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The giraffe and buffalo were killed with a 48 lb Hoyt Satori with Velos limbs. The arrows were Momentum TDT 400 shafts with Ashby 315 broad heads. Brass weights were added to make a final arrow weight of 735 grains.

They both actually took 2 arrows. The first buffalo arrow placement was perfect but I am pretty sure I released it before reaching full draw. In looking at the video, the arrow tracked nock left (I shoot left handed) which would verify this guess. It penetrated about 6 inches. An hour later the herd, including the same bull, returned and he presented the same 18 yard shot on the opposite side. I did a much better shot. The arrow penetrated through one lung and well into the second lung. He ran a couple of hundred yards and we saw him go down in about 10 minutes. A few seconds later we dust from his death kicks. I like to write - attached is my tribute to my buffalo. You may like that sort of writing or not - I will not be insulted.

Although they are not as dangerous, the giraffe is a tougher animal to penetrate. My first shot was 25 yards and I hit about 4 inches down and back from where I aimed. Later, when we processed the animal, we learned that I had penetrated a lung about 4 inches. The arrow penetrated about 16 inches and stayed in the animal. The giraffe did not act as though he even knew he had been shot. They are amazingly tough. It took us 6 hours to get close enough for a shot the following day. He wasn’t very hurt, but he was much more evasive. When I finally got a shot, he was down within 3-4 minutes. The second arrow placement was perfect and it penetrated about 18 inches, enough to do major damage to the lung. When the bull went down, my guide had me place a final arrow to speed the death. From 5 or 6 yards, I did a frontal shot into the heart which penetrated about 20 inches. Blood pressure in a giraffe is so high that, even though he was down and near death from a lung shot, the blood gushed as from a fire hose and the bull was dead within less than a minute.

The other animals were taken with a 44 lb Hoyt Satori with Hoyt traditional limbs. The arrows were Gold Tip 340s with Grizzly broad heads weighing 650 grains. These were arrows I had used previously. I loved the quality of the GrizzlyStik components and will be phasing completely into your arrows.

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