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PH Santiago Rossi

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Santiago Rossi - Poithaue Hunting Ranch

"I've been using GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads for about four years now. Before GrizzlyStik, I was seeing a lot of people getting a lack of penetration on their hunts. They were shooting really light set-ups. It wasn't a matter of bow poundage, it was light arrows with expandable broadheads there were not getting through bone.

That's when we started working with GrizzlyStik - they put some good stuff together for us and we started testing it out on our water buffalo and red deer. We started getting way better results.

That's why we always encourage people to try the GrizzlyStik set ups and try to go heavier on their arrows and a little bit heavier on their broadheads just to get that extra penetration you need when things don't go perfect.

If you put a perfect shot - like between ribs, you can kill animals with pretty much everything. But when you start hitting bones there's just a few things that really work, and these guys are making arrows and broadheads that are designed for that kind of stuff."
Santiago Rossi

Poithaue Hunting Ranch

Santiago does a lot of reporting from the field on his results with GrizzlyStik Gear. He just took a nice Red Stag with the new GrizzlyStik Momentum carbon arrows.

Congratulations to Santiago Rossi, he is a bowhunting machine! Here's his latest fallow deer taken with GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows and 200 grain GrizzlyStik Maasai single bevel broadheads.

Our good friend Santiago Rossi has been busy hunting stag with GrizzlyStik Momentum tapered carbon arrows and our single bevel GrizzlyStik Maasai broadheads. Congratulations Santi!

Santiago Rossi is a hard core bowhunter. He travels all over the world hunting and guiding hunters. He's living the dream so many have - but he's working hard at it. 

Santiago does a lot of reporting from the field on his results with GrizzlyStik Gear. He just took a nice Red Stag with the new GrizzlyStik Momentum tapered carbon arrows. Stay tuned - there are bound to be more reports coming in from Santiago.

Santiago Rossi travels the world bowhunting, guiding, and is part owner of Bowhunting in Argentina, a company that offers bowhunters amazing hunting opportunities and adventure. 

Santi is a big fan of the GrizzlyStik System. He and many of his clients use GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads for much of their bowhunting. We're glad to call Santi a friend.

PH Santi Rossi of Bowhunting in Argentina took this boar using a GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow-and Silver Flame 100 grain head.

Our good friend Santiago Rossi hunts and guides all over the world. He is concerned with the success of his clients and the ethical harvesting of all big game animals. Here is a picture of some testing he was doing postmortem on a big Argentinean water buffalo. The GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow total weight was 750 grains, and the broadhead was a GrizzlyStik 200 grain Maasai single bevel.

Another big Water buffalo shot with a 19% FOC arrow tipped with a GrizzlyStik 315 grain forged Ashby broadhead that smoked ribs going in an out.


GrizzlyStik Success with Poithaue Hunting Ranch

Another big Water buffalo shot by Gary with a GrizzlyStik 315 grain forged Ashby broadhead.

Dave's Water buffalo shot with a 70 pound Drenaline and a GrizzlyStik arrow tipped with a 315 grain forged Ashby Broadhead. Deadly combination!


It's amazing what the right arrow can do. This nice Water buffalo was shot with 330 IBO bow at only 55 pounds at the 28” draw. We got a perfect pass trough on the rib cage! Arrow weight 750 grains total with a GrizzlyStik 150 grain Samurai right bevel.


One of the first Buffalo we harvested with GrizzlyStik 210 grain Silver Flame. Complete pass trough with 70# at 28” bow and 780 grains of total arrow weight.


Beautiful fallow deer shot by Marylee with a 45 pound Mathews Heli-m and a GrizzlyStik GrizzlyStik 100 grain Samurai broadhead.






The forged Ashby broadhead works very well on smaller animals as well - as we discovered on this goat.


Our good friend Santiago Rossi keeps us in the loop with the success his clients have with GrizzlyStik gear. Here is an excerpt from a recent email: 

 These last few days I have been guiding 2 kids, Emily (11) and Justin (13). Both bow hunting with 40 pounds... They came with really light carbon arrows with 100 grain tips. 

I told their dad that we had low chances of getting good penetration with those set ups and and after wounding a ram because of lack of penetration the first afternoon - I made them switch to some Samurai 150's I had here. 

Now we are getting pass troughs pretty much every shot!! They're having a blast on rams and goats using the same broadheads again and again! 

Will keep in touch. Cheers, Santi. 

We need to keep reminding people that the GrizzlyStik arrow and broadhead system is really beneficial for bowhunters shooting lightweight bows!