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Wild Boar & Hogs

We feel very deeply, at the root of our being that hogs were placed on this earth for one reason and one reason only.......Putt'n arrows in them.

**Pass Thru Piggy** • Even with all the cold and snow, the crew from Total Khaos Outdoors LLC was able to make it down to Texas for some hog control. This video shows the OVERKILL Silver Flame 125XL passing thru this piggy and making a mud fountain on the other side.

There's not many better feelings than passing thru pork! Heavy, high FOC arrows and razor sharp broadheads make hog hunting soooo much more fun.

**Texas Testimonial** "People that have shot big hogs know just how tough they are. Since switching to GrizzlyStik, I have confidence that regardless of the shot angle I will have no issue reaching the vitals. This arrow went through the front side of his onside shoulder and into his offside. Fantastic blood trail that was only 45 yards long. He tipped the scales at 290 pounds. My Momentum TDT arrow with the Silver Flame OVERKILL 125 XL comes in at 575 grains total and a 21% FOC. I have harvested over 30 animals since switching to the GrizzlyStik system and it has performed perfectly every time. Thank y’all for making such a great product!" - Joseph Birkner, Texas hunting guide

"Old World Tusker" - Romania is one of a small group of Eastern European countries that has legal bowhunting. The number of hunting opportunities is extremely diverse - brown bear, bison, red stag, wolf, mouflon sheep and Russian boar. While on his last old world safari, @schaefer.corey took this tusker shooting a Momentum TDT tapered arrow tipped with an OVERKILL Samurai 125.

Rain Forrest Tracking - "I prefer not having to track in the thick stuff, that's one reason I hunt with 650 grain arrows. It's a much easier track these boars when they die within sight of the shot.  I hit this guy broadside, through the shields, at 14 yards. The arrow buried right to the fletching and he was down inside 20 yards. That's the kind of tracking job!” – Aloha, Mark Lafita  Based on the Big Island, Mark has been shooting the 650 GrizzlyStik system of Momentum TDT arrows tipped with our Maasai 200 grain broadheads from his custom 53# longbow for years.

"Texas Toast" - After a successful Alaskan moose and Oregon Roosevelt bull hunt last fall, Ty Cary took his same Momentum TDT arrows tipped with Silver Flame 125 and went to work on Texas hogs.  Hunting with his good friend Daniel Welker, these two give a case study in arrow penetration through the shields of a mature boar.  Check out the arrow penetration from a slightly quartering toward shot.

**Texas Grizzly?** - Only one specimen of grizzly bear has ever been recorded from the Lone Star state. According to Vernon Bailey's 1905 Biological Survey of Texas, a large and very old male grizzly was killed in the Davis Mountains in October 1890.  130 years later, @charleskaffie3 put the GrizzlyStik system through a "modern" Texas grizzly. Charles ordered our 650 grain, two arrow test pack and has been able to get some "in the field testing" on monster hogs.

**Traditional First** Every bowhunter has a fixed number of shots at big game animals in their lifetime. No matter the animal, any taken with traditional gear will hold a special place in your heart. No doubt @bradleymatthysen will remember his first traditional bow harvest forever. Shooting a 50# recurve matched with tapered GrizzlyStik arrows and tipped with Maasai 150 broadheads, Bradley got to burn a great memory.

**Stuck at Home** - The only American PH (professional hunter) registered in Mozambique didn't guide this season. Nope, due to COVID and travel restrictions Bredger Thomason never left his home state of Texas to guide this year.
With no Cape buffalo or sable around, Bredger has been taking his "lockdown" frustration on the Texas hog population. Shooting the GrizzlyStik system tipped with OVERKILL Maasai 125 broadheads, this last porker pass thru looks like a crime scene.

🔊The Sound of 650 Grains🔊 - Take a listen to the sound of a high FOC, 650 GrizzlyStik system making contact with some south Texas swine. Are you looking for more "pass thru punch" from your arrow & broadheads? The 650 GrizzlyStik system is proven to deliver pass thru results - at any angle, anytime. Shoot thru'm......

**Two For One** - "I've been gearing up for my Russian boar hunt in Turkey and I thought I should give my new arrow system a live test. The results of my Florida test hunt were awesome.

I got a two for one shot - total pass through lung shot on the first hog and a heart shot on the second. One arrow and both hogs went less than 100 yards. My guide couldn't believe it, he said he'd never seen anything like it.

I'm shooting a your Momentum TDT arrows built to 750 grains and loaded with Samurai 200 broadheads. These things shoot like missles from my 60# bow. I can't wait to hunt the big Russians with these arrows!" - Adam Redford

"So pumped that I was finally able to harvest this monster hog 🏹 🐗. He is my biggest boar to date and weighs around 340#. I have spent countless mornings up at 4 AM and coming home empty handed. I first spotted him on December 4th. In the past 6 weeks...he only came out twice during the daylight hours. First time was yesterday morning and second time was today. The 650 build worked great with Maasai 200 broadhead and everything went as planned. Thank you!" - @charleskaffie3 What a way to test an arrow & broadhead system......Charles ordered our 650 grain, two arrow test pack and was able to get some "in the field testing" on this monster hog.

**Professional Problems** - "Howzit bwana...can you please start stocking up on 320 spine arrows for me!? I don't wanna run out again. I just need the regular arrows and inserts and I wanna make sure there's a stockpile! You know me.....I shoot.....A LOT" - Strangles Middleton Zambian based Professional Hunter

Strang has a bush pig problem....he can't stop shooting Momentum TDT arrows tipped with Silver Flame 125XL broadheads into them.

**Heavy Conversion** • "I switched to 450 grain arrows with a 200 grain single bevel broadhead - 650 total grains. Cut thru this hog like butter, his shields were no match. I'm never going back to mechanical heads or light arrows!" - @wayne.savage

We built out Wayne's tapered Momentum TDT arows to 450 grains by adding a brass footing behind the insert. When the Maasai 200 broadhead is installed, the system delivers an incredible 26% FOC. The arrow slug (broadhead + insert + footing) in this system is 360 grains alone. The heavier the arrow slug, the greater the penetration potential.

In our opinion, hogs were placed on this earth for one reason and one reason only - to stick arrows in them. They're tailormade for the job.

Bowhunters have found hogs to be one of the more difficult animals to gain proficient arrow penetration on. Large bodies, heavy bones and a boar's shields all create difficult barriers for arrow entry.

Not with the GrizzlyStik 650 system. By matching our fully tapered Momentum TDT arrows tipped with our surgically sharp, single bevel broadheads - arrow penetration is not the issue. Finding your arrow after the shot can become the problem.

If a hunter can tell where the vitals are - green light - regardless of body position. As this video shows, the 650 system is going to penetrate.

If you're looking for a different way to bowhunt, check out the unmatched big game success our customers have enjoyed shooting the GrizzlyStik 650 system.

Happy Wife/Happy Life - "My wife is one of the best shots I know with a bow but we had no luck getting a Javelina down. She had given up and was not going to shoot anything else with her bow.

I ordered the two arrow test pack and she got a complete pass through with the Momentum 320 and 150 grain Silver Flame. Javelina took two steps and was done. You got her back in the game, Thank you!" - James Nunley

South Texas Monster - "So pumped that I was finally able to harvest this monster hog 🏹 🐗. He is my biggest boar to date and weighs around 340#. I have spent countless mornings up at 4 AM and coming home empty handed. I first spotted him on December 4th. In the past 6 weeks...he only came out twice during the daylight hours.

First time was yesterday morning and second time was today. The 650 build worked great with Maasai 200 broadhead and everything went as planned. Thank you!" - Charles Kaffie 

What a way to test an arrow & broadhead system......Charles ordered our 650 grain, two arrow test pack and was able to get some "in the field testing" on this monster hog.

"Pass-through Peccary" - When 20 javalena come in, it can place a hunter in the same dilemma faced when 20 teal buzz the decoys. The hard part isn't "picking" a "bird," it's staying with him through the chaos.

It's best not to flock shoot, so pick one and shoot through him. That's exactly what Arron Rees did while shooting the 650 system tipped with a Maasai 200 single bevel broadhead. Pick one & shoot through them.

"No Worries" - Every bowhunting situtation and every bowhunter have different needs. Matching your needs with an arrow & broadhead system that can reliably deliver lethal results is key.

When hunting hogs in the forrest on Maui, having the ability to 'break shoulders' gives hunters a huge advantage when tracking in thick cover.

That is exactly what Bryson Serraon tested and put together for himself. Matching our OverKill Silver Flame 125XL broadheads with our manufacturing partner Victory Archery Extrorsion arrows, Bryson has put together a hog bone busting system.

No worries aiming right at the shoulder......this system is proven to shoot right through.

Make it an Even 💯- Congratulations to Zambian based PH Strang Middleton for hitting the century club with his 100th bush pig. That's not 100 big game animals, that's 100 bush pigs.....Wow!

"When you go after the big stuff and want one arrow have to shoot GrizzlyStik! Great FOC, super strong and they build'em heavy! Alot of folks ask me why do I use GrizzlyStik? Well it's simple - why wouldn't I? You're crazy if you don't!" - PH Strang Middleton

Your PH knows what equipment works. That's why so many of them not only recommend GrizzlyStik but they shoot it themselves.

Trust the worlds best PH's and Guides - Trust GrizzlyStik

Texas Bacon - "Just wanted to say I was very impressed with the performance of my GrizzlyStik arrow and broad head setup. I'm shooting an old compound recurve style and it is set at 57#.

I've had a lone hog on my property here in west Texas and he made an appearance last night. 19 yard shot and the arrow blew through both shoulders which had large "armored plates" protecting them. Awesome!" - Jason Dickens

Hawaiian Gandolf? - For this Big Island boar hunt, Mark Lafita was shooting 650 grain (all in) GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT arrows tipped with our Maasai 200 grain broadheads from his custom longbow.

“I hit him broadside at about 18 yards through the shield. The arrow buried to the fletching and he went about 20 yards and was down.” – Aloha, Mark

Swine is Devine - "I'm so impressed with the performance of the 650 grain Momentum TDT arrow system tipped with Silver Flame broadheads.

My arrow completely passed through this boar, breaking the off side shoulder and turning into mush. He couldn't move and piled up 10 yards away. Just awesome!" - Frank Escalona hunting with PH Lucas Rodriguez of Tres Rios Argentina

A Honeymoon Hog - “Hey Garrett here you go. When my wife of only 2 days gave me a kitchen pass to go pig hunting on our honeymoon on Maui, I immediately knew I was going to be using my Silver Flame 125 broadheads. I took the only pig that I was presented with a clean shot on.

We spotted 3 pigs in the open from 400 yards away just as the sun was setting, literally ran to close the distance to 100 and I stalked in alone. I circled staying downwind until the wind swirled and the group ran out of site. I ran over the crest of the hill to find them feeding again.

I slowly walked to 26 yards and shot the biggest of the 3 right at dark on the last evening of hunting. The pig only went 42 yards and died in under a minute. The shot was a clean pass through and I never found the arrow.” Thanks, Joshua Matheson

Congratulations Josh! That's a pretty good couple of days.

Smoked Pork? - "Well, the 200 grain Maasai broadhead put another big Texas hog to sleep Sunday evening. The hog was quartering to me, I hit the front shoulder (sounded like an axe spitting a log) the arrow blew all the way through and buried into the ground.

The pig went 50 yards and was dead in 2 minutes flat. Looked like someone was pouring a five gallon bucket of blood. Thanks Grizzlystik!" - Chris Redd

Makin' Bacon - Argentina based PH Santiago Rossi getting some personal hunting in. "Cold night but nice to take home some good bacon!"

"Traditional Razorback" - Johnathan Moreland running the 650 GrizzlyStik system through it's paces and this stout Arkansas razorback. The Momentum TDT a tapered arrows with a 200 grain Maasai broadhead on the front have a massive 26% FOC.

Even with lighter poundage stickbows, a mature boar's shields are no match for a 650 grain, high FOC tapered arrow.

"Kind Grindz" - Hunt pig, clean pig, salt pig, wrap pig in banana leaf, roast pig in the ground for 18 hours = ono pig! Big island local Mark Lafita matched his 45# Bear longbow with Momentum TDT arrows and Maasai 200 broadheads to take this Polynesian boar at just 5 yards - YUM! The bowhunting culture in Hawaii is as strong as anywhere in the world.

GrizzlyStik customer Mark Groupe shows the GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows and Samurai broadheads in action on Cailfornia hogs.


GrizzlyStik Trifecta (Bow, Arrow & Broadhead) on Hawaiian Boar

Bow: GrizzlyStik Qarbon Nano QN2 Longbow 53# @ 28”.

Arrow: GrizzlyStik Momentum 330 – Built to 650 grains total (24% FOC) with 200 grain head onboard.

Broadhead: GrizzlyStik Maasai 200 grain single bevel

“GrizzlyStik – I finally put it all together on a large boar.  I’ve been hunting private ground on the east side and was lucky enough to get a shot. My opportunity was a 25 yard, broadside - downhill shot in thick cover.  I placed the arrow directly behind the shoulder, in the crease.  The arrow completely disappeared at impact. The boar only made it 35 yards before going down. Upon recovery, the broadhead pasted through the near side rib (with shields), through the heart and then through the off side rib (with shields).  The broadhead was sticking out the offside by about 25”.  Not bad penetration for a 53# longbow on a 225# wild boar.  Proud to say, everything GrizzlyStik performed flawlessly.”  Aloha, Mark Lafita

“My shot was at 10 yards and after impact he only went 80 yards and dropped. Thank you so much!” - Grant Hunter enjoying success shooting our 150 grain GrizzlyStik Silver Flame broadhead powered from a 52# bow.

PH Santi Rossi of Bowhunting in Argentina took this boar using a GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow and Silver Flame 100 grain head.

Congratulations to Dr. Holder, he tells us that this was a 650# hog - and he got a complete pass-through with GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows and Maasai 200 broadheads. Next stop South Africa. Looking forward to more GrizzlyStik Success pictures!

Congratulations to Louie Paull's son Louis Paull on his first hog! What a monster!

Louie put GrizzlyStik Silver Flame XXL broadheads on his son's arrows because he wanted him to be able to take a hog with his 30# bow. It worked - and here they are with Louis Paull's first bow-killed hog. With just a 30# bow, Louis got 12 inches of penetration - through the plate! The broadhead split the heart in half and the hog ran only 25 yards!

Congratulations to Jeff Janes on this impressive hog. He was shooting GrizzlyStik 200 Grain Maasai single bevel broadheads and GrizzlyStik Momentum 250 full length tapered carbon arrows.

"Thanks for the great broad heads. Those 200 grain Maasai's rock! They sliced through this big hog like butter." Jeff Janes

Hi Garrett, I killed a 200lb wild boar in FL last week with your a GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow tipped with a GrizzlyStik Samurai broadhead. The arrow went clean through the near side shoulder and lodged in the opposite shoulder. The hog piled up about 30 yards later. Amazing force. Those guys in Florida couldn't believe it...

Santiago Rossi with a javelina he took with GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows.

"Here is a hog I shot with a Momentum 250 and a 175 Silver Flame XXL, does the job again. I have not lost a single animal since I started shooting this setup. Thanks for great products!"  Gary Troxlar

"Here is a pig my son shot 12/20. It ran 20 yrds before piling up. Equipment: Mission Craze, gold tip kinetic arrows with 125 grain Silver Flame XL broadheads. Pig ran 20 yrds and piled up. Look closely and you will see the broad head pointing at the entry hole. As always thanks for a great broadhead!!!" Gary Troxlar

This boar was shot at 20 yards quartering frontal with a GrizzlyStik 125 grain Silver Flame. The broadhead penetrated the shoulder blade and the arrow still went on in to the fletching. It was a short walk after the shot to find this beautifull set of tusks.

This hunt was booked with: Bowhunting in

Brett Elhilow shoots a lot of hogs. Sometime with GrizzlyStik arrows, but all the time with GrizzlyStik Samurai single bevel broadheads. This one only went 20 yards total, and the first picture is of the blood trail only 10 feet from where the hog was hit. Single bevel broadheads can produce excellent blood trails.

Jeff Cook with a BIG hog taken with a forged GrizzlyStik Ashby single bevel broadhead.

"The GrizzlyStik Silver Flame broadheads have worked flawlessly. I am attaching some pictures of the results. Excellent Customer service and excellent heads! Thank you very much for every thing."  Sincerely,


"I did get a chance to try the Silver Flame XXL in South Carolina. It was a high angle shot that hit just to the side of the spine and angled down into the goodies. A couple of pictures are attached. She went about 60 yards after the hit. It was almost dark, and I had a lighted nock on the arrow. It was pretty cool to watch that thing going through the woods, slow down, and then stop. Had a great time on the trip overall, and was sure happy to bring home some pork."   Joe Lasch

Slow motion pass through on a hog with a 650 grain GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow tipped with a Maasai Broadhead.

Huntley Hogzilla taken with GrizzlyStik Arrows and Broadheads

"Well, We finally got the monster we were after. The 770 grains of GrizzlyStik and Maasai were to much for him to take. He ran 150 yards and fell dead as a hammer." Jeremy Huntley

Huntley Outdoors is a husband / wife team of Jeremy and Heather Huntley. Since 1995 this hunting couple has spent countless hours together bowhunting and developing their filming skills. In 2008 Huntley Outdoors was formed as an avenue to showcase their adventures and promote the outdoors. If there is one word to describe this couple it is “Exciting” and it’s their excitement for hunting that will draw viewers to follow them in the years to come.

“For us hunting is not just a pastime during the fall. Hunting is a way of life and we live it 365 days a year. It’s hard to explain all the emotions to someone that has never hunted or experienced the outdoors. But that’s it, that’s or goal, we want to get people excited about the outdoors and motivated to get out there and experience all that hunting and fishing can provide. Is shooting the biggest buck or catching the biggest fish what we are all about? No! It’s about learning life’s lessons, making memories and sharing them with friends and family,” says Jeremy.

Two Pigs With One Shot!

"Ed, Thanks so much for including me in your field testing of the Ashby broadhead. It's been an honor to play with such a fine product in both the Ashby head and also the fine arrow shafting, The GrizzlyStik Arrows Performance was everything I'd expected. I originally was looking to shoot a big grizzled boar but was unable to make it work the first few times out. I settled on a 100# sow that was feeding along with a sounder of herd pigs. Once within about 10 yards I dropped the string and watched the dart-like Sitka streak straight through her. There was no doubt that penetration was far and above anything ordinary. My 47# Horne Brushbow was more than enough bow to send the arrow straight through.

Upon blood trailing the pig I found that the blood trail made no sense. I'd seen the sow fall in sight but as I approached her I found that there was a blood trail leading away from the area where my pig had fallen. The only thing I could do was follow it. That's right, I shot two pigs with the same arrow. About 30 yards from my first pig I found the Sitka shaft and Ashby head laying in the trail. About another 30 yards up the trail laid my second hog. I was stunned by the event! I do think I understand penetration on a professional level now. I do feel that if everyone was getting this kind of penetration with their set-up there would be a lot less woundings. Thanks again for the opportunity to "see the light". I know what I'll be reaching for the next time I've got some serious hunting to do. I'll be grabbing my GrizzlyStiks and Ashby heads. You just can't put a price on proper performance."

Thanks again, Curtis Kellar, President-7th Age Bowhunting,LLC

"I also attach a pic of the warthog which was stalked during the hunt." Pieter Venter

Note: Pieter used our 200 grain Maasai broadheads on this nice trophy warthog.

"Garrett, life has been crazy. just got off the hunt and we had a blast. There were a lot of firsts both for my father and I and some great bonding as well as learning situations.-overall I shot a 175+- LB Boar and a 7/8 curl black Hawaiian Ram, Dad shot a Catalinan ram goat. "All done with momentum arrows."

Here are the postmortem pics of the 175lb hog that I just shot. Got a full pass through, the hog did nothing more than roll over and die on the spot. Garrett thank you, the setup you helped me put together can punch through any animal in North America."
Jake Thompson

Equipment: Bow: Bowtech Guardian, Arrow: Momentum, Broadhead: 125gr Massai, total arrow weight 550+- gr, 20% FOC, moving at 260 FPS.

"All of these animals with 1 exception were killed with the same Silver Flame broadhead. They were all either complete or partial (with broadhead coming out opposite side) pass thru's. All of these animals dropped inside of 60 yards with excellent blood trails. I shoot a 42 lb. Matthew's Ignition and Easton Axis carbon arrows with 125 grain Silver Flame broadheads. I have complete faith in the Silver Flame and have had excellent results." Christina M. Bonham

EAST TENNESSEE TUSKERS - Chasing Big Hogs in the Mountains with Stick and String, By Chuck Smick

Does a late season bowhunt for big stinky critters excite you? With deer season over; and turkey season a month or two away; do you still have a hankering to pursue big game still? If the answer is a resounding “YES!” then chasing wild hogs in the mountains of East Tennessee is what you may be searching for this winter, for some extra excitement and fun this year. Getting eyeball-to-eyeball with a big tusker will get your adrenalin going… and maybe have you looking for a tree too! Another great attribute to this late season hunt is if you are successful, you’ll have a cooler full of fresh fixings for barbeque and some great breakfast meals too.

The terrain in the mountains of East Tennessee is rough and rugged, with steep, rocky hills, mountain laurel and holly choked creek bottoms and thick brush in areas in between the top and bottom of these mountains. Hogs will lie up in these thick areas near water sources during the day; or in the frequent caves that spot the mountainsides. There are some important things you’ll need to consider, before you go on a hunt. A failure on any one of these items can result in failure to bring home the pork; or could result in a serious injury that could side line you for several months Hogs can be very dangerous too. If a big boar charges and you have to get out of the way quick; you’ll need the quickness and strength to do it or risk getting cut up badly by the sharp tusks they carry around with them.

Get in Shape. The terrain in the mountains of East Tennessee is TOUGH! You’ll need to start a good exercise regiment several months before you plan to hunt. I was walking three and one-half miles a night, several nights a week and it was not enough. I would try to find some hilly or mountainous areas and walk 4-6 miles daily, and carry a 30-50 pound rucksack to increase my stamina and strength; you’ll need it. A year round walking, biking or running regiment is even a better way to stay in shape for such a hunt. My old paratrooper knees and too many extra pounds around the middle won’t allow me to run anymore, so I power walk to get in shape. When I’m well into my program, I’ll ad the rucksack, loaded with a sand bag to improve my stamina and endurance.

The mountains will seriously challenge your heart, lungs and stamina to keep going. You’ll have a greater challenge if you hunt with an outfitter that uses dogs to locate and bay up hogs for hunters. A young guide that grew up in the area will keep you hopping too, trying keep up during a day of hunting. I found this out on a recent hunt! My walking regiment was interrupted frequently this past winter due several snow storms, with a lot of ice. When I went on a hunt recently, I could really tell the difference. I tired very easily, and was worn out after a day of hunting.

Shoot Your Chosen Weapon Often. Hogs, especially big boars can be VERY TOUGH to put down with one shot. You’ll need to make good, accurate shots in the vitals to take one down quickly. Big, old boars have a thick gristle plate that covers their chest also. The plate coupled with a big, tough front shoulder bone can stop an arrow or bullet before it gets into the vitals and does any real damage. I hunt with traditional archery tackle when I hunt hogs. I love to get up close and personal when I hunt these big stinky critters, so I want archery tackle that will do the job. I normally shoot a longbow or recurve bow that pulls 65-80 pounds when I hunt any big game animal (personal choice, from experience). NOTE: The last three hogs that I’ve taken have been with my 80 Lb pull Howard Hill longbow. I also prefer and use heavy tapered GrizzlyStik carbon arrows sold by Alaska Bowhunting Supply ( These arrows, when coupled with a 210-290 grain single bevel broadhead weigh 710-900 grains for my finished arrows with the broadhead. These GrizzlyStik arrows are excellent choices for your hog hunting arsenal.

The heavy bows and heavy arrows carry the momentum through to the intended target and get the good penetration that you need to successfully take a big wild hog. I use a heavy, high quality single bevel broadhead; the “Nanook” broadhead by GrizzlyStik or a “Brown Bear” broadhead, with a steel insert sold by ABowyer, Inc. in Michigan for the majority of my hog and other big game hunting. The “Grizzly” broadhead has proven to be an excellent killer also. These broadheads hold up to hits on big, tough animals. These broadheads take a sharp edge and hold it; even after shooting an animal with them. I recently shot a big wild hog on a hunt and the recovered “Nanook” broadheads were sharp enough re-use immediately if I needed to use them in a hurry.

Hogs have thick layer of fat and heavy coats that are often covered with mud from wallowing (even in the winter months). A broadhead needs to stand up to this mud and thick coat and still retain its sharp cutting edge. You want a broadhead that is capable of getting you a pass-through to create a good wound channel and blood trail also. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND not using mechanical broadheads on hogs, especially big boars. I’ve personally seen mechanical broadheads fail on big boars, even on close shots.

Locating Hogs: I would suggest start your search by contacting the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency to locate hog hunting areas around the state; whether you choose to hunt public or private land. You can reach the Agency at I would recommend calling the TWRA Regional Offices in Region 3 at 931-484-9571; and Region 4 at 423-587-7037 to get the latest scoop on the best hog hunting areas. Tennessee has no season on wild hogs and the TWRA encourages hunters to kill every hog they encounter, due to their destructive nature of rooting and eating anything they may encounter. Wild hogs are very prolific and can populate an area very quickly also. Reducing their numbers will help the environment greatly too. The other option that you have is hunting a preserve. Some people have pooh-poohed this as hunting “penned” animals. The preserves that I’ve hunted have proven to be very challenging hunts. Hogs can get very difficult to locate and get close enough for a shot, especially with archery tackle. I hunt on the ground and prefer to still-hunt and stalk, which increases the challenge and difficulty of the hunt.

Hog Hunting Equipment. You’ll need your chosen hunting weapon, along with arrows or the proper bullets, if you choose to use a firearm. A good, high quality pair of quiet boots is essential. Make sure they are well-broken in, before your hunt. I carry a high quality pair of binoculars any time I hunt. This tool is great for searching for hogs and hopefully locating them so you can put the sneak on them. I wear a new type of camo called “hide-n-camo”. This pattern was developed by Jon Washburn, a very experienced bowhunter in Illinois, with over 30 years of pursuing a variety of big game with archery tackle. Check out Jon’s web site at:

I also carry a hog grunt call, in the event that I encounter a hog or group of hogs and want to calm them down or reduce their suspicions if they spot me. Hogs don’t have great eyes, but they do spot movement easily; and have incredible noses and hearing. I use the same techniques of scent control for wild hogs, which I use for hunting whitetail deer or other big game. Hunting East Tennessee tuskers is exciting, fun and very challenging. Hunting wild boar will give you a great opportunity to hunt when other seasons are closed. Hogs are not easy to take even in a preserve, especially if you chase them with archery tackle on the ground. If you manage to take one, the pork is great on the table, and less fat than domestic pork. So accept the challenge and go to East Tennessee and chase some wild hogs this year.

Sidebar. For excellent hog hunting contact Rick Loshbough, owner of Loshbough Hunting Lodge at or give him a call at 931-788-5408. Rick has two nice lodges and excellent hunting territory.

"The GrizzlyStik arrows and Nanook broadheads performed flawlessly. The big hog staggered on the first hit. I thought the hit was too far back, so I shot it up close to the shoulder on the second shot; and the hog went down in seconds!. The Nannok broadheads were still sharp enough to use again on another hog! They performed Great!. I am very happy with this arrow/broadhead combination.

I can't wait to test one of your new bows! It should prove to be a deadly combination on any game. Thanks again for great equipment for the traditional bowhunter. Take Care." Chuck Smick

Chuck Smick is a freelance outdoor writer and photographer, with over 45 years of bowhunting experience in nine states. Chuck has taken deer, elk and numerous wild hogs with his traditional archery tackle.

"Photo attached of a big pig I shot in TX with the 100 grain Silver Flame. 20 yard shot from a 62 pound bow, 420 grain total arrow weight. Penetrated to the fletching."   Brandon Ray

Here's GrizzlyStik customer and friend Mark Lafita with a very nice hog. Mahalo Mark!

"Garrett - I shot this young boar hog last evening & it was real cold (by our standards) so I field dressed him & let him hang. I quartered him up this afternoon & was impressed with the wound channel so I thought I’d send you some pics. It was a front quartering shot from a stand & I hit him right behind the R. ear & it exited out the L. shoulder. The Momentum shaft snapped as he rolled but the Ashby is ready to be mounted on another shaft. The difference between the entrance & the exit is impressive. So much for those I’ve been reading who claim that a two-blade broadhead doesn’t create enough of a wound channel to be effective on hogs! I don’t think they were talking about a razor-sharp single bevel that weighs 315gr." Lane Moore

Here's a big Argentinean Wild Boar that sported 9.5" tusks. It was taken by "Risto" with a Nanook single bevel broadhead and a Black Widow recurve bow.

"Garrett, good talking with you on the phone, wouldn't have gotten this pig w/out the Nanook setup, here are the specs. 68# thunderhorn 28" draw 30"goldtip heritage, alum insert, arrow wrap 4 5" parabolic LW, LW Nanook right out of the pkg. 725gr. Total shot was across steep draw, pig straight away on steep hillside facing up shot a foot low, probably closer to 50 than 45yds. went in upper left ham thru pelvis and ball socket, 8" into body cavity. was very impressed. checked wound with finger and could feel a lot of gravel (bone chips) in the ball socket area, leg bone dislocated or chopped out of socket don't know, would have not gotten this hog w/out the broadhead setup, awesome!" Brent

Joey Buchanan used a Nanook broadhead to take this huge Mississippi Hog.

GrizzlyStik Founder Ed Schlief with an Australian Tusker taken with the GrizzlyStik System.