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PH Butch Coaton

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Zimbabwe, Africa

Butch Coaton - Roger Whittall Safaris

"I had the pleasure of hunting with Jeff Capagna and Dasha. We got to hunt an elephant with a bow, using GrizzlyStiks, a Hoyt bow, and Ashby broadheads.

After a few days of frustration - we got up on some bulls, three bulls and... 30 yard broadside shot. Jeff looked 'round at me and I said it looks good to me and if you're happy - let's do this.

He got that arrow, right in the shoulder, I mean that thing - perfect - full penetration - disappeared. That elephant looked 'round, we didn't know - he didn't know what was going on. Came towards us and he went up on that hill and we followed him up 300 meters. That was that - done deal.

That thing, one arrow, right through the top of the heart - double lung was stuck in the shoulder on the other side there. I've done several elephant with bows and this is the first one that we've done with one arrow.

It was just clinical. Fantastic hunting, fantastic experience with two very good hunters and friends of mine. With great equipment and that was the key in this, this deal that, they had the right stuff - and it was a very very good safari - very good hunt."

Butch Coaton

About Butch...

Butch Coaton is considered one of Zimbabwe´s most experienced and competent professional hunters. Receiving his PH License in 1987, he has been hunting hard ever since. Predominantly in the Zambezi Valley. Having guided approximately 400 buffalo hunts and many successful elephant hunts thus far, he knows what it takes for bowhunters to be successful on these brutes.

He has seen first hand what the GrizzlyStik arrow and broadhead system can do on these big animals and that's why he recommends GrizzlyStik to all his Cape buffalo and elephant bowhunters.

You'll not meet a more competent and easy going PH. There are few big game areas in Zimbabwe where Butch has not hunted.
If you're a bowhunter looking for a seasoned PH and a stellar firm to book your African hunt through, check out Roger Whittall Safaris.

Roger Whittall Safaris

GrizzlyStik Success with Roger Whittall Safaris

Elephant with one arrow - a 1250 grain GrizzlyStik 
Momentum 175 and Ashby Broadhead - 29% FOC

Jeff Campagna and his wife Dasha had a fantastic safari with each taking multiple animals. Here are a couple pictures they sent of of the elephant Jeff took with the forged 315 grain GrizzlyStik Ashby broadhead and GrizzlyStik Momentum 175 arrows

According to Jeff the arrow clipped a rib on the near side, went all the way through both lungs, clipped a rib on the far side and the blade stopped just shy of poking out the skin on the far side. One arrow elephant kill - it can be done when you set yourself up for success with 1250 grains of the GrizzlyStik arrow and broadhead system. 


Congratulations to Jeff & Dasha Campagna! What a safari. They both took multiple animals with the GrizzlyStik Tembo system. We will post the specifics as soon as we know more. 

Jeff took an elephant on this trip as well, you can see that here.