He got a complete pass-through on this mountain goat - at 40-yards.

"Attached are a couple pictures of my mountain goat that I got with Bolen Lewis. What a beautiful area to hunt. The guides with Bolen Lewis were very professional and avid bowhunters. We definitely spoke the same language when it came to bowhunting. I really enjoyed my time with them and they taught me a lot.

This world class mountain goat outfitter stated before we left for the hunt that they had never seen a client shoot completely through a mountain goat. They have now. I used a Momentum arrow and a Samurai broadhead for a complete pass-through on a 40 yard shot. The goat went less than 100 yards and expired, on top the mountain. Garret will definitely be getting a call from these guys. Alaska Bowhunting Supply - Thanks for making the toughest arrows."
Dale Huntsman

Steve Coale had a fantastic Spanish Ibex hunt - absolutely incredible! One trip, four trophy Ibex, four species, a new bowhunting world record record and a new 'any weapon' world record!

His South Eastern Ibex is new SCI #2 with bow and arrow; the Gredos Ibex is SCI #12 with bow and arrow; the Beceite Ibex is new #1 with bow and arrow; and the Ronda Ibex is the new #1 in the world with all methods!!! All were measured by SCI MM, and are batch entries at SCI currently.

Steve took all of these Ibex with a 563 grain set-up - The GrizzlyStik 125 grain Samurai broadheads came through again.

"Here is the Mountain Goat I shot in September while on a unguided solo hunt in Utah. I ended up shooting the Goat at 30 yards with a GrizzlyStik Momentum and a 1964 Bear Razor shot out of a 54# Predator Recurve. I had used the same arrow to take 4 Whitetails in my home state of Michigan 2011. I can't say enough about these arrow shafts they are unbelievable. Thanks to GrizzlyStik for such a great product." Jim

"Thought you may be interested in this kill from a resent trip to New Zealand's South Island. I am a kiwi bowhunter, you may remember you were considering a NZ trip some years backs and we emailed back and forth for a time.
Anyway I got this bull Tahr on the 25th May, used a Grizzlystik Momentum and Maasai broadhead. These bulls can grow to 300 pounds and are all muscle. Record classic bulls are up around the 14 inch and above horn length, my bull is 11 inch and I am really happy to have taken him. I took 3 Tahr on the trip all with Grizzlystik arrows, and our party of 4 hunters took 6 Tahr for the trip."

Kevin Low

Our friend Jerry recently shared his success with us by sharing a picture and a few words about his ibex. 

"Just thought i would share this with you Garrett. One GrizzlySitk Momentum and 150 grain Silver Flame. One perfect pass through. One Trophy. Memories forever. Happy New Year!" Thanks Jerry

GrizzlyStik founder Ed Schlief with his first archery billy taken above the family cabin in Kachemak Bay, Alaska back in 1972