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Bowhunting Fact: Ashby Broadheads Dominate the SCI Record Books

When it comes to the Big stuff, track record matters - Our Ashby broadheads have earned the Gold Standard by building an unmatched track record on African Big 5 & Dangerous Game. Since 2007, our GrizzlyStik customers have compiled an unrivaled amount of success.

Cape Buffalo - 2000+ documented kills with 6 of the Top 10

Asiatic Buffalo - 500+ documented kills with 3 of the Top 10 

Scrub Bull - 200+ documented kills with 2 of the Top 10 -  World Record

Hippo - 200+ documented kills with 3 of the Top 10

Elephant - 100+ documented kills with 4 of the Top 10


The single bevel advantage comes into play went a large bone is encountered.  This example shows how easily the 950 GrizzlyStik system tipped with an Ashby broadhead breaches a green Cape buffalo scapula.

This SCI #2 Jumbo was taken with a 1250-grain GrizzlyStik system tipped with an Ashby 315 broadhead.  One shot, one kill - with full penetration that breached the off-side ribs by a full 30 inches.

"Never has a Bowhunter lost an animal because of too much arrow penetration." ~ Dr. Ed Ashby


One of our responsibilities at GrizzlyStik is to make your PHs' job as safe as possible.  Every inch of arrow penetration makes your PHs their job easier and safer...

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