GrizzlyStik® Arrows

GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT® Custom Hunting Carbon Arrows

Tapered arrows are the most efficient arrows a bowhunter can shoot for many reasons.

Tapered arrows offer; weight-forward, strength-forward, and spine-forward benefits that no other arrow design can offer. They have flatter trajectories, tighter groups, and much more penetration potential than any other arrow shape. If you want to optimize your arrow and broadhead setup - the best choice is tapered arrows - and GrizzlyStik full-length tapered carbon arrows have proven themselves in the field as the most effective tapered hunting arrow available anywhere!



What’s Up With GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT Tapered Carbon Arrows and Why Do They Out-Perform Parallel Arrows?

The answer to that question has three main moving parts that all work together culminating in a tried-and-true arrow system that takes advantage of every ounce of energy your bow delivers and optimizes your arrow’s down-range performance because of its inherent efficiencies.

"The upshot is that the front-tapered shaft is, so far, the ultimate in performance for compounds shot with a release device." ~ George Tekmitchov, Easton Sr Engineer

Weight Forward

For the most efficient arrow for flight and penetration potential possible, you need the highest FOC (Forward Of Center) balance point you can achieve.

Dr. Ed Ashby tested this for years and found that FOC is one of the MOST IMPORTANT FACTORS for increasing an arrow’s efficiency for flight, strength, grouping, and penetration. GrizzlyStik tapered arrows - with no nock or insert installed - start at 5% FOC. That’s before adding anything!

Because of that, no parallel arrow can catch up to the FOC percentages possible with GrizzlyStik tapered arrows. The higher the FOC percentage, the more efficient your arrows are. They shoot flatter, they group better at all ranges, they resist drifting in crosswinds, and they penetrate deeper - which makes them more lethal.

For your best arrow performance, always try to get the MOST FOC you can in your build. The minimum you want is 19%. At 19% FOC Dr. Ashby saw a dramatic increase in penetration performance. If you can get to 30% that’s even better.

30% is the next BIG jump in performance. Don’t worry if you can’t get all the way to 30%. As long as you make it to the 19% threshold, you’re good. Every percentage point more than 19% you can get is that much better. Don’t obsess over it, just try to get it as high as you can while retaining a well-balanced, perfectly flying arrow.


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