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New SCI #2 Jumbo?

**A Jumbo-Jumbo** • "You are probably not going to believe my story but I am going to tell you anyway. Evan Sloan from Choronga Safaris brought one of his clients to hunt with us in Zambia. His client has never hunted with a bow before and decided that to make it challenging he wanted his first animal to be an elephant bull.

We managed to sneak to within 16 yards of this huge elephant bull and our hunter placed a perfect shot into the engine room of a monster elephant bull. The first GrizzlyStik arrow disappeared completely, with great anticipation we followed the bull. Two more perfectly placed arrows and the bull was down, hunted quickly and humanely. A bow in the hands of an expert marksman will kill as quickly and humanely as a rifle.

Congratulations to Evan and his client with an enormous Zambian elephant bull of six lifetimes. Tonight the local people are celebrating, a few days ago another local villager was trampled to death by an elephant. Human wildlife conflict is very real and elephant populations need to be controlled. Hunting is the greatest conservation tool on the planet!" - Professional Hunter Jason Stone

This will be recorded as the second largest elephant bull ever taken with the bow & arrow. The hunter was shooting the 1250 GrizzlyStik system tipped with forged Alaskan 315 broadheads. Shot from a 75# bow, the arrows had a 31% FOC with a 800 grain arrow slug.

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