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Shoulder Shot Samurai

"I have to say this product is one of kind! I am almost certain most mechanical broadheads would have most likely failed me on this shot. I had no other choice but a straight down shot beneath my stand as this buck approached me straight on just barely quartering to me.
This setup punched straight through the shoulder blade splitting a rib on each side of the bucks cage exiting the other side… My overall setup is setting at 626grain powered by your 240 TDT momentum tipped with the 150 single bevel Samurai.
This product has 100% proven it’s worth to me and I’m happy to say I will be continuing to use this product for years to come! Thanks!!" - Chris Coleman

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12/19/2021 1:48 PM
Excellent deer! Hell of a broadhead!
1/14/2022 12:24 PM