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New Whitetail 6X6 Package! - SAVE Over 30%

This new package is for serious whitetail hunters who want to put a lot of blood on the ground - and put their deer down fast!

This package will include 6-arrows weighted to 450-grains and your choice of 100-grain or 125-grain GrizzlyStik broadheads for a combined, Total Arrow Weight of 550-grains or 575-grains.


This is a sweet spot in mass-weight that gives you a lot of penetration punch while retaining a pretty darn flat trajectory. We recommend our Silver Flame XL 125-grain broadheads in either our OVERKILL or our Black Label lines. They have a full 1.5" cutting width, are hair-shaving sharp right from the package,  and they're well-known for nice big - lethal - wound channels and complete pass-throughs.


We have a decent inventory on hand now, but we encourage you to order now to make sure that you get yours in time for this hunting season.


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