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PH Bredger Thomason

GrizzlyStik Guide Testimonials

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Bredger Thomason - Zambeze Delta Safaris, Mozambique Africa

Bredger Thomason is a PH with Zambeze Delta Safaris and owner of Specialized Bowhunting Safaris. He stops by the GrizzlyStik booth every year with more GrizzlyStik success stories with us. Once in a while we get him to talk to us on video so we can share his stories with other bowhunters. The video above was recorded at one of the trade shows this year. Check it out and click on the image below to visit Bredger's Specialized Bowhunting Safaris facebook page.

Bredger Thomason has been a PH with Zambeze Delta Safaris for quite some time now. He stopped by the GrizzlyStik booth to share his Cape buffalo story with us. We recorded it - you can see that video below.

Bredger's story...

"I got with Garrett at GrizzlyStik and got me set up with some GrizzlyStik arrows, the Momentum 175's. Shooting an 80# Hoyt Nitro 34. Shooting the 950-grain GrizzlyStik set up with the Ashby broadhead on it.

Stalked up within 16 yards of a big Cape buffalo and had a complete pass through. At 16 yards. The buffalo ran 40 yards, 45 yards, and was literally dead in 30 seconds.

It was the most unbelievable hunt I have ever been on and I recommend that if you hunt buffalo - big game, that you use the GrizzlyStik arrow & broadhead because it's a lethal set up and you'll have complete success with the whole system.

And I recommend, if you come to hunt with me in Mozambique - that's the set up I'll recommend because it's what works. So then don't get anything else."
 Bredger Thomason, Zambeze Delta Safaris

Zambeze Delta Safaris

"Thank you sir!! 16 yards quartering away with a complete pass through!! Deadly combo of a 950 grain Momentum 175 arrow and Ashby Broadhead. He went 35 yards after the shot and was dead in about 45 seconds!  Perfect buff medicine!!"

Bredger Thomason of Zambeze Delta Safaris 

GrizzlyStik Success with Zambeze Delta Safaris


"I just got back from my hunt in Mozambique w/ Zambeze Delta Safaris. After 8 hard days hunting I was finally able to release a GrizzlyStik Momentum w/ Ashby broadhead. The shot was 31 Yards and hard quartering away the shaft entered just behind the last rib through the heart then broke a rib and deflected off shoulder blade and stopped before exiting the brisket. Amazing penetration. I left 3 shafts and Ashby’s with my PH so he could try them on a buffalo cow for the community quota. Thanks for the great products." Dustin Love

Congratulations to Neil Summers on his latest Cape buffalo.

"I just got back from hunting the Marramue swaps in Mozambique. A true adventure hunt. The combination of the Momentum 250 arrow and the 315 grain Nanook (total arrow weight 950 grains) resulted in a pass through." - Neil Summers

"Dear Garrett, I have just returned from my recent trip to Mozambique and the Ashby head performed flawlessly. The arrow was a Full Metal Jacket Dangerous Game tipped with a 315 grain Ashby broadhead. Total weight 1000 grains and developed 107 Foot Pounds. I broke through ribs going in and going out. The broadhead was at the skin on the far side." Neil Summers

Seasoned guides, outfitters, and profession hunters (PH’s). These are the guys that live this stuff – and more than that, they earn their living by getting bowhunters close enough for clean kills.

They also give arrow and broadhead advice. When these professionals run across something that works exceptionally well, they share it with their clients. Sometimes they even require specific arrow and broadhead set-ups for specific game because of how much more effective it is.

They do this because they are invested in their client’s success. That is why they offer them solid advice on their arrows and broadheads, so once they get them into bowhunting range, they stand the best chance possible of a quick clean kill – no matter what.

Successful clients are happy clients. The guides, outfitters, and PH’s that have been around a while know what works and what doesn’t. Many of them have literally, ‘seen it all’.

GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads have earned their trust by putting animals on the ground - fast. Time and time again, the GrizzlyStik system has proven itself as deadly, even when things take a turn for the worse and heavy bone is hit, or a frontal or quartering toward shot is the only shot opportunity there is.

Once in a while we have the chance to talk with these professionals about bowhunting and their experiences with the GrizzlyStik system. Sometimes we even catch them on film. The following videos are testimonials from various guides, PH’s, and outfitters that trust the GrizzlyStik system to give their bowhunters the highest odds of success possible.

We’re grateful to these guys for taking the time to chat with us on camera – these are the folks who know what arrows and broadheads have to do to give their clients quick kills. These are the professionals that really know what they’re talking about.

Give them a listen, then set yourself up for success – call us and order a GrizzlyStik 650 test pack.

Trust your Guide – Trust GrizzlyStik