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Outfitter Mark Buehrer

**2020 Ashby Award Winner** - Huge congratulations to Mark Buehrer on being selected as the the 2020 Dr. Ed Ashby Bowhunting Award winner.

Mark has bowhunted on four continents over the past 46 years and is well known and respected throughout the archery industry. In addition, he has promoted ethical bowhunting through multiple conservation organizations (SCI, DSC, P&Y), is a partner at Bowhunting Safari Consultants and happens to be one hell of a good guy!

GrizzlyStik is proud to have worked closely with Mark and the team at Bowhunting Safari Consultants over the past 15 years. It's been such a pleasure sir, congratulations again, you desire it.

Bowhunters seriously working toward their North American 29 all know Mark Buehrer and the all-star team at Bowhunting Safari Consultants. It would be difficult to name another outfitter that has enjoyed more success setting up bowhunters in pursuit of the Grand Slam.

Mark has both trusted & recommended the GrizzlyStik arrow and broadhead system for years. For this successful Arizona elk hunt, he was shooting our single-bevel Samurai 125 broadheads.

Anna Vorisek has nearly completed the North American Big Game Super Slam. On this hunt for polar bear and musk ox she used GrizzlyStik Momentum full length tapered arrows and GrizzlyStik Samurai broadheads. 

A BIG congratulations to Anna. She shared her story with us over the phone, we will post it here soon. What an adventure! Anna booked her hunt through Mark Buehrer