GrizzlyStik 315 Grain Field Points 6-Pack

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Finally! Precision field points to match all your broadheads.

Each field point is laser engraved with its weight so you will never have to guess.

Field points are 11/32" and taper back to 9/32".

6 to a pack.

Note: For a good fit on all brands of arrows, the diameter of GrizzlyStik field points tapers from the main body of 11/32" to 9/32" where the point meets your arrow.

How much weight (FOC) can I shoot without loosing arrow Trajeactory?
GrizzlyStik's late founder Ed Schlief discusses the effect of head weight on arrow trajectory.


What can Soda Straws Teach Us about Arrow FOC?

Ed Schlief, the late founder of Alaska Bowhunting Supply and the GrizzlyStik brand gives us a simple demonstration of the effects of FOC on the flight of a projectile. What's the FOC of your current arrow system?

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