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Tissue Resistance to Arrow Penetration

Fact: The greater your arrow speed, the greater the resistance to penetration.

Speed in and of itself isn’t bad. Opting for speed at all costs, well, comes at a cost. Here’s one of them. When any object moves through another the object being moved through resists the forward momentum ...

New SCI #2 Jumbo?

**A Jumbo-Jumbo** • "You are probably not going to believe my story but I am going to tell you anyway. Evan Sloan from Choronga Safaris brought one of his clients to hunt with us in Zambia. His client has never hunted with a bow before and decided that to make it challenging he wanted his firs...

The Power of Momentum

Bowhunting Fact: KE is an extremely weak predictor of arrow penetration. This video demonstrates why Momentum, Mass and FOC are quantifiable predictors of penetration at arrow impact.


The Power of Momentum - most bowhunters use Kinetic Energy to determine whether their arrows will hav...

"Born In Alaska"

GrizzlyStik was founded by an Alaskan registered guide with a passion for hunting brown bears. Our mindset while building our GrizzlyStik 650 system was that had to be on par with the .375 H&H w/300 Solids - it had to work everytime.

Over the past decade, GrizzlyStik customers and thei...


How Big is Your Bullet?  In dangerous game rifle hunting, bullet (slug) weight and bullet penetration potential have a direct correlation. More slug weight = more bullet penetration = more lethal performance. Think of a .500 NE shooting a 600 grain solid.......everything stops right now.

Why Shoot GrizzlyStik

GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads are a system - they're designed and built to work together and increase your odds of complete lethal penetration at any angle - even when things go wrong.  Our system addresses each of Dr. Ashby's Top 12 arrow enhancing factors and we're constantly refining to ...

World Record Brown Bear w/the GrizzlyStik 650 System

On September 24, the Pope and Young Club (P&Y) assembled a Special Panel in Windsor, Colorado, to officially measure a new World Record Alaskan brown bear shot by Chris Cammack on the Alaskan Peninsula in May 2018.

The bear’s original score of 29-4/16 inches, was confirmed by the three-member...

GrizzlyStik products enhance Dr. Ashby's Top 12

In 2006 we were introduced to Dr. Ed Ashby by the custom bowyer OL Adcock. After our first meeting, we really started diving into Doc's arrow lethality research.  Like so many other bowhunters that read Doc's research for the first time - we had an "Aha Moment."

Dr. Ashby's research touched o...

Break Heavy Bones

We can tell you all about how our single bevel broadheads mounted on a high FOC arrow system split heavy bone like butter......or we can just show you.

If you're interested in watching arrows break heavy bones, watch the series of videos below. You're going to see arrows blowing through moo...

How Do Single Bevel Broadheads Break Bone?

How Do Single Bevel Edges Break Bone?  - A Case Study from a Bowhunting Orthopedic Surgeon

"These are pictures of a double edge osteotome and a single bevel periosteal elevator.  Like their Broadhead counterpart, the double-edged osteotome is used to make predictable clean cuts in bone. The os...