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GrizzlyStik is a small family-owned bowhunting company that has pioneered and championed the cause of heavier arrows, higher FOC percentages, and increasing YOUR ODDS for bowhunting success with the right arrow and broadhead builds since 1994. Our goal has always been to manufacture the best arrows and broadheads possible, creating a system that would kill big game animals quickly, humanely, and cleanly - even when things go wrong.

It's bowhunting, right? Anyone who has been a bowhunter for very long knows that things go wrong sometimes.

  • Why wouldn't you want to shoot arrows and broadheads that - time after time - put big game animals down for good?
  • Why aren't you shooting GrizzlyStik?
  • Maybe you've never heard of us before...

We've never had a big advertising budget. We tried conventional advertising years ago, but nothing really worked until we started focusing on YOU - the actual bowhunter in the field. The bowhunter who is deeply invested in their hunts. The bowhunter who works hard, researching every piece of equipment, pouring over maps, putting in for drawings year after year. The bowhunter who is tired of poor penetration, tired of hitting but not killing their game cleanly. The bowhunter who is fed up with hype and gimmicks and want's an arrow and broadhead system that has proven itself in the field. The bowhunter who is looking for an arrow and broadhead build that blows through bone and turns "bad shots" into lethal killing shots.


The beauty of us focusing on the actual bowhunters themselves is that their testimonials came pouring in! Through the years our arrows and broadheads have assisted thousands and thousands of bowhunters in putting their big game animals down for keeps and many times in the worst of conditions. Our successful bowhunters send us their own testimonials all the time! We encourage you to check out our testimonial pages. Read their stories, live their adventures, and see how important it is to use the right arrow and broadhead combinations on the right animals.

When a Professional Hunter in Africa sees a complete pass-through on a Cape Buffalo for the first time they are astounded! They ask their client what the heck they're shooting, and the answer is invariable - GrizzlyStik.


The same thing happens with outfitters and guides around the globe. They're used to seeing the poor performance of "status quo" arrow and broadhead builds, and then when someone shows up with the GrizzlyStik system and busts through the shoulder blade of a moose, or an elk, or a red stag, they're blown away and become believers in GrizzlyStik.

From that point on, these PH's, guides, and outfitters encourage all their bowhunting clients to shoot only GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads.


We invite you to click on our Guides and PH's section to hear first-hand stories of the amazing successes they have experienced with their bowhunting clients who shoot GrizzlyStik.



At the end of the day, any serious bowhunter, guide, outfitter, and professional hunter wants to have faith in their equipment. When they find something that works, they stick with it. Like one of our elk guides told us in an interview, "Trust your guide - Trust GrizzlyStik."

We're glad you've found us, we hope you enjoy reading the bowhunting adventures that we have for you in these sections, and we hope you decide to try some GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads for your own bowhunting. We're deeply invested in your bowhunting success, as a matter of fact, we've built our reputation on it.


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