GrizzlyStik® Broadheads

GrizzlyStik® Single & Double Bevel Fixed Blade Broadheads


What is the most important piece of equipment in bowhunting?

For GrizzlyStik the answer is easy.....your broadhead is the most important piece of bowhunting equipment you can select. If the broadhead fails to penetrate (for any reason) - nothing else matters. All of our GrizzlyStik broadheads are designed and built to give bowhunters the greatest chance of complete arrow penetration - even when a heavy bone is hit.


Your Broadheads Need To Be:

  • Super Strong: Your broadheads need to be strong. If they fail upon impact you're done. Broadheads must be strong, period.

GrizzlyStik broadheads are quite strong, they bust through shoulder blades all the time and have even split elephant ribs.

  • Accurate: Your broadheads must be manufactured to precise tolerances. They must be balanced and straight so that they can fly perfectly. 

GrizzlyStik broadheads spin true and can give you perfect flight. One GrizzlyStik customer took a mule deer at 142 yards with our tapered carbon arrows and broadheads. That takes precision and perfect flight.

  • Razor Sharp: Your broadheads need to be super sharp. Broadheads kill by making animals bleed. Blood loss is the key component of arrow lethality. To cause the most bleeding possible, broadheads must be hair-shaving sharp.

GrizzlyStik broadheads are razor sharp right and shave hair right out of the package. We're well known for our superb broadhead sharpness.


Single Bevel Broadheads

Single-bevel broadheads are becoming more and more popular with serious bowhunters looking for consistent pass-through performance and the ability to reach the vitals even if they hit bone.

Ask Dr. Ed Ashby and he will tell you that when he was testing: "In all situations - single bevel broadheads outperformed double bevel broadheads."



What are single-bevel broadheads?

Single bevel broadheads are beveled on one side of the blade, preferably at a 25-degree angle, so that the bevel goes all the way through the thickness of the blade until it comes out the other side or bottom. (Think of how a wood chisel is ground. It has one side that is beveled and one side that is flat.) Since there is only one angle, or bevel that is ground with the other side being flat, with no bevel, we call this grind a single-bevel grind.

When making single-bevel broadheads the bevels are ground on opposite sides of the blades so the forces on the bevels complement each other - inducing rotation - as the broadhead is pushed through whatever surface it is flying through whether it is the air or an animal.



In the Ashby reports, the 25-degree bevel on his Grizzly broadheads performed the best, so here at GrizzlyStik, we offer a 25-degree bevel on all of our single-bevel broadheads.

The 25-degree bevel is SUPER SHARP. As a matter of fact, GrizzlyStik broadheads shave hair right out of the package.

Our broadheads have been tested by third parties and they have substantiated that claim. As a matter of fact, one source said that our broadheads were the sharpest - right out of the package - that he had ever seen.


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