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Single Bevel Broadheads

Samurai & Maasai Single Bevel Broadheads

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What is the most important piece of equipment in bowhunting?


For GrizzlyStik the answer is easy.....your broadhead is the most important piece of bowhunting equipment you can select. If the broadhead fails to penetrate, for any reason, - nothing else matters. GrizzlyStik broadheads have an unmatched track record - whether it's the North American or African 29, the GrizzlyStik line of broadheads has compiled more record book success than any contemporary.



The current World Record Alaskan Brown Bear
This amazing bruin was taken with a Maasai broadhead onboard a Dr. Ed Ashby 650 system. GrizzlyStik customers hold 6 of the top 25 brown bears recorded in the books.
The world record Alaskan Brown bear was taken by Chris Commack in 2018 on the Alaskan Peninsula.  The bear’s score of 29-4/16 inches exceeded the previous record (shot by GrizzlyStik customer Jack Brittingham) by only 1/16-inch.
Cammack and his guide Cole Kramer elected to take a frontal shot at 14 yards using a 650-grain GrizzlyStik system tipped with a Maasai 200 broadhead.  The one-shot kill gained full penetration through the massive bruin and the broadhead exited the rear ham by 2".

"Never has a Bowhunter lost an animal because of too much arrow penetration." ~ Dr. Ed Ashby





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