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PH Cobus Pretorius

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Cobus Pretorius - Dries Visser Safaris, South Africa

"My name is Cobus, I am working with Dries Visser Safaris. It's one of the biggest bowhunting outfitters in South Africa. We've been bowhunting from 1990 already and we specialize in archery bowhunting only.

I was using before on a giraffe hunt the GrizzlyStik, 315 grains. At 55 yards - frontal shot - and it went down in 150 yards. I am really recommending it to all our clients that are hunting with us for the buffaloes, the Cape buffalo because - it's an excellent product. And you can even use it afterwards over and over again.

And yeah, we believe in it. And we're recommending it for all of our clients." Cobus Pretorious

Dries Visser Safaris

GrizzlyStik Success with Dries Visser Safaris

Congratulations to; Brad Stewart, and John Sherman. They both harvested Cape buffalo with GrizzlyStik Momentum tapered carbon arrows and Ashby 315 grain single bevel broadheads. 

John actually shot his Cape buffalo - through the shoulder blade! 

Cape buffalo taken through the shoulder blade. That's the kind of penetration you can get when you shoot 950 grains of tapered carbon arrow and razor sharp - tough Ashby single bevel broadheads. 

John shared his story..."My hunt was 7 day Buffalo Hunt with Dries Visser Safaris. We did some water hole hunting from a tree stand as well as spot a stalk. On the fifth day we finally got a 31 yard shot from the ground. My Mathews MR 5 launched my 950 grain GrizzlyStik tipped with an Ashby 315 grain broadhead through the buffalo's left shoulder. He ran out to 250 yds and collapsed. 

Being herd animals the other buffaloes gathered around him to protect him. In the thick brush we approached in the truck we could tell he was still alive when we got closer. At 30 yds the other buffalo started to move away from him. He stood up and I shot him with another follow up arrow in his right side with full penetration and he collapsed at another 50 yds. dead. 

My other hunting partners had the same results - full penetration with total arrow weight 950 grains and 315 grain Ashby broadheads. 

I credit Garrett with setting up our hunting party with the proper equipment to go after dangerous game and have such great success. My PH Hein Lottering told me without a doubt I needed GrizzlyStik arrows and the Ashby broadhead. Thanks Garrett and GrizzlyStik for the excellent advice and proper equipment."
 John Sherman


Dead bull! Pass the fletch, I'm so pumped! Paul used a GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow and Ashby broadhead to take his Cape Buffalo.

Paul Atkins, BowTech Pro Staffer, contributing editor for Hunt Alaska magazine and Bow Hunting World.


Congratulations to Keith Appel on his successful safari with GrizzlyStik gear. Here is a bit of his story: 

"Greetings.... Here are some pics of my hunt in South Africa. I hunted for fourteen days and the first nine days I just could not get the shot at a buffalo. Too many of them and the bull I wanted was always mingled with other bulls. 

On the evening of the tenth day. I had my chance and placed an arrow into the bull in the picture at twenty yards. He ran less than seventy yards and was comatose in less than ten seconds. The ribs of the buffalo overlap, so one has to bust through two of them to get at the vitals. The heavy two bladed arrow did just that and did the same on the exit side. The broadhead busted through two ribs on entrance and then busted two more on the back side, but did not come out through the skin on the far side. He maybe was on his feet for about eight seconds before he ran about seventy yards. It was a perfect double lung shot. 

He is a classic mature bull and his tenderloins were aged for several days and were delicious. The rest of the meat is shared with natives in the area. Some of it is also sold to commercial meat stores. We ate wild game every night that was delicious and well-prepared. 

The next day we were sitting in the blind that was near to a water hole, but not in bow range. That night just before sunset I had a chance at a very nice bull Cape Eland. It was also a whisker over twenty yards. Same deal, a double lung shot and the bull ran to almost the exact same spot the cape buffalo ran to and went down. These are also very big animals. My PH (professional hunter/guide) said that my bull would probably weigh around seventeen hundred pounds. 

On the eland, the broadhead slipped between the ribs on the near side and then busted through a rib on the far side but did not penetrate the skin. He ran almost the same distance as the Cape buffalo and was on the ground in less than ten seconds. 

Two nights later, the last day of my hunt, I had this great Sable bull give me a shot at slightly under twenty yards. I had switched to lighter GrizzlyStik arrows and had a complete pass-through. My arrow was found later about fifty yards away in the brush. It was still in perfect condition. 

My PH was impressed with how quickly all three of my animals went down. They all were down in sight of the blind. 

I gave the PH's your catalog and discussed the concept of momentum and the problems with people shooting light weight arrows with expandable broadheads. They had been on the verge of not allowing them anymore on their concession. Now they will tell all of their clients not to use them. 

So, we are making some headway."