Black Death

You can scour the're not going to find more bowhunting success on Black Death than right here. Nowhere, not even close. If you're entertaining one of the most challenging bowhunts on the planet, we recommend you start by watching the 4+ minute video below.  If you're not convinced to at least test our GrizzlyStik system before your safari - brother we wish you luck.



Below you'll find a blend of testimonials from both our customers and their Professional Hunters (PHs). When one of our Cape buffalo customers sends in a testimonial after a successful hunt, it's a fantastic rush to learn of their success. The process of helping a bowhunter test, get geared up, go on the hunt and achieve a hunting pinnacle......well it's quite an honor to play a small role.

With that said, our PH testimonials still always seem to carry more weight.  The PHs are uniquely responsible for the well-being of all souls on a dangerous game hunt.  That's a heavy responsibility. If their bowhunters' equipment fails on the hunt, their job becomes exponentially more difficult. 

One of our jobs at GrizzlyStik is to make sure that doesn't happen. That too is a heavy responsibility and one we take very seriously. Helping the PHs stay safe while successfully guiding their customers on Black Death is the pinnacle of our arrowsmithing.  It's a great honor that so many PHs have taken the time to send in their experience watching the GrizzlyStik system at work in the Bushveld.

If you don't find the question to your answers below, please don't hesitate to call us, and one of our experienced Big 5 arrowsmiths glad to get you dialed in.



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