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Water Buffalo, Nilgai & Feral Cattle

Jason Bryan shows the lethal performace both bowhunters and their Professional Hunters have come to expect from the GrizzlyStik 950 system.

The Blue Bull - "To say Nilgai are 'tough' is an understatement. Most Texas outfitters require rifle hunters use a .375 H&H or bigger to hunt these Asian antelope. Not me, I found the GrizzlyStik system and my Nilgai trophy wall has grown every season since!" - Rob Neilson, President Ashby Bowhunting Foundation

***Black Death Prepping*** - What steps can you take when you want to go Cape buffalo hunting and only draw a 50# bow?
Step 1 - Call Rob Neilson, the President of Ashby Bowhunting Foundation and ask his advice in building an arrow system.
Step 2 - Advice given - call GrizzlyStik and build an 800 grain, 30% FOC Momentum TDT arrow tipped with an Ashby 315 broadhead.
Step 3 - Practice, practice, practice and gain the confidence to take hard angle shots.
Step 4 - Book a Texas hill country water buffalo hunt to test you equipment (and your nerves).
Step 5 - Elect to take a frontal shot and have your arrow gain full penetration. The Ashby broadhead was recoved in the bulls pelvis and he was down in under 30 seconds after imact. Over 5 feet of arrow penetration!
Step 6 - Take pictures and get ready for your African safari.

The Best Broadheads Under $60? - "Over 1600# water buffalo and a clean pass through at 23 yards. The blades are still razor sharp and in brand new condition! We love them! Thanks for making an amazing broadheads!" - Charles Reece

**Nilgai Dream ** - Silver Flame 125 broadheads help another bowhunter check a dream off their list. @tony.hawk.14418 hunted with south Texas outfitter @doubleshotoutfitters to take the awesome free range blue bull.

**One Shot Kills** - Why do so many bowhunting Professional Hunters recommend the 950 GrizzlyStik system to their customers for dangerous game?

Easy answer - One Shot Kills

When he's not guiding bowhunters in Africa, PH @schaefer.corey has been busy putting the GrizzlyStik system to work for himself all over the world . The 950 system of tapered Momentum TDT arrows tipped with Ashby 315 broadheads delivered one shot performance for Corey once again.

**Boomer Buffalo** - While getting ready for his Argentine buffalo and red stag hunt this year, @juanverdad stopped by our booth at Dallas Safari Club to talk shop. After we discussed the benefits of the 650 GrizzlyStik system, John ordered our two arrow test kit to test for himself.  For his buffalo hunt, John selected 240 Momentum TDT arrows built to 650 grains total with a Samurai 200 broadhead onboard........and one 41 yard shot later - boom - it was time to call the taxidermist. This video is the PH removing the Samurai 200 from the offside scapula with a pair of channel locks.


5-For-5 Water Buffalo - "Listen, I've been doing this a long time. This is the 24th water buffalo I've taken in Argentina and I've got another 25 Cape buffalo in Africa.

After busting up my shoulder earlier this year, I can only draw 62#. So I called Garrett Schlief and had him build me a 750 grain setup with Silver Flame 210 broadheads on the front.

I let 5 arrows go on this latest trip and put 5 one-shot buffalo on the ground....with just a 62# bow! We had all but one of these boadheads poking out the offside on these massive bulls.

Opinions very, but for me the GrizzlyStik arrow & broadhead system is the best I can find and the only system I will ever trust for hunting dangerous game." - Dr. Jan Seski, dangerous game bowhunting legend

The forged, sinle-bevel Ashby 315 broadhead through a huge buffalo pump.

Banteng Frontal - Are frontal shots ethical?

GrizzlyStik Answer - Absolutely, if you're shooting a heavy enough arrow & broadhead system, it's one of the most ethical shots we can recommend. Bowhunters simply can't put an animal down any faster - when their broadhead starts at the front of the chest cavity and ends up behind the diaphragm.

In rifle hunting, we eithically hunt animals much differently with a .338 shooting 250 grain bullets vs. a .270 shooting a 150 grain bullet. With the .338, we can both 'bone hunt' the shoulder/spine/humerus or take 'raking shots' to quickly break down an animal.

The same principle holds true when shooting our GrizzlyStik 950 grain system of tapered, high FOC arrows and surgically sharp, single bevel broadheads. If a hunter can tell where the vitals are - green light - regardless of body position. Just like that .375, the 950 system is going to break any bone it encounters and keep penetrating.

Full Curls? - There the dozens of water buffalo subspecies all over the world. Buffalo horns come in all kinds of unique shapes and sizes. Justin Knee used a Silver Flame broadhead to take successful 30 yard shot on the "crazy curled" kind.

Cross Cut the World Record Scrub Bull? - "I was aiming for the offside shoulder when I let my arrow go. I remembered Garrett telling me to try and break a big bone if I could. My 950 grain GrizzlyStik hit where I was aiming and dissppeared as it cross cut the quartering away bull. I could hear a tremendous CRACK as he lunged forward!

Instantly I could see that the offside shoulder was broken and that he couldn't put any weight on his front leg. 30 yards in a mad scramble and he was down in a heap. This is one of the most amazing accomplishments of my bowhunting lifetime. Thank you GrizzlyStik for both your equipment and your expert advice." - Pat Leiser

Pat trusted the 950 grain tapered arrow & broadhead system, from his 70# bow, to ink his name in the SCI books with this World Record Archery Scrub Bull.

The Best Pack of Broadheads Under $50? - South Texas hunting guide Juan Saenz helps make our case for the OVERKILL Silver Flame 125's on this massive water buffalo.

All REDLINE's come out of the pack hair shaving sharp and have very quickly proven themselves lethal on the world's largest animals. At under $50 a 3 pack, no other broadhead in it's class can compete on sharpess, edge retention and overall structural integrity.

If your looking to upgrade your bowhunting kit for next season, the OVERKILL series of broadheads from GrizzlyStik is a perfect place to start.


~ Dangerous Game in 4 Easy Steps ~

Here are 4 easy steps to proven bowhunting success on the big stuff. McKenzie Sims will walk you through the steps he took for his Asiatic buffalo hunt.

Step 1 - Test for yourself. McKenizie called GrizzlyStik and after talking with our guys in the shop, he ordered a 950 grain two arrow test pack. That's a 635 grain Momentum TDT arrow tipped with a 315 grain forged Ashby broadhead. Using those arrows, he tested and tuned for arrow flight, range and trajectory. Making sure they flew like darts for him out of his bow.

Step 2 - Order your GrizzlyStik arrow and broadhead package and save. McKenizie order the 18 arrow package for his hunt. All packages come with your arrows built to length & weight with field points, your choice of our broadheads and a GrizzlyStik hat.

Step 3 - Go to the field and hunt with confidence. After testing for himself and practice, McKenzie already built a huge trust in his equipment. All he has to do now is relax, make the shot and remember to have fun.

Step 4 - Smile and enjoy your dangerous game success - you've earned it.


Heavy Convert - "Great arrow for any tough critter.....GrizzlyStik opened my eyes to what a huge difference a heavy arrow and broad-head will do for penetration." - Chris Genert


SCI Gold 103 5/8 - "We'll have to wait and see where he ends up in the top 10 SCI with a bow. I couldn't be happier. I hit him at 28 yards and he was quartering away hard. 

The arrow entered far back in the ribs and the Ashby broadhead was sticking 10" out his neck on the off side when it was over. The bull only made it 22 yards before he crashed, 6 yards shorter than my shot! My PH couldn't believe it. 

One of these days we should count up how many top 10's I've taken shooting GrizzlyStik. Could it be over 20?" - Steve Coale

Oz Success - "Just returned from Australia water buffalo hunt. I shot a buff at 35 yards using an FMJ arrow and your GrizzlyStik Monarch 150 grain broadhead, total arrow weight was 740 grains. The buffalo was slightly quartering away. 

The arrow penetrated to the fletch with only about two inches remaining outside. Hit one rib directly centered on entrance and lodged in off side shoulder. The buffalo only traveled about 50 yards and started to fall within 10 seconds. He bedded down and was dead within 5 minutes.

The outfitters name is Graham Williams of Australian Buffalo Hunters in Arnhem Land, in case you were wondering. He was very impressed and ended up buying my arrows and broadheads." - Steve King

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Nostalgic Nilgai - "Shot this big bull nilgai on my ranch in south Texas using GrizzlyStik Silver Flame 150 broadhead and my Fathers 27 year old African safari bow. I had a complete pass through which is almost unheard of on these extremely tough animals.

Many many hours were out into hunting him. They remind me more of Cape buffalo than elk (thick hide and very dense bone). I only know of a couple people who have taken one down with a bow. My Silver Flame broadhead passed right through this animal and was stuck in the mesquite tree behind him (see picture)! Great performance!" - David Dyke

PH Recommended - "We've been working with the guys from GrizzlyStik for 6 years now, recommending their products because we really believe in them." - Argentina based PH Santiago Rossi of Poitahue Hunting Ranch Argentina

"This Isn't a Tickling Contest" - Before the 950 grain GrizzlyStik system, dangerous game hunters had several homemade recipes for building arrows. Stuffers were the norm (sleeving a shaft with a shaft) along with adding salt, sand or lead shot inside the arrow shaft to build up mass weight and structural integrity. 

Not very sophisticated technology when hunting an animal that could tap dance on your head. The resulting arrow performance ranged from 'meh' to downright dangerous. PH's of the day will tell you, 8 out of 10 buffalo had to be dispatched with the rifle due to poor arrow penetration.

GrizzlyStik wanted to change that. We knew bowhunters and their PH's needed a system that could be used straight from the box to proficiently kill buffalo. Following Dr. Ed Ashby's 30 years of empirical arrow penetration testing, we designed and built our system utilizing tapered, high FOC arrows and razor sharp, forged single bevel broadheads.

The results over the past decade? Over 1,700 confirmed - archery kill - Cape & asiatic buffalo. GrizzlyStik has earned the gold standard with the world's best PH's and our customer names dominate the top of both the SCI and DSC record books.

One Red Arrow - PH Santi Rossi putting the Momentum TDT arrow and Maasai broadhead system to work again.

Richardo Frugoli found great success hunting Brazilian mountain buffalo with the 315 Ashby broadheads.

The Sultan putting in good work with the 950 grain system tipped with Ashby Broadheads.

You get this picture when? - When you bring you whitetail setup buffalo hunting and you're lucky enough your PH has a 950 GrizzlyStik so you can get the job done.

We wonder how this guy feels about hunting buffalo with the 950 GrizzlyStik system?

Oz Success - "Thank you Garrett for helping me decide on an arrow system for my water buffalo hunt this June. I decided on GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows with Ashby broadheads, total weight 960 grains, from my 70# bow. I am happy to report I had excellent penetration and flawless arrow performance. One shoot, one kill with no issues, the bull was down in under 30 seconds!

My hunting buddy was using another arrow and broadhead combination with a total weight of 750 grains and had major arrow penetration problems. He had to borrow my GrizzlyStiks (I killed my buffalo already) to get the job done. Your products are second to none. Thank you again for all your help." - Ron Murphy

Barrier to Entry - This is what bowhunters are up against when trying to penetrate a buffalo's ribs.  Our 950 grain system has proven over the past decade to be "Buff Medicine."  It breaches bone - everytime.

South Pacific Safari – “GrizzlyStik: I was able to shoot all four of these animals on safari with the same Maasai 125 grain broadhead - and all were pass through! The stag, feral sheep and fallow deer were taken in New Zealand and we traveled to Australia (Walker river - 120 miles outside of Gove) for my Asiatic buffalo.” - Blaine Stratton

Texas Trad Buffalo - “I stalked to within 20 yards of the bull when he decided something was wrong and looked down his nose at me like agitated bovine do. The wind was good so he could not smell me so he made three hasty steps in my direction which was quite unnerving but I held my ground. At this point he was 17 to 18 yards. After he starred at me for some time, he swung his head to go. This is when I raised up and let the 820-grain arrow go from my 65# longbow. He took it low in the shoulder and ran into the thick riverine bush.

From what I could tell the massive shoulder only allowed one lung. We followed him for 100 yards or so and we came into an opening where he stood looking in our direction. The sun was beaming down in his eyes so I decided to move close to slip another arrow in. This shot he took in the shoulder as well but on the other side. Arrow placement and wits are crucial in hunting these massive animals. A well-tuned arrow above Dr. Ashby’s bone breaking threshold is a must.” - Carson Rost

Argentine buffalo season is in full swing. Nacho Sainz finding success with our 200 grain single bevel Samurai broadheads.

100 3/8" Oz Brute - “He was bedded down next to a dry creek bed and we stalked to within 16 yards and waited. It took over an hour for him to stand up. When he got up and turned broadside, I let it go. The arrow hit high lung, busting through a rib and buried to the cresting. Not bad considering I'm only shooting 65#.

When I hunt dangerous game - hippos, elephants, buffalo - I only use GrizzlyStik and all their broadheads. 'Cause when you're hunting big stuff - you need something that really, really works - and GrizzlyStik does the job, that's why I recommend them." Neil Summers – Bowhunting pioneer & founder of Bowhunting Safari Consultant (BSC) hunting with Iron Bark Outfitters

BSC is the oldest and most respected “Bowhunting Only” outfitter in the world. In addition to recommending GrizzlyStik to his dangerous game clients, Neil has successfully taken over a dozen Cape buffalo, Asiatic buffalo, hippo and elephants using the GrizzlyStik system.

Super Buff - PH Santi Rossi putting the Momentum TDT arrow and Maasai broadhead system to work again.

ARG Buffalo Slam - “Garrett, here are some pictures of my latest Argentina water buffalo hunt. I ended up taking four huge bulls across the different Asiatic subspecies on this trip. The 950 grain set up resulted in all four being – pass through - one shot kills.

I started and completed my African Big 5 shooting the GrizzlyStik system and I tell every bowhunter who ask this is the only way to go. No other arrow or broadhead has compiled the successful track record on the big stuff like you guys have. No one even close. Oh...and one more thing, I retired so the Greenies can go pound sand!" – Dr. Jan Seski (retired)

Trophy Texas Blue Bull - "Got this monster with my bow last week and had a complete pass through with my GrizzlyStik broadhead from 47 yards! Thanks for making the only broadhead I trust to shoot a gaint like this! Unbelievable performance, I'm still amazed." - Terry Johnstone

Nilgai are known for their legendary toughness. Most ranches require a minimum .375 H&H for rifle hunters. Our customers have found great success shooting our GrizzlyStik arrow & broadhead systems designed for Cape buffalo.

A Story From SCI - "After booking a water buffalo hunt to Argentina in early 2017, my next stop was the local bow shop I have used for years to find out the best arrow and broadhead setup for the hunt since up until recently archery hunting buffalo was nowhere on my radar. I was told that the best setup was a tiny diameter, 300 spine arrow with a 4 blade broadhead that all in would weigh 540 grains; having used much lighter arrows ever since I got into archery I thought that these seemed really heavy and ought to do the trick quite nicely.

At the 2018 SCI Expo I, by chance, met Neil Summers of Bowhunting Safari Consultants and quickly was told that my arrow setup was all wrong. He explained to me that my overall arrow weight far too low and I most definitely needed a 2 blade single bevel broadhead since I needed to be able to split through the ribs of any buffalo standing broadside.

Given that I was 29 days from departing for my hunt I was horrified to say the least so I brushed him off as an old time bowhunter that didn’t know much about new arrows. I saw that Grizzlystik had a booth at the show so I wandered over and hoped that I would hear a different story - but of course they echoed Neil exactly. I still wasn’t convinced though, because everyone thinks the product they’re selling is the best. Finally I asked my outfitter and he told me the same thing! Even after I had asked him for suggestions on arrow and broadhead selection many months before.

After asking around to everyone I could talk to about the best arrows and broadheads for buffalo, the name GrizzlyStik kept coming up - so back to their booth I went. I initially purchased a 950 gr test pack with a 170 spine and 240 spine arrows and a 315 grain single bevel broadhead. I told the guys what a tight spot I was in and they simply told me that I was at the head of their build line and they would have my test pack in the mail within 2 business days. After shooting both arrows extensively for 2 days and testing every way I could think of I made a selection and they had the arrows to me early the next week.

Our hunt was for free range buffalo in the La Pampa province. Where we were to hunt was semi dense, dry forest with only 2 water sources for several miles in any direction. In the course of 5 days we walked nearly 60 miles, made at least 2 stalks on buffalo every day, and got within bow range of buffalo many of those stalks. However, the buffalo were in herds of 20 – 50 animals and getting a clear shot at a mature bull was anything but easy.

On the 7th evening we heard a group of buffalo moving toward water and after rushing to get ahead of them we set up in an ambush spot behind a dead tree 22 yard from the water’s edge. My guide and I stayed low, completely out of site of the buffalo until we heard the buffalo splashing in the water. At that moment, my guide peeked his head out and told me the only bull in the group was on the far left.

I drew my bow as I raised from behind the tree only to find the bull facing directly at me with his head down. I stayed motionless at full draw until he moved his head far to the side. I shot the arrow into the front of his chest from 36 yards away. The group all bolted out of the water, but my bull only went about 75 yards and was down in less than 5 minutes. When we got up on him, he was still breathing so I shot him a second time with him in a quartering away position and I finally had my bull. It was an exhilarating experience! I’m so glad that Neil at Bowhunting Safari Consultants, my outfitter, and the guys at GrizzlyStik convinced me to shoot the heavier arrows and those bone splitting single bevel broadheads. I got my bull and I couldn’t be happier." ~ Josh Matheson

Pampas Sucess - "A pair of bloody 315 grain Ashby broadheads and GrizzlyStik arrows means an animal weighing as much as but not limited to 1 ton is lying dead nearby. They're nasty lethal!" - Cameron Mitchell

Ken Truesdale getting ready for Africa by testing out his 950 GrizzlyStik system on an awesome Scottish Highland Bull.

Our good friend Santiago Rossi hunts and guides all over the world. He is concerned with the success of his clients and the ethical harvesting of all big game animals. Here is a picture of some testing he was doing post-mortem on a big Argentinean water buffalo. The GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow total weight was 750 grains, and the broadhead was a GrizzlyStik 200 grain Maasai single bevel.

"When I hunt dangerous game - hippos, elephants, buffalo - I only use GrizzlyStik and all their broadheads. 'Cause when you're hunting big stuff - you need something that really, really works - and GrizzlyStik does the job, that's why I recommend them." Neil Summers – Bowhunting pioneer & founder of Bowhunting Safari Colsultants (BSC) hunting with Iron Bark Outfitters

BSC is the oldest and most respected “Bowhunting Only” outfitter in the world. In addition to recommending GrizzlyStik to his dangerous game clients, Neil has successfully taken over a dozen Cape buffalo, Asiatic buffalo, hippo and elephants using the GrizzlyStik system.

Jason Bryan shows us a perfect example of the performance you can expect when shooting Ashby inspired setups. An Asiatic water buffalo taken with a 950 grain setup of GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows and forged 315 grain Ashby broadheads.  

"Hello Garrett, This is from my hunt at Superior Game Ranch this past weekend. A male Water Buffalo, estimated to be close to 1500lbs.

There were this male and a female that were born there, they grouped up in a herd of about 20 or so watussi. Finding the herd and separating him with the help of my 2 brothers and a guide, to get a shot, took all day Saturday.

Using my bow tech black ice 70#, and the Momentum 250 GrizzlyStik tipped with the 315 grain ASHBY, 950 plus grains combined. I took 1 shot aiming for the crease on the left side, broadside shot, that hit it in the leg right near the joint bend. It didn't penetrate passed the bone. He and the herd ran.

Took a few more hours to locate them and get another shot. This time, same side, a little higher and back, I hit lung. Good penetration. Ran about 20 yards in a loop, fell over and expired within minutes.

Thank you once again for this awesome set up!! I'll be needing more Momentum arrows in the future LOL! Have a great day my friend."
Harry Haines

"Garrett, all the buffalo were killed with GrizzlyStik arrows and Ashby broadheads. My shot angled forward & out the shoulder." Thanks, Dan Kinder. (Dan Kinder, Terry Mansfield, Pat Leiser)

Congrats to Ben Kleining on another fine Asiatic water buffalo. He shared a bit of his story with us:

"G'day! Yesterday I hunted this good, old buffalo bull. My shot was too far back - behind the lungs - but hit the liver. I marked the spot, backed-off, and came back late in the afternoon to find him. He was only eighty metres from where I last saw him. He's an old fighter, for sure. Thanks again for these great arrow shafts! They're tough and simple to use, and fly really well!" -  Ben Kleinig of Bulman, Arnhemland, Northern Territory, Australia

Garrett – here are some pics of my Argentina water buffalo. I shot him quartering behind the ribs and the arrow made a complete pass through out the front shoulder! I couldn’t believe it. We all thought that arrow was stuck inside him and it was no where to be found when we butchered him!!!" Chad Hall

Chad shot this buffalo with a 950 grain setup of Momentum arrows and 315 grain Ashby broadheads with a 28% FOC.

Dr. Jan Seski with four beautiful Argentinean Water Buffalo taken with Ashby Broadheads.

Congratulations to Ben Kleining, he took this water buffalo with GrizzlyStik tapered carbon arrows and a 75# Black Widow longbow.

It's amazing what the right arrow can do. This nice Water buffalo was shot with 330 IBO bow at only 55 pounds at the 28” draw. We got a perfect pass trough on the rib cage! Arrow weight 750 grains total with a GrizzlyStik 150 grain Samurai right bevel.

Asiatic water buffalo taken by Scott Haugen with a forged single bevel Ashby broadhead

Asiatic water buffalo taken by Scott Haugen with a forged single bevel Ashby broadhead

"Hi Garrett, Hope all is well. Wanted to get you a report on the Australia water buffalo hunt. I ended up taking only one shot, but that's all we needed. Stalked in to 34 yards, put the Ashby Broadhead into the heart.

Got full penetration, the bull went 72 yards and tipped over. It was impressive. I was shooting BowTech's Insanity set at 82 lbs., with a 28 1/2 draw, a 745 grain arrow (Gold Tip's Kinetic Big GameXT), and moving at 345 fps, it generated 98.47 ft. lbs of KE. The best part, we caught it all on film for our TV show, Trijicon's The Hunt, and it will air next year on the Sportsman Ch.

Thanks for your help along the stop, Zimbabwe, where we'll be trying that same setup on Cape buffalo. Thanks again, and keep up the great work!"
 - Scott Haugen

Rhonda the Nilgai Slayer used a 125 grain Silver Flame double bevel broadhead.

"Attached is a picture of Rhonda the Nilgai Slayer. This was her second archery hunt on the King Ranch and her second mature bull nilgai. As you know, she uses the 125 gr Silver Flame, 43# pound bow, quartering shot, and.....a complete pass through. He came into a waterhole on the last minutes of the hunt at high noon on the afternoon we were going to depart.

BTW - the bull she shot last year will be #5 archery free range nilgai once they update the records. I have not had her second one scored yet, but it is a good bull also and very close to the first one she shot. No, I did not get one on this hunt and yes, I’ve heard about it more than once."

The Maasai 200 broadhead is proven "Buff Medicine"

Jeff Cook with some BIG game taken with the GrizzlyStik Ashby single bevel broadhead.

Jeff Cook with some BIG game taken with the GrizzlyStik Ashby single bevel broadhead.

Jeff Cook with some BIG game taken with the GrizzlyStik Ashby single bevel broadhead.

Jeff Cook with some BIG game taken with the forged GrizzlyStik Ashby single bevel broadhead.

Lonnie Traweek with a huge body water buffalo taken with the forged GrizzlyStik Ashby single bevel broadhead.

"Just back from Argentina where I hunted with Marcelo Sediro (South America Adventure Safaris) for Asiatic water buffalo. Since I was using your Grizzly stick safari shafts I thought I would give a brief description and picture. I used a Bowtech Tribute at 72# with the GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow. The broadhead was a Silver Flame 210 grain at 30 inches. Total weight was about 960 grains.

I had my shot at 26 yards with the buff very slightly quartered towards me. The shot was in the right spot and completely passed through. In examination of the carcass it just so happened that the spin on the arrow was such that it hit exactly between the ribs on the entry side and proceeded to exit once again exactly between 2 ribs about two ribs farther back than on entry. It did not noticeable touch a bone! The blade is so close to as sharp as before the shot that it is still good for the next one.

He walked off about 120 yards into heavy brush. On carefull approach we saw him laying down with his head up. We back off and waited another 30 minutes and sneaked in again and saw he had not moved and his head was down and he was dead.

It was exciting. I also hunted with another bow and lighter arrows for Axis, Bushbuck, Russian boar and a sheep and goat. Everything was spot and stalk and and managed to get them all."
   - Gary Gapp

"All animals were taken with Alaska Bowhunting Supply GrizzlyStik arrows and Ashby Broadheads. My Scrub Bull may be the new worlds record, I’ll let you know.

We all booked a hunt to Argentina for Buffalo in 2014 so you’ll be getting another order soon. Thanks for your help and making our trip a Great success!"
 - Pat Leiser

With this water buffalo, I was very lucky. The GrizzlyStik arrow flew direct to the heart. The Ashby broadhead penetrated the big buffalo heart. - Javier Iglesias

Dan Kinder used 950 grain GrizzlyStik Tapered arrow and Ashby broadheads on his Australian Safari.

The Ashby is the best single bevel broadhead I ever used. These two water buffalo were taken in Brazil. Both were one shot kills and the second buffalo was a monster – over 2600 pounds! Ricardo Frugoli

"Hey Guys, I just returned home from Australia. I shot this big bull on the last morning of an extremely fun hunt with Matt Graham of Hunt Australia. Thought you might enjoy it." Cameron (Cameron took this huge trophy bull on the last day of the hunt with the GrizzlyStik System: Full length tapered Momentum arrows and forged Ashby single bevel broadheads. 70# Mathews, 30-yard shot - complete pass through! Congratulations Cameron!!)

Here's the story according to Cameron: "Enclosed are photos from my recent hunt to Australia with Matt Graham of Hunt Australia. The airlines lost my bags containing my hunting gear and arrows. My bows and broadheads arrived, but my arrows were in a tube in the lost duffle bag. Fortunately the bag arrived the evening before the last day of my hunt. We drove to the airport and retrieved the bag, returning right at dark. I took a few practice shots and despite the airline's best efforts, all my equipment was still spot on.

The next morning and final day of the hunt we got out early and found this big bull 10 minutes after blowing a stalk on a smaller bull (thank goodness!)."


The smaller bull that we didn't get a shot at.

"We stalked to within 35 yards of the bull as he fed broadside from left to right. We weren't able to get any closer so I drew my bow. As he stepped forward with his near leg, I released the arrow on the unsuspecting bull, burying it way past the fletching. He lunged forward and immediately spun around to fight whatever had just bit him. As he turned, we discovered the arrow had passed completely through the 2000 pound buffalo! When the bull couldn't find the attacker, he turned and ran off through the brush. Within seconds he stopped and we could hear him coughing and stumbling a mere 40 yards away. From the time the 960 grain arrow hit the beast until he finally crashed was no more than 90 seconds and a total of 50 yards traveled."

We almost went after this big cow, just look at those horns.

"I can't say enough about the killing power of the GrizzlyStik Momentum tipped with the 315 grain Ashby broadhead. Anyone going after dangerous game with archery gear would be foolish not to use this setup. I SHOT A PASS THROUGH FROM 35 YARDS ON A 2000 POUND WATER BUFFALO! What more evidence do you need?"

The entrance wound made by the GrizzlyStik system.

The exit wound was even bigger!

"Thanks to Garrett and the whole team at GrizzlyStik for answering all my questions and helping me get my gear setup. Like Garrett told me from day one, 'You can never overkill a dangerous game animal when bowhunting.'"

Cameron's bull scored 97 6/8" SCI and will rank #17 in the SCI record book.

Dave's Water bufalo shot with a 70 pound Drenaline and a GrizzlyStik arrow tipped with a 315 grain forged Ashby Broadhead. Deadly combination!

Another big Water buffalo shot with a 19% FOC arrow tiped with a GrizzlyStik 315 grain forged Ashby broadhead that smoked ribs going in an out.

This hunt was booked with: Bowhunting in

Greg Ginn  with huge Asiatic Water buffalo taken with tapered GrizzlyStik Safari arrows and forged Ashby single bevel broadheads.

Greg Ginn with huge Asiatic Water buffalo taken with tapered GrizzlyStik arrows and forged Ashby single bevel broadheads.

"Great visiting with you on the phone today. As I mentioned, attached are the field pics and hanging pics of the nilgai. As I mentioned, considering the recommended gun for these strong animals is a .375 H&H Magnum, Rhonda’s was the most impressive kill I’ve seen in years of archery. She has a 43# draw weight and using a 125 grain Silver Flame obtained a complete pass through on a quartering shot taking out both lungs – but you couldn’t tell that with all the red foam coming out of his nose! Bull was dead w/in 75 yards of the treestand. She did it all on her own as no guide was there. I shot mine with a 125 grain Samurai and he went down within 50-60 yards of the treestand, a complete pass through - both shoulders. Both bulls had 9”+ horns, but Rhonda’s was a more mature, heavier horned bull.

The Silver Flame in the photo was launched off my wife’s bow set at 43#, complete pass through on a slightly quartering forward shot. Estimated bull live weight was 700#. The blade is still razor shaving sharp as I just tested it on my arm. Clean it up, touch it on the strop a few times and it is ready to go again. I’m personally blown away she had a pass through on this big and dense of an animal with that light of draw weight....that speaks volumes for that head.

The 125 grain single bevel Samurai was launched off my bow set at 71#, but I crushed both shoulder bones and ribs as the animal was crouched down/tensed up coming through a fence crossing along a trail when I slammed him.

I know this picture makes you cringe after what you have been through, so let me tell you the rest of the friend hunting with the nipple tip Muzzy 3 blade head made a similar shot that I did on his bull and the broadhead stuck in the entry shoulder and stopped with about 1” of penetration. The arrow mushroomed around the insert and ferrule and then bounced back at my friend like he had shot a tree, leaving the broadhead and insert stuck in the shoulder. The bull was not recovered and no blood trail. My friend was shooting a Matthews z7 mag set at 70 pounds, no significant difference than my Hoyt in draw weight. The difference was the broadhead and overall arrow weight. While the Sam is pretty gnarled up, I do have the bull in the freezer! Oh, you should have heard the SCHMACK, and then the death bellow a few seconds later....absolutely soul cleansing."
 - Rob Neilson

Here's Harold Wilson and an Asiatic Buffalo he took with our Silver Flame 150 broadheads. Congratulations Harold!

Here are two super Asiatic buffalo our friend Steve Coale took in Australia with the forged one-piece Ashby 315 grain broadheads. Total arrow weight was 1156 grains and the arrows were traveling at ~200fps off an 80# bow; both shots were complete pass throughs. Congratulations Steve!

Another big Water buffalo shot by Gary with a GrizzlyStik 315 grain forged Ashby broadhead.

"Guys, Here's a pic of Water Buff attached I shot down here in Texas. At first I told the guide no as I was too light with 500 grains of total weight with a 125 grain Samurai and a 71# bow, but he was backing me with a .375H&H in case of limited penetration. I figured why not as it is a “baby” Ashby on the front of the shaft. Arrow went through ribs on entry behind the shoulder, took out lungs and lodged in the offset rib low in the chest cavity and broke off. Even with the light set up, no doubt in my mind it was the broadhead that made that penetration happen." Good hunting - Rob Neilson

Here's Ron Murphy with an excellent Asiatic buffalo he took with a GrizzlyStik arrow tipped with a 315 gr. Ashby broadhead. Here's a note from Ron: "You helped me decide on arrows for my water buffalo hunt in June. We decided on GrizzlyStick Safari with Ashby broadheads, total wt 960 grains, i am glad to report I had excellent penetration and arrow performance. My hunting buddy was using another arrow and broadhead combination total wt 750 grains and had penetration problems.He borrowed my arrows ( I killed my buffalo already) and he was able to get the job done. Thanks for the help and I have enclosed a picture." - Ron murphy

Here's our friend John Horn with a monster Asiatic buffalo he took with a GrizzlyStik arrow tipped with a 315 gr. Nanook broadhead. Congratulations John!

Rob Neilson, Texas Nilgai Cow: 125 Gr Silver Flame, 535 gr cumulative weight, 50 yds, Pass Thru – arrow recovered at 70 yds buried up to fletching.

Dr. Ed Ashby and an Asiatic Buffalo taken with a prototype Ashby broadhead.

Rob Neilson, Texas Water Buffalo: 125 Grain Silver Flame, left bevel, 535 gr cumulative weight, 45 yds, Pass Through.

One of the first Buffalos we hardvest with GrizzlyStik 210 grain Silver Flame. Complete pass trough with 70# at 28” bow and 78 0grains of total arrow weight.

GrizzlyStik Founder Ed Schlief testing the GrizzlyStik System on Asiatic Buffalo. Melville Island, Northern Territory, Australia