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GrizzlyStik® Broadheads - Proven Lethal Proformance

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What is the most important piece of equipment in bowhunting?


For GrizzlyStik the answer is easy.....your broadhead is the most important piece of bowhunting equipment you can select. If the broadhead fails to penetrate (for any reason) - nothing else matters. All of our GrizzlyStik broadheads are designed and built to give bowhunters the greatest chance of arrow complete penetration - even when a heavy bone is hit.



Your Broadheads Need To Be:

  • Super Strong: Your broadheads need to be strong. If they fail upon impact you're done. Broadheads must be strong, period.

GrizzlyStik broadheads are quite strong, they bust through shoulder blades all the time and have even split elephant ribs.

  • Accurate: Your broadheads must be manufactured to precise tolerances. They must be balanced and straight so that they can fly perfectly. 

GrizzlyStik broadheads spin true and can give you perfect flight. One GrizzlyStik customer took a mule deer at 142 yards with our tapered carbon arrows and broadheads. That takes precision and perfect flight.

  • Razor Sharp: Your broadheads need to be super sharp. Arrows kill by making animals bleed. Blood loss is the key component of arrow lethality. To cause the most bleeding possible, broadheads must be hair-shaving sharp.

GrizzlyStik broadheads are razor sharp right and shave hair right out of the package. We're well known for our superb broadhead sharpness.


Single Bevel Broadheads


Single-bevel broadheads are becoming more and more popular with serious bowhunters looking for consistent pass-through performance and the ability to reach the vitals even if they hit bone.

Ask Dr. Ed Ashby and he will tell you that when he was testing: "In all situations - single bevel broadheads outperformed double bevel broadheads."



What are single-bevel broadheads?

Single bevel broadheads are beveled on one side of the blade, preferably at a 25-degree angle, so that the bevel goes all the way through the thickness of the blade until it comes out the other side, or bottom. (Think of how a wood chisel is ground. It has one side that is beveled and one side that is flat.) Since there is only one angle, or bevel that is ground with the other side being flat, with no bevel, we call this grind a single-bevel grind.

When making single-bevel broadheads the bevels are ground on opposite sides of the blades so the forces on the bevels complement each other - inducing rotation - as the broadhead is pushed through whatever surface it is flying through whether it is the air, or an animal.



In the Ashby reports, the 25-degree bevel on his Grizzly broadheads performed the best, so here at GrizzlyStik, we offer a 25-degree bevel on all of our single-bevel broadheads.

The 25-degree bevel is SUPER SHARP. As a matter of fact, GrizzlyStik broadheads shave hair right out of the package.

Our broadheads have been tested by third parties and they have substantiated that claim. As a matter of fact, one source said that our broadheads were the sharpest - right out of the package - that he had ever seen.



Sharper broadheads = Deeper penetration and quicker kills.

GrizzlyStik stainless steel single-bevel broadheads are considered by many to be the best choice for bowhunting big game available to bowhunters at this time. Manufactured from high-quality stainless steel, they're designed to deliver maximum accuracy, pass-through performance, and bone-splitting penetration.

They are available in a range of weights and sizes to ensure your success in all hunting conditions on any big game animals you decide to hunt.

According to the Ashby Reports, single-bevel broadheads are more effective at penetrating big game animals than double-bevel broadheads. The twisting "rotational effect" created by the single bevel's design helps to create a more significant wound channel and ensures an increased cutting of blood vessels during penetration. This results in quicker, more humane kills and increases your chances of success on all your big game animals.



GrizzlyStik single-bevel broadheads are also known for their durability. They are made from high-quality stainless steel to resist any rusting and are designed to stay sharp and intact from the entrance wound to the exit wound while passing through your animals.

They can also be used over and over again - simply re-sharpen them and you're ready for action again. It definitely will save you money in the long run.

GrizzlyStik stainless steel, single-bevel broadheads, are an excellent choice for bowhunting any and all big game. Their superior penetration capabilities, inherent accuracy, and impressive durability make them a popular choice among bowhunters who want to do everything they can to ensure their bowhunting success and put big game animals down - quickly and humanely.



Whether you are a seasoned bowhunter or just getting started, if you're looking to increase your odds of success and want the best likelihood of quick clean kills, give GrizzlyStik single bevel broadheads a try. Then send us your success pictures so we can share your success with other bowhunters around the world.


Double Bevel Broadheads


Double-bevel broadheads have been around for thousands of years and are what most people think of when they think of a broadhead.



Double-beveled broadheads are ground evenly from both sides of the blade. GrizzlyStik double bevel broadheads are precision ground at 30-degree angles that meet in the center of the blade for hair-shaving sharpness. There aren't many double-bevel broadheads on the market that will shave hair right out of the package, but ours will.

During penetration, double-bevel broadheads, because of equal pressures on the bevels, tend to penetrate in a straight line.

And what's the shortest distance between two points?  A straight line!



Double-bevel broadheads, beveled from each side equally, and meeting in the middle - retain their sharpness well and are less prone to any sort of edge chatter than single-bevel broadheads are.

Tough double-beveled broadheads, like the ones we make here at GrizzlyStik, don't have the rotational force that single-bevel broadheads do, but our double-beveled broadheads, when powered with enough force, can punch directly through bone and into the vitals.

We know that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, and for efficiency of cutting and penetration, a double bevel broadhead is the most efficient edge configuration.