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Outfitter Jay Osting

Royal Californian Rosey – “On my first morning we heard a bugle in an area my guide was very familiar with… We worked ourselves around a ridge with a stiff wind in our face, we could easily see best position with limited time to get there. As we got set up, I couldn’t help but think everything was lining up. Another cow call and bugle from my guide and within minutes I had an arrow in a world class bull.

The bull was slightly quartering toward me at 38 yards when I released to find my lighted nock disappearing tight behind the front shoulder. Complete pass through exiting opposite hind quarter. He ran out about 50 yards and stopped long enough for me to put a second one in him. We felt very comfortable with my first shot after recovering my arrow 5 yards past where I cross-cut him. Bull expired 50 yards beyond my second shot. I couldn’t be happier, Epic elk hunt with a well-placed arrow and quick recovery. Very impressed with the performance of the GrizzlyStik system!” – Jay Osting of Bowhunting Safari Consultants

For this Roosevelt hunt, we set Jay up with our Momentum TDT arrows tipped with our Silver Flame 125 XL broadheads. The arrows weighed in at 575 grains, had a 21% FOC and were shot from a 70# bow.