Broadhead Guarantee

You read that right, we have a broadhead guarantee. We're proud of the quality and effectiveness of our broadheads. We're so confident that our single-bevel and double-bevel broadheads are the best in the business that we're offering a special guarantee on all GrizzlyStik broadheads. For twelve (12) months from the date of purchase, if any GrizzlyStik or Overkill broadhead fails while penetrating an animal, we will replace it. (Sorry, we can't cover misses).

Here's how it works:

1.) Call us at888-697-9828 for your RMA#. (Returned Merchandise Authorization Number) All packages sent to us must have an authorized RMA# clearly marked on the address label or we will refuse the package.

2.) Securely package the broadhead in a proper box and send it to us at GrizzlyStik Returns,19550 Amber Meadow Dr., Ste 130-150 Bend, OR 97702 (Your RMA# must appear on the address label.) We must receive the damaged broadhead back so we can have our engineers test it for flaws. Note: We do accept photographs and not all damaged broadheads must be returned to GrizzlyStik.

3.) If the broadhead is in stock, please allow 10 - 14 days for the delivery of your replacement. If the broadhead is not in stock please allow 6 - 8 weeks.

*Because we are aware of GrizzlyStik knock-offs being sold in this country, we require a copy of your original sales receipt or sales record in our database. Only broadheads purchased directly from GrizzlyStik or our authorized dealers are covered under this warranty. Unfortunately, a few dishonest people trying to take advantage of the system have forced us to be firm on this.

Note: The one exception to this rule is if you purchased your broadheads directly from GrizzlyStik. In that case, we will have a record of your purchases and we will be able to locate a copy of your purchase internally.


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