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Other Big Game

**Trad Goat** – Shooting his 55# recurve, Jon Hand put the 650 GrizzlyStik system tipped with Maasai 200 broadheads to work on this Wyoming buck. Regardless of your bow type or poundage, the 650 GrizzlyStik system has a documented track record of success on all 29 North American big game animals.  You can shoot the same arrow and same broadhead for everything – big or small.

"South Pacific Safari" - While at the SCI show this past year, @nickboerboon stopped in see us at the GrizzlyStik booth. He and his wife were looking for a broadhead upgrade before they left for thier long anticipated hunt in New Zealand. After a chat about our broadhead lineup, we agreed on testing the Overkill Samurai 125 on Nick's current arrows. A few weeks after the show season, Nick called to tell us his broadhead pick were "flying like darts" and he stocked up for his hunt. The results? The Overkill Samurai 125 single bevels helped Nick make a lifetime of memories.

**Dirty Goat** - "Your typical Nevada archery antelope hunt........100-degree heat, wildfires, mountain lions, mountain bikes, rutty bucks and dirt in places I’d rather not mention." - @jpeakr2r

Jason has the 650 GrizzlyStik system, a mountain bike, a tent, a pack, a buck and a great story but what he really needs right now is soap!

**Leapin' Lizards** • "Big gator down......huge thanks to my ole buddy @fredf_406 for putting this hunt together, Lee Lightsey @lightseyfamilyranch for hosting us and GrizzlyStik for building the finest arrow and broadhead combo on the planet! My Alaskan 200 broadheads had no problem penetrating this gators head!" - @oldwolftaxidermycleaning

"Speed Goat, Eh?" - Armed with the GrizzlyStik system, Colby Hubbard was rewarded with her first spot & stalk Alberta speed goat. Notice the exit the Maassi 125 broadhead made out the front of the chest.....WOW!


"650 & Speed" - Argentine based Professional Hunter Santiago Rossi showing the GrizzlyStik 650 system of Momentum TDT taprred arrows and Maasai 200 broadheads is fast enough for the weary black buck.

South Pacific Safari – “GrizzlyStik: I was able to shoot all four of these animals on safari with the same Maasai 125 grain broadhead - and all were pass through! The stag, feral sheep and fallow deer were taken in New Zealand and we traveled to Australia (Walker river - 120 miles outside of Gove) for my Asiatic buffalo.” - Blaine Stratton


Super Goat - "I parked the truck. Grabbed my bino case and bow and jumped into the corn rows and RAN! The wind was fierce because I was high tailing it through the corn and it sounded like an elephant stampede but he didn’t hear me. I needed to cut him off.

I have tried this in corn a lot out here and had never been successful because the corn is usually so thin they see you, but this year we had a ton of rain so the corn was really healthy and concealing.

I got to the edge - out of breath, corn stalks all over me, covered in mud, and bun half off my head. (As you can see here lol) He was half way down the field just taking his time and I realized he was literally right on the edge of the corn so I backup up into it a couple rows and found a shooting lane. I calmed myself down and waited.

The wind died down for a second and then I could hear him walking and eating weeds and grass he was pulling up... so I drew back and held. Then I saw his nose and I closed my eyes, listened for him to take another 2 steps, and I took a breath and opened them. There were his vitals... and I drilled him at 10 yards. Maybe 12 yards. Lol He was close. He took 2-3 steps and stumbled over. HOLY SHIT. I. Was. Pumped. He just fell over right in front of me." - Sierra Langbell


One 950 System = 4 Animals - "Big or small, my 950 grain system does it all. I just don't understand we guys switch up bows, arrows and sights while on a hunt.

Once I dialed in for buffalo with the 950 to 40 yards, what else did I need? I got pass throughs all 4 of these animals and not one of them made it 50 yards after getting hit. Shooting GrizzlyStik makes for short tracking jobs and lots of picture taking!" - Dan Kinder


“Speed Goat Success” – Awesome pair of Wyoming bucks taken using a 650 grain (all in) GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow tipped with our 200 grain Maasai broadhead, from 55# recurves.

Regardless of bow type or poundage, the 650 grain GrizzlyStik arrow & btoadhead systems can be used on all game in North America. One arrow and broadhead for everything – big or small.


"Is it Shallow to Love Fallow?" - Argentina based Professional Hunter Santiago Rossi has been steadily hunting and guiding across 4 continents for the past several years – and man does he take great pictures.

Santi shoots the 650 GrizzlyStik system of Momentum TDT taprred arrows tipped with Maasai 200 single bevel broadheads for red stag and fallow. His TDT arrows have a 25% FOC and are shot from a 70# bow.



John Baker used a 650 GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow and Maasai broadhead to take this Texas Sika deer.






"Attached is a pic of Rhonda w/5 month old Bo the Barbarian and her Axis deer she got at just over 20 yds. Also attached is a pic of my aoudad.

Got lucky and everything worked... stalked him while he was bedded down, got to 42 yds and the wind swirled, he stood from his bed quartering away and I was able to get a good shot on him before he decided to leave town."

Rhonda uses our 125 grain GrizzlyStik Silver Flame broadheads and a 43# Mathews compound.

Rob shoots our Momentum 250 arrows and GrizzlyStik Smaurai 200 grain broadheads from a 70# Hoyt Spyder.





Mark Lafita with a Big Island goat he took with his Qarbon Nano longbow.










Javier Iglesias with an Argentinean black buck and 4 horn sheep taken with the GrizzlyStik arrow and broadhead system.






I just got back from New Zealand and had a great trip. I have been bowhunting for 36 years and I hunt all around the world.  I couldn't possibly see ever using a different broadhead.  Keep up the great quality of the Silver Flames. Thanks, Randy Cooling





Chris Parrino with a collection of Pronghorns taken with a GrizzlyStik arrow and broadhead system.





"...shot this antelope strong quartering towards with 740gr. full metal jacket with Ashby broadhead and a 68lb longbow, went in behind front shoulder on rt side and out left ham 2" from anus and stuck about 6" in the dirt, was like i was shooting thru a bag of popcorn! and the antelope was dropping and jumping back as the arrow went thru. which usually slows penetration but didn't notice with this setup. the tanto tip was the pointier one in the picks I sent u , no damage to tip, a little damage on one blade, probably from rocks in dirt, can't wait to try on elk in a couple of weeks!" Brent






Mike Closterman with a New Zealand  Red deer and Ram taken with the GrizzlyStik broadhead and arrow system.






Padro Kovacic from Chile uses a double beveled Silver Flame tipped on a GrizzlyStik tapered carbon arrow for all these fallow deer.






"This black buck antelope I shot with my bowtech at 15 yards away. This 18' horned animal ran approx 80 yards. He left a blood trail that anyone could track. My heart didnt quit pumping till I had this guy in my hands. He was shot on our 3200 acre low fence deer lease in El Dorado texas. "







Beautiful fallow deer shot by Marylee with a 45 pound Mathews Heli-m and a GrizzlyStik GrizzlyStik 100 grain Samurai broadhead.






Rob Neilson, SE Colorado, Pronghorn: 125 Gr Silver Flame, 535 gr cumulative weight, 31 yds, Pass Through.







"Garrett, I would like to take a moment to thank you for helping Jake put together the best equipment available for my first bow hunt.

I shot a Catalina Ram (goat) from a 16 foot stand at 21 yards. The shot was a clean pass through both lungs. Upon arrow impact the Ram bolted and after 35 yards dropped dead with a groan.

I used a Momentum arrow cut to 27 inches with a 200 grain Samurai Broadhead at 22% FOC. The total arrow weight was 540.5 grains at a speed of 176 fps. The configuration is based on sound science and is a major source of confidence and satisfaction to a beginning bow-hunter. The arrow was propelled by a Bow-Tech 2010 Soldier set at 42lbs.

Probably won't go back to rifle hunting. This has truly been a life changing event. Thanks again for the help." - 
Donn Thompson







"Garrett, life has been crazy. just got off the hunt and we had a blast. There were a lot of firsts both for my father and I and some great bonding as well as learning situations.-overall I shot a 175+- LB Boar and a 7/8 curl black Hawaiian Ram, Dad shot a Catalina ram goat. "All done with momentum arrows."

We have several pics that I will be sending you. To include some post-mortum pics from a 175lb hog. The pics that I have included in this email are just the first three to show what we shot. (not including the three rattle snakes)"









The forged Ashby broadhead works very well on smaller animals as well - as we discovered on this goat.




Louie Paull used a GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow and Silver Flame XXL to take this trophy Ram.  




Our good friend Santiago Rossi keeps us in the loop with the success his clients have with GrizzlyStik gear. Here is an excerpt from a recent email: 

 These last few days I have been guiding 2 kids, Emily (11) and Justin (13). Both bow hunting with 40 pounds... They came with really light carbon arrows with 100 grain tips. 

I told their dad that we had low chances of getting good penetration with those set ups and and after wounding a ram because of lack of penetration the first afternoon - I made them switch to some Samurai 150's I had here. 

Now we are getting pass troughs pretty much every shot!! They're having a blast on rams and goats using the same broadheads again and again! 

Will keep in touch. Cheers, Santi. 

We need to keep reminding people that the GrizzlyStik arrow and broadhead system is really beneficial for bowhunters shooting lightweight bows!