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Outfitter Neil Summers

"I'm Neil Summers from Bowhunting Safari Consultants. When I hunt dangerous game in Africa, hippos, elephants, Cape buffalo, I use GrizzlyStik and all their broadhead products. 'Cause when you're hunting big stuff - you need something that really really works - and GrizzlyStik does the job." Neil Summers - Bowhunting Safari Consultants

We've known Neil Summers and the guys at Bowhunting Safari Consultants for many years. They run one of the most respected 'Bowhunting Only' booking agencies in the world. We're especially proud that they have been shooting GrizzlyStik gear and recommending our arrows and broadheads to clients as well.

We set up next door to them at the Dallas Safari Club and the Safari Club International trade shows. Neil likes hunting the big stuff. He has taken; elephant, hippo, and Cape buffalo with GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads.

We were able to convince him to say a few words on camera at the 2017 SCI convention in Las Vegas. Check it out in the video above.

Neil Summers of Bowhunting Safari Consultants took this nice elephant with our Momentum 175 Heavy Game arrows and the single piece forged, single bevel 315 grain Ashby broadheads.

 The first shot, at 20 yards, penetrated to about half the arrow's length and entered the lungs. The elephant made it about 150 yards where Neil shot a second time.

This arrow disappeared completely going through one lung and the liver. Start to finish the elephant was down in about five minutes.

“In the past I have shot several Cape buffalo in Africa as well as Asiatic Water Buffalo in Australia and Indian Water buffalo in Argentina. These bovine top out at one ton. I have use a variety of broadheads on those big animals in the past but nothing penetrated like the Ashby head did on the hippo, which is twice as heavy as any buffalo.” - Neil Summers

"I just got back from hunting the Marramue swaps in Mozambique. A true adventure hunt. The combination of the Momentum 250 arrow and the 315 grain Nanook (total arrow weight 950 grains) resulted in a pass through." - Neil Summers

GrizzlyStik & BSC Shared Customer Success

This jumbo fell to one of your GrizzlyStik Momentum 175 arrows with the GrizzlyStik 210gr Silver Flame. Total arrow weight was 1250 grains with a 30% FOC.

The bow was a Bowtech Insanity set on 80#. The arrow penetrated to the fetching on the shoulder and the jumbo made it 300m before going down. This hunt was booked with Neil Summers

Congratulations to Rob Neilson on his successful African safari. Thanks Rob for trusting your bowhunting success to the GrizzlyStik System. 

Rob told us that he shared the bottom picture to show folks who think two-blade heads don't cause enough bleeding that they really can - if you hit the animals right. 

"My heavy bow for the Cape buffalo was a Hoyt Faktor 34", 81#. The arrows I used on that bow were Momentum 175 shafts with 200 grain Maasai broadheads with brass adapter weights for a cumulative total weight of 976 grains.

I only need to touch those heads up on my polishing wheel and they are ready to go again.

You will see on the Cape Buffalo video the shaft stopped on the fletching and about 5” of the tail broke off when the bull jumped on impact, but the remainder of the shaft had already passed through his heart and out the opposite shoulder and that was all that was needed." 

" For the rest of the animals I used my daily bow which is a Hoyt Vector 32", 71#. I ended up testing the 125 gr Samurai and 125 gr Maasai broadheads on different plains game – cumulative weight of 595 grains.

From those shots it seems (at least from my limited shooting) the Maasai head is a tad better as they don’t seem to get as chewed up on the edges after going through the animal – perhaps that is the convex shape being geometrically stronger than the straight edged Samurai.

I mentioned to Garrett in my conversation yesterday I have a non-GrizzlyStik arrow failure on video for you guys to show why you do not use single bevel heads on arrows other than GrizzlyStik – it was on my Impala.

I knew exactly what had happened when the arrow did not pass through – you can actually see the tip of the head that sheared off after going through the animal sideways hit the water on impact. GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads are just better than the rest." Rob Neilson

Congratulations to Jon Soderholm on this fine leopard taken with 650 grain Momentum 250's and Maasai 2oo grain Maasai broadheads. This hunt was booked throught Neil.