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GrizzlyStik Guides

Seasoned guides, outfitters, and professional hunters (PH’s). These are the guys that live this stuff – and more than that, they earn their living by getting bowhunters close enough for clean kills.

They also give arrow and broadhead advice. When these professionals run across something that works exceptionally well, they share it with their clients. Sometimes they even require specific arrow and broadhead set-ups for specific game animals because of how much more effective it is. They do this because they are invested in their client’s success.

That's why they offer them solid advice on their arrows and broadheads, so once they get them into bowhunting range, they stand the best chance possible of a quick clean kill – no matter what.

Successful clients are happy clients. The guides, outfitters, and PH’s that have been around a while know what works and what doesn’t. Many of them have literally, ‘seen it all’.

GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads have earned their trust by putting animals on the ground - fast. Time and time again, the GrizzlyStik system has proven itself as deadly, even when things take a turn for the worse and heavy bone is hit, or a frontal or quartering toward shot is the only shot opportunity there is. 

Once in a while, we have the chance to talk with these professionals about bowhunting and their experiences with the GrizzlyStik system. Sometimes we even catch them on film. The following videos are testimonials from various guides, PH’s, and outfitters that trust the GrizzlyStik system to give their bowhunters the highest odds of success possible. 

We’re grateful to these guys for taking the time to chat with us on camera – these are the folks who know what arrows and broadheads have to do to give their clients quick kills. These are the professionals that really know what they’re talking about.

Trust your Guide – Trust GrizzlyStik

Worldwide Bowhunting Outfitters

Outfitter - Neil Summers

Outfitter - Mark Buehrer

Outfitter - Jay Osting

Bowhunting Guides

Guide - Cole Kramer

Guide - Mark David James

Guide - Bob Summers

 Bowhunting Professional Hunters (PH)

PH - Santiago Rossi

PH - Strang Middleton

PH - Evan Sloan

PH - Cobus Pretorius

PH - Bredger Thomason

PH - Butch Coaton

Big Game Tools - The .550 Magnum, the .470 NE & the Dr. Ashby 315. Why do so many Dangerous Game PH's recommend the forged Ashby 315 broadhead?
1. Track record - repeatable reliability and earned trust, even when things go wrong.
2. Performance - every inch of an arrow penetrates has a direct effect on the safety of my clients and crew. The Ashby 315 delivers arrow penetration.
3. Happy customers - great stories, more media, more referrals, repeat business.
Over the past decade, the Ashby 315 has earned the Gold Standard with Africa’s dangerous game PH’s. With over 1,800 testimonials from successful customers and PH’s, the GrizzlyStik system is proven to be the .375 H&H (or bigger) of bowhunting – it works every time. Don’t take our word for it, if you have booked a dangerous game safari, ask your PH what equipment he recommends on Black Death. Chances are he'll be recommending you hunt with the Ashby 315.
📸: South African based PH Jason van Aarde @550magnum_h_j_outdoors

**Forginging Friendships** - "Reflecting back on a walk and stalk hunt with bow and arrow in some very thick stuff after a few days we managed to get an arrow in this massive animal up to date the biggest bull I have guided great shooting my friend looking forward to our sheep hunt." - @jan_paulven, PH for Karibu Big Game Safaris Finding success in the field can create a life-long bond between Professional Hunters and their bowhunting clients. Were proud of the friendships GrizzlyStik broadheads have helped forge over the years.

**Luangwa Valley Monarch** - "A huge kudu hunted in the Chikwa concession this season taken with the 650 GrizzlyStik system. This kudu was in bad shape after the rut and then a very dry season made him even skinnier and doubt he would have made through the season." - Zambian based Professional Hunter Thor Kirchner @thorkirchner