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PH Strang Middleton

**PH Knowledge** - "When you go after the big stuff and want one arrow have to shoot GrizzlyStik! Great FOC, super strong and they build'em heavy! Alot of folks ask me why do I use GrizzlyStik? Well it's simple - why wouldn't I? You're crazy if you don't!" - Zambian based PH Strang Middleton

**Professional Problems** - "Howzit bwana...can you please start stocking up on 320 spine arrows for me!? I don't wanna run out again. I just need the regular arrows and inserts and I wanna make sure there's a stockpile! You know me.....I shoot.....A LOT" - Strangles Middleton Zambian based Professional Hunter

Strang has a bush pig problem....he can't stop shooting Momentum TDT arrows tipped with Silver Flame 125XL broadheads into them.

**Making Bait** - "Lion bait done and dusted with this Luangwa Valley giant! We came across two bulls fighting. At 35 yards, I took a quartering away shot with the 1250 GrizzlyStik system tipped with Ashby 315 broadheads and did it's job again! When hunting dangerous game you have to trust your equipment.....that's why I use the GrizzlyStik system!" - Zambian based PH Strang Middleton

"Real Product Testing?" - Tis the season for backyard experts to conduct broadhead testing on 55 gallon drums and smoked country hams. You'll here all the latest, "Widget X is the BEST, it out performs widget Y & Z....blah, blah, blah."  That's not real world broadhead testing, that's a bunch of guys shooting broadheads into 55 gallon drums and naively attempting to translate the simple results into hunting animals. At GrizzlyStik, we choose to leave our field product testing to Professional Hunters (PH's) on real animals, in real hunting situations. Nothing fancy, just shooting game animals and recording distance, bow poundage, total arrow & broadhead weight and arrow penetration results. You know - real world results. Here is Zambian based PH Strang Middleton and his 2020 testing portfolio (so far) while shooting the GrizzlyStik system of tapered Momentum TDT arrows tipped with Silver Flame 125 XL broadheads. No smoked hams were harmed in any of Strang's testing, only created.  Trust the world's best Professional Hunters, trust GrizzlyStik.