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GrizzlyStik is a family-owned bowhunting company, not a media company. We understand how important it is for us to work with the various media firms out there to spread the word on how lethal these Dr. Ed Ashby arrow and broadhead systems are. We know that we need to tell our story but that has never been our main focus.

Instead, we spend our time and resources working directly with our customers, one-on-one to make sure that they are shooting the perfect arrow and broadhead builds for their specific bowhunting needs. We're grateful for the opportunities we've had with some of the media firms to get the word out there and we hope, as we grow, that there will be many many more opportunities.

Below you will find links to some of the various projects we have been involved with over the years.


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GrizzlyStik Founder Ed Schlief testing High FOC systems on Moose Bones

Our late founder & Alaskan Registered Guide Ed Schlief was always a huge advocate of heavy arrows and broadheads. As a brown bear guide, his tool of choice was the .375 H&H with 300 solids. Why? It worked every time. That's what Ed wanted in his arrow and broadhead builds too. He wanted them to work every time. His heavy caliber and heavy bullet philosophy for rifle hunting led him to test heavy arrows and heavy broadheads on big game well before he was ever introduced to Dr. Ashby's heavy bone threshold. But... Once he found Dr. Ashby's reports he was hooked!
Once he found Dr. Ashby's research, Ed's curiosity became a full-blown obsession to learn more about the "science" behind lethal arrow penetration. Here is a montage Ed made while breaking Moose Bones back in 2007. These videos were self-filmed and originally shot to show our engineer and those in the "inner circle" what was happening. Several times throughout this video you can hear the excitement and enthusiasm in Ed's voice as he is explaining the arrow penetration. He knew we were on to something......Many of the things he talked about over a decade ago still hold true to this day.

Ed Schlief demonstrates increased head weight on arrow trajectory.


Ed Schlief demonstrates the effect of FOC on arrow flight

Ed Schlief discusses broadhead sharpness

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