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OVERKILL Samurai 200 - Factory Second (1)

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Factory Second Closeout Sale!
OVERKILL Samurai 200 Single Bevel Broadheads!

What do you mean, factory seconds?

The broadheads we offer as factory seconds are slightly out of spec. Normally this means that we missed our target weight. So they may be a bit lighter or a bit heavier than the target weight. They also may not be as sharp as our regular broadheads. They're still bad-ass tough and penetrate like crazy!

They make great practice heads just as they are.

If you want to hunt with them, go for it! They're still proven performers. Some of them may need some touch-up on the sharpness before your hunt.

This is a very limited supply sale. Once they're gone they're gone!

We have several criteria that our broadheads have to meet and these broadheads simply did not fall into spec. We won't know which spec they missed so please don't ask for more details. We don't know. We're offering them at a fantastic price and they are all sold as-is. The normal warranty does not apply.

These broadheads will either have XXXXX etched on the blades, or the ferrules will have no GrizzlyStik logo.

Quantities are limited and all sales are final on these seconds.