Lighted Nocks (Size X) 3-Pack

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Finally, a lighted nock that fits GrizzlyStik arrows and works without tools!

The amazing GloryNock lighted nock is a breakthrough design that is more dependable, easier to use, lighter in weight, and brighter than most other lighted nocks.

The Glory Nock has a bowstring-activated hidden switch that is protected deep with the nock and will not turn on or off inadvertently. The battery lasts over 20 hours. It has a speed-saving ultra-light design - some other lighted nocks weigh up to twice as much!

GloryNock-X fits arrow ID .204

It has a FOC-saving ultra-light design. Most other lighted nocks weigh 25% – 50% more.

Clear plastic for maximum light transmission – can be seen for hundreds of yards!

Nocks weigh 22 grains. The total lighted nock weight is only 16 grains over the Bohning A nock.

Nocks are "push-in" pressure fit. No glue is needed.

20+ hour battery life

Super Bright LED

Easy off design - No tools needed

Lightweight and durable

Bowstring Activated

Available in Green and Red

Sold by 3 pack

Instructions: Using GloryNocks is the easiest! Insert the GloryNock into your arrow shaft, align as you like in relation to your cock feather and the GloryNock is ready to shoot!

To turn off your GloryNocks, simply place the nock back onto an unserved section of your bowstring and remove the arrow from the string with a slight thumb press of the side "safety" button of the GloryNock. No Tools Required!

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