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Media & Shows

Dr. Ashby & GrizzlyStik

In 2006 we were introduced to Dr. Ed Ashby by the custom bowyer OL Adcock. After our first meeting, we really started diving into Doc's arrow lethality research.  Like so many other bowhunters that read Doc's research for the first time - we had an "Aha Moment."

Dr. Ashby with a water...

Whitetail Adrenaline

"Traditional Rebel" - Every so often, someone comes along and starts doing things differently. Jared Scheffler of Whitetail Adrenaline just so happens to be one of those people.

Jared was looking to create something "Real" in outdoor media. A series of No sponsorship, in-the-raw, self-gu...

Easiest way to better arrow penetration

The easiest way to increase penetration on big game animals is to put our broadheads on your arrows. We want you to be successful. We're bowhunters, we know what it's like. We know how important every shot opportunity is - and most of us have seen some pitiful arrow penetration and terrible br...

The GrizzlyStik System vs Black Death

You can scour the're not going to find more bowhunting success on Black Death than right here. Nowhere, not even close. If you're entertaining one of the most challenging bowhunts on the planet, we recommend you start by watching the 4+ minute video below.  If you're not convi...

Light Bow Shooters

First off.....GrizzlyStik can absolutely help increase your bowhunting success, no matter your bow poundage or draw length.

Many bowhunters shoot bows that are between 40# and 55# because they're not comfortable pulling heavier bows. This group includes many younger bowhunters, some femal...

Dr. Ashby Reports

Index of Dr. Ed Ashby's Arrow & Broadhead Penetration Reports - If you have never read Dr. Ashby's reports, you're in for a treat. They're like a good novel that you just can't put down, the content is intense. As you read you'll experience many "a-ha!" moments. Things you have seen and experi...