Start with a Two Arrow Test Pack

When you're shooting GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads, you're shooting an ultra-lethal arrow and broadhead system that has proven itself on everything from whitetails to Cape Buffalo!

Switching to GrizzlyStik full-length tapered arrows tipped with our ultra-sharp cut-on-contact broadheads - you dramatically increase your odds of bowhunting success!

GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads are an investment in your bowhunting success, even when things go wrong.

- Start shooting THROUGH animals instead of shooting at them.

- Take shots from all angles - Never fear bone hits again!

- Shoot more accurately at all ranges.

- Minimize wind drift.

- Have enough retained energy for effective arrow lethality even at long distances.

- Increase your FOC (forward of center) balance point for a more stable arrow flight.

- Have so much confidence in your arrow/broadhead set-up that you concentrate only on making the shot!



So why do we recommend testing first?



When you test first you KNOW you're getting the arrow and broadhead combination that will perform best for you!

GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads are a top-of-the-line, as good as it gets, arrow and broadhead system. Everyone knows that arrows and broadheads are the most important gear for ensuring your bowhunting success. When your success depends on the effectiveness of your arrows and broadheads, this is not the place to skimp. It is certainly true with arrows and broadheads - You get what you pay for - and quality only hurts once!

This is why we say that GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads are an investment in your bowhunting success - they come through for you even when things go wrong. Over and over we hear from our customers that they KNOW they would never have harvested particular animals with the gear they used to use.

We offer our test packs so you can test two different arrow setups to see which one flies best for you. Then, after your testing, you KNOW what setup to stock up on.

We also offer a heck of a bonus!

If you order a dozen or more GrizzlyStik arrows (or even one of our already discounted packages) within 30 days of receiving your test pack - We rebate the base price of your test pack against that new order!

You keep the two test arrows - so it's like being able to test our arrows for free!

Click Here for our Two Arrow Test Packs



What am I Looking for When I Test? -Bowhunters have several different options for tuning to find the perfect arrow flight with the GrizzlyStik system. Whether you do all your tuning yourself or if you use your local Pro Shop, we recommend you start at the same place.

If you've never shot the GrizzlyStik system we recommend everyone starts in the same place. Once you receive your two-arrow test kit, take it out to where you normally practice and shoot it. No matter your preferred method of tuning, shooting your new test arrows at close range (inside 20 yards) can tell you a huge amount of information before you start getting down into fine-tuning.

Most test kits come with two arrows built to the same weight with the normal difference being the spine or stiffness of the arrow shafts. We're going to assume this is your case for these instructions. In your quest for perfect arrow flight, we want you to shoot these two different spined arrows against each other. Arrow flight is directly affected by draw length, arrow length, head weight, grip pressure, etc. all affect how that arrow flies from your bow.


Remember to send your success pictures & video to us so we can share them with other bowhunters around the world!

Send them via email to: My GrizzlyStik Success



For more arrow lethality information read on...

If only someone would take the time to test what actually works for optimum penetration in all situations - that would really help. Someone did - his name is Dr. Ed Ashby and for 27 years he tested arrow and broadhead performance - independent of all manufacturer ties. He published all his findings through the years in what is now known as the Dr. Ed Ashby Reports. (You can read them here.)

There are a lot of reports - so Dr. Ashby came up with his Top 12 Penetration Enhancement Factors. In that report, he lists 12 things that have a cumulative effect on arrow performance and arrow lethality. The Top 12 Penetration Enhancement Factors report is concise and easy to read. After reading it you will see why we are so confident that just by adding our broadheads to the arrows you're already using you will see a tremendous increase in performance and penetration. ( You can read the report here.)


Attention Whitetail Hunters: Are you looking for more lethal arrow performance?
This video will give you an idea of why we recommend testing our arrows first. We're looking for "Perfect Arrow Flight" at your lethal distance. Once we get you dialed in (not difficult to do in an afternoon) you can go to work on whitetails like the GrizzlyStik customers in this video.

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