African Field Day

Attached at photos of the animals I shot recently on safari.

Most impressive are the Cape buffalo, taken with my plains game rig using a 650 grain GrizzlyStik (240 spine) using the 200 grain Alaskan BH and only 70 lbs on a Mathews Monster Safari. One arrow and the buffalo ran 60 yards. (There is a great story on this bull but I am looking at publishers for it before I post it).

The roan was also killed with one arrow, same as above but with a 200 grain Maasai head. Ran about 70 yards.

The giraffe was also one arrow on a broadside shot. It ran 200 yards and went down. 940 grains with a 315 grain Alaskan from an 80lb Mathews Monster Safari.

The honey badger was a single arrow 650 grain with 200 grain Maasai head.

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