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Record Book & World Records

GrizzlyStik has earned a bowhunting Gold Standard & we've got records to prove it. The biggest hunts demand the maximum trust in your equipment. Here's a collection of epic bowhunts and the bowhunters who trusted GrizzlyStik to deliver their record book success.

World Record Alaskan Brown Bear 

On September 24, the Pope and Young Club (P&Y) assembled a Special Panel in Windsor, Colorado, to officially measure a new World Record Alaskan brown bear shot by Chris Cammack on the Alaskan Peninsula in May 2018.

The bear’s original score of 29-4/16 inches, was confirmed by the three-member panel of judges, exceeding the previous record (shot by GrizzlyStik customer Jack Brittingham in 2004) by only 1/16-inch. Cammack shot the bear at 14 yards using a 650-grain GrizzlyStik arrow and broadhead system recommended by his guide, Cole Kramer.

For the world record - Chris took a FRONTAL shot at 14 yards.  This is where the 650 grain GrizzlyStik System stopped poking out the rear ham.  Over 8 1/2 FEET - of arrow penetration in the world's largest brown bear ever taken with an arrow!

3 of the Top 10 SCI Cape Buffalo on One Safari

"Which One Do You Choose?" - There are no bad choices here.....all 3 of these bulls scored in the Safari Club International Top 10 bow & arrow. Any Top 10 would be an amazing accomplishment for a bowhunter - but 3 Top 10's on the same safari? That's exactly what Jason Bryan did while hunting with Quagga Safaris.  Three monster Cape buffalo in the books shooting the 950 GrizzlyStik system of tapered Momentum TDT arrows tipped with Alaskan 315 forged broadheads.

World Record Sand Gazelle

**World Record Sand Gazelle** - Sand Gazelle have been hunted in the desert near Al Ain since before the time of Babylon. Fast forward a few thousand years and Mr. Poindexter inked a new SCI number 1 spot by taking this 37 6/8" UAE buck.

After successfully hunting with the 650 GrizzlyStik system on African safari, Mr. Poindexter had no hesitation shooting the same set up on this historical desert hunt. We matched our Momentum TDT arrows tipped with a Maasai 200 broadheads to his 70# bow. The tapered arrows were built to 650 grains total and had a 25% FOC.

The results? A place in history, fresh ink in the record books and a big smile after successfully completing one of the most challenging bowhunts in the world.

 Mississippi Traditional Record

164 3-8” 6 x 5 Magnolia Monarch – “I was only 8' up in my tree and he walked right under me. At 15 yards out, he stopped perfectly broadside and I let it loose. The arrow disappeared at impact but it was a little high and back. Even with that arrow placement, I wasn't too worried. He was pumping out a serious amount of blood as he ran out of sight.

I gave him some time and then got down to recover the arrow. From where my arrow made contact, I turned on my GPS and started tracking. It quickly became evident that I was tracking three separate blood trails at the same time. One trail from the near side wound, one trail from the far side and one trail from his nose. As I followed (not really tracking), I never had to look up once. I walked right to him.

Magnolia state records informed me they have never scored a traditional deer this large in Mississippi. Nothing official yet but they can't find a bigger one on the books. Thanks again GrizzlyStik for making your arrows & broadheads. After shoot GrizzlyStik for the past 15 years, I love them more now than I ever have.” - Joey Buchanan

 SCI #6 Cape Buffalo

"Shot with 150 grain silver flame in South Africa. He should be in the top 10 In the world with a bow. " - Byant Littlefield

 World Record Puku

New World Record - Congratulations to Mckenzie Sims and PH Jason Stone for entering the new SCI No. 1 archery Puku. Mckenzie used our 950 grain GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT arrows tipped with our 315 grain forged Ashby broadhead to ink his name at the top of the SCI book.

 SCI #12 Water Buffalo

SCI Gold 103 5/8 - "We'll have to wait and see where he ends up in the top 10 SCI with a bow. I couldn't be happier. I hit him at 28 yards and he was quartering away hard. The arrow entered far back in the ribs and the Ashby broadhead was sticking 10" out his neck on the offside when it was over. The bull only made it 22 yards before he crashed, 6 yards shorter than my shot! My PH couldn't believe it. One of these days we should count up how many top 10's I've taken shooting GrizzlyStik. Could it be over 20?" - Steve Coale

 SCI #11 Hippo

Past SCI President and bowhunting legend, Gary Bogner put the 950 system tipped with Ashby 315 broadheads to work and earned some fresh ink in the books.

 SCI Top 25 Alaskan Brown Bear

"Just wanted to say thank you for all the help you and your team provided as I prepared for my Brown Bear hunt. The Momentum 240 GrizzlyStiks and Maasai broadheads did the trick. My 30 yard shot was well placed, complete pass through double lung and he only went about 90 yards!  Also, great tips on gear. Weather was brutal and I was well prepared."  - Derek Gentile

 SCI #2 Elephant

**A Jumbo-Jumbo** • "You are probably not going to believe my story but I am going to tell you anyway. Evan Sloan from Choronga Safaris brought one of his clients to hunt with us in Zambia. His client has never hunted with a bow before and decided that to make it challenging he wanted his first animal to be an elephant bull.

We managed to sneak to within 16 yards of this huge elephant bull and our hunter placed a perfect shot into the engine room of a monster elephant bull. The first GrizzlyStik arrow disappeared completely, with great anticipation we followed the bull. Two more perfectly placed arrows and the bull was down, hunted quickly and humanely. A bow in the hands of an expert marksman will kill as quickly and humanely as a rifle.

Congratulations to Evan and his client with an enormous Zambian elephant bull of six lifetimes. Tonight the local people are celebrating, a few days ago another local villager was trampled to death by an elephant. Human wildlife conflict is very real and elephant populations need to be controlled. Hunting is the greatest conservation tool on the planet!" - Professional Hunter Jason Stone

This will be recorded as the second largest elephant bull ever taken with the bow & arrow. The hunter was shooting the 1250 GrizzlyStik system tipped with forged Alaskan 315 broadheads. Shot from a 75# bow, the arrows had a 31% FOC with an 800 grain arrow slug.

World Record Roan

New World Record Roan - Stan Hansen trusted the GrizzlyStik 650 system to smash the SCI world record Roan by over 4". The total score is a massive 83 4/8 (31 6/8 LH, 9 6/8 LB, 32 2/7 RH, 9 6/8 RB).

Stan tested then selected our 650 system of tapered Momentum TDT arrows tipped with our single bevel Maasai 200 broadheads. His arrows had a 25% FOC and were shot from his 65# bow. Stan was hunting with PH Evan Sloan of Choronga Safaris. Congratulations to both hunters on a once-in-a-lifetime accomplishment!

 World Record Beceite Ibex

Steve Coale took the top spot in the SCI books by shooting a 563 grain set-up tipped with a Samurai 125 broadhead.

 SCI #9 Lion

“The first part of my safari is done. Two lions down. The lion – he got angry after I hit him. After the arrow came out the offside, he grabbed it in his mouth and snapped it with his teeth. It’s the most amazing display of badass I have ever seen. The lioness was 2 complete pass throughs. My PH’s really liked your 950-grain Momentum TDT arrow with the Ashby broadhead. They said it looked like Shaka Zulu.” – Mike Poindexter

New Mexico #2

If he doesn't shrink too much he's a contender for the New Mexico state record. Complete pass-thru @ 31 yards. Down in 3 steps. 1100 LBS and 410 typical gross. GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows and Maasai 200 broadheads.

SCI #10 Whitetail Deer

Steve Coale used a single bevel Samurai 125 single bevel broadhead on this record book Whitetail. This brute scored 308 7/8" SCI

SCI Crossbow #1 Cape Buffalo

New Crossbow No.1? - "This October, Debbie Milligan was hunting with Re a Lora Safaris in the Limpopo province of South Africa when she killed this monster Cape Buffalo.

We are still within the drying process, but it appears to be a potential crossbow record!

It was taken with a Ravin crossbow and shooting your Maasai 200 broadhead. The bull was shot at approximately 12 yards with a complete pass through, one-shot kill!" - Doyle Milligan

P&Y Top 10 Brown Bear

"An Afognak Giant" - Brown bear is a pinnacle accomplishment in North American bowhunting. Safari Club International Foundation board member, Brad Jannenga trusted our Maasai 125 broadhead to take this awesome Afognak boar and possibly break into the P&Y top 10.

Over the past decade, GrizzlyStik customers have recorded an amazing 85 archery brown bear kills. 7 of those great bears are inked into the P&Y top 20, including the current World Record (29-4/16) taken with our arrow and broadhead system.

Born in Alaska, the GrizzlyStik system's track record on brown bear is simply unmatched.......that's not a brag, that's a statement of fact.

World Record European Bison

***New World Record*** If you were issued the first-ever archery tag in Romania and had a chance to hunt a possible European wood bison world record - what arrow and broadhead system do you trust for your hunt?

For Corey Schaefer, the choice was easy. He trusted this once-in-a-lifetime hunt to our 650 grain GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT tapered arrow system tipped with our 200 grain single bevel Maasai broadhead. For his selection, Corey was rewarded with some fresh ink in the books.

SCI #8 Polar Bear

"Garrett - here is a pic of my polar bear. Used the Maasai 200 grain head and Momentum arrows. Shot him facing me - complete penetration - he went 5 feet and died in 10 seconds." - Mark Buehrer

SCI Top 25 Water Buffalo

"Hey Guys, I just returned home from Australia. I shot this big bull on the last morning of an extremely fun hunt with Matt Graham of Hunt Australia. Thought you might enjoy it." Cameron (Cameron took this huge trophy bull on the last day of the hunt with the GrizzlyStik System: Full length tapered Momentum arrows and forged Ashby single bevel broadheads. 70# Mathews, 30-yard shot - complete pass through! We stalked to within 35 yards of the bull as he fed broadside from left to right.

We weren't able to get any closer so I drew my bow. As he stepped forward with his near leg, I released the arrow on the unsuspecting bull, burying it way past the fletching. He lunged forward and immediately spun around to fight whatever had just bit him. As he turned, we discovered the arrow had passed completely through the 2000 pound buffalo! When the bull couldn't find the attacker, he turned and ran off through the brush. Within seconds he stopped and we could hear him coughing and stumbling a mere 40 yards away.

From the time the 960 grain arrow hit the beast until he finally crashed was no more than 90 seconds and a total of 50 yards traveled. I can't say enough about the killing power of the GrizzlyStik Momentum tipped with the 315 grain Ashby broadhead. Anyone going after dangerous game with archery gear would be foolish not to use this setup. I SHOT A PASS THROUGH FROM 35 YARDS ON A 2000 POUND WATER BUFFALO! What more evidence do you need?

"Thanks to Garrett and the whole team at GrizzlyStik for answering all my questions and helping me get my gear setup. Like Garrett told me from day one, 'You can never overkill a dangerous game animal when bowhunting.'" - Cameron Mitchell

 SCI #7 Hippo

PH Strang Middleton is all smiles after his client Jeff Ballweber put a one shot kill on a Hippo with an Ashby Broadhead.

P&Y #9 Alaskan/Yukon Moose

"Shot the moose at 5 yards with an 850-grain GrizzlyStik arrow and an Ashby broadhead. Arrow was in lodged in the opposite shoulder. He is going to score roughly 245". 68 1/2" wide! Thanks for helping make me successful." - Jason Bryan

 SCI #12 Lion

Ashby Bowhunting Foundation award winner and current SCI board member Oscar Taylor used a GrizzlyStik Silver Flame 125 broadhead to take his record book lion.

 World Record Arabian Oryx

**Spot & Stalk History** - Arabian oryx have been hunted in the desert near Al Ain since before the time of Babylon. Fast forward a few thousand years and Mr. Poindexter became the first modern bowhunter to take a free range, spot & stalk Arabian oryx in the UAE. After successfully hunting with the 650 GrizzlyStik system on African safari, Mr. Poindexter had no hesitation shooting the same set up on this historical desert hunt. We matched our Momentum TDT arrows tipped with a Maasai 200 broadheads to his 70# bow. The tapered arrows were built to 650 grains total and had a 25% FOC. The results? A place in history, fresh ink in the record books and a big smile after successfully completing one of the most challenging bowhunts in the world.

 SCI Top 15 Cape Buffalo

It only took one arrow tipped with a Silver Flame 150 broadhead for Ralph Stagner to earn some fresh ink in the SCI record books.

SCI #7 Elephant

"Garrett ~ Well, we finally got him.............. a big old bull, past his prime, and losing bulk. They were great hunts and stalks, but good trophies were not to be found for a week. Shot him from 33 yards............ had to wait a LONG time in agony for him to get the right position............had a very narrow shooting lane (nearly 1.5 hours waiting in the HOT Zimbabwe sun, but enjoyed every moment).

We got home safely; and even took a helicopter ride over Victoria Falls and Zambezi National Park…………. THAT was fun ! It is now just sinking in about my elephant………… that was the most difficult and challenging hunt…… more mentally than physically. I definitely had the elephant curse, and learned a lot, but so many bow-hunters before me have had the same sort of luck on elephant. I guess that is why it is not done too often.

My first shot, was a bit far back, but perfect on height, and double-lunged him. The arrow disappeared in him……………. Whew! He was immediately sick, and the rest is history. The truth is, we are all still learning about killing elephant with an arrow…………. My shot worked very well. He did not run, did not travel far, and I added a second shot from 45 yards as he walked by in thick Mopane forest. It was the icing on the cake. It was quite a moment to see the giant collapse.

And I finished my Big 5 ! But I am never finished……………… I want to repeat leopard and Buffalo by bow (later) and then I will have the Big 5 by bow ! so much fun !" - Brent

World Record Ronda Ibex

Steve Coale took the top spot in the SCI books by shooting a 563 grain set-up tipped with a Samurai 125 broadhead.

P&Y Top 10 Alaskan Brown Bear

The Pope & Young #9 Alaskan brown bear taken with a 650 grain (all in) GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow tipped with a 200 grain single bevel broadhead.  The first shot was a complete pass through. 

As seen in the video, the second follow up shot, was taken at 40 yards and never slows down as it makes contact with the giant boar moving away.  The second arrow was found lodged all the way up against the sternum.

World Record Sable

"Now That's a Duesy!" - After the dust settles, it appears Jason Bryan has earned some fresh (Archery Number 1 Sable) ink in the record books. The tape pulled 50 5/8" on this massive bull sable. Long-time GrizzlyStik customer Jason Bryan with his latest record book entry taken with a Maasai 200 single bevel broadhead. What a beast!

 SCI Top 10 Cape Buffalo

Lady Luck - Shari Stagner takes the pending No. 5 SCI archery Cape Buffalo with a Silver Flame 150 broadhead. GrizzlyStik helped her match the 150's to a 675 grain arrow shot from a 70# bow.  Shari got her shot opportunity at 20 yards and buried the arrow to the fletching. This new record book bull was done and down inside 50 yards.

World Record Scrub Bull

Cross Cut the World Record Scrub Bull? - "I was aiming for the offside shoulder when I let my arrow go. I remembered Garrett telling me to try and break a big bone if I could. My 950 grain GrizzlyStik hit where I was aiming and dissppeared as it cross cut the quartering away bull. I could hear a tremendous CRACK as he lunged forward!

Instantly I could see that the offside shoulder was broken and that he couldn't put any weight on his front leg. 30 yards in a mad scramble and he was down in a heap. This is one of the most amazing accomplishments of my bowhunting lifetime. Thank you GrizzlyStik for both your equipment and your expert advice." - Pat Leiser

Pat trusted the 950 grain tapered arrow & broadhead system, from his 70# bow, to ink his name in the SCI books with this World Record Archery Scrub Bull.