Dr. Ed Ashby® Dangerous Game Test Pack

  • Test 2 Momentum TDT Tapered ArrowS
  • 3 Total Arrow weights 800, 950, 1250 grains
  • For Dangerous 5, Hippo, Croc, & More



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GrizzlyStik 950 Momentum TDT Test Pack

Our GrizzlyStik 950 System has earned an unmatched record on big and dangerous game. It gives you an arrow and broadhead system that has successfully taken over 1,400 Cape buffalo & Asiatic water buffalo. In addition, the system is also proven against all the big bears, giraffe, moose, nilgai, lion, feral cattle, and all other animals in this category.

There is no equal or substitute on dangerous game.

Think of how easy that will be, what kind of confidence you will have, knowing that you are shooting arrows with so much power that they can bring down your big game trophies - even when things go wrong. We have recorded pass throughs on most of these animals.



If you are going to Africa for Cape buffalo and other plains game, we recommend shooting this 950 grain setup for everything.

One bowhunter fully intended to do this but his PH talked him out of it for the smaller plains game animals. They went into town and bought some lighter faster arrows and the first animal he shot, a kudu, ran off and the PH had to put it down with the rifle.

The bowhunter was charged for the animal of course.

Remember Robert Rouke's famous saying: "Use enough gun!"

He returned a year later with the 950 grain GrizzlyStik system and dropped every single animal from that point with one arrow. He learned his lesson the hard way.

One of Dr. Ashby's quotes that we really like is: "If it works on these brutes, a whitetail will be a piece of cake."

The same goes for the smaller African plains game. If you're shooting an arrow/broadhead system that can take down a Cape buffalo - it's going to have plenty of power for everything else you'll encounter.

Besides, if you stick to shooting your 950 grain setup for everything, you'll get a "feel" for your setup - your trajectory will remain the same and there will be no need for second bows or adjusting from the way one setup shoots to another.

You concentrate on your hunting and getting yourself into position for the shot. All you concentrate on is making the shot. You'll have total confidence, you will 'know' that your arrow and broadhead will get the jog done when you launch the arrow. Your shots will be natural, fluid, and deadly.

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Brand GrizzlyStik
Design Tapered
Total Arrow Weight 800 Grains, 950 Grains, 1250 Grains
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