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Plains Game

"Real Product Testing?" - Tis the season for backyard experts to conduct broadhead testing on 55 gallon drums and smoked country hams. You'll here all the latest, "Widget X is the BEST, it out performs widget Y & Z....blah, blah, blah."  That's not real world broadhead testing, that's a bunch of guys shooting broadheads into 55 gallon drums and naively attempting to translate the simple results into hunting animals. At GrizzlyStik, we choose to leave our field product testing to Professional Hunters (PH's) on real animals, in real hunting situations. Nothing fancy, just shooting game animals and recording distance, bow poundage, total arrow & broadhead weight and arrow penetration results. You know - real world results. Here is Zambian based PH Strang Middleton and his 2020 testing portfolio (so far) while shooting the GrizzlyStik system of tapered Momentum TDT arrows tipped with Silver Flame 125 XL broadheads. No smoked hams were harmed in any of Strang's testing, only created.  Trust the world's best Professional Hunters, trust GrizzlyStik.

Encore Performance - "I'm having to deal with first world problems........running out of GrizzlyStik Alaskan 200 broadheads because I only brought 6 and have used them on multiple animals here at @kaiwhaisafaris. Thankfully I’ve been able to recover them after full passthroughs and touch them up on my @benchmadeknifecompany sharpener to keep hunting with a lethal instrument." - @knottdoneyet

**Moonlight Madness** - Hopefully the COVID-19 madness will soon be behind us and we'll be back to traveling/hunting in Africa. In the mean time, Zambian based PH @stranglesmiddleton is convinced that kudu won't just hunt themselves.  Strang is a huge proponent of the Momentum TDT arrow and Silver Flame 125XL system on plains game. It's hard to argue with his results, both guiding and hunting for himself, over the past several years.

**A New Bowhunting Math** - "I think we can all agree Oryx is one tough animal. This buck went down so fast, I had to review my bowhunting math. 70# bow + 652 grain / 25% FOC arrow + 20 yard broadside shot + complete arrow pass thru + 20 yard animal recovery = 40 yard arrow recovery.  Following Dr. Ashby's 12 arrow penetration enhancement features, I got my arrow to travel twice as far as the animal after impact! That's the kind of new bowhunting math I like!" - Rob Neilson, President Ashby Bowhunting Foundation

Over the past decade, our 650 GrizzlyStik system customers have supplied us with a huge library of testimonials on lethal performance.  Our customers have extensively documented that shot placement that was once thought "taboo" is becoming the new normal when hunting plains game.  Powered by a 70# bow, this Momentum TDT tapered arrow was built to 650 grains when tipped with a Maasai 200 broadhead. The 25% FOC system has proven to be lethal from all shot angles.

Luangwa Valley Monarch - "A huge kudu hunted in the Chikwa concession this season taken with the 650 GrizzlyStik system. This kudu was in bad shape after the rut and then a very dry season made him even skinnier and doubt he would have made through the season." - Zambian based Professional Hunter @thorkirchner

**Black Death Bi-Catch** - "I took this Nyala shooting the 950 system I bought for my Cape buffalo hunt. The Ashby 315 broadhead worked great and cut like a knife. My PH was totally impressed with the performance.  I wanted to shoot cape buffalo with that arrow but I just couldn't get a good shot. This guy will have to do for now, there's always next year. Thanks for your help!" - Mike Grace

**Non-Traditional Results** - "Hey @akdancingbear, this might be a good picture to have in your arsenal. Here are the results of a single bevel Masaai 200 broadhead shot from 54# longbow. My total arrow weight was 663 grains and had a 23% FOC.  It's interesting to see the single bevel "L" cut Dr. Ashby wrote about. I wouldn't have guessed a two blade could cut that. With the hard angle of this shot, the arrow didn't exit, but the same set up did give me complete pass throughs on Kudu and Hartebeest. These broadheads are devastating!" - @carsonrost

**Forginging Friendships** - "Reflecting back on a walk and stalk hunt with bow and arrow in some very thick stuff after a few days we managed to get an arrow in this massive animal up to date the biggest bull I have guided great shooting my friend looking forward to our sheep hunt." - @jan_paulven, PH for Karibu Big Game Safaris Finding success in the field can create a life-long bond between Professional Hunters and their bowhunting clients. Were proud of the friendships GrizzlyStik broadheads have helped forge over the years.

**Trackers, What Trackers?** - "There was never a need to call the trackers, everything went down inside sight of the blind. The 650 system passed through all 5 plains game animals I shot on safari including this golden wildebeest. You can see how far he made it from the blind in the background. GrizzlyStik is the only way to go on safari!" - Toby Carlisle

**Proud Papa** - As the old saying goes, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree." 8 year old Josh with his first bow kill (heart shot). His father, Zambian based Professional Hunter Strang Middleton couldn't be more proud. Strang's parental insight to starting'em young? "Teach him to shoot....tip an arrow with a GrizzlyStik Silver Flame......and go hunting!" Ironic, it's the same advice Strang has been giving his bowhunting clients for years.

**Over & Over Again** - "There're very few places you can go to shoot 5 animals in a day, one after another, like at Cawston Wildlife Estate in Zimbabwe. Nothing like washing your arrow after a pass through and using it again. These OVERKILL Silver Flame 125XL broadheads are a killing machine!" - Professional Hunter @cliffwalker577
Not only do our OVERKILL line of stainless steel blades come surgically sharp out of the package but they have an incredible edge durability and retention. All the fixed 2 blade goodness you could want for under $60 a pack. No wonder Professional Hunters and guides around the world love them.

**Hard Anlge Greenlight** - After seeing the Alaskan 315 broadhead perform on elephant and hippo, both PH's Jason Stone and Evan Sloan had no problem greenlighting a full facing - away - shot for their client on this hyena. Just like a 300 grain bullet shot from a .375 H&H, the Alaskan broadhead entered at the hip and exited out the front of the chest. Highlighting once again that GrizzlyStik system opens up a whole different level of ethical shot selections for PH's and their clients.

 Is a 650 grain arrow from a 45# bow too slow for a whitetail? Ask this Impala......

**Pandemic Safari** - "My story started out as a 14-day family trip to see our friend Mike Birch at Hunt the Sun Safari in South Africa. It turned into a 59-day international travel lock-down, when the whole world turned upside down with the Covid-19 pandemic.  Lucky for me and my family, we were able to continue hunting and I shot several beautiful animals with my 45# Mathews Triax bow.  I can’t tell you how much shooting the 650 system of Momentum arrows & Maasai broadhead have changed my hunting life!! Thanks for making a superior product!!" - Much appreciated, Carrie Fry

**Proud Papa** -  "My son Thomas Custer with his 34” bull he took at at 22 yards. I built him a 28# selfbow and matched 400 spine Momentum TDT arrows tipped with OVERKILL Samurai 125 broadheads. The total weight is 460 grains with a 21% FOC.

Even with a light poundage bow and short draw length, my son placed a perfect shot and the GrizzlyStik did the rest. Thanks again for making great arrows and broadheads!" - O'Banyon Custer

**Built Like a Tank** - Professional Hunter @cliffwalker577 putting the OVERKILL Silver Flame 125XL broadhead to work on this tank of a bull eland. 30 yards and down makes for a short day for the trackers.
With this kind of lethal performance, it's no wonder so many bowhunting PH's in Africa recommend GrizzlyStik broadheads to their customers.

**High FOC Hype** - “I shot this bull at 35 yards with an 800 grain arrow and your Silver Flame 150 broadhead. As you can see, the broadhead had no problem passing through!” – @wian.roux_

Has a light/fast set up ever found the offside of a giraffe?

**Professional Problems** - "Howzit bwana...can you please start stocking up on 320 spine arrows for me!? I don't wanna run out again. I just need the regular arrows and inserts and I wanna make sure there's a stockpile! You know me.....I shoot.....A LOT" - Strangles Middleton Zambian based Professional Hunter

Strang has a bush pig problem....he can't stop shooting Momentum TDT arrows tipped with Silver Flame 125XL broadheads into them.

**World Record Sand Gazelle** - Sand Gazelle have been hunted in the desert near Al Ain since before the time of Babylon. Fast forward a few thousand years and Mr. Poindexter inked a new SCI number 1 spot by taking this 37 6/8" UAE buck.

After successfully hunting with the 650 GrizzlyStik system on African safari, Mr. Poindexter had no hesitation shooting the same set up on this historical desert hunt. We matched our Momentum TDT arrows tipped with a Maasai 200 broadheads to his 70# bow. The tapered arrows were built to 650 grains total and had a 25% FOC.

The results?

A place in history, fresh ink in the record books and a big smile after successfully completing one of the most challenging bowhunts in the world.

**5 For 5 Tall Boys** • "I initially thought this would be an easy management hunt......little did I know. To get into shooting distance of this bull with a bow was no easy task. I ended up taking the shot at 53 meters way out of my comfort zone and my longest 1 shot bow kill to date, I was humbled to see how well the arrow performed at that distance too.

Have to hand it to GrizzlyStik broadheads for a 5th time!!!!! Stay tuned for the video coming soon on Season 4 Episode 1. Thank you to everyone for their effort to make this hunt possible!" - @south_african_hunting_journal

Over the past several seasons, Steven has gone 5 for 5 on giraffe shooting our single bevel Samurai 200 broadhead.

**Spot & Stalk History** - Arabian oryx have been hunted in the desert near Al Ain since before the time of Babylon. Fast forward a few thousand years and Mr. Poindexter became the first modern bowhunter to take a free range, spot & stalk Arabian oryx in the UAE.After successfully hunting with the 650 GrizzlyStik system on African safari, Mr. Poindexter had no hesitation shooting the same set up on this historical desert hunt. We matched our Momentum TDT arrows tipped with a Maasai 200 broadheads to his 70# bow. The tapered arrows were built to 650 grains total and had a 25% FOC. The results? A place in history, fresh ink in the record books and a big smile after successfully completing one of the most challenging bowhunts in the world.

Near Instant Death - "All I can say is my PH's said they have never seen anything like this. A shoulder shot wildebeest, complete arrow pass though, down in 16 seconds and only traveling 60 yards. That's lethal performance!  Wildebeest are called 'Poor man's Cape buffalo' beacuse they are so tough. IMHO, any critics of hunting with heavy, high FOC arrow systems have absolutely no idea what they're talking about.  I released 9 shots at plains game while on safari and had 9 one-shot-kills. My GrizzlyStik system gives me a confidence I've never felt while bowhunting and I'd recommend it to any bowhunter looking for more punch." - Blake LaMunyon

**Professional Hunting Tools** - What's the only thing better than a Professional Hunter recommending GrizzlyStik to their customers? When they hunt with our arrows & broadheads for themselves. PH @cliffwalker577 putting the Silver Flame OVERKILL 125 through the paces on both this muture reedbuck and bushbuck. Bowhunting PH's all over the world know what equipment works and which is hype. That's why you'll find so many shoot and recommend the GrizzlyStik system. Trust your guide, Trust GrizzlyStik

It's Safari Season! - "This is by far the best complete arrow system out there and I won't use anything else. When it matters, GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads just flat out perform. While on safari in South Africa, I had one shot kills on Kudu, Gemsbok, Waterbuck, Wildebeest and Impala. What more can a bowhunter ask for?" - JP Dafonte

**Tools Pro's Use** - What's the only thing better than a Professional Hunter (PH) recommending our GrizzlyStik arrows & broadheads to their customers?

When they hunt with our gear for themselves........PH @cliffwalker577 putting the OVERKILL Silver Flame 125XL through the paces on bull giraffe.

Trust your guide, Trust GrizzlyStik

**Big/Big Stuff** • "Just to give you guys an idea of how big the bull was, I am 1.9m tall (6'2") and I look tiny in comparison to the big giraffe. This bull alone weighed 877kg (1933 lbs) and probably weighed close to 2 tons on the hoof and was in excess of 5m tall.

It is hard to think that you can bring down a animal this big with just a well placed arrow through the vitals.

After a quick stalk we caught up the bull. The bull stood broadside at 51 yards and I decided to take the shot. I drew my bow ,anchored , set my pin on the vitals and let the arrow fly. The FMJ dangerous game arrow tipped with a GrizzlyStik Samurai 175 broadhead found its mark and the bull was down within 150 yards.

This was a dream hunt of mine ever since I was a small boy. Every part of the animal was utilised and nothing went to waste." - @jacosmit_

Holy Roan - "At 22 yards broadside, I went up the leg and placed my shot through the shoulder. My 650 grain set-up blew right through and we recovered the arrow a full 50 yards beyond where I hit him. The arrow was buried deep in the ground like a clean miss at a target.

The bull only made it 30 yards and was down. That's the kind of performance all bowhunters and their PH's should expect. Dr. Ashby's arrow lethality research has proven itself deadly once again!" - Rob Neilson, President of the Ashby Bowhunting Foundation

For his South African safari with Limcroma safaris, Rob built a footed 450 grain Momentum TDT arrow and tipped them with Maasai 200 single bevel broadheads. The arrows had a 25% FOC and were shot from a 70# bow.

Traditional  Shot - "Just one 950 GrizzlyStik had my giraffe down in less than two minutes. I took a 28 yard frontal shot with my 85# recurve. The arrow completely passed through the heart and in the process of removing the organs the Ashby broadhead also sliced up the liver when the giraffe turned & ran a short distance.

I'd like to thank everyone at GrizzlyStik for taking the time to answer all my questions and for reassuring me this could be done. You guy's really are the safari experts. Not a lot of people gave me any chance of successfully taking a giraffe with a recurve. Everything worked better than you said!" - Greg McTee

“Poor Man’s Cape Buffalo” - In Africa, if you draw blood on an animal, you pay the trophy fee. It doesn't matter if the animal is recovered or lost - you pay. It doesn't matter if you make a perfect shot and the arrow fails to penetrate - yup you guessed it - you pay.

Experienced bowhunters know that the vitals on most African plains game are much farther forward than North American game (whitetails). The bogey of heavy bone hits and minimal arrow penetration weighs heavily on the success of bowhunters shooting whitetail rigs and creeping the shoulder.

For this exact reason, GrizzlyStik recommends our 650-grain arrow & broadhead system for all African plains game (except giraffe). The GrizzlyStik system has recorded complete pass throughs on everything from the Tiny 10 to SCI Gold sable, eland, kudu and this poor man’s Cape buffalo.

Safari testing season is here and now’s the time to start dialing in your arrow & broadhead system. We offer our two arrow test kits in stock, 650, 950 and 1250 grain total weight systems. Test the GrizzlyStik system for yourself and make your next safari - an epic one.

"Now That's a Duesy!" - After the dust settles, it appears Jason Bryan has earned some fresh (Archery Number 1 Sable) ink in the record books.The tape pulled 50 5/8" on this massive bull sable. Long-time GrizzlyStik customer Jason Bryan with his latest record book entry taken with a Maasai 200 single bevel broadhead. What a beast!

"Contemporary Expert" - Every arrow & broadhead manufacturer has experts they work with to build better equipment. This is usually a machinist/engineer/wizard that can be called upon for insight into which machining process is most cost effective, pros/cons of material specifications and tooling/prototype fabrication.

For GrizzlyStik, one of our long standing experts is Jon Hand, owner of Hand Machine. Not only does Jon have his engineering fingerprints all over our tapered arrow & broadhead system, he happens to be a traditional bowhunter.

Fitting that when Jon took his trip of a lifetime to hunt in Namibia with Cilliers Hunting Safaris last year, he selected a footed 450 grain tapered Momentum TDT arrow tipped with a forged Alaskan 315 broadhead. The arrows came in at 765 grains total and had a bone-crushing 28% FOC.

Double Pass Through? - "Hey Garrett Schlief, I just wanted to share with you guys, my experience with my arrows and broad heads, Momentum TDT + Massai 200 grain = 650 grain.

Shot at a Blue Wildebeest, but at the release, another one jumped behind.

The arrow passed BOTH of them through and through, quartering away, both went down 30 yards from each other and walked less than 40 yards from the shot, my PH was so impressed, he couldn't believe it!

Also shot some other animals, all of them through and through.Thank you for the great arrows and broad heads." - Mario

Silver Flame Sable - "A lifelong ambition of mine was to hunt a beast like this. This old bull, past his prime and past his breeding days was shot through the humerus and the Silver Flame arrowhead lodged in his heart." - Bert Engelbrecht

Safari Gold - "I just returned from my safari and I had a great hunt. My 650 system performed like it always does - perfect. My eland was quartering away from me and the arrow passed through diagonally, from behind the right shoulder and out the left shoulder. Amazing performance!" - George Owren

The Tiny 10 - "I have finally completed all the tiny antelope here in Coutada 11, Mozambique with bow and arrow. The Oribi is very aware of its surroundings at all times, and they are extremely challenging with with archery gear.

I was fortunate to catch this nice ram close to a tree line, and was able to crawl with in 40 yards behind a small clump of grass. I was able to come to complete drawl and I slowly stood, settling my pin just behind his shoulder.

These little antelope are so quick, my GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT 240 tipped with a Redline XL 125 grain hit 6 inches behind it mark. Thankfully the arrow and broadhead did its job. The Oribi Ram went 10 yards and was down. It’s nice to have complete confidence in what I was using.

What a beautiful trophy, and I’m on my to completing my tiny ten with a bow. Five more to go!!" - Mozambique based Professional Hunter Bredger Thomason

"Starlight 950" - Professional Hunter Steve Bezuidenhout has seen many of his clients successfully put the GrizzlyStik 950 system to work on both plains game and Big 5. He knows GrizzlyStik helps with short tracking jobs, happy customets and fantastic photos - like this one!

Silver Flame Safari - "We hunted 18 days with PH Butch Colton and Ross Johnston and this was our 5th safari with Butch. I still haven’t succeeded on a buffalo with a bow (gives me chance to come back to Zim, I guess, lol) but I did take these three while on safari. I LOVE my Silver Flame broadheads!! I’ll use them again in the future for sure." - Dasha Campagna

Three In A Row - "The instant the Ashby broadhead went in, blood started spraying out his nose like a hose. After days of tracking, we got into range for a 52 yard broadside shot. My arrow fully penetrated the heart and he was down in seconds.

This is my 3rd bull giraffe taken shooting the GrizzlyStik arrow & broadhead system. He's a HUGE dark bull and beautiful old warrior. He got to feed over 2,500 people from the surrounding local villages. I couldn't be happier!" - Ty Cary

950 System Nyala - "I took this Nyala using the 950 system of arrows and broadheads I bought from you back in summer. The Alaskan 315 worked great and cut like a knife. 43 inch spread and 17.5 inch boss. Thanks for your help." - Mike Grace

Freelance 650 Safari - "I have a friend who's a farmer and crop broker so I was able to hunt several regions on my trip. I self guided on most of my hunts, except for Pangola where I hunted with a guide for two days.

I was shooting the 650 GrizzlyStik system with Maasai 200 broadheads and got excellent performance on 8 animals. Almost all my shots were complete pass throughs and I killed three of these aninals with the same arrow & broadhead!" - Kyle Weaver

"Rare Air" - This very old Lichtenstein Hartebeast taken by Specialized Bowhunting Safaris with the 650 GrizzlyStik system . Bredger got very lucky and was able to stalk to 45 yards of this old Bull. These big antelope are extremely tough to get within bow range.

Aim for the Shoulder? - "My PH's said they have never seen anything like this. I released 9 arrows at plains game while on safari and had 9 one-shot-kills. None of the animals I hunted made it more than 100 yards after being hit.

As my safari went on, I started aiming more and more at the shoulder. I was shooting well and everything I hit with my 650 system zipped through like butter. My GrizzlyStik system gave me a confidence I've never felt while bowhunting and I'd recommend it to any bowhunter looking for more punch." - Blake LaMunyon

"Made for This" - With just a stick and a string...........and a forged, stainless steel, single bevel, 315 grain Ashby broadhead, Hans Thomas Jensen found huge plains game success in Namibia.

"One Red Arrow" - The 650 arrow & broadhead system at work on safari for Clint Capurro. The Capurro family was on safari with PH Steve Bezuidenhout and took this brute of a sable.

"Stickbow Safari" - While on safari this past September, Ole Olsen found great plains game success shooting our tip-to-tail tapered Momentum TDT arrows from his longbow.

"Desert Stallions" - After four years of planning and two trips to Namibia, Dee Smith used the GrizzlyStik system of tapered Momentum TDT arrows tipped with Maasai broadheads to connect with back-to-back Hartmann's zebra.

"Test for Success" - This trophy nyala was taken by Brian Dach with the 650 GrizzlyStik system of Momentum TDT tapered arrows & Maasai 200 broadheads shot from a 75# bow. Brian was hunting with Safari Afrika in the Limpopo province.

"650 Safari" - Big or small, the GrizzlyStik 650 system works on all African 29 plains game. With one setup you can hunt them all.

Dylan Johnson putting in some good work on safari with Momentum TDT arrows built to 450 grains and tipped with a Maasai 200 broadheads. The taper in the TDT arrow at this weight gives the total system a bone crushing 24% FOC.

Professional Hunters Will Tell You - "This is the results of 10 days of hard work, hunting large areas and walking many miles with my client Ryan Larmer. We managed to take a Crocodile, Sable and Cape buffalo all on walk and stalk with absolute pin point accuracy shooting 950 GrizzlyStik arrows.

I saw that system perform flawlessly as it punched through a sable at 36 yards and a crocodile at 26 yards. On the last day I watched Ryan shoot a buffalo at 35 yards with a full frontal angle and the penetration was unbelievable. The 950 grain arrow completely disappeared into the chest of the buffalo!

The combination of pin point accuracy and a top quality big game bow setup is absolutely deadly. Great product Sir. I am honestly impressed.....definitely my recommendation to all clients hunting Africa with a bow. Thank you!" - PH George Halliday of Zembe African Safaris

Real Product Testing? - Tis the season for backyard broadhead testing on 55 gallon drums, cinder blocks and smoked country hams. You'll here all the latest, "My widget X out performs widget Y & Z....blah, blah, blah."

That's not real world broadhead testing, that's a bunch of guys shooting broadheads into 55 gallon drums and naively attempting to translate the simple results into hunting animals.

At GrizzlyStik, we choose to leave our product testing to Professional Hunters (PH's) on real animals, in real hunting situations. Nothing fancy, just shooting game animals and recording distance, bow poundage, total arrow & broadhead weight and arrow penetration results. You know - real world results.

Here is a sample of Zambian based PH Strang Middleton testing portfolio on the Silver Flame 125 XL over the past couple seasons. No smoked hams were harmed in any of Strang's testing, only created.

Trust the worlds best guides and PH's, trust GrizzlyStik.

Beautiful Botswana" - Cameron Mitchell passing the 650 GrizzlyStik system through this beautiful Kalahari Springbok while hunting with Tholo Safaris Botswana.

The .500 Nitro of Bowhunting - "Giraffe is one of the most challenging animals to bowhunt in Zambia because of their massive size. That's why the 1250 GrizzlyStik system tipped with an Ashby broadhead is invaluable! 72# bows are on the light side for giraffe but my hunter still buried that GrizzlyStik all the way to the fletches!

When you go after the big stuff and want one arrow kills, you have to shoot GrizzlyStik. Great FOC, super strong and they build'em heavy. Alot of folks ask me why do I recommend shooting GrizzlyStik? Well it's simple - you're crazy if you don't!" - Zambian based PH Strang Middleton

"650 on Safari" - While on safari, the 650 GrizzlyStik system is proven on all sizes of plains game. Once you dial your system in, it doesn't matter of the size animal in front of you - just go to work. That's exactly what Zachary Stepanski did while in the South African bushveld.

Traditional Namibia - While on safari, many of our traditional customers are finding success shooting a 765 grain system on large plains game. We build a cut-to-length Momentum TDT arrow to 450 grains but instead of a 200 grain head, we put a 315 forged Alaskan broadhead up front.

The heavy head weight and continuous tapered arrow give traditional bowhunters a bone breaking 28% FOC and consistent lethal performance. The 765 system also seems to be keeping the PH's busy with the camera.

📸: Cilliers Hunting Safaris

"What do Bowhunting Guides Shoot?" - When an American elk guide and a South African PH get together for bowhunt, you know the skinners are going to be busy.

Riley of Currant Creek Outfitters our teamed up with Shannon of Bushmen Safaris to put on a plains game clinic of one shot, 650 grain proficiency. From frontal shots to complete pass troughs, the 650 system of tapered Momentum TDT arrows tipped with Maasai 200 broadheads documented once again why so many PH's consider it the gold standard.

Bowhunting PH's & guides know what bowhunting equipment works and which is hype. That's why so many not only recommend the GrizzlyStik system but shoot it for themselves.

Trust the world's best guides, trust GrizzlyStik.

650 SUPER Sable - "He entered from our left and looked perfect. The horns had even more curl than most and this was simply too good of an opportunity. My PH was vibrating with excitement and whispered to me that was “the most beautiful sable he had every seen." I asked, “so you are saying I should take him”, rhetorical question…. Lined up the pin and shot him at 30 yards broadside.

My TDT arrow hit slightly high for an African animal but still a very solid shot. The sable ran out of view to our right with arrow buried to the nock. We waited about 40 minutes before leaving the blind to see the results. We found quite a bit of blood at the side and again about 100 yards away where he stopped.

As you can see, the 650 grain arrow clipped both lungs making a clean cut through both near and far side ribs (PH fingers pushing back far side rib so you can see the arrow path). I just love your products and the performance I get from them!" - Rone Reed

Ashby Award Winner - 2018 Ashby Bowhunting Foundation award winner Oscar Taylor showing off his 650 GrizzlyStik system success on sable.

Oscar's lifetime of work in conservation and bowhunter education made him an awesome selection for the 2018 Ashby award. Beyond his impressive bowhunting accomplishments, Oscar currently servers as President of SCI's largest chapter SCI Houston.

New World 🌍 Record Roan - Stan Hansen trusted the GrizzlyStik 650 system to smash the SCI world record Roan by over 4". The total score is a massive 83 4/8 (31 6/8 LH, 9 6/8 LB, 32 2/7 RH, 9 6/8 RB).

Stan tested than selected our 650 system of tapered Momentum TDT arrows tipped with our single bevel Maasai 200 broadheads. His arrows had a 25% FOC and were shot from his 65# bow.

Stan was hunting with PH Evan Sloan of Choronga Safaris. Congratulations to both hunters on a once in a lifetime accomplishment!

New World 🌍- Congratulations to Mckenzie Sims and PH Jason Stone for entering the new SCI No. 1 archery Puku.

Mckenzie used our 950 grain GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT arrows tipped with our 315 grain forged Ashby broadhead to ink his name at the top of the SCI book.

What do bowhunting guides say about "Frontal" shots?

"What a phenomenal trip to South Africa last week with Bushmen Safarishere is a really nice waterbuck I took shooting a 450 grain GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT.

Taking a frontal shot is never a favorite of mine but using this arrow accompanied with a 200 grain Maasai broadhead gave me - exactly - what I needed to make a quick ethical kill." - Nevada based guide Riley Mazonie of Currant Creek Outfitters

"Relief, elation, reflection and respect...a lifelong goal realised." - Lost Arrow

Sable Pass Through - "My 650 grain GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow tipped with a 200 grain Maasai broadheads never slowed down when it made contact with my sable.

I recovered the arrow 20 yards past the bull and the arrow was buried almost 20' into the hard ground. 
Keep on making a great product and I will keep buying them!" - Steve Smith

Jason Davenport putting his single bevel, 200 grain Maasai broadhead through its paces while on plains game safari. Someone's taxidermist is going to be busy.

Uganda Slam - “I’ve been planning this safari for years and it was everything I had imagined. I ended up taking my sitatunga, a pair of Nile bushbuck, a reedbuck, bush pig, grey duiker and a porcupine all with the 650-grain setup.

I can’t thank you enough for making such great bowhunting equipment. Not all my shots were perfect placement but all were complete pass through, one shot kills. If I was shooting anything else, I’m not sure I would have had the same success. When customers book a hunt with us and ask about recommendations for arrows and broadheads – GrizzlyStik is the only name we give.” - Doug Haywood, US agent for Molopo Kalahari Safaris hunting with Uganda Wildlife Safaris

A Father's Pride - "Here is my 18 year old son with his first African animal! I couldn't be more proud of him. For our safari, I set him up with 650 grain GrizzlyStik arrows and Silver Flame broadheads. He had a full pass through on this bull and he only traveled 70 yards before he piled up!" - Bo Aughtry

Golden Wildebeest Heart Shot - "The owner of the Re a Lora Safaris is a veterinarian with many years of experience. He was amazed after he examined this golden wildebeest closely - the arrow was a complete pass through the aorta. So clean was the cut, we were able to enjoy wildebeest kabobs that night!

I shot this beast from 27 yards while hunting with my PH Mynhardt Erasmus. The Maasai 200 slipped through him like butter and made for an easy track. Your broadheads are dangerous!" - Charles Hartford

Longtime customer Pedro Kovacic traveled from Chile to South Africa to take this beautiful Gemsbok with a longbow. Pedro matched our continuous tapered GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows with our Silver Flame 210 grain broadheads for his successful traditional safari.

“After While” – Over the past several safari seasons, bowhunting PH's have reported great success taking crocodile with our 1250 GrizzlyStik system of Momentum TDT tapered arrows tipped with our forged Ashby 315 broadheads.

The 1250 system is the gold stanard for experienced hippo hunters but now many have started shooting the same set up while hunting Croc. This is due to the hunters not wanting to switch up their bow/sight set ups mid-hunt.

What they’ve found is very interesting. Hunters have been able to improve on the traditional way of hunting by harpoon & float. With the 1250 grain system, hunters and PH’s are instead reporting killing the Croc’s with - pass through - shots in the vitals. 

Zambian PH Strang Middleton contributing (once again) to the case study for the 1250 system on the dangerous 7.

Sometimes Things Go Wrong - "I shot this impala with 12+ kudu cows and young bulls inside of 15 yards over the water. The impala was being pushed around by the kudu and I knew when he got still I had to make my shot. With him quartering to us I trusted my GrizzlyStik TDT arrow and 200 grain Silver Flame XXL to crush his shoulder and keep going.

Stupidly without making sure I was clear of all obstacles, I took the shot and right before the arrow came off my my string, the top cam hit the roof and my bottom cam hit my Ph’s arm at the same time (he was filming), yet with the high FOC it was too late for mistakes the arrow knew where it was going and found its mark through the shoulder, both lungs, and all the way into his guts in the offside.

Thank you GrizzlyStik for building a product that I can trust and performed flawlessly in a bad situation. He was down inside of 100 yards on a dead run." - Joseph Brinker hunting with Ka Maoto Safaris

Safari Side-By-Side Comparison - "I took two bows to compare your Momentum TDT 240's tipped with 200 grain Maasai broadheads vs. Carbon Express with 100 grain broadheads. After shooting the wart hog four times with CE before I killed it, with NO pass throughs, I put that bow down and just used the Momentums.

All the other animals in the video (to come) were taken with momentum 650 grain total weight. I plan on going back for a 15' crocodile and using the Momentums." - Breen Smith

The BIG Stuff - "I've wanted to hunt giraffe with my bow ever since my first safari to Africa. Having taken most of the Big 5 with a rifle, I didn't know if I could trust an arrow big enough to get the job done.

That all changed for me a couple of years ago while attending the SCI convention and meeting the guys at GrizzlyStik. He explained that they made a 950 grain arrow system that was taking Cape buffalo with one shot kills. I was interested but it sounded almost to good to be true. After getting my 2 arrow test kit and shooting the setup, my doubts all but disappeared.

I got a frontal shot opportunity at 26 yards and that 950 grain GrizzlyStik completely disappeared through the front of his chest. The bull was down in 60 yards and my PH couldn't believe how fast it was over.

I can only speak for me and my experience. If you bowhunt for big stuff, GrizzlyStik is the only arrow and broadhead combo you will ever need!" - Dr. Martin

Grey Ghost for Halloween - “Attached is a picture of my record Kudu Bull. He will make Rowland Ward number 7 or 8, we’re just waiting for confirmation. He has become known as the "ghost of Limpopo."

I also harvested Zebra, Impala, Blue Wildebeest, Oryx, Ostrich and Bushbuck on this safari. Not one was easy, I was spending on average 14 hours day in day out in blind/bush on my own. None of them presented perfect shot and if I didn’t have your GrizzlyStik Samurai Broadheads, I wouldn't dare take the shots I did. The broadheads performed flawlessly slicing through heavy bone trouble free. Several animals dropped on the spot, and none of them went further than 20-30 yards!

Other bowhunters in camp wish they had your broadheads. One hunter had the worst trips ever, with injured animals that were never recovered because his chosen broadheads were not up to the task.” - Lale Krivacevic

The .500 NE of Bowhunting - "l got this sable on a side hunt while hunting for elephant. After nine days of hard tracking I couldn't resist the opportunity at this beautiful buck. I know, I know, I know - I'm sure most think my set up was overkill for a plains game but I can report the system works flawlessly on smaller animals too.

My elephant system is a 1365 grain (all in) Momentum TDT arrow tipped with a 315 grain Ashby broadhead and shot from my 90# bow. My arrows have a 28% FOC. With this set up, if I bottom my sight out, I can get a 50 yard pin.

We stalked to within 53 yards and I let it fly with the buck broadside. I guess my arrow arc is close to 8' at that distance. The TDT stuck him in the meat of the near side shoulder, passing through and splitting the offside humerus bone in half. The buck never took another step before he was down permanently. I love these GrizzlyStik setups, they make me feel invincible!" - Brent Smith

Listen To Your PH - “First of all I would like to thank GrizzlyStik for your broadheads, I used the Samurai 125 grain broadheads for a giraffe hunt and I LOVE THEM! I’m a Hunting Outfitter in South Africa and land owner and this was my first giraffe with bow, I have hunted many with rifle.

My bow setup was as follow: PSE EVO 7 set at 74#, with a black mamba arrow and Samurai 125 broadheads. The hunt took place on my property. The giraffe was 40 yards away, slightly quartering away, the first arrow went in a bit low but still hitting the heart, just behind the shoulder.

It penetrated all the way to the opposite shoulder and was stopped by the shoulder bone. It went about 80 yards and I put in a second arrow but the giraffe went straight down (so the second shot was not necessary)” – PH Louis Fouche of African Hornbill Safaris

950 grains + Big Stuff = Happy Customers - "I just wanted to say thanks to Garrett for getting me outfitted for my South African hunt. He spent a ton of time with me on the phone, answering all my questions. I couldn't have pulled this off without the right equipment and he got me dialed in. My 950 system performed flawlessly with one shot/one kills on both my Cape buffalo and eland!

Like suggested, I first tested two different spined arrows and than selected the 950 system of Momentum 240 TDT arrows tipped with Ashby 315 broadheads. These tapered arrows fly like absolute missles out of my 72# bow. Thank you again for all your help!." - Brad Grandstaff

“One-Shot Kills” - The business of producing bowhunting media in Africa is tough. It becomes exponentially more difficult when shooting light whitetail arrows & broadheads at African game. Hollywood Hunter knows the importance of quick/clean kills when filming for his Hollywood Hunter TV show. It’s his business.

This summer Freddy and crew trusted GrizzlyStik Maasai and Nanook single-bevel broadheads on Victory Archery VAP's for their South African Safari. The team shot 9 arrows and had 9 one shot kills - all on film. 5 with bow and 4 with crossbow. Here are Freddy’s the one-shot bow kills.

Broadhead test 6/6: GrizzlyStik Silver Flame 125 grain

While I have tested this broadhead before, I just could not help using it again - this was a first time bowhunter and the broadhead I had the most confidence in.

Taking the shot at a distance of 25 yards, the arrow hit too low. While the shot placement was not ideal, the animal was down in sight, a mere 40 yards further. Once agan, a complete pass through and sadly I could not recover the broadhead. Yet another fantastic performance. - Lengau Safaris

The Big 6? - “I shot my giraffe & sable with an 809 grain (all in) GrizzlyStik arrow tipped with a 200 Maasai broadhead. On the giraffe, I took a 50-yard frontal shot and buried the 28.5" arrow all the way in the chest. The bull ran about 100 yards and went down!” - Kaleb Matocha

6 for 6 on safari for the 650 system

Steven Schwartz of South African Hunting Journal hunting success with the GrizzlyStik Samurai 200 grain sinlge bevel broadhead.

Precision Performance - "Everything performed like a swiss watch and this 42” Sable was down in 80 yards.

We waited 90 minutes for this bull to turn. He was at 25 yards. When he finally did, I sent my GrizzlyStik and hit him right in the crease. The arrow disappeared on the near side and after passing double lung, the Maasai broadhead was sticking 14” out the offside.

My PH Cobus Pretorius told me these GrizzlyStiks are the most lethal dangerous game systems he has ever seen. Who can you argue with him?” - Terry Holder hunting with Dries Visser Safaris

For this plains game safari, we matched our 650 grain (all in) GrizzlyStik Momentum tapered carbon arrows and tipped them with our 200 grain Maasai broadheads to Terry’s 70# bow.

I’m Going to Miss My Flight! – “This bull came in while we were waiting for the truck to take me to the airport in Joberg. I mean 3 minutes left in my African safari and he came in.

He was quartering hard toward me at 30 yards when I get the arrow go. I was shooting your 650 grain (all in) GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow tipped with your 200 grain Maasai broadhead from my 70# bow. The arrow made contact at the neck, in front of the shoulder.

The GrizzlyStik never slowed down as it completely passed through and exited the offside. The penetration was absolutely amazing, I have never seen anything like it. We snapped a couple pictures, jumped in the truck and just made my flight home.” - Terry Holder hunting with PH Zak Grobler

GIANT Success - “These GrizzlyStik set ups have been amazing. Everything has flown and preformed perfect and our PH wishes everyone would have these rigs. I’m shooting a 950-grain total arrow weight GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows tipped with Ashby 315 broadheads from a 70# Mathews Z7.

This safari I’ve have had complete pass through on kudu, waterbuck, impala, sable, wildebeest and nayala. The GrizzlyStiks broke both shoulders on the waterbuck and the offside shoulder of the kudu.

To any bowhunters reading this, I now shoot this same 950 grain setup for everything from whitetail to eland. If you're not sure if you're going to like heavy arrows, at least try them. If you don't like them give them to me." – Mick Cheshire

950 Grains on Plains Game? - “The first part of my safari is done with two lions down. Since I had my 950 grain arrows dialed in, I figured why not just shoot them at plains game too?

As you can see from the photos, any bowhunter that says 950 grains is too slow - HAS NO IDEA WHAT THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT.

My PH’s really liked your 950-grain Momentum TDT arrow with the Ashby broadhead. They said it looked like Shaka Zulu.” – Mike Poindexter

Super Sable - "I couldn’t be happier with the way the GrizzlyStik 650 system performed on this hunt. I took this sable in Limpopo region of South Africa. I'm shooting a PSE DNA bow at 68# with Momentum 320 arrows, tipped with 200 Maasai broadheads.

My shot was a little high but the performance of this set up made short work on this animal. I highly recommend anyone thinking about trying these arrows out, to try the 2 arrow packages and make the change!!! You won’t regret it. Can’t wait to shoot this set up on some North American game. Look out whitetails. 

Thank you to Grizzlystik for making such an awesome product. I look forward to sending more pictures/stories." - George Limosani

Louis Stoffberg with his 950 system giraffe.

Impala success for Rihana Cary shooting GrizzlyStik Silver Flame 125 grain broadheads.

“My shot was at 10 yards and after impact he only went 80 yards and dropped. Thank you so much!” - Grant Hunter enjoying success shooting our 150 grain GrizzlyStik Silver Flame broadhead powered from a 52# bow.

Short Draw + Lighter Poundage vs. Big Game = 650 GrizzlyStik System

It's important for light poundage hunters to remember, arrow speed only effects arrow trajectory and has little effect on arrow penetration.

In order to maximize your lethality, we recommend first discovering your lethal bow range. Second, build as heavy/high of an FOC arrow as you can get to fly perfectly at your lethal range.

This way, if an animal you're hunting enters your lethal zone, you know the arrow is going to deliver knock down power and result in more "big smile" moments.

“What Are the Chances?” - Bongo are widely considered one of the most difficult African spiral horn species to hunt. The most challenging part of the hunting this elusive antelope is locating them in the deep, dark African jungles where they range. Taking a Bongo with a stickbow is a challenge on par statistically with winning the lottery.

Even more amazing for us, Dr. Pendergrass successfully harvested this Cameroon Bongo with the GrizzlyStik Trifecta (longbow, arrow, broadhead).

Shooting our GrizzlyStik QN2 all carbon longbow (58# @ 28”) matched with our 650 grain GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows tipped with our 200 grain Maasai single bevel broadheads – the Doctor had a one shot kill, pass through on this trophy Bongo. The arrow was never recovered and the PH is still shocked at the lethal performance of the system.

GrizzlyStik broadheads are perfect for crossbows! GrizzlyStik broadheads perform whether they're shot from a compound, a stick bow, or a crossbow!

Check out Robin's Cape buffalo and Giraffe pictures below - he penetrated the OPPOSITE SHOULDER BLADE on both of these animals!

GrizzlyStik folks, I have successfully completed my African hunt few days ago and have used GrizzlyStik Monarch 200gr broadheads exclusively on a Giraffe and a Cape Buffalo.  

The results were awesome by the Forged Single Bevel design, I used 3 arrows in total for the trip taking down both trophies.  

1. Giraffe - 28m shot, Entry - Left Lung Shot. Full broadhead pass through! Exited - Right Shoulder Blade. (Arrow and broadhead penetrated this giraffe's shoulder blade!)On far side, broke off half the arrow and broadhead was still intact! (See attached Pic on Exit on Should Blade)  

2. Cape Buffalo - 30m Shot/First, Entry - Quartering Away Right, off desired placement as the Buff moved on shot. Full broadhead pass through! Exited Left Shoulder Blade. On far side, broke off half the arrow with the broadhead still intact!

2a. 30m Shot/2nd, Entry -  Right Lung, Embedded within Body Heart Lung Area, Broke off  Tanto Tip off the Grizzly Stik Monarch 200gr. (Broadhead tip must have burried into the far rib and broke off the tip when the bull collapsed.)

With regards, Robin Chan

"Beautiful Zambian zebra...note the lack of shadow stripes. My GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows and Silver Flame broadheads performed flawlessly again! Thank you GrizzlyStik! My staff and families will eat well tonight!" - PH Strang Middleton

Kelly Armstrong used GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows and Monarch 150 broadheads for his very successful safari.

My Momentum 250’s took down this amazing Black Lechwe in Zambia. The Silver Flame XL blew through the vitals out the opposite shoulder, creating a devastating wound channel and resulting in a great kill. Thank you GrizzlyStik......again!! - Strang Middleton

“I was lucky enough to take this rare Copper Springbuck using a GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow and Silver Flame broadhead.”  Brian Brockette

"We were only in the blind for a couple minutes when a group of Eland headed right in, and with them was a very nice looking bull.  I had just gone over shot placement with my PH when the Eland put himself in perfect shooting distance.  I barely had time to think as I grabbed my bow and aimed.  The Eland was at a perfect quartering away shot, but while I was a full draw he took another step and was then at a very extreme quartering away.  I quickly put my pin back in position and pulled the trigger.  Because of the angle I was worried that I had hit too far back, but the Eland only ran about 40 yards and then stopped.  He tried to walk a little more, but couldn't and finally fell over and died. Upon recovery of the animal we saw that my arrow had penetrated over 3 feet and nearly had a complete pass through.

My PH was shocked that my little 42lb bow with such a short draw length could get that much penetration on such a large animal. My arrow is a GrizzlyStik Momentum, total weight is 535 grains, FOC is 28%, and the broadhead is a 200 grain Samurai. The last picture of me with the broadhead was dug out of the Eland and it is still razor sharp!"

Emily Thompson

"I wish more guys would bring heavier arrows and heavier arrow heads.  I think it would make my job easier." - PH Jason Bridger of Tholo Safari's discusses how the 650 grain GrizzlyStik system
performs on African plains game.

Bill DiMercurio takes a fronal shoot on a bull Giraffe with an Ashby broadhead.

Botswana Safari with the 650 GrizzlyStik System.

Cameron Mitchell of Grand Slam Club/Ovis used a 650 grain GrizzlyStik 18 arrow package with Maasai broadheads for his Botswana Safari.

Corey Knowlton with a Bongo taken with the GrizzlyStik system of arrows and broadheads.

“Crocodile Tears” – Over the past several safari seasons, GrizzlyStik customers have found great success taking African Crocodile with our 1250 grain GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT arrows tipped with our 315-grain forged Ashby broadheads.

Our 1250 system is a staple for experienced hippo hunters and they have started to report shooting the same set up while hunting Croc. This is due to the hunters not wanting to switch up their bow set ups mid-hunt.

What they’ve found is very interesting. Hunters have been able to improve on the traditional way of hunting by harpoon & float. With the 1250 grain system, hunters and PH’s instead reporting killing the Croc’s with - pass through - shots in the vitals. A much different way to hunt.

Professional outdoor camerman Ty Cary used an Ashby broadhead to harvest his bull Giraffe.

Congratulations to Strang Middleton on his giraffe, waterbuck, and kudu - all taken with GrizzlyStik 315 grain Ashby forged single bevel broadheads.

"Garrett, my arrows were 1250 grains with Ashby broadheads. I took the giraffe, waterbuck, and kudu with them. I took the bull giraffe on foot at 43 yds. The arrow was hanging out the other side by the fletches! Just love my broadheads from GrizzlyStik! I have extreme confidence when hunting large and dangerous game with them. Cheers!" - Strang Middleton

Congratulations to Jim Aken on this Livingstone eland taken with a GrizzlyStik Monarch 200 grain forged single bevel broadhead and a Kodabow crossbow.

"Taken in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, this Livingstone Eland was a big boy weighing a whopping 2011 lbs. For this hunt I used a Kodabow Scout crossbow, 658 grain arrow (total weight) and your Monarch 200 single-bevel broadhead.

The 658 grain arrow got complete penetration through the chest of this huge Eland.

Thanks for all the research information on your website and the articles by Dr. Ed Ashby, they helped me decide on my arrow components and construction. When I came upon this guy, who was much bigger than I had anticipated, the extra penetration afforded by the weight, the single-bevel broadheads, and the 20% FOC allowed me to take him successfully."
  Thanks, Jim Aken

Congratulations to Jeff & Dasha Campagna! What a safari. They both took multiple animals with the GrizzlyStik Tembo system. We will post the specifics as soon as we know more.

Congratulations to Rob Neilson on his successful African safari. Thanks Rob for trusting your bowhunting success to the GrizzlyStik System.

Rob told us that he shared the bottom picture to show folks who think two-blade heads don't cause enough bleeding that they really can - if you hit the animals right.

"My heavy bow for the Cape buffalo was a Hoyt Faktor 34", 81#. The arrows I used on that bow were Momentum 175 shafts with 200 grain Maasai broadheads with brass adapter weights for a cumulative total weight of 976 grains. I only need to touch those heads up on my polishing wheel and they are ready to go again. You will see on the Cape Buffalo video the shaft stopped on the fletching and about 5” of the tail broke off when the bull jumped on impact, but the remainder of the shaft had already passed through his heart and out the opposite shoulder and that was all that was needed."

" For the rest of the animals I used my daily bow which is a Hoyt Vector 32", 71#. I ended up testing the 125 gr Samurai and 125 gr Maasai broadheads on different plains game – cumulative weight of 595 grains. From those shots it seems (at least from my limited shooting) the Maasai head is a tad better as they don’t seem to get as chewed up on the edges after going through the animal – perhaps that is the convex shape being geometrically stronger than the straight edged Samurai. I mentioned to Garrett in my conversation yesterday I have a non-GrizzlyStik arrow failure on video for you guys to show why you do not use single bevel heads on arrows other than GrizzlyStik – it was on my Impala. I knew exactly what had happened when the arrow did not pass through – you can actually see the tip of the head that sheared off after going through the animal sideways hit the water on impact. GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads are just better than the rest." Rob Neilson

Congratulations to Rhonda Jones! She had quite an impressive African safari taking all these animals with her 42# Mathews Z7 and our GrizzlyStik Silver Flame 125 grain broadheads.

“Crocodile Tears” – Over the past several safari seasons, GrizzlyStik customers have found great success taking African Crocodile with our 1250 grain GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT arrows tipped with our 315-grain forged Ashby broadheads.

Our 1250 system is a staple for experienced hippo hunters and they have started to report shooting the same set up while hunting Croc. This is due to the hunters not wanting to switch up their bow set ups mid-hunt.

What they’ve found is very interesting. Hunters have been able to improve on the traditional way of hunting by harpoon & float. With the 1250 grain system, hunters and PH’s instead reporting killing the Croc’s with - pass through - shots in the vitals. A much different way to hunt.

What a great experience. My gear was perfect for the giraffe hunt. I used:

Grizzlystik Momentum arrow
315 grain GrizzlyStik Nanook
Mathews Switchback

Total arrow weight was right at 1,000 grains. Excellent flight and penetration. Those Nanook heads are literally the sharpest and best broadheads I have ever used and/or seen. 
Tom Addleman

Congratulations to Faris on his eland, and sable taken with GrizzlyStik Momentum tapered carbon arrows and forged Ashby and Nanook broadheads.

Congratulations to Jason Bryan on this impressive Sable & eland he took with a GrizzlyStik Momentum 175 arrow and GrizzlyStik Ashby single bevel broadhead.

"This Sable will go #9 with a bow. I shot it facing away from me at 54 yards, hit it in the back right hip and the arrow came out through the front left shoulder. That arrow was hanging 80% out when it ran off. Now that is penetration!" Jason Bryan

Congratulations to Keith Appel on his successful safari with GrizzlyStik gear. Here is a bit of his story:

"Greetings.... Here are some pics of my hunt in South Africa. I hunted for fourteen days and the first nine days I just could not get the shot at a buffalo. Too many of them and the bull I wanted was always mingled with other bulls.

On the evening of the tenth day. I had my chance and placed an arrow into the bull in the picture at twenty yards. He ran less than seventy yards and was comatose in less than ten seconds. The ribs of the buffalo overlap, so one has to bust through two of them to get at the vitals. The heavy two bladed arrow did just that and did the same on the exit side. The broadhead busted through two ribs on entrance and then busted two more on the back side, but did not come out through the skin on the far side. He maybe was on his feet for about eight seconds before he ran about seventy yards. It was a perfect double lung shot.

He is a classic mature bull and his tenderloins were aged for several days and were delicious. The rest of the meat is shared with natives in the area. Some of it is also sold to commercial meat stores. We ate wild game every night that was delicious and well-prepared.

The next day we were sitting in the blind that was near to a water hole, but not in bow range. That night just before sunset I had a chance at a very nice bull Cape Eland. It was also a whisker over twenty yards. Same deal, a double lung shot and the bull ran to almost the exact same spot the cape buffalo ran to and went down. These are also very big animals. My PH (professional hunter/guide) said that my bull would probably weigh around seventeen hundred pounds.

On the eland, the broadhead slipped between the ribs on the near side and then busted through a rib on the far side but did not penetrate the skin. He ran almost the same distance as the Cape buffalo and was on the ground in less than ten seconds.

Two nights later, the last day of my hunt, I had this great Sable bull give me a shot at slightly under twenty yards. I had switched to lighter GrizzlyStik arrows and had a complete pass-through. My arrow was found later about fifty yards away in the brush. It was still in perfect condition.

My PH was impressed with how quickly all three of my animals went down. They all were down in sight of the blind.

I gave the PH's your catalog and discussed the concept of momentum and the problems with people shooting light weight arrows with expandable broadheads. They had been on the verge of not allowing them anymore on their concession. Now they will tell all of their clients not to use them.

So, we are making some headway."

Bowhunter Jason Bryan had a fantastic safari this year. He sent us some pictures fo his success shooting GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows and forged GrizzlyStik Ashby broadheads.

Bowhunter Bob McNamara sent us these pictures and a note describing his African plains game success with GrizzlyStik broadheads:

"Here are some pics of animals shot at Numzaan Safari using your GrizzlyStik broadheads. All shots were pass throughs and all animals were recovered within 50 yards.

I was using an 80# Elite Pure. 1500lb Eland was shot with an Ashby 315 forged broadhead and a 960 grain arrow. Wildebeest also shot with the Ashby set up. Waterbok and the two impala's were shot with the GrizzlyStik Silver Flame XXL broadheads and an 820 grain arrow. PH's were impressed with the performance of the set up. I left all of my broadheads with my PH as part of the tip."
 Bob McNamara

"I would like to thank you for the GrizzlyStik arrows & Ashby broadhead set up that you made for my giraffe hunt.

Just as you said, it will work and it did. Not a lot of people gave me any hope in taking a giraffe with a recurve and my somewhat shorter draw than most.

Here is a video of the shot with slow motion as you can see the arrow arch and hit the animal. The shot was taken at 28 yards facing.The arrow went thru the heart and in the process of removing the organs the Ashby also sliced up the liver when the giraffe turned & ran a short distance.

The one arrow had the giraffe down in less that two minutes. Bow used was an 85# Savora recurve.

When the giraffe fell on its side two shoulders came together & the arrow broke from the pressure.

I also took a real nice klipspringer with the same set up, as I had some problem switching back to my lighter 65# bow lighter arrow 525 gr after only shooting the heavy set up for over (3) months.

In the video I give a pretty good description on how much better your full length, weight forward arrow, heavy broadhead flew than in my last years hunt set up using the shorter Easton / weight tube insert set up."

Thanks Again, Greg McTee

9 Animal - GrizzlyStik - Super Safari

Kudu Penetration

Wildebeest penetration #1

Wildebeest penetration #2

Sable complete pass through

Mick Cheshire of Colorado  - RSA Safari -  9 Animals - Eland to Guinea Fowl

Same Arrow - Same Broadhead - No Loss

• 70# Bow - GrizzlyStik Arrows - Ashby Broadheads

• 950 grains - 21.5% FOC

• 9 Smiles

Hunter Hennie used a GrizzlyStik 315 grain Nanook broadhead to take his Giraffe.

"Garrett: Thank you, thank you, thank you! The GrizzlyStik Arrows you set me up with the GrizzlyStik Ashby 315's worked wonders. Here are the pics of the Cape Buffalo, Sable and Livingston Eland I took in South Africa last week. The Sable came in at 5:24PM and gave me a 23 yard quartering away shot. He went 59 yards dropping in sight. The Cape Buffalo came in shortly after with a herd of 30. I shot the lead bull at 5:48PM at 16 yards and he went 46 yards and went down 29 yards away from the Sable. He went down in around 60 to 90 seconds. Double lung and cut the top of his heart. All in sight. Was amazing! They had never had anyone shoot both a Sable and Cape Buffalo in the same day let alone same sitting.

The Livingston Eland was the next morning and gave me a 23 yard shot. He went down 105 yards away. I included the entry wound of the Eland. Both the Cape Buffalo and Livingston Eland had full penetration to the opposite leg/shoulder but didn't exit but I hit them both fully in the opposite leg/shoulder so was the toughest exit side you could hit. Both were double lung. The Sable shot was a hard quartering away pass through and then a follow up shot to finish him as he was done but just didn't want to give up the ghost. Your arrows performed perfectly. If you want a reference or want to use these pics you have my permission. I'd be happy to help you in anyway possible. I definitely want order some new GrizzlyStik arrows just like what we had set up so will be giving you a call." 
 - George Clark, San Antonio, TX

Steve Coale with Wildebeest taken in Tanzania with an Ashby forged broadhead.

Jeff Adair and a nice Black Wildebeest taken with a Momentum tapered carbon arrows and an Ashby 315 grain forged broadhead.

"I took both these animals in South Africa in Aug. 2011. I used Ashby heads on Easton FMJ Dangerous Game shafts. 945 grains total. Quartering away shots on all. The broadheads penetrated to the far shoulder, lodging in solid bone and went down within 40 yards." - Jim Colwell

"Hello friends: In September I hunted in Namibia, Africa. I am sending you some pictures of this hunt.

My bow: “The Royal” by Wes Wallace.

My arrows: GrizzlyStik “Alaskan” 

Thanks guys for your great equipment."
 Regards, Javier

Andrew Parsons with giraffe and various African plains game taken with GrizzlyStik gear.

Jason Richers and a giraffe and zebra taken with GrizzlyStik gear.

Here is a Wildebeest taken by Harry Molligan. He broke ribs AND got a complete pass-through with GrizzlyStik tapered carbon arrows and forged stainless steel Ashby broadheads.

Note: For more post mortem pictures of this Wildebeest and Harry's Cape buffalo Click Here

"I recently guided four guys on Giraffe with the bow. The were all using your GrizzlyStiks with the 315Gr Ashby Broadheads. All were side on shots and all were protruding on the opposite side. That is phenomenal penetration!

Most broke ribs on both sides. The main guy was your importer of your products. His name is Redge from Archers Edge Bow Shop. They even stock your products in our local town's bow shop.

Giraffe is rated one of the toughest of our game animals to hunt with the bow, and it was always recommended to take only frontal shots. Your equipment has now allowed us to take side on shots as well."

"The GrizzlyStik Silver Flame broadheads have worked flawlessly. I am attaching some pictures of the results. Excellent Customer service and excellent heads! Thank you very much for every thing." Sincerely, Federico

"The broadhead and the arrow preformed better than I had imagined. Thanks for the advice and the GrizzlyStik Momentum 175 and the Ashby 315 gr. broadhead setup. I left a set of broadheads with my PH. He was impressed with them as well and he will probably become a customer. Thanks"  -
Robert Wells

"I just returned from Namibia, Africa (my 1st African trip) and I wanted to thank you for your assistance when I purchased six Ashby single bevel broadheads for this trip. They worked wonderfully from my 54# Black Widow recurve.

The pictured Warthog had the largest tusks ever taken at the ranch I hunted. I got a complete pass through with the Ashby mounted to a Heritage 350 carbon arrow that weighed 739 grains. I recovered him @ 118 yards after a 15 minute wait. He was heart shot & died quickly. Thanks!"
  - Ron Tandy

"Garrett, we just returned home from our hunt in Namibia. What an incredible adventure! Just wanted to drop you a note and show you some pictures. The GrizzlyStik arrows and the Ashby broadheads performed flawlessly. I believe our PH was impressed with my setup, he asked if he could have an Ashby broadhead when I left (and I obliged).

I ended up taking two Oryx (Gemsbok), two warthogs, a red Hartebeest and a Hartman’s Mountain Zebra. I have attached pictures from the hunt. Pay particular attention to the Oryx with the broadhead sticking out the opposite shoulder. I shot it through the heart and it was quartering away slightly when I shot. The broadhead almost came out the opposite side through the bone! (without breaking the bone). I was amazed at how big that bone is, these Oryx (Gemsbok) are big boned animals. Everyone was amazed at the penetration through the bone, we had to cut the broadhead out with a bone saw. If I had been thinking, I would have had them cut the section of the bone out leaving the broadhead where it was at.

I also got a complete pass through on the Zebra I shot. It too was a heart shot and the PH told me that might be the first time he has witnessed a pass through on a Zebra.

Take a look at all the pictures and take notice of the hat I am wearing in all the photos. My GrizzlyStik hat quickly became my favorite and I wore it every day. Thanks!"
 - Tom Ashby

"I also attach a pic of the warthog which was stalked during the hunt." Pieter Venter

Note: Pieter used our 200 grain Maasai broadheads on this nice trophy warthog.

"As requested!! Eland didn't go 75 yards after being shot. My set-up work as designed. Arrow was 685grains shot a 175 Samurai from a Hoyt Burner at 70lbs. producing around 81 lbs. of energy. No sure of exact energy calculation. Both arrows went through ribs on both sides. My set-up was meant to shoot at 45 yards. Both shots ended up at 20 yards. Just lucky."  - Brian Campbell

"Hey Garrett, I hope you're doing well and winter isn't pounding you yet. I wanted to pass along one of my favorite photo's from Africa to you, I know you'll appreciate it. It's not a hero photo, or a trophy photo, it's simply an moment in time after a GrizzlyStik and my homemade long bow both did their jobs well.

The arrow, FYI, is capped and fletched solid white, its floating in a water hole after sailing completely through a Gemsbok with no loss of speed or momentum that could be seen from the naked eye of the shooter. It's just a quite, understated, reminder of when things go well. Feel free to use this any way you wish. God Bless."
   - Brad Isham

Bill Epeards with a nice gemsbok and warthog taken with a GrizzlyStik arrow and a Samurai single bevel broadhead.



Father and son team of Steve and Zeke Shifflet with an amazing Safari using the GrizzlyStik arrow and broadhead system.

"My PH was Strang Middleton of Bowhunters Zambia. I have hunted with a lot of PH's all over the world but none have worked harder for me than Strang, I can highly recommend him." - Don Ingram

Here are a few pics of African animals that I took recently using GrizzlyStiks. Finest shaft available as far as I'm concerned. - Jon Simoneau


8 Animal safari using GrizzlyStik broadheads

"I've just returned from Africa, and I could not be happier with the performance of the GrizzlyStiks or the Ashby broadheads. The giraffe, shot at 45 yards, died within 1 minute, with penetration through both near and far ribs, the arrow finally resting under the skin.

Thank you for making this possible. What a great arrow-broad head combo for the very largest of game. I think I should try it on elephant next..." - Dr. Wadih Macksoud