Trophy Room & Testimonials

Don't listen to what we have to say...... listen to our customers who shared their experiences with us in their own words.  GrizzlyStik has the best customers in the world. We know - that's a bold statement but it's one we can back up with facts and figures. Over the years, our customers have supplied us with a colossal archive of testimonials from their successful bowhunts all over the world.  From antelope to zebra, you would be had pressed to find a more diverse and comprehensive bowhunting trophy room anywhere.

Our testimonials are from bowhunters just like you who did their own research, spent their own money, and then tested & trusted GrizzlyStik products to go into the field. These same bohunters, were successful and, once they got home and settled, they took the time to send us a GrizzlyStik success testimonial. How could anyone argue they're not the best customers in the world?

We take great pride in the trust each of you places in our products and are humbled by the volume of your testimonials. Your success is our success. We appreciate each and every one of you!

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